Enjoy playing mobile phone before bed to teach you four ways to prevent harm

Enjoy playing mobile phone before bed to teach you four ways to prevent harm

Friends who like to play mobile phones before going to bed should pay attention. This will not only harm the eyes, but also affect the entire body.

It is easier to get tenosynovitis when playing mobile phone in one posture for a long time.

Long-term exposure to mobile phone radiation is harmful to our brain and skin.

However, I can’t sleep without playing mobile phone before going to bed. What should I do?

4 ways to alleviate the harm of playing mobile phones before bedtime.

  Pay attention to the light. The screen of the mobile phone is too bright, and the night environment is too high, causing eye fatigue.

Try not to turn off all the lights in the room, and remember to dim the mobile phone screen at night. Turning on night mode is the most convenient way.

  Do not play on your stomach. Playing with your phone in a prone position will affect the blood circulation in your elbows and brain. It may also cause the cervical spine to exceed its natural volume, and prolonged fatigue may result.

  Don’t play sideways. Although it feels more convenient, this will cause a lot of pressure on the eyes, especially the long-term pressure on one side will cause the vision deviation of the left and right eyes, and the oppressed eyes will easily cause insufficient blood supply.A sense of swelling appears, and short-term image overlap occurs.

  Do not lie on your side or on your side, supine is the only recommended position, but be careful to prevent your arm from falling and hitting your face.

  Keep the screen away from your eyes. Do not place your eyes too close to the screen, and do not point directly at the screen.

The best angle of the mobile phone screen is about 45 ° downward tilt.

  Pay attention to the light before playing your mobile phone before going to bed. Don’t hide in the duvet to play. This may cause your vision to drop rapidly.

Also don’t play with your phone on your stomach, this can avoid cervical spondylosis, and don’t play with your phone on your side.

The distance between the mobile phone and our eyes must be well controlled, not too close.

How to express yourself during the trial period

How to express yourself during the trial period

At present, employers often use trial systems for college graduates.

The probationary period is as short as monthly and as long as one year. Generally, a special person is responsible for management and assessment.

The performance of the probation period will directly affect whether graduates can be hired, which is especially important for job seekers.

So how do college graduates show themselves in the early stages of a trial?

  Modest and cautious, small and medium-sized students see that the university students who just left the school are relatively big in the south, and they ca n’t wait for a major event to win the appreciation of their leaders.

However, due to lack of experience, or the disconnection between theory and practice, maintenance may not be satisfactory.

In actual work, the leader corrects your work for guidance, and sometimes also makes good-faith criticism. This requires college students to understand correctly, accept the opinions of others with an open mind, and do not assume that their diploma is higher than others.

Put down the shelf and take the initiative to do small things that you can do, such as turning on the water, sweeping the floor, loading newspapers, etc., and mingling with the cadres and the masses, and not “height and widow”.

Only in this way can we get the praise from the leader to the colleagues.

  The humorous and charming working environment was created by all the staff. Before the arrival of university graduates, there is often an established replacement, or active, or dull, or both.

Generally speaking, working in a harmonious and active environment, people’s moods are diverse and happy, and work efficiency will be higher.

For a unit, entering a new person will bring a new breath and add a new fun.

In work and life, everyone encourages each other to make progress together, and in the face of troubles and contradictions, do not hesitate to think about it, and effectively turn the sorrow into a jade.

University graduates have certain advantages in this regard. Broadcom, ancient and modern, can talk well, and be good at taking advantage of this. Use methodical and undistorted reasoning, humorous language, proper wording, and puns.Come to activate the height of the work and leave a deep and beautiful impression on leaders and colleagues.

  Good steel is used on the blade. At the critical moment, it shows its skills. During the probation period, the leaders often assign some tasks to the graduates, and some are even difficult tasks, so as to test your ability. This is the opportunity to show your ability.

College students should be good at grasping these opportunities, make use of their learned professional knowledge, give play to their subjective initiative, be down-to-earth, diligent in their brains, and strive to successfully complete these tasks.

At the same time, on critical occasions such as criticism, accusations, difficulties, and interests, in negotiations, inspections, on duty, and other important occasions, we must stand the test and do a better job than usual, so that we can look at you.

  Giving full play to the specialty and sincerely cooperating with contemporary college students should be a compound talent who can do everything I can. Not only must we learn professional knowledge, we must also be widely involved in other areas, and we must have our own expertise.

“A new trick, eat all over the sky.

“Strength is a unique advantage of the ratio of myself to colleagues and other college students, and to a certain extent determines whether graduates are qualified for this position.

Undergraduates can exert whatever expertise they have in trials, and exert as much expertise as they can.

If you are good at calligraphy, you can write the Spring Festival couplet for your colleagues, write the book title, and cover the technical work such as internal newspapers and blackboards; if you are good at literature and art, you can show your heroes at festivals, speech contests and other occasions;If you can repair appliances, you can help your colleagues.

These will leave a good impression.

  Dedicated to work, adapting to the society Employers’ most important aspect of investigating college graduates is whether they can love the job.

Dedicated work is the first step for college students to step out of the school and to adapt to society. It is also an extremely important aspect of evaluating the comprehensive quality of college students.

There are a few college students who like this mountain looking at that mountain high. The corresponding units are not satisfied with that, nor are they satisfied, and cannot concentrate on their work.

There are good and bad positions, but the key is how to treat them correctly.

Generally speaking, the harder and harder the environment, the more able to hone one’s will, and the more one’s value can be reflected.

  Kong Fansheng works in remote and poor Tibet. Li Suli works as an ordinary ticket seller. These seemingly unworthy flat positions, others are still doing a good job.How about it?
For a college student, even if he is not satisfied with the actual work, he cannot use it with one heart and one’s heart.

University graduates must understand: As a young person who has just entered the society, he must learn to actively adjust himself, because in the final analysis, it is to adapt to the environment by himself, not the environment to accommodate you.

TCM Five Elements Plus Five Steps to Lose Weight

TCM Five Elements Plus Five Steps to Lose Weight

You prefer to watch Chinese medicine for weight loss. I like to eat health diet and weight loss. She likes SPA aromatherapy the most. These popular weight loss methods at first glance do not have any overlap. In fact, combining these methodsStarting from the five behaviors of traditional Chinese medicine, coupled with the medicinal nutrition philosophy and aroma massage, you can lose 2-3 kg in 6 weeks!

  What are the five elements?

  The five elements of traditional Chinese medicine are gold, wood, water, fire, and soil, which are cyclical mechanisms that interact with each other: wood affects the liver, fire on the heart, soil belongs to the spleen, golden ducts, lungs, and water is the kidneys.

The attributes of humans are not completely single, either water partial soil or wood partial fire.

  The first step: ask which kind of gold wood water fire soil?

  Since it is the five elements of Chinese medicine, the first step is of course the Chinese physician’s hope, smell, ask, cut. After these four consultations, the physician can determine which of your constitution is gold, wood, water, fire, or soil.Patients with obesity are classified according to whether they are in the wide body type, the puffiness type, or the lower extremity edema type, and the appropriate prescriptions are designed in order to design a suitable prescription.

  Step 2: Acupuncture adjusts the physique. After the thin part judges the physique, it is necessary to adjust the physique.

Physical fitness can be adjusted by acupuncture, that is, according to the physique of the weight-loss person, find acupuncture points that need strengthening and stimulation.

In addition, local obese people can strengthen local acupuncture to activate local metabolism.

  Step 3: Medicinal bath conditioning and metabolism, symptomatic weight loss According to different constitutions and body shapes, different medicinal materials can be used to make medicated bath bags.

Those with a medium or large body size need medicinal bath bags made of medicinal materials such as windproof, nepeta, forsythia, ephedra, mastiff, rhubarb and other medicinal materials, and those who are puffy should use medicinal bath packages made of medicinal materials such as fangquan, astragalus and atractylodes, and edema of lower limbFor medicinal use, medicinal bath packs made of aconite, Poria and Bai Zhi are used.

Medicated baths can promote metabolism and achieve the goal of promoting weight loss over time.

  Step 4: Massage to relax the meridians. Select the essential oils of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth according to the physical properties of the slimmer, and then massage the adjacent points.

Since everyone is generally not exclusive to certain attributes, multiple essential oils may be used for massage.

Massage is also very suitable for partial weight loss.

  Essential oils are used for massage in SPA halls, but masseurs rarely have a certain knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine; there are professional Chinese medicine massage therapists in traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, but they rarely choose aromatic oils that are comfortable to the people.

Choose a SPA physiotherapist or a TCM massage therapist, and follow your preference!

  Step 5: Medicinal diets are getting thinner. TCM conditioning is not only about taking Chinese medicines that are bitter and weeping. The method of combining Chinese medicinal materials and food is now also used in many medicinal restaurants and is very popular.

It should be outstanding that these medicated diets should be consistent with physical attributes in order to achieve the purpose of keeping fit and slimming.

Squatting in the office to relieve fatigue

Squatting in the office to relieve fatigue

In the eyes of modern people who are standing and sitting, squatting may be an unsightly posture.

However, for people working in the office, squatting is beneficial to the movement of body organs, can circulate blood throughout the body, and move the joints of the body.

  When we are sitting for a long time, the spine and cervical spine always maintain a curvature, bear huge pressure, and the leg joints are particularly tired.

Zhang Shiqing, deputy chief physician of the Massage Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that doing more squats can move your joints, relax your muscles, improve your body’s ability to balance, improve your shape, improve your heart and lung function, and make your body younger.

  Do squatting exercises under the premise of natural body relaxation, unlimited times, you can gradually increase according to your own situation.

When middle-aged people start to exercise, they must “sit down” and squat slowly.

  When a person adopts a squatting position, the diaphragm muscles are raised, which can increase the range of motion of the chest and lungs.

The cervical spine and spine are well stretched.

Director Zhang pointed out that when squatting together, the whole body muscles changed from tension to relaxation, just like a whole body muscle massage.

  Because the body is leaning forward, the lumbar spine joints are relatively loose, and they will feel comfortable, which is why many people with protruding lumbar discs are forced to squat.

  If the image in the office prevents you from squatting, you can put a few pots of flowers under the seat, which not only purifies the air, but also squats down and relaxes naturally when you water the flowers.

  You can also put the files you use often at the top of the bottom. While looking for the files, you will feel very comfortable squatting down.

  In addition to those working in the office, squatting is a very healthy way of exercising for drivers and students who are sedentary.

The best four times with a face cream 96% of people don’t know _1

The best four times with a cream 96% of people don’t know

Cream is an irreplaceable basic skin care product for many people.

However, many people don’t use the cream very accurately, which also makes them disappointed that the cream they bought is not easy to use.

In fact, this situation may not be that the cream is not easy to use at all, or you are not sure of the correct point in time to use the cream. Let ‘s take a look at the four times when the cream works best.

  When is the best cream to use in the last step of skin care? We use the cream, it is best to put the cream in the last step of basic care, that is: cleansing the face-toner / toner-facial hydration-toner / softToner—Use a cream.

If the time is urgent, it is also possible to omit the step of making the mask, after all, the skin does not need to make the mask hydration every day.

  The cream is best to be applied in the afternoon. If a day cream is used, in the afternoon, we will find that the skin tone becomes dull. This is because the oxidation of lipids and external dust have attached to the surface and are seriously jealous.

At this time, you need to spray the face with a spray, and then gently dry the spray with a cotton pad. If you feel that it is dry after drying, bring the cream to the top and apply the following.

  It is best to use a moisturizing cream in autumn and winter. The dry climate in autumn and winter deteriorates the skin’s rapid loss of moisture, and it is dry and neutral in autumn and winter.

Creamy skin is better for oily skin.

It is obvious that the cream products of the same brand will be divided into moisturizing and refreshing types.

  The moisture content of the moisturizing cream. This cream has a thick thickness and is suitable for dry skin in autumn and winter.

For oily skin, you can use a refreshing moisturizing cream.

  Daytime creams are best used during the daytime.

Just apply day cream after cleansing your face every morning.

The general day cream has a certain effect on protecting the skin. Although the protective ability is not as good as a special sunscreen product, it can still isolate some harmful substances in haze weather.

Therefore, a day cream is best for daytime.

  The best ingredients for using night cream at night are mostly high fat content, which is a skin care product with high nutritional value.

Compared to day cream, although there is no special ability to protect against pollution, it can supplement protein and nutrition for the skin.

And because we rest at night is the best time for the skin to absorb, using night cream at night can adjust the repair effect to a certain extent, so night cream is best at night.

  Use the cream step 1.

Apply appropriate amount of day cream or night cream to the forehead, cheeks, nose tip, and chin at five o’clock. Generally, the amount of soy bean-sized cream is enough; 2.

Push from the area of the forehead from the middle to both sides, and use circular massage techniques to properly insert the movement to promote absorption. If the T zone of the mixed skin or oily skin is oily, you can use less on the forehead.


After absorbing the cream on the forehead, move your hand to the chin, slowly draw a circle to push and lift evenly to both sides, pay attention to gently shave the contour of the face, it has the effect of thinning the face.


When the cream on the cheeks is absorbed into the ears, it can be moved under the ears and then slowly slide towards the collarbone, causing detoxification.

There is also a waist and weight loss fitness method in bed

There is also a waist and weight loss fitness method in bed

Lie on your back and lie on your back with your hands, grasping the edge of the bed above your head.

The waist, hips, and lower extremities turn to the left to lie on their side and stop slightly; restore.

Turn right again to lie on your side, and practice 15 to 20 times each.

Breathing naturally requires the shoulders and arms not to move when the waist, hips, and lower limbs are turned to the left and right.

This action can strengthen the waist muscles, eliminate excess meat, and reduce misfortune.

  Lie on your back with your legs on your back with your arms straight and your palms facing down.

Keep your left leg up and lift your knees while inhaling. Hold your knees tightly with both hands so that your thighs try to lean against your chest. Lift your upper body, look at your left knee, then exhale, restore, and straighten.

Then change the right leg to do the same.

Repeat the exercise 20 times.

Then do the same exercise with both legs flexing your knees and repeat the exercise 10 times.

Can reduce abdominal excess meat and enhance abdominal muscle strength.

  Sit on your back and stretch on your back with your legs raised and alternately flexed and extended, similar to riding a bicycle.

Breathe naturally and do 15 to 20 times on each leg.

Can reduce waist and abdomen excess meat and enhance waist and abdomen strength.

  Lie on your back with your hips on your back, knees bent, your knees close together, your feet apart slightly wider than your hips, your arms straight, your palms down, and your body side.

Separate your legs, move your body’s center of gravity to your shoulders, support with your shoulders, inhale and raise your hips, and stop.

Exhale, slowly lower your chest and restore.

Repeat the exercise more than 20 times.

Can reduce excess meat in the waist and hips, enhance waist and chest strength, and strengthen the waist and kidney.

  Adjust your sitting position to help you lose weight. Have you ever integrated your weight loss routinely?

Some people just need to correct their sitting posture and close their abdomen and chest, then they can aim at some aunts who have accumulated in the abdomen.

Especially those “sitting” homes with well-balanced limbs and only adults concentrated on the abdomen.

  The office workers who have been sitting and working for many years have been at desks for a long time, have been attentive, and have habitually collapsed their waists. Over time, they have formed a “waist-shaped” body with a thick waist and a belly.

Fortunately, this “occupational obesity” is not stubborn.

Experts suggest that as long as you adjust your sitting position, remind yourself to keep your chest up, abdomen, straight waist, sitting like a hanging clock, even if you ca n’t keep it all the time, think of it, you can get extra aunt from your stomach.

  Adhering to regular exercise four or three times a week, combined with adjusting the correct sitting position, can effectively prevent slight deposits and help you build a healthy, standard body shape.

Six great ways to motivate employees

Six great ways to motivate employees

The spiritual match friction method: the concept of sublimation management. Nielsen, a famous management consultant, said: “One of the important trends in the future of business management is that business managers will no longer play an authoritative role as in the past, but will take a more effective method, indirectly.Detonate the potential of employees and create the highest efficiency of the enterprise.

  ”We can’t help but ask, what are these methods of transcending efficiency or things called rules?

Are we really punished if we accidentally violate them?

  ◆ Motivation Rule 1: Recognize-Mark out the enthusiasm of employees. There is no doubt that this is a very effective method. If you constantly violate it intentionally or unintentionally, you can’t have energetic people around you.

  There are many different forms of recognition: from promoting someone in the company to replacing it with a thank-you note of just a few lines; from the way you introduce a subordinate to the seemingly inadvertent placement of flowers in the companySatisfaction level; from encouraging your assistant to be interviewed by magazines to employees throughout the company sitting together in conference rooms to watch their appearances on CCTV’s “Absolute Challenge” program.

In order to obtain such a short-term recognition, people often do their best to achieve it.

  Because in everyone’s view, even the humble recognition is a very important moment in life. It is as beautiful as the first match you polish in the dark, letting you see hope in your hands.

Read: Let employees learn to appreciate themselves. ◆ Motivation Rule 2: Participation-the oxygen of corporate survival. Generally, it is divided with the way people are treated at work. The way people are used seems to stimulate their curiosity and motivation.

If people feel like they are becoming an integral part of a plan or project, their enthusiasm will be unprecedented.

This also makes us fully aware that no one is willing to be at the mercy of managers for a long time. If they are not allowed to participate in the decision-making process, no one listens to their opinions, and no one realizes their words, then this will be aWill make all smart managers can not help but have to face the situation.

  Let’s think about one of the most important factors in brightening matches: oxygen!

Yes, it is easy to see how stupid and unrealistic this is if we expect to light a match without oxygen.

But if you also think so, without the seemingly ordinary but ubiquitous oxygen-employees’ participation, the spark of thought and creativity can never be brightened!

  ◆ Motivation Rule 3: Fun-The Source of Continuous Motivation The essence of life is to find a kind of happy satisfaction, and so is the nature of occupation.

If this kind of satisfactory guidance can be guided, for example, the happiness caused by the sense of accomplishment at work, the lasting enthusiasm of employees must be amazing.

We might as well consider the work of a professional manager as part of a big game, but that everyone who participates in it is looking for fun instead.

In this game, both the person who lights the match and the person who is ignited are attracted by the game without exception.

Only in this way will people continue to explore the joy of new work after the joy of one job disappears.

  For a long time, the match has not been the only way we can get a tinder, but the reason it is still kept by us is simple: the fun we can learn from it!

  ◆ Incentive Rule No. 4: Randian – the key to respect for human nature. Randian is the key to motivating employees. It is like knowing the most easily ignited part of each match in your hand. Only when you rub it in the right place can youWipe brightly in time.

If the match is above or broken, no matter how hard you try again and again, it will only fail.

The “burning point” of each employee is different. Some people recognize a harmonious working environment and open communication channels; some people need to know their future in the enterprise and whether there are sufficient training opportunities; andPeople pay great attention to whether they have enough space and peaceful personnel arrangements.

  Professional managers should create a strong “substitution” within the company: respect for others is to respect yourself.

If a promising and talented subordinate suddenly asks to resign one day, it is absolutely regrettable.

But what should be deeply understood is actually not the employee itself, the key lies in the person who does not know how to ignite him.

  ◆ Motivation Rule Five: Goals-Hope for Success Professional managers, general managers, sales directors and managers, please don’t forget one thing: don’t set goals too high and be realistic.

It is shocking that some people always think that high goals can stimulate people’s morale, because in their view, only high goals are a challenge.

However, if most people think this is an impossible task, the result will be a loss of confidence for the entire team.

  Although it can be said that the fire of the stars can sometimes be done, in actual operation, remember not to burn all of your small matches. It is proper to ignite a burning torch.

  ◆ Incentive Rule Six: Forgiveness-Allow ignition failure. When we are drawing a match, there are two inevitable possibilities: success or failure.

Some matches have to be stroked many times before they can burn, while others cannot even be lightened.

Taking “Dare to fail” as the cultural concept of an enterprise is the beginning of tolerance and maturity of professional managers.

Because incentives bring change, and gradual failure must accompany them.

If employees seek to be safe because they care too much about not making mistakes, they may incur the mistakes they cause.

Adopting a “dare to fail” attitude at work, so that employees dare to face their “failure” is actually another type of incentive for professional managers.

“If you make an honest mistake, the company can forgive you and treat it as a tuition fee.

But if it deviates from the company’s spiritual value, it will be severely criticized and even fired.

The meaning of tolerance is to acknowledge failure as a dedication. In fact, failure is the mother of success.Without failure, there is no ultimate success.

In this sense, there are no failing employees and no successful managers.

  As the saying goes: “You can lead a horse to the river, but you cannot ask the horse to drink water.

“If you apply this sentence to management, why is it incorrect?

Unless it is willing, the horse will not drink water, and no one can force it; the same is true for staff morale: unless employees are willing to work hard from the heart, no amount of spurs will be sound.

What kind of tea is suitable for spring?

Recommend several spring health tea


What kind of tea is suitable for spring?
Recommend several spring health tea

Tea is a traditional Chinese drink. Our modern people are full of love for tea culture. The blood is also full of tea favors. The weather changes with the seasons. Tea also has seasonal changes.What kind of tea is it suitable for?
The following small series recommend to you several spring health tea for your reference!

  1, jasmine tea jasmine tea, also known as fragrant tablets, is a reprocessed tea made from green tea sap and jasmine flowers.

In the tea classification, jasmine tea still belongs to green tea.

Jasmine tea, you can use the “tender tea, floral fragrance, fragrant people boast” to describe the aroma of jasmine tea, in fact, jasmine tea is full of scent and attractive, it also has the function of repelling the cold, in the early spring can solve our cold, andYou can also cheer up and eliminate the habit of spring sleep.

In addition to drinking jasmine tea, you can calm your mood and refresh your spirits. You can also clear the heat and relieve heat, spleen and soothe the nerves, moisturize, replace stomach upset and menstrual pain, and stomach pain. It also helps women’s physiology, reproductive function, and moisturizes the skin.Skincare.

  Recipe: Use 2 teaspoons of dried jasmine and 3 teaspoons of green tea or a black tea bag to brew in boiling water.

Smell the scent before drinking, and fragrant.

  2, mint tea spring is coming, spring sleepy, drinking mint tea is the most respectable way of refreshing.

Mint taste cool, mainly contains volatile oil, the main components of oil, menthol, menthol, menthone, mint, benzyl, limonene, etc., certain irritating, not suitable for lactation, pregnant women, children.
  Formula: Wash the mint leaves that have just been bought with cold water and put them in a teacup. Add 200 ml of hot water and cover for 15-20 minutes until the scent is released. When it is cool, add rock sugar according to personal preference.Honey or juice can enhance the taste of the tea.

  3, rose tea rose tea is lukewarm and rich in vitamins. It has the functions of promoting blood circulation, diluting the liver and regulating qi, balancing endocrine, etc. It has a conditioning effect on the liver and stomach, and can eliminate fatigue, improve physical fitness, and early spring.

In addition, it can effectively alleviate cardiovascular diseases, and can be used for beauty and beauty, helping to improve dry skin and remove dark spots on the skin.

  Recipe: A teaspoon of dried petals, brewed in a cup of boiling water, simmered for about 10 minutes; brown sugar or honey jam can be added.

  4, chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum tea not only has the role of Qingganming, but also under fire, detoxification, heat, swelling and other functions, can effectively eliminate toxins in the body, enhance resistance, spring is the beginning of all things, the human body is also possibleThere is a surplus of yang, so it is good to drink some chrysanthemum tea to reduce the fire.

Chrysanthemum has the effect of nourishing the liver and calming the liver, clearing the liver and clearing the eye. It is especially suitable for spring, especially for girls who work closely with computers.

At the same time, it can detoxify fitness, exorcise evil and reduce fire, evacuate wind and clear heat, dilute and swollen, resist the harmful chemical or metabolites accumulated in the body, eliminate the effect, can inhibit a variety of pathogens, enhance microvascular elasticity, slow heart rate,Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and is beneficial to qi and blood, moisturizing and curing hair.

  Formula: If the eyes are swollen, use cotton tea with chrysanthemum tea and apply it around your eyes. It will soon be eliminated.

Drinking a cup of chrysanthemum tea every day can make the symptoms of eye fatigue fade, and it is also a good choice for restoring vision.

  5, honeysuckle tea honeysuckle sweet and cold, with heat and detoxification, evacuation of wind and heat, swelling and pain relief, can correct the upper respiratory tract infection in spring, influenza, tonsillitis, periodontitis and other complications, on the pain,Enteritis also has the effect of relieving, helping to cool the blood to stop diarrhea, diuretic and liver.

It is particularly important to remind that the cold constitution and menstruation cannot be combined twice. Otherwise, adverse reactions may occur.

  Formula: When you drink, choose 10 grams of honeysuckle, brew with boiling water.

  6, dandelion tea According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica” records, dandelion can clear heat, poisoning, eliminate swelling.

Dandelion is a natural diuretic and digestive sacred product; it is rich in minerals, which can help prevent anemia caused by iron deficiency, and its large amount of potassium residue can also regulate the water and salt balance in the body together with sodium, instead of normal heart rate.Rich in egg yolk, it can prevent liver cirrhosis and enhance liver and gallbladder function.

Spring is easy to get angry, dandelion is expected to have a mitigating effect.

  Formula: When you drink, choose the right amount of dandelion, brew with boiling water.

  7, chamomile tea chamomile has the effect of helping sleep, moisturizing the skin, can also improve women’s premenstrual discomfort.

It can eliminate the soreness caused by various defects, repel the liver fire and eliminate eye fatigue.

It treats eczema, acne, herpes and common skin allergies.

At the same time, it can also improve the body’s edema, which is the natural sacred product to purify the skin.

Drinking chamomile often improves the dull complexion and makes the skin bright and lustrous. At the same time, the uncomfortable body is close to the night of insomnia or nightmares, and it has the effect of calming the nerves.

Basically, it can relieve eye fatigue, apply cold tea that has been brewed to the eyes, and help remove dark circles.

It can also be used as a calming mask, especially for sensitive skin!

  Recipe: Put about 2 teaspoons of dried chamomile, brew with boiling water, simmer for about 30 minutes, add honey, very sweet and delicious.

  8, lily flower tea lily is sweet, bitter, flat, return to the lungs, heart.

Busy urban people want to eat more lily, we usually eat sweet lily, pharmacy sells bitter lily, the effect is much the same.The main function of lily is to clear the heart and calm the nerves, and to relieve lung and cough.

The lily is slightly bitter, and Chinese medicine seems that bitterness has a good effect on emotional irritability, restlessness, and improved sleep.

Because the lily belongs to the lung, the lung is the main gas, the main fur, so the lily can cause the lungs and cough, and can also supplement the Qi, also good for the spleen and stomach.

  Formula: 10 grams of water per day.

  Four types of people should not drink tea to maintain health, insomnia, insomnia people are not suitable for placing tea, otherwise it will cause more serious sleep disorders.

  2, people who are tachycardia.

  3, people with poor kidney function, patients with renal failure.

  4, pregnant women, pregnant women drink strong tea will cause fetal uneasiness, and even cause premature birth.

  In addition, patients with chronic diseases should pay attention to the selection of light tea when drinking tea.

Spring skin care for babies can’t just do surface work

Spring skin care for babies can’t just do surface work

According to surveys, ordinary baby skin care products can often only solve the problem of dryness and lack of water on the surface of the cuticle of the baby’s skin in the short term.Therefore, this kind of short-term surface moisturizing cannot of course be moisturizing.

For baby’s skin care products, we must deeply nourish and moisturize and lock water. We must not just do the “surface article” of the stratum corneum.

Therefore, in the spring, many well-known infant skin care brands have designed skin care products suitable for spring use. They all have their own spring ace single products, which are all designed to better care for the delicate cuticle of the baby!

  Skin care products suitable for spring, mainly based on high moisturizing factor ingredients, it can penetrate the baby’s deep skin and nourish the skin from the inside out.

Of course, in this season where the temperature is changing, how can we take more care of the delicate cuticle of the baby in spring?

The mother and baby editor specially prepared the latest skin care information for the parents of parliamentarians to help you better care for your baby’s skin and let him show off her delicate and transparent luster!

  1. A professional baby skin care product editor survey, many baby skin care products on the market can only solve the problem of dryness of the baby’s cuticle.

Especially in the windy and sensitive spring, the moisture level is not deep, and the skin care products with low moisture content will directly affect the baby’s skin moisture loss.

Therefore, choosing a professional brand of baby products is very important.

  2. Different skin care products are needed in different seasons. Choose a refreshing and high-moisture spring skin care product for your baby. Only in this way can you meet the baby’s various needs in spring.

  3, three points outside wipe seven points of course to raise, of course, the baby’s diet is balanced, eat more fresh and natural foods, sufficient water, nutritional vitamins, etc. are all good ways to keep your baby’s skin healthy and moist.

Now many big brands of baby moisturizing creams have added vitamins and other vitamins, and the milk extracts that are substituted can be very helpful to supplement your baby’s nutrition.

But vitamin supplements based on skin care products are far from meeting the needs of the baby’s body.

Maternal and child editors recommend that parents supplement their babies with vitamins from time to time in order to improve the stratum corneum health of babies.

Woman detox schedule quickly lose weight and beauty

Woman detox schedule quickly lose weight and beauty

Expert suggestions: Sleep detox schedule 21: 00-23: 00 Detox of the immune system 23: 00-1: 00am Detox of the liver (sleeping is effective) 1: 00-3: 00am Detox of the large intestine 7: 00-99: 00 The small intestine absorbs a lot of nutrients and works under high pressure, sometimes even feeling tired, but what should I do if I can’t sleep or sleep properly?

  Try to relax yourself before going to bed and get ready to improve your sleep quality -1.

Bathing Before going to bed, the body temperature naturally rises, blood circulation is smoother, blood flow speed and water pressure are promoted, the metabolism of the whole body is accelerated, and every inch of skin is completely relaxed.

  Before going to bed, it is best to enjoy a bath.

Especially in autumn and winter, the DIY aromatherapy bath is most suitable.

Put a jar of water in the bathtub to let the scent of aroma relax the tense nerves, and the mood will be sunny with it.


Before going to bed, in addition to washing your face carefully and doing some simple facial massage before going to bed, there is a magic formula-look in the mirror.

  -Repeatedly make the best expression you think in the mirror-a happy smile, and then fall asleep in a happy mood.

  The beautiful expression will leave an impression in your brain, and you will become a real “sleeping beauty”.

Facial massage can both promote sleep and further nourish your skin before it completely “falls asleep”, fully activating the best effects of night care products.


Music, milk: A good companion to sleep After a full day’s exposure, the skin at night will be particularly tired.

Use the time before bedtime to listen to music, so that you can immerse yourself in the tranquil and soft mood created by music, so that the spirit and skin can be soothed by music, and it will increase the skin’s ability to absorb skin care products.

In the morning, the skin just wakes up after a lot of sleep all night, playing a musical note of guzheng, bamboo flute, elegant, bright, and combined with massage and maintenance actions can activate skin cells and keep the mind awake.

  Drink a glass of hot milk before bed, its rich calcium and tryptophan can relax muscles.

  Milk contains two hypnotic substances. These two substances can bind to the central nervous system or peripheral opioid peptide receptors to make the whole body comfortable, which is beneficial to falling asleep and reducing fatigue.

  The hypnotic effect of the physically weak and neurasthenia is particularly obvious.

  Expert Comments: Drinking cold milk on an empty stomach can be laxative.

One is that cold stimuli will accelerate body movements, and the other is that there is a large amount of lactose in milk, and more than half of Chinese people lack the lactase necessary for milk absorption.

So after drinking milk, lactose enters the colon without digestion and is quickly excreted from the body.

  Tips: To ensure good sleep, in addition to the milk and music mentioned above, these appliances such as the following can help you have a better sleep: silk or cotton bedding, eye masks, earplugs, there areDo not prevent trying some background music, keep the ideal room temperature around 20 ℃, and according to scientific research, the best sleeping posture is supine.

  Byron said: “Early to bed and early to get up can make a beautiful face and reduce the price of rouge-at least a few winters.”

  ”Sleeping Beauty” always gives a quiet and sweet feeling.

Medical research shows that the most active metabolism of human epidermal cells is from midnight to 2 am, and staying up late is the most disfiguring, because sleeplessness will affect the speed of cell regeneration and lead to skin aging.Reflected on the ladies’ faces.

Therefore, if the ladies want to keep their facial skin good, they actually develop the habit of falling asleep before midnight.