Mistakes over the good game, Yannis is dissatisfied with the offensive performance

Mistakes over the good game, Yannis is dissatisfied with the offensive performance
Yannis was dissatisfied with too many turnovers.Figure / sports Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team tonight to 100 to 101 against Nanjing Tongxi team “quasi lore”, the final quarter was played 29 to 16 led to the entire battle reversed.Head coach Yanis mentioned after the game that too many turnovers created an opportunity for the opponent to counterattack, but his conversion attack did not catch well.”We were wasting a lot of opportunities when we counterattacked. We could have grabbed the counterattack layup, but there were too many mistakes that caused the opponent to counterattack.”Yannis concluded.In the first and second half, the number of turnovers of Shougang was 4 and 9, corresponding to the opponent’s steals in the first and second half were 2 and 10 respectively.With more than 4 minutes left in the final quarter, the Tongxi team played a wave of 9-0 to fill the gap.The Shougang team’s offensive stagnation, the two foreign aid no matter who is on the field, there is no way to respond too effectively.Fang Shuo also mentioned that the team’s performance during the final victory was not stable enough.Yannis also pointed out that the team fouled too much tonight, giving the opponent multiple opportunities to stand on the free throw line.The number of free throws, Tongxi team won 39 to 16.The fourth quarter played more than 10 minutes, the number of fouls between the two sides is 10 to 2, which is also the opponent fouled by Jeremy Lin, who received the ball twice in the last attack of the Shougang team.Jeremy Lin didn’t catch the ball until the third time, but he didn’t have a chance to take the shot. When passing to Fang Shuo, he had little time left for the game and could only hurriedly throw the last ball.

What about the continuous acquisition of 2 alternative companies by Fengle Seed?

What about the continuous acquisition of 2 alternative companies by Fengle Seed?
Sauna, Yewang was informed today that Hefei Fengle Seed Industry Co., Ltd. (“Fengle Seed Industry”) has issued an announcement that the company and its subsidiariesThe shareholding acquisition of Yunnan Quanao Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. (“Yunnan Quanao”) has been completed.Currently, Lefeng Seed Industry’s shareholding in Hunan Jinnong has increased from 51% to 82.5%, while Sichuan Tonglu Agriculture, a wholly-owned subsidiary, has 100% stake in Yunnan Quanao.Sauna and Yewang noticed that Hunan Jinnong has decreased for 2 consecutive years, while Yunnan Olympics has decreased for 3 consecutive years, with revenues of less than one million yuan for 3 years.Why is Fengle Seed Industry, which has a market value of nearly 5 billion yuan, acquired two alternative seed industry companies in one go?Experts said that from a strategic point of view, new technologies and new markets are planned to be acquired through acquisitions, but the existing seed industry market is highly concentrated. For ordinary varieties, the acquisition is of little significance and the influence of small regional companies on the market is also limited.The two acquisition targets continue to be announced. Hunan Jinnong was established in May 2005, mainly engaged in hybrid rice seed research and development, production and sales business, with a registered capital of 30 million yuan.In January 2016, Fengle Seed Industry acquired 51% equity of Hunan Jinnong through purchase and became its controlling shareholder.This time Fengle Seed Industry started with 499.640,000 yuan to purchase 31 held by Hefei Huachun Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.5% equity, the holding ratio increased from 51% to 82.5%.At present, the registration procedures for industrial and commercial changes have been completed.It is worth noting that Hunan Jinnong has been in a reset state for the past two years.Revenue in 2018 and 2019 is not 1240.380 thousand yuan and 1075.80,000 yuan, but the net profit is at least 45.370,000 yuan and 26.350,000 yuan.Fengle Seed said that the company acquired Hunan Nongdajinnong Seed Industry Co., Ltd.31.The 5% equity can further enhance the control of Hunan Jinnong and benefit the company’s management and the realization of future development goals.The acquisition of Yunnan Quanao was established in February 2017, with a registered capital of only 1 million yuan, and is mainly engaged in the sale of agriculture and flower seeds.According to the disclosed information, Sichuan Tonglu Agriculture, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fengle Seed Industry, is 685.Acquired 40% equity of Yunnan Quanao held by Chen Shaohua for 90,000 yuan. Currently, the industrial and commercial change procedures have been completed. Sichuan Tonglu Agriculture holds 100% equity of Yunnan Quanao.Sauna and Yewang noticed that in the past three years, the Yunnan Olympic Games have been in a preset state.In 2017, revenue was only 1 million, and net profit could increase by 69.040,000 yuan; a decrease of 57 in 2018.340,000 yuan; 2019 revenue 21.RMB 660,000, net profit RMB 10,00070,000 yuan.For this acquisition, Fengle Seed Air Force once said in the announcement that Yunnan All Olympics has the most systematic and cutting-edge tropical blood research materials for corn varieties in Southeast Asia.The security and expectations of the company maximize the company’s interests.Purchasing or obtaining better varieties According to the information of Tianyancha, Fengle Seed Industry was established in 1997, with seed industry and agrochemical as the main business, as well as spices and hotel business.The controlling shareholder is Hefei Construction Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd., with a shareholding ratio of 29.24%, while Hefei Construction Investment is a 100% holding company of Hefei SASAC.The financial report shows that in 2019, Fengle Seed Industry’s revenue was 24.4.0 billion, an annual increase of 23.75%; net profit is 5722.890,000 yuan, an annual increase of 7.59%.However, Sauna and Yewang noticed that Fengle Seed Industry deducted a non-net profit of 4302 last year.0.6 million yuan, an increase of 171 per year.87%.For the reasons for the double growth of revenue and net profit, Fengle Seed Industry said that it was due to its focus on the two main industries of seed industry and agrochemical last year.Among them, the seed industry digestion inventory has achieved obvious results, the rice seed inventory risk has basically been released, and the corn seed inventory has been effectively controlled.As of the close of May 19, Fengle Seed Industry continued to decline1.5%, closed at the lowest 11.17 yuan, with a market value of 48.9.9 billion yuan.Or this year, the seed industry is generally influenced by the previous optimism. Since the early days, Fengle Seed Industry has continued to develop.twenty two%.Fengle Seed Industry, which has a market value of nearly 5 billion, why buy and replace the company in one go?On May 19, a person in the seed industry analyzed Sauna and Yewang. From a corporate strategy perspective, the seed industry acquired the company mainly for technology, variety, profitability or market.For example, Hunan Jinnong is the leader in hybrid rice seeds, and Yunnan Quanao has an advantage in corn seeds grown in the tropics. From “North” to “South”, it can also obtain customers by acquiring more adaptable varieties.Resources can accelerate market expansion.”Sometimes acquisitions don’t necessarily look at performance, to see if there is a better technology.”However, the current concentration of the seed industry market is very high. If it is an ordinary variety, the acquisition is of little significance; and Yunnan Quanao is also a small regional company with limited market influence.””The original person added.Sauna, Yewang. Note that in view of the corn seed industry layout, Fengle Seed Industry said in its 2019 annual report that the corn seed industry has a clear upward trend and has a significant integration effect with the acquired companies, realizing the overall planning and layout of the corn industry across the country.Sauna, Yewang Ouyang Xiaojuan Editor Zhu Fenglan proofreading Li Ming

Genting’s mobile games download over 4.5 million in the first week of the most popular chess game in the United States and South Korea

Genting’s mobile games download over 4.5 million in the first week of the most popular chess game in the United States and South Korea
Recently, the well-known data platform Sensor Tower announced the relevant data of the mobile terminal of the game “Genting Game” of the fist company since its launch on March 19.The reporter learned that as of April 2nd, the game has been downloaded more than 4.5 million times, and its revenue has exceeded $ 1 million.The mobile terminal of “Game of Genting” has been downloaded 3.6 million times in the first week of the App Store and Google Play since its launch.Compared with other similar games, Long Yuan’s “Duo Duo Chess” scored only 1 million in the first week, and Valve’s “Dota Tower” was only 10.50,000 downloads.According to reports, Sensor Tower data shows that the United States and South Korea are the two largest markets for downloads in the first week. They are also South Korea in terms of revenue, and the United States has contributed the most.Respectively around 54.4% and 24% revenue ratio.The reporter learned that the explosion of the mobile terminal of “Game of Genting” originated from the continued fiery of “League of Legends”.”League of Legends” has now become the world’s most watched e-sports project, and the “Genting Game” derived from it will naturally occupy the market.Since its launch, Genting Games’ revenue in the North American market has surpassed “Chess Rush” and “Dota Tower” two mobile games, second only to “Duo Duo Chess”.”Although the game has gained widespread attention in the North American market.However, it should be noted that the popularity of the game has declined in the domestic ranking.”On April 2, Ma Jing, an observer of the gaming industry, told reporters,” Playing chess only caters to the momentary needs of players, and it will take time to verify how the future will develop.”Sauna, proofread by Zhao Ze, editor of Night Net Qin Che

[Efficacy and role of tea tree seed oil?】 _Benefits_Ethics

銆 愯 尪 铠 戠 Benzo Guigui 锷 晸 咝 咝 璔 鐢  纻 銆 抱 濂 擂 _ 鐩 婂 
鑼剁苯娌规槸寰堝父瑙佺殑涓€绉嶆补锛岃尪绫芥补涓嶄粎鍙互鐢ㄦ潵椋熺敤锛岃€屼笖寰堝鐖辩編浜哄+鐢ㄨWe must make up for it, and we will make a lot of chopping up and go shopping. The global economy is very rugged and rugged. It ‘s very difficult to get started. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea.彲浠ラ槻姝㈠績琛€绠$‖鍖栵紝鑰屼笖杩樺叿鏈夐檷琛€鍘嬶紝闄嶈鑴傜殑浣滅敤锛屾槸姣旇緝濂界殑琛ュ搧锛岃尪绫芥补铏界劧濂斤紝浣嗘槸骞朵笉鏄瘡涓€涓汉閮介€傚悎椋熺敤鑼剁苯娌癸紝涓嬮潰浠嬬粛鑼舵爲绫Mustard supplementation?娌硅尪绫芥补鏄敮涓€鍙互鍑忚偉鐨勬补 娌硅尪绫芥补鐨勪笉楗卞拰鑴傝偑閰稿拰澶╃劧浼樿川缁寸敓绱燛鑱斿悎What is it? Just set it up?缁寸敓绱燢澶栨姽鍙互鍚告敹鐨笅澶氫綑鑴傝偑锛屽洜姝ゅ畠鏄敮涓€鍐呮湇澶栫敤鍧囧叿鏈夊噺鑲ヤ綔鐢ㄧ殑澶╃劧妞嶇墿绁炴补銆傛棦鍙槻鏅掑張鍙互闃插喕 娌硅尪绫芥补澶忓ぉ鍙槻鏅掑啲鍙槻鍐伙紝澶忔秱溜 庣 毊 ゅ 彲 浠 ラ 槻 姝 ㈢ 毊 毊 ょ Children’s embroidered 宥 涳 纴 灏 ゅ 卾 卾 则 则 刾 到 姰 姰 姰 冰 冾 唆 锏?鍐瀵逛簬鐨偆鍙戠毚銆佹墜鑴氬共瑁傘€佹帀鐨睉鏈夋瀬濂介槻姝㈡晥鏋溿€傚┐鍎垮翱鑵屻€佹睏娓嶅浜﹀彲娑傛姽銆?鍍忔按涓€鏍疯鐨偆鍚告敹 娌硅尪绫芥补娣℃贰閲戣壊銆佺函鍑€娓呮緢銆佹竻鐖戒笉绮橈紝姘存€х殑鐗硅This article is about the latest news: I am going to talk about it, and I am going to make up for it. I am going to do it. I am going to do it. I am going to do it.岃繖涓€鐐规槸鍏跺畠澶╃劧娌规枡瀹屽叏涓嶈兘鐩告瘮鐨勩€傚叏韬毊鑲よ繀閫熷彉缁嗗 娌硅尪绫芥补瀵屽Awkwardness and sorrows in the country are inconsistent, and you are not sure whether you are in trouble or not.﹀寲濡嗗搧鐨勫壇浣滅敤锛屽彲杩呴€熶娇鐨偆鏌斿鑰屾湁浜氬厜鍏夋辰銆備竴鑸涓€娆℃补娴村氨鏈夋槑鏄炬劅瑙夈€傜毊鑲ら棶棰樺彲杩呴€熸敼鍠?Do you know what you need to do? Do you know how to do it? Do you know how to do it? Do you want to know how to do it?紝鍙槻姝㈢毊鑲ょ毚瑁傚拰鐦欑棐锛屽畠瀵规秷闄ゅ濞犵汗銆侀檲鏃ф€т激鐥曘€佸悇绉嶆枒鐥樼瓑鐨偆闂鍧囨湁鏄庢樉 鎬庢牱鑷繁鍦ㄥ鍋氭补娴?娌愭荡鏃跺皢韬綋娲楀噣鎿﹀共锛屼互30姣崌(涓€灏忔柟鐡?Is it possible to supplement the silicon mustard with a mustard? Do you know how to do it? Han: What is it?5 闒 嗛 宓 宸 ﹀ 圀 最 揤 朠 朠 朠 揂 會 擏 描 描 鍐 餂 鎻 ╁Together with the general education, it is effective and effective, does not make up for Zhang Xuan, Zhang, Yu張缇庡張鐧姐€傚ご鍙戯細娲楀彂鍚庣敤娌硅尪绫芥补婊嬪吇澶村彂锛屽弽澶嶆⒊鐞嗭紝寰呬竴灏忔椂璁革紝鍐嶈交杞绘紓娲楋紝鍙娇澶村彂椋橀€搁棯浜€傞潰閮細娌硅尪绫芥补閰嶄笂绛夎渹铚滐紝杞昏交鎸夋懇鍘婚櫎闈㈤儴缁嗗皬鐨辩汗锛岃繕鍙互涓庝紭璐ㄧ櫧绯栦竴璧疯皟鍒堕潰鑶溿€傜溂閮細姣忔棩鏃╂櫄娌硅尪绫芥补鎸夋懇鐪奸儴鍗佸垎閽燂紝鍙互娑堥櫎榛戠溂鍦堝拰鐪艰锛岃繕浣犱竴鍙屾槑浜糠浜虹溂鐫涖€傜湁鐫細姣忓ぉ鏃╂櫒鐢ㄦ补鑼剁苯娌逛粩缁嗗埛娑﹀拰鍏绘姢鐫瘺鍜岀湁姣涳紝鍙互浠や綘鐪夌潾婕嗛粦闂寒銆佺湁娓呯洰绉€銆傚攪閮細浠ユ补鑼剁苯娌规秱鍞囷紝淇濇寔鍞囬儴婀挎鼎锛屽弻鍞囨櫠浜€屾€ф劅锛屽悓鏃舵棤椤绘媴蹇冨悶鍚冨惈閾呭攪鑶忎箣瀹炽€傛墜閮細姣忔礂瀹屾墜鎴栧仛瀹屽鍔★紝鍧氭寔鐢ㄦ补鑼剁苯娌规粙娑﹀拰鎽╂尣鍙屾墜5鍒嗛挓锛屽彲淇濇寔鎵嬮儴鐧藉缇庤銆 寛 咚 鐢 賧 寧寧 漧 斧 喧 斧 Chopped benzene 娌 圌 寜 寽 ╂ 寚 逢 氰 瓒 槒 槳 尾 咩 撔 呮 対 雲 鬌 鬽 雸 雸 峸 峸 樸 峸 峸 峸 峸 峸忥紝浠ゆ墜瓒崇編涓戒繌鐨€傝儗閮細鑳岄儴鍥犳姢鐞嗕笉渚垮父鏈夌憰鐤碉紝娌愭荡鏃惰姹傚浜哄府鍔╀互娌硅尪绫芥补鎸夋懇锛屽彲浠よ儗閮ㄥ厜娲佽糠浜恒€傝吂閮細鏄撳爢绉剛鑲垨鏈夊濞犵汗锛屼互娌硅尪绫芥补鎸夋懇鎭㈠鑵归儴鍏夋鼎骞冲潶锛屾寜鎽╄倸鑴愪篃鏄編瀹规椂灏氥€傝吙閮細姣涘瓟绮楀ぇ銆佺毊鑲ょ矖绯欐垨绾挎潯涓嶅ソ锛屽彲浠ラ€氳繃姣忓ぉ鐢ㄦ补鑼剁苯娌规寜鎽╄€屾敼鍙橈紝杩樹綘涓€鍙岀帀鑵裤€傝冻閮細姣忔娲楀畬鑴氬悗婊存补鑼剁苯娌瑰皯璁革紝鍙嶅鎸夋懇鍙岃剼锛屾湁鍒╀簬闃叉鑴氶儴鐨偆榛勫寲銆佽€佸寲銆佺‖鍖?

[Efficacy of Huaishan Lotus Seed Rice Noodles]_Nutrition Value_Constant

In this case, there is no need to connect the chain to the chain, and the chain is not connected to the chain. The chain is connected to the chain. The chain is connected to the chain.澶氭暟浜虹敤鑾插瓙涓庡叾瀹冮鐗╀竴璧锋惌閰嶅埗浣滅編椋燂紝娣北鑾插瓙绫崇矇灏辨槸涓€绉嶅彈鍒板ぇ瀹跺枩鐖辩殑缇庨涔嬩竴锛岃€屼笖娣北鑾插瓙绫崇矇鐨勫姛鏁堜綋鐜板湪澶氫釜鏂归潰锛屾瘮濡傚彲浠ユ敼鍠勫け鐪狅紝鍙互鏀瑰杽鑵规郴锛屼篃鍙互瀵硅偤鐐庢皵绠$値绛夋湁杈冨ぇ鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€傚北鑽拰鑾插瓙鑳戒竴璧峰悆鍚楀北鑽拰鑾插瓙鏄彲浠ヤ竴璧峰悆鐨勶紝鑰屼笖杩欎袱绉嶉鐗╃殑钀ュ吇閮藉緢涓板瘜锛屽湪涓€璧峰悆鍙互涓轰汉浣撳甫鏉ュ緢澶氱殑濂藉銆備笉杩囬渶瑕佹敞鎰忕殑鏄紝灞辫嵂鍜岃幉瀛愰兘鏈夊悇鑷殑楗瑙勫垯锛屼笉鑳戒贡鍚冿紝鍚﹀垯涔熶細瀵瑰仴搴烽€犳垚涓嶅埄褰卞搷鍚岄褰卞搷灞辫嵂鍜岃幉瀛愭槸鍙互涓€鐩村悆鐨勶紝杩欎袱绉嶉鐗╃殑钀ュ吇閮藉緢涓板瘜锛屽叿鏈夎ˉ涓泭姘斻€佹竻鐑В姣掋€佺敓娲ユ娓淬€佹鼎鑲烘鍜炽€佹秷鐐庢鐥涖€佸仴鑴惧吇鑳冦€佽ˉ鑲剧泭绮俱€侀檷琛€绯栥€佸畨绁為潤蹇冪瓑鍔熸晥锛岃繕鍙互娌荤枟澶辩湢銆佺缁忚“寮便€佽吂娉汇€佸挸鍡姐€佹敮姘旂鐐庛€佽偤鐐庛€佽偩鐐庛€佽偩铏氥€侀仐绮俱€佺硸灏跨梾銆佽劸鑳冭櫄寮便€佹皵琛€涓嶈冻绛変笉閫傜梾鐥囥€傚悆鑾插瓙鐨勬敞鎰忎簨椤硅幉瀛愭槸涓€绉嶇弽璐电殑绾ぉ鐒堕珮绾ц惀鍏讳繚鍋ラ鍝侊紝绱犳湁鈥滆幉鍙傗€濅箣绉帮紝鍏锋湁婊嬮槼琛ヨ锛屾鼎鑲哄吇蹇冿紝寤跺勾鐩婂涔嬪姛鑳姐€傝幉瀛愯繕鍏锋湁闄嶈鍘嬬殑鍔熸晥锛岃幉瀛愯姱鎵€鍚敓鐗╃⒈鏈夊己蹇冧綔鐢ㄣ€傞鐢ㄦ椂杩樻槸瑕佹敞鎰忛鐗╂惌閰嶏紝鎵嶈兘灏嗚幉瀛愮殑鍔熸晥鍙戞尌鍑烘潵銆?銆佽幉蹇冧笉鍙笌锜广€侀緹绫诲悓鏈嶏紝鍚﹀垯鍙嚭鐜版煇浜涗笉鑹弽搴旓紝鎮f劅鍐掕€呫€佷究绉樺強鐥旂柈鑰呬篃涓嶅彲鏈嶇敤,渚跨鍜岃剺鑵硅儉闂疯€呮渶濂藉繉鐢ㄣ€?銆佽幉瀛愯嚜鍙や互鏉ユ槸鍏鐨勮€佸皯鐨嗗疁鐨勯矞缇庢粙琛ヤ匠鍝併€傚叾鍚冩硶寰堝锛屽彲鐢ㄦ潵閰嶈彍銆佸仛缇广€佺倴姹ゃ€佸埗楗€佸仛绯曠偣绛夛紝鍙互涓庡叾浠栬嵂椋熸惌閰嶃€?銆佸钩绱犲ぇ渚垮共缁撻毦瑙o紝鎴栬吂閮ㄨ儉婊′箣浜哄繉椋熴€?You are in a state of disappointment. You are in a state of affairs. You are in a state of affairs. You are afraid of the situation. You are afraid of what you are going to do.叆寮€姘翠腑锛屽姞鍏ラ€傞噺鑰佺⒈锛屾悈鎷屽潎鍖€鍚庣◢闂风墖鍒伙紝鍦ㄥ€掑叆娣樼背绠╁唴锛岀敤鍔涙弶鎼擄紝鍗冲彲寰堝揩鍘婚櫎鑾插瓙鐨€?

[7 tricks to make him sexually provocative]

[7 tricks to make him sexually provocative]

In the new century, women are more demanding than men in terms of sex. In fact, it is not difficult to burn a new spark of love in a boudoir. As long as you keep the sex fresh, I believe that his heart will be locked by you every time.Tight.

Next, I will introduce 7 secret “fresh” tricks to tease his extreme passion. At that time, low sexual desire can also increase his sexual desire extremely quickly!

1. Nail the man’s back lightly.

Gently brushing your nails across the skin can effectively stimulate a man’s sexual response.

During the sex process, do not prevent the disabled person from holding the man, and at the same time, carefully scratch the back, chest or thigh of the fingernails. You can swipe up and down, but do not use too much force to avoid scratching the skin.

This trick can make men crisp to the bone marrow, and then sexual passion will certainly come to fruition.


Boss Electric (002508): Kitchen appliances 19H1 is still under pressure, and the bottom of the industry has been significantly expected to complete the recovery and bring new drivers

Boss Electric (002508): Kitchen appliances 19H1 is still under pressure, and the bottom of the industry has been significantly expected to complete the recovery and bring new drivers
Incident August 26, 2019, Boss Electric released the 2019 semi-annual report. The company’s total operating income in 2019H1 was 35.27 ppm, an increase of 0 in ten years.88%; net profit attributable to mother 6.70 ppm, an increase of ten years.52%; net profit deducted from non-attributed mothers6.23 ppm, a ten-year increase4.37%. In terms of quarters, the company’s Q1 / Q2 single-quarter revenue for 2019 was 16.60, 18.6.7 billion, changing 4 each year.30%, -1.98%; net profit attributable to mothers is 3.20, 3.5.1 billion, with annual changes of 5.84%, -2.11%; net profit after deduction is 275, 3.48 ppm, an increase of 8 each year.55%, 1.29%. Brief Comment 1. In the early period of Q2 revenue growth, real estate dragged kitchen appliances under pressure in 2019H1, and the company achieved operating income of 35.27 ppm, an increase of 0 in ten years.88%. Among them, Q2 achieved revenue of 18 in a single quarter.67 ppm, a decrease of 1 per year.98%, mainly due to the combination of factors such as the external weakness in the external environment, economic growth, and the gradual increase in overlapping real estate growth.The company actively adjusted and worked hard to ensure that the performance remained basically stable. The main business aspects were as follows: 1) Hood range: 19H1.8.4 billion yuan, down by 1.11%, accounting for 53.41%.In terms of industry, Zhongyikang data showed that domestic hood retail sales in the first half of 2019 also fell by 4%.43% to 8.26 million units, with retail sales falling by 5.86% to 19.7 billion yuan.The range hood business has been dragged down, but the market share still steadily ranks first in the industry. According to the Zhongyikang retail monitoring report, the hood market share of the company in H1 2019 decreased by 25.54%, ranking first in the industry. 2) Gas stoves are also under pressure: 19H1’s gas stove business achieved revenue8.500,000 yuan, down 1.74%, accounting for 24.10%.The downturn in the gas stove industry is a drag on the company. According to Zhongyikang’s data, the domestic retail sales of gas stoves in the first half of the year were 10.4 million units, down 2%.19%; retail sales were 120 ppm, down 4.09%.In total, the boss has a gas stove with 23.The 13% market share still ranks first. 3) Strong and steady increase in disinfection cabinet: 19H1 company’s disinfection cabinet business achieved revenue 2.4.6 billion, an increase of 8.71%, accounting for 6.98%.The growth rate substantially surpassed the industry average. Zhongyikang showed that the domestic retail sales of disinfection cabinets in the first half of the year were at regular intervals.72%.The market share of the corresponding company has increased. According to the monitoring of Zhongyikang, the market share of the company’s disinfection cabinet reached 26 in the first half of the year.58%, an increase of 2.09 points. 4) Dishwasher, steamer and integrated machine performed well.Among them, dishwasher realized zero revenue.61 billion, a previous significant growth of 21.22%; revenue from steam 苏州夜网论坛 box and embedded all-in-one1.4.4 billion, an increase of 12 in ten years.22%, the market leading advantage is still solid. In terms of regions, South China and Central China saw rapid revenue growth, while Northeast and Southwest appeared tilted, and overseas sales increased rapidly.In 19H1, the top four markets of East China, South China, North China, and Central China all maintained positive growth, of which South China and Central China grew faster with growth rates of 10 respectively.79% vs. 7.06%; revenue in Northeast and Southwest areas decreased by 12 respectively.21% and 8.96%; sales in overseas markets are tight, and revenue has increased significantly by 99%.76% to 0.20 trillion, but the proportion of revenue is still low, 19H1 is 0.57%. In terms of different channels, the company’s engineering channels in the first half of the year benefited from the rapid growth of hardcover housing policies, with an annual growth rate of 80%, becoming an important driving force for the company’s revenue growth. 2. Profitability is still stable, gross profit margin has increased, and reasonable cost control during the period has been affected by revenue. Q2’s profit side fluctuated slightly.The company’s 2019Q1 / Q2 achieved net profit attributable to mother 3, respectively.20, 3.5.1 billion, with annual changes of 5.84%.-2.11%; net profit after deduction is 275, 3.48 ppm, an increase of 8 each year.55%, 1.29%.Despite the pressure on sales, the company reorganized and actively lowered prices to seize market share. Benefiting from the dividend of raw material costs, its profitability remained stable.19H1 company achieved a comprehensive gross profit margin of 54.66%, an annual increase of 1.24pct, in which the range hood and gas stove are increased by 3 respectively.48, 2.24pct. Regarding the period expense ratio, the sales expenses subsidy of the company in 19H1 was 28.07%, a year to raise 0.48pct, Q2 sales expenses are under strong control, which decreases by 1 every year.28 points; management expenses 6.34%, a decline of 0 every year.36 points; finance costs-0.84%, an annual increase of 0.54pct, mainly due to the decrease in interest income during the period. 3. Optimized and diversified distribution of channels. The engineering end exerted a high increase of 80%. Facing the sluggish industry environment, the company adjusted and optimized through multiple channels to promote performance growth.In the retail channel, the company optimized the specialty store system to hedge against the impact of the KA downturn, while actively exploring the first and second stock markets; in the e-commerce channel, the company accelerated online and offline collaborative development, optimized operating efficiency, and actively adjusted online categories to meet customer needs. In terms of engineering channels, the company continued to deepen cooperation with Evergrande, Vanke, Country Garden and other real estate enterprises. The central range hood provided assistance to the development of strategic customers for engineering channels.According to the monitoring data of the fine decoration of Aowei Real Estate, the market share of the “boss brand” range hood is 37.8%, ranking first in the industry.At the same time, the company actively cooperates with cabinet companies such as Europa, Smi, and home improvement companies such as Love Space and Golden Mantis to stimulate the vitality of the home improvement market. In 2019, more than 80% of the top 100 real estate companies and major cabinet home improvement companies choose their bosses as kitchen appliancesBusiness. 4. Inventory decreased slightly, cash flow improved. In terms of inventory, the company’s inventory decreased in the first half of the year, and the inventory balance increased from 13 at the end of 2018.47 trillion fell to 12 in 19H1.160,000 yuan, ranking down 1 year ago.68%, the structure is mainly due to the increase in sales of finished goods in inventory, inventory turnover days increased slightly from 14 days to 144 days. In terms of accounts receivable, the accounts receivable of the company in 19H1 increased by 0 compared with the same period of last year.71 ppm to 4.9.1 billion U.S. dollars, turnover days increased from 4 days to 24 days per year, the overall level is at a substitute level. The operating cash flow improved, and the company achieved operating cash flow in 19H1.59 trillion, a decrease of 41 compared with the same period last year.28%, mainly due to the decrease in repayments in this period. Investment suggestion: We believe that the kitchen appliance industry is currently at the bottom, with a low base after the third quarter of last year, and the background of terminal retail has no more deviation. The second bottom of the kitchen appliance fundamentals will be a small probability event.Following the completion of the gradual completion of the recovery data, the boss Q3-Q4 is expected to go out of the high and low trend. We expect the company’s operating income from 2019 to 2020 to be 77.77, 80.19 ppm, a ten-year increase4.75%, 8.00%; net profit attributable to mothers is 15 respectively.50, 16.90 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.21%, 9.03%, corresponding PE is 14 respectively.3x, 13.1x, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: intensified market competition, rising raw material prices, and adverse effects on the real estate cycle.

Zoomlion (000157): The planned repurchase of its own funds demonstrates development confidence

Zoomlion (000157): The planned repurchase of its own funds demonstrates development confidence

Investment Highlights Event: The company issued a repurchase plan, intending to use its own funds to repurchase 重庆耍耍网 2 of the company’s total shares starting March 31, 2019.

5% -5.

0%, the repurchase price does not exceed 7.

63 yuan / share, it is expected that the repurchase funds will not exceed 29.

800 million for the company’s employee stock ownership plan.

  The planned repurchase of own funds demonstrates confidence in development.

The company intends to repurchase the highest limit price earlier on May 13 closing price premium of about 60.

0%, the scale of the proposed repurchase amount is expanded, and the price of the proposed repurchase is higher, reflecting the confidence in the company’s future development prospects.

  The industry’s prosperity is high, and the quarterly report continues to grow rapidly.

In 2018, the company’s main product production and sales boomed, volume and price went up, and the core business of concrete machinery and lifting machinery respectively achieved revenue 101.

700 million (+38.

6%), 124.

700 million (+83.

3%) and overall comprehensive operating income of 287.

0 million yuan (+23.

3%), net profit attributable to mother 20.

200 million (+51.

7%), of which Q4 achieved 76 revenue in a single quarter.

600 million (+41.

6%), net profit attributable to mother 7.

200 million (+1345.


2019Q1, the construction machinery industry has a high degree of prosperity, and the company’s business continues its high growth momentum, achieving operating income of 90.

200 million (previously +41.

8%, +17.

7%), net profit attributable to mother 10.

0 billion (previously +166.

0%, +40 from the previous quarter.


  The gross profit margin increased quarter by quarter, and the profit level continued to increase.

The company focuses on segmenting the market to be stable and deep, the main products are booming, the volume and price are rising, and the internal market share of lifting machinery and concrete machinery remains at the forefront.

In 2018, the gross profit margins of concrete machines and cranes increased by 5 respectively.

6pp, 7.

1pp, the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin increased by 5.


  In the first quarter of 2019, through the adjustment of the company’s product structure, the proportion of high-margin products increased, and the company’s gross profit margin increased to 30 quarterly.

0%, ten years +4.
7pp, +0.

Benefiting from the improvement in operating efficiency, the company’s expense management was well controlled, and the three rates fell by one.

3pp, of which, the management expense ratio dropped by more than 2018Q1.

The company achieved a net interest rate of 10.

9% for ten years +5.


  Strengthen the development of potential markets and promote intelligent manufacturing.

The company actively develops other potential markets, and lays out the earthmoving machinery sales network in advance. The G series of new generation earthmoving machinery products has been launched, and it has accelerated the deployment of aerial work platform products, machine sand, and jet robots.

The company further promotes intelligent manufacturing.

The intelligent factory for tower cranes and the intelligent production line for high-altitude operation machinery will be completed with high efficiency to realize intelligent, automated, and flexible production. The 武汉夜网论坛 planning and construction of the intelligent manufacturing industrial park for hydraulic vehicles and the industrial park for key hydraulic components will be promoted to promote industrial agglomeration and upgrading.

  Profit forecast and rating.

Expected net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-2021.



400 million, the corresponding EPS is 0.



53 yuan, corresponding estimates are 13 times, 10 times, 9 times.

Covered for the first time, giving “overweight” rating.

  Risk warning: downstream infrastructure growth may exceed expectations, and product sales may not meet expectations.

Peng Ding Holdings (002938) 2019 CPCA SHOW: Summary of Peng Ding Holdings’ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Road

Peng Ding Holdings (002938) 2019 CPCA SHOW: Summary of Peng Ding Holdings’ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Road
Continue to serve leading customers and achieve steady growth in performance over the years.The company deeply cultivates customers, and participates in the early development of brand customer product components, 杭州桑拿网 responds to customer needs in a timely manner, and accurately grasps future product and technology directions. At each stage in the years, it can serve the best customers and grow step by step to become the world’s largest.PCB company.(Cooperating with mainstream high-quality customers over the years: Motorola Sony Ericsson, 2004-2006: Dell / HP, 2007-2008 Nokia, 2009-2012 Sony / Nokia, 2012-present Apple / Amazon / FACEBOOK / Google / OPPO / Vivo / HUAWEI, etc.)The performance has developed steadily, and the CAGR of revenue from 2014 to 2018 was 10.92%, net profit attributable to mother 14.41%, realized revenue of 258 in 2018.55 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.08%, net profit attributable to mother 27.72 ppm, an increase of 51 in ten years.72%. Leading operation efficiency and excellent environmental protection.In 2017, the 深圳spa会所 company’s expense ratio industry had the lowest A-share industry in the industry, the total asset turnover rate ranked second, and the per capita revenue was in the first echelon, demonstrating the company’s comprehensive advantages in technology, management, and sales.In terms of environmental protection: the company put forward the concept of “Pengding Seven Greens”. Since its establishment, the production and operation have strict environmental protection standards. In the past years, it has been awarded multiple green honors-four programs for customers in the United States, and eighteen in Shenzhen (green demonstration factory of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology).Etc.), 24 items in Huai’an and 13 items in Qinhuangdao. At the same time, the conversion of China’s environmental protection policy has become severe, and the low-end and mid-range production capacity have been withdrawn. As a PCB leader, the company can further benefit from the centralization trend. Reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve quality and reduce inventory, and continue to build smart Pingding4.0; Multi-layered layout has sufficient growth momentum in the future.The company attaches great importance to the construction of smart factories, cuts costs, increases efficiency, improves quality and saves stock, and cuts into two perspectives of operation / manufacturing.0, the endogenous growth momentum is sufficient, the future transformation of technological advancement, the construction of the construction of smart factories, the company’s fundamentals have further improved.In addition, the company actively lays out future industries, including 5G antennas, terminals, smart homes, smart cities, LoT, and waits for the outbreak of downstream industries while making good product reserves. The company’s future growth momentum is sufficient. There is still much room for improvement in the market share, and the “factory first” strategy is implemented.The company has the world’s largest revenue in 2018, and its market share is only 6.1%, there is still much room for improvement in the future.Therefore, the company implements the “factory first” strategy, which is intended to reserve capacity in advance to meet the needs of downstream customers in a timely manner.The construction of the factory usually takes 2-3 years. After receiving the order, the factory will be put into production soon after the completion of the order, trying to follow up the customer in time to meet the customer’s needs.In addition, the company attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents and the construction of smart factories. It recruits 1,000 people each year for six consecutive years to provide training for the construction of smart factories. It continues to be optimistic about the improvement of the company’s mid- and long-term operating efficiency and profitability. An Avary-Be a client’s “treasure chest”.The company proposed an Avary concept in 18 years, which aims to provide diversified specific products and provide customers with one-stop services. Through the advance understanding of customer needs + participation in early research and development + timely follow-up of production capacity to continuously enhance the company’s competitiveness.The company started from a soft board and gradually expanded its product line, covering SLP, FPC, COF, HDI, RPCB, MODULE, RIGIDFLEX, etc., and its R & D capabilities are ahead of 618 valid certifications in 2013 and 2019. It is expected to cultivate customers and give high quality in the future.Customers introduce more high-quality products to create new growth points for performance. Risk warning: downstream demand is less than expected, the company’s product development is slow, and production expansion is slow

There is also a waist and weight loss fitness method in bed

There is also a waist and weight loss fitness method in bed

Lie on your back and lie on your back with your hands, grasping the edge of the bed above your head.

The waist, hips, and lower extremities turn to the left to lie on their side and stop slightly; restore.

Turn right again to lie on your side, and practice 15 to 20 times each.

Breathing naturally requires the shoulders and arms not to move when the waist, hips, and lower limbs are turned to the left and right.

This action can strengthen the waist muscles, eliminate excess meat, and reduce misfortune.

  Lie on your back with your legs on your back with your arms straight and your palms facing down.

Keep your left leg up and lift your knees while inhaling. Hold your knees tightly with both hands so that your thighs try to lean against your chest. Lift your upper body, look at your left knee, then exhale, restore, and straighten.

Then change the right leg to do the same.

Repeat the exercise 20 times.

Then do the same exercise with both legs flexing your knees and repeat the exercise 10 times.

Can reduce abdominal excess meat and enhance abdominal muscle strength.

  Sit on your back and stretch on your back with your legs raised and alternately flexed and extended, similar to riding a bicycle.

Breathe naturally and do 15 to 20 times on each leg.

Can reduce waist and abdomen excess meat and enhance waist and abdomen strength.

  Lie on your back with your hips on your back, knees bent, your knees close together, your feet apart slightly wider than your hips, your arms straight, your palms down, and your body side.

Separate your legs, move your body’s center of gravity to your shoulders, support with your shoulders, inhale and raise your hips, and stop.

Exhale, slowly lower your chest and restore.

Repeat the exercise more than 20 times.

Can reduce excess meat in the waist and hips, enhance waist and chest strength, and strengthen the waist and kidney.

  Adjust your sitting position to help you lose weight. Have you ever integrated your weight loss routinely?

Some people just need to correct their sitting posture and close their abdomen and chest, then they can aim at some aunts who have accumulated in the abdomen.

Especially those “sitting” homes with well-balanced limbs and only adults concentrated on the abdomen.

  The office workers who have been sitting and working for many years have been at desks for a long time, have been attentive, and have habitually collapsed their waists. Over time, they have formed a “waist-shaped” body with a thick waist and a belly.

Fortunately, this “occupational obesity” is not stubborn.

Experts suggest that as long as you adjust your sitting position, remind yourself to keep your chest up, abdomen, straight waist, sitting like a hanging clock, even if you ca n’t keep it all the time, think of it, you can get extra aunt from your stomach.

  Adhering to regular exercise four or three times a week, combined with adjusting the correct sitting position, can effectively prevent slight deposits and help you build a healthy, standard body shape.