Will you brush your teeth after a meal?

Will you brush your teeth after a meal?

Brushing your teeth is a good habit. People who love their teeth brush their teeth twice a day in the morning and at night.

However, health care mistakes remind that brushing your teeth immediately after meals will damage the enamel and damage the health of your teeth.

Especially if you clean your teeth within half an hour after drinking coffee or acid drinks, it will cause more serious damage to your teeth.

A large number of acidic foods eaten when contacted will adhere to the teeth, the tooth enamel on the tooth surface softens, and even reacts with the calcium and phosphorus molecules in the axial layer of the tooth, separating the calcium and phosphorus, the teeth will become soft and brittle.
  Misunderstanding: Brushing teeth after meals is good for teeth. The latest research from dental experts believes that brushing your teeth immediately after meals is harmful to dental health.

There is a layer of enamel on the surface of the tooth crown. I have just eaten rice, especially if I have eaten acidic foods, and the enamel is soft.

Brushing your teeth at this time can easily cause enamel damage.

Over time, the enamel of the teeth gradually decreases, which can easily cause people to suffer from dental allergies. When eating, the teeth will appear sour and painful.

Therefore, dentistry experts advise that it is best to rinse your mouth with water after eating and wait for 1-2 hours before brushing your teeth.

  After meals or after eating acidic foods, you can rinse your mouth with water, or drink a small glass of milk, and use milk to intimately contact your teeth like a mouthwash. It can help clean your mouth, neutralize the acidity of food, and speed up the calcium recovery process.
Highly acidic foods do not tolerate the harm to children’s teeth. Parents must control the amount of sweets their children eat.

If you insist on brushing your teeth after a meal, you have to wait half an hour before brushing your teeth. At this time, the protective layer of the teeth has been restored, and brushing your teeth will not hurt your teeth.

  Misunderstanding: Brushing is very simple. Only the time to brush your teeth. The key is to be careful when brushing your teeth. Many people brush their teeth just to pass the scene. Simply squeeze the toothpaste and circulate in the mouth. Even if it is done, such brushing will not be clean.Function, the correct brushing is at least 3 minutes, and both the teeth and gums, including the oral cavity, must be cleaned, and good quality toothpaste and toothbrush must be selected, which cannot harm the enamel.

  Brushing strength, time is also an important guarantee for oral health, do not brush vigorously, the time is 3 minutes.

To choose a toothbrush with soft and flexible bristles and fluoride toothpaste.

After eating some snacks, especially sweet and sour foods, it is best to brush your teeth.

If you are inconvenient to brush your teeth in the office, etc., you can use a mouthwash method-put water in your mouth, bite your back teeth, and rinse it three or four times. Most of the food residue will be removed.

You can also prepare some dental floss with you. The dental floss is relatively soft, which can remove food residues between the teeth and not hurt the teeth.

Toothpicks and mouthwashes are not recommended for repeated use. Occasionally once or twice is OK.

  Family life guidelines: Do not place your toothbrush within 6 feet (about two meters) of the toilet.

Most people put toothbrushes in the bathroom, so toothbrushes are susceptible to bacteria in the stool. It is unsanitary to put such toothbrushes in the mouth. According to Dr. Curatora, it is best not to put toothbrushes inA distance of less than two meters around the toilet.

Many people don’t have any one thing, that is, the toothbrush may have more bacteria growing than your toilet seat.

Seven yoga exercises create perfect curves

Seven yoga exercises create perfect curves

Yoga slimming has become a fashion, more female friends no longer choose sweaty fitness exercises, but choose meditation yoga.

Here we will introduce you to the seven yoga styles, so that you can not only enjoy your body but also quickly practice a beautiful figure.

  Action 1: The left leg is stretched straight into a sitting position, the right knee is raised and the right foot is placed at the front side at about 90 degrees from the ground. The left and right arms are used as front support, the body is turned to the left and right, and the waist and abdomen are slightly sore.Feel, do this action alternately left and right.

  After the bath effect part: make the waist slim Time: 1 minute Annotation effect point: waist and abdomen shaping, spine extension action 2: spine stretch cross-legged sitting position, hands extended out of the brain, with slow exhalation and inhalation, hand downRubbing can improve bending and eliminate relaxation of the head.

  After bath effect area: relax muscles Time: 30 seconds Annotation effect point: Tighten under the arm, spine extension action 3: Stretch the arms and sit with your back facing the table, adjust the sitting posture upwards, hold your hands against the edge of the table and hold the sides forwardStraighten and stretch your arm muscles.

  After bath effect area: relax the back and shoulder muscle time: 1 minute Annotation effect point: exercise of arm muscles, shape the arm.

  Action four: Shoulder stretching cross-legged sitting position, lift the length, hold the elbow hand to stretch to the other side, repeat the same action on the other side, alternating left and right hands.

  After bath effect area: Slimming of the shoulder and arm Time: Left and right alternate 30 seconds each Annotation Action point: Shoulder stretching, spine extension movements Five: Wrist and elbow stretching Kneeling posture With both hands supporting the ground in the opposite direction, so that the arm and elbowThe part can be fully and sufficiently contracted, the center of gravity is moved backward, and the waist is dropped obliquely downward.

  After the bath effect part: slender humerus Time: 1 minute Annotation effect point: Arm muscles are fully exercised, waist and abdomen shaping movement 6: The lower leg is shaped to stretch the right foot forward, the left foot is bent in a sitting position, and the legs are crossedBend one leg, hook your toes, shrink your body forward, and alternate your legs.

  After bath effect area: make legs and abdomen slim Time: left and right legs 30 seconds each Annotation point of action: calf abdomen is slightly sore, calves and feet can fully exercise Action 7: Correct the pelvic tilt of the spine, cross-legged sitting with the two feet facing each other,While increasing the downward pressure, the upper body is bent downwards and the chest is slightly off the ground.

  After bath effect area: Pelvis full extension and correction time: 30 seconds Annotation effect point: shape of the chest, difficulty of spine deviation: ● ● ● ○ ○ If you are the younger sister of the lazy family, do not prevent trying this group of yoga exercises.

Fitness Q and A

Fitness Q and A

A. In the process of exercise, sweating is not a sensitive indicator of fitness level, nor is it a reflection of good or bad fitness results.

The amount of sweating during exercise varies depending on the physical characteristics of the person.

That said, some people may be healthy.
Even forced exercise that is easy can cause a lot of sweat, or someone may not be very healthy, but sweating very little during high-intensity exercise in the army.

The study found that the amount of sweat is mainly due to the following factors, the development of sweat glands, genetic factors, the amount of skin blood circulation during exercise, temperature and humidity.

  QWhy do I often have pain in front of my irritable feet when walking fast on a treadmill? Is there a problem with the exercise method?

How to correct it? If it feels sore, it may be caused by exercise.

The reason may be that you are exercising too fast on the treadmill, and you may gradually increase the intensity of the exercise.

  If you increase your slope while maintaining fast motion, you may increase the pressure on your front dorsiflexors.

If this is the case, it is appropriate to slow down the walking speed and reduce the slope.

With the continuous improvement of exercise level, gradually increase the speed and slope, so that the body has a slow adaptation process.

In addition, doing more gastrocnemius tendon exercises is very likely to prevent pain, because the broken gastrocnemius muscle can just relax the flexor of the back of the foot.

  In addition, the pain may also be caused by repeated use of a fixed exercise pattern. Therefore, the treadmill treadmill has not changed, so the muscles of the foot are tired due to long-term rigid exercise.

  Q If there is no time to exercise on a certain day.

Is it possible to eat less food as compensation? The basic principle of weight loss is: the conversion of consumption is greater than the conversion of conversion, so the response is positive.

According to the principle of consumption, eating less food can be used to compensate for inability to exercise, but do not relax your vigilance because of this. Although eating less food is also conducive to weight loss, you must shorten and extend the time to exercise.Shape, and good for your health.

  Regular exercise can increase your body’s metabolism and stimulate muscle growth, which in turn consumes more energy, whether it’s at rest or during exercise.

This means that even if you eat more food, you can still lose weight and lose weight, which is the benefit of fitness.