Whitening and moisturizing health almond tofu

Whitening and moisturizing health almond tofu

Every woman is envious of Shi Shi’s agar-like snow-white skin, which is what is called “one white covering three ugliness”. The whitening effect of tofu varies from person to person, but the whitening effect of almonds is praised by even beauty king Da S.

Today, I want to teach everyone to make almond tofu.

The so-called almond tofu, although it is not a real soy product, can even moisturize the autumn and dry due to the addition of almond juice.

Just before entering winter, moisturize your skin!

  Materials: Almond (50 g), milk 200 (ml), agar (4?
5g) Seasoning: rock sugar (30g), water (200 + 200ml), sugar osmanthus (appropriate amount) 1.

Peel and wash the almonds, put them into a blender, add 200ml water, and beat into almond paste.


Take a clean piece of gauze, spread it on a large bowl, pour the almond paste into the gauze, and separate the juice from the residue.


Put the agar in a bowl, soak it with 200ml of water until softened, and pour the water into the pot together, and heat on low heat.


After the agar is boiled, pour in almond water and milk and heat for a while.


Add rock sugar and cook until the rock sugar dissolves.


Pour the boiled almond milk slurry into a flat-bottomed container, dry it, cover it, and put it in the refrigerator until it freezes.


When eating, cut into small pieces, drizzle with sugar osmanthus, or pour some juice, honey or some fruits.

Eat newspapers and eat your body carefully

Eat newspapers and eat your body carefully

Newspapers are the most important source of information in our lives. Newspapers convey information as soon as possible and tell people what is happening in this society now, and what they are most concerned about.

But newspapers are also time-sensitive. What about outdated newspapers?

Many people are accustomed to spreading newspapers on the countertop during meals. This will make the table dirty and easy to clean, but it will let those toxins run into you unconsciously.

  Newspaper inks are poisonous. The main impurities in newspaper inks are heavy metals, including lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury, etc., which can be harmful to the human body.

For example, lead can completely destroy the formation of human blood cells, and can also enter brain tissue through the blood, causing brain damage.

When the body’s lead accumulates to a certain level, chronic poisoning symptoms such as mental disorders, terrible dreams, insomnia, and headaches appear.

  In addition, the inks used in newspaper printing usually contain toxic organic solvents such as ethanol, alternative alcohols, tertiary amines, and xylene.

Although most of these hazards will be eliminated when these organic solvents are dried, the residual parts still pose a potential danger to the human body.

If inhaled for a long time, it may affect the central nervous system of the brain and cause great harm to health.

  There are tens of thousands of bacteria and viruses in human hands, and the dyes used in newspapers are highly adsorbent, and viruses can easily remain in newspapers.

The more people who read the newspaper, the more viruses stick to it.

If you touch the newspaper with your hands or utensils while eating, you may eat bacteria into your stomach.

Strong tea gargle to drive away mouth ulcers?

Strong tea gargle to drive away mouth ulcers?

Aphthous ulcer, also known as oral ulcer disease, is a recurrent oral ulcerative lesion of the oral mucosa. The etiology is not yet clear. It may be related to endocrine disorders, metabolic dysfunction, parasites, viral infections, allergies, local irritation, etc.

Patients consciously burn, which can affect eating, talking, sleeping, and not easy to heal, often with bad breath, constipation and other symptoms, can occur at any age, but mostly young adults.

At present, there is no specific treatment for this disease, but in clinical practice, the following prescriptions are more effective for readers to choose: First, the strong tea gargle part of the Ming Dynasty Pharmacopoeia “Compendium of Materia Medica” states: “Tea is bitter and cold, the best way to reduce fire .… The fire drops, the supernatant is clear. ”According to research, tea contains tannin, which has astringent effect. It can be used for oral oral ulcer healing. Tea can be anti-inflammatory and sterilizing. Because tannin can solidify the protein of unicellular fungi, it is commonly used in folk.Tea soup rinses the wound for disinfection and wound healing.

Tea also contains vitamin C (vitamin C has an anti-scurvy effect) and vitamin B12 (which can cause classified metabolism).

Others, such as vitamin P and vitamin K, have certain effects on the rehabilitation of oral ulcers.

  2. For gentamicin therapy, use a sterile cotton swab dipped in gentamicin 40,000 IU 2m1 injection to lightly apply the ulcer on the oral cavity, and then apply it again a few minutes later, 4 times a day, preferably after three meals and sleeping.Apply mouthwash before mouthwashing, usually 2?
Healed in 3 days.

If it is multiple oral ulcers or oral erosions, you can use 40,000 IU of 2m1 gentamicin, add water for injection to 10ml, and spit it out after 3 minutes in the mouth.

Once every 6 hours, it has better effect.

  Third, vitamin E therapy, take a few tablets of vitamin E sugar-coated tablets into fine powder, crush the surface of the ulcer, four times a day, 3?
Heal in 4 days.

Can I take it before bed every night?
2 tablets for 1 month to prevent repetition.

  Fourth, vitamin B12, vitamin C therapy Take vitamin B12, one piece of vitamin C is ground into a powder and mixed well, drip with a sterile cotton ball, apply on the ulcer surface, bite 5?
10 minutes for the drug to be absorbed directly (oral is extremely slow), generally 3?
Healed 4 times.

The mechanism is: Vitamin B12 can promote the body’s material metabolism.

However, the concentration of vitamin B12 in the human body is very low and is rarely stored.

Vitamin C can reduce capillary permeability and eliminate edema on the ulcer surface.

The combination of two drugs can degrade local anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic and analgesic, promote accelerated healing of the ulcer surface, and prevent ulcers from repeating easily.

  Fifth, dandelion decoction is taken orally and rinses dandelion. It tastes bitter, sweet, cold, and can clear heat and detoxify.

Take 100g of fresh dandelion (50g dry product), wash with water, decoction, drink medicine and gargle.

Several times a day until the end.

  Sixth, Yunnan Baiyao Therapy Use a disinfected cotton swab dipped in Yunnan Baiyao powder to crush the ulcer surface so that people can heal after 3 days.

  Seven, the traditional Chinese medicine external application of tin powder, ice boron powder or throat wind powder spray on the ulcer surface.

  Eight, Danshen It is reported that 15g of Danshen tablets (or Danshen tablets) can be used to treat oral ulcers. The ulcers can heal quickly and rarely recur. The mechanism is that Danshen has the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, improving microcirculation and bacteriostasis.efficacy.

How long does it take to fall in love?


How long does it take to fall in love?

Lightning-married lovers usually attract others’ eyes, thinking that “lightning” is the result of a hasty decision and another concealed consequence; the other person is unwilling to easily believe that love has already vowed flowers between the newcomers to Lightning, and it has endedEternal Fruit.

  If a relationship is easy to maintain, there is no need to accommodate each other, there is no reluctance, and no pressure, then the chance that this relationship can last for a long time is great; this feeling is often bland, as natural as drinking plain water.

A pair of lovers whose personality, interests, hobbies, and habits are all extended and integrated, just like meeting another one’s own joy; Lightning marriage into the auditorium is also a natural result.

The success rate of lightning marriage and maintaining a long-term marriage is also there, because they may just meet the right person.

  In contrast, even a pair of lovers who have been married for many years may still end in divorce; because the length of a couple’s interaction time is not necessarily proportional to the maturity of the relationship.

Falling in love is not a boiled egg; the more the egg becomes more fragrant, the more likely it is to fall in love.

But how long does it take for a love relationship to mature?

Is it based on “quality” or “quantity”?

I’m afraid no outsider can understand except some.

  A relationship that requires long-term business to be fruitful may be a “wrong” relationship.

Because lovers have so many disparities in personality and other aspects, it takes a long time to adjust to each other; it may be that people are wrong, time is wrong, space is wrong, age is wrong, psychological maturity is wrong; the more wrong the love, the moreIt takes a long time to run.

When two wrong people stay together for a long time, it will evolve into a “habit” feeling; the habit is to accompany him, the habit of arguing with him, the habit of his voice, the habit of his temper; the “habit”, which wears off each other’s personalityThe spikes also cover up the fact that each other is not suitable.

This model, after a long delay, inexplicably turned into “feelings” and became a kind of “false feeling” that deceived people.

If a love talks for too long, and they lose the attractiveness, trust and ability to get along with each other, then love may break down at any time.

  What is the “right” person?

In ancient times, “doors should be mutually opposed”, today there is no certain standard at all.

From the perspective of worldly reality, a woman wants a handsome, gold, house, car, and beautiful “money”, preferably a man without parents to support; and a man wants a gentle, beautiful, elegant and elegantWoman, she better still have a well-paid job.

From the perspective of vulgar sensibility, a pair of “partners” who can be in harmony with each other, share common hobbies, and have a common goal is the other half of a “pair”.

  However, world affairs are always difficult, and a pair of partners pursuing artistic ideals may not be able to take care of the seven things that open the door to real life; and a pair of wealthy fans may not have a spiritual fit.

To be realistic or ideal?

Individuals must have a bicycle scale hammer to objectively and accurately determine: measure their own conditions and capabilities with a secular perspective; weigh their own talents and mentality with an emotional perspective.

If you are both top-notch in the secular and emotional, you are also qualified to “choose” others; on the contrary, you must be modest and sincere to “pursue” others.

The choice is based on the analysis of the superior, and pursues the attitude of the next one; there is no law to protect the relationship before marriage, so men and women in the world must be cautious.

  People often say “your honey may be his poison.”

When you meet the wrong person, you must “cut the knife quickly”; when you meet the right person, you must take good care and cherish it, “choose what you love, love what you choose”; don’t compare with others, don’t care about other people’s vision, loveHow long do you want to talk and be happy!