New method for skin care without makeup remover oil_1

New method for skin care without makeup remover

Many people think that makeup remover must be removed with cleansing oil, especially makeup.

But in fact, you can use some non-makeup remover such as some lip balm, moisturizer, or even nail polish, baby oil, baby moisturizer, etc.

Here are some tips for removing makeup, so that you can remove all kinds of makeup completely without using makeup remover!


hzh {display: none; }  如果你一直习惯化淡妆,并不需要用专门的卸妆品。There are many baby moisturizing towels with good texture on the market, which are naturally mild and have no irritation to the skin. Using it to remove makeup is very effective. You also moisturize the skin while removing makeup.

  Nowadays, the fashion paintings that are beautiful to people, whether they are painted on the face or collarbone, wrist or front, are very charming and outstanding, but because of the special texture of the pigment, it is difficult to clean them with ordinary makeup removers.

At this time, you may try to wipe the painted area with a wet towel first, and then use baby oil to remove makeup, which will help you to remove the makeup very clean.

  The moisturizing degree of transparent lip balm allows you to completely remove these accessory makeup.

You just need to apply a transparent lip balm with a cotton swab, and gently wipe pearly eyeshadows or lips, while easily removing makeup without harming the delicate skin of the eyes and lips.

  False eyelashes are good-looking, which can make your eyes instantly bigger and full of power, but removing them is not so simple.

Don’t worry, use a cotton ball to slightly dip the replaced, reduced-concentration alcohol, wipe it on the viscose, insert your finger into the skin of the outer corner of the eye, and gently peel off the false eyelashes inside.

  For eyebrows with thick curling makeup, each time you brush your eyelashes, you will apply it again and again until the eyelashes become hard and cannot be brushed.

As everyone knows, this will bring you a lot of trouble in removing eyelash makeup. When removing makeup at night, the eyelashes have become harder and harder. You can use a cotton swab to apply moisturizer on the eyelashes.After a while, the lashes will return to a soft state.

  What if you only have a bottle of nail polish on hand and you want to remove the broken nail polish from your nails?

Without hesitation, open the bottle of nail polish on your hand, apply it on your nails, and quickly wipe it off with tissue paper, you will find that it is very clean.

Then apply fresh colors, which will definitely make your mood refreshed!

  The popular sequin makeup looks cool and cool, it is definitely a great choice for your sparkling party, but taking off the makeup is a bit troublesome, obviously the makeup is removed, most of them are still shiny, andThe tenacious sequin particles adhere to your eyelids and make you look like a free Monkey King.

Try scotch tape. This little tool we used to stick typos in the workbook when we were young can also be used to remove makeup at this moment!

Roll the scotch tape around the tip of your forefinger to easily seize the sequins.

Remember, the action must be light, otherwise the scotch tape will cause the skin around the eyes to become loose if it is pulled!

Tonic Jiapin lamb medicated diet

Tonic Jiapin lamb medicated diet

Lamb, has been known as a good food therapy since ancient times.

“The Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “Benefits are weak, ginseng, and mutton are also.

“The Food Spectrum of Suixiju” said: “Mighty and soft, easy to be cooked but not good, especially in autumn and winter.

“Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mutton is sweet and warm.

Indications: fatigue, thinness, soft waist, knees, postpartum deficiency, cold, abdominal pain, hernia, nausea due to deficiency, frequent impotence, etc.

Here are a few mutton medicated recipes for supplementation.

  Lamb with slice soup 2kg lamb, washed and cut into pieces, 30g cloth bag, 50g each of ginger, garlic, 6g of pepper, 10g of salt.

Boil in a casserole for 30 minutes, then change to simmering for 2?
3h, until the meat is rotten from the fire.

Discard the cloth bag and eat meat and soup.

  Efficacy: Attached tablets Weixin, sweet, hot, can drive cold and dryness, warm kidney yang.

Ginger has a mild taste, is warm, can sweat and relieve the surface, and stops vomiting when warm.

Welsh onion is spicy and warm, can release Tongyang, detoxify and season.

Pepper is spicy and hot, can disperse cold and warm, and detoxify.

The combination of mutton and all things is a nutritious product of warming the spleen and warming the kidneys.

Spleen and kidney yang deficiency, cold chills, frequent urination, or cold abdominal pain, stool diarrhea, or cold and damp extremity soreness, etc., this medicated diet is most suitable.

  500g of mutton lamb with mutton and 25g of ginger, simmer for 8h with low heat.

Take 1 bowl of mutton soup, add peeled mountain instead of 120g, add half a bowl of milk after cooking, season with salt, boil and serve.

  Efficacy: This medicated diet takes mutton to nourish qi, warm the middle and warm the power, yam to strengthen the spleen, dehumidify, improve the effect of nourishing the qi, milk tonic, and the power of the lungs and stomach.A total of Wenzhong tonic, Yijing tonic effect.

It is suitable for post-partum, cold limbs, sweating, tiredness, shortness of breath, dry mouth, irritability, and insomnia.

  Lamb roasted carrot lamb 1kg, wash and cut into pieces, stir-fry with 5 slices of ginger for 5 minutes, add 3 spoons of rice wine, fine salt, soy sauce, cold water soak, simmer for 15 minutes, put in casserole, pour carrot500g (wash and cut into pieces), put an appropriate amount of orange peel, add 3 large bowls of cold water, change to low heat and simmer for 2h until the meat is crispy and rot.

Can be used for meals.

  Efficacy: This medicated diet is based on mutton, reuses spleen and stagnation carrots, and puts less condiments such as cinnamon and ginger to warm the stomach and qi, which will produce warming stomach and tonic, expelling wind and cold, replenishing qi, and strengthening blood.efficacy.

Deficiency cold gastrointestinal ulcer is very suitable for eating, rheumatoid arthritis and severe cold bile are also good for eating.

It is best served in winter.

  15g of lamb citron porridge cistanche, wash and shred.

Fry the water twice, remove the slag and juice, add mutton to the traditional Chinese medicine regimen, boil 100g each of the rice, boil the same until boil, and add the appropriate amount of fine salt, ginger, and onion, and cook the porridge.

  Efficacy: Cistanche deserticum is sweet, mature, warm, can nourish kidney and essence, strengthen muscles and strengthen bones, moisturize the bowel and laxative, this medicated diet is suitable for constipation, limbs are not warm, abdominal pain, cold waist and knees, etc.
  Lamb yarrow fruit, ginger, citrus peel, pepper, 3g each, put in gauze bag; wash 250g mutton, cut into pieces, wash 1 slice of carrot, add water to the pot and cook into soup.

Add the shallot and a little salt to the juice and sprinkle it with flour to make a scoop.

  Efficacy: This medicated diet carrots strengthen the spleen and stomach, the grass fruit is warm and dry, the spleen is refreshed, the spleen is refreshed, the ginger, the stalks, and the pepper are all known for their warm temper.

All things are in harmony, and the skills are mutually beneficial.

Those who have spleen deficiency and cold and kidney yin also suffer from abdominal cold pain, cold or diarrhea, can supplement food.

  Lamb stew Angelica angelica, 15g each raw ground, 10g dried ginger, decoction twice, remove slag and juice, add 500g mutton (washed and cut into pieces), 2 spoons of rice wine, soy sauce, a small amount of salt, simmer for 2-3h,Until the lamb is cooked and edible.

  Efficacy: Angelica is sweet, spicy, warm, can nourish blood and blood, regulate menstrual pain.

The habitat has special effects of nourishing yin and bleeding.

All things are stewed with mutton, which enhances its qi and tonicity, and warms and warms.

After the illness, the postpartum body is weak and weak, the blood deficiency palace cold collapse leaks, all can eat.
  250g mutton, garlic and mutton, washed and cut into pieces, 50g garlic, cooked with water, seasoned with salt.
Zo pricing.

  Efficacy: This medicated diet is based on mutton for nourishing qi and invigorating deficiency, warming and warming the kidneys, supplemented with garlic to “remove cold phlegm, and Xingyang Road”.

The two flavors are combined to warm the waist and knees and nourish kidney energy.

Commonly used to treat kidney deficiency impotence, cold pain in waist and knee.

Symptoms of depression in pregnant women

Symptoms of depression in pregnant women

Perinatal depression is the most common psychological disorder in women from pregnancy to childbirth, which can cause serious damage to the health of both the mother and the baby.

The earliest mentioned symptoms of various types of pregnant women’s depression can help prospective mothers correctly understand their psychological state. When they detect abnormalities, please consult a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

  Break down the manifestations of depression in various pregnant women1, emotional abnormalities.

Depression pregnant women are generally unable to concentrate, their emotions become worried, irritable, irritable, and 2, interest is lost.

Depression pregnant women can be bored with everything for about 7 days.

Sometimes it’s even considered good to stay awake.

  3. Personality becomes autistic.

In addition to the necessary words, pregnant women will be very silent when they are depressed, and this state of remaining silent can last for more than three days.

In addition, pregnant women may stay in a room without lights for the entire day.

  4, until there is no problem in sexual life between husband and wife, but pregnant women with depression can implant sexual life in double rooms in succession, and even sleep in separate rooms.

  5. Secret dependence on alcohol or drugs is also a sign of depression in pregnant women.

  6. Suicidal thoughts and behaviors must be the most dangerous manifestation of depression in pregnant women. When similar situations occur, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

  Causes of depression in pregnant women 1, hormone changes.

Significant changes in hormone levels during pregnancy can affect changes in neurotransmitters that regulate mood in the brain.

As a result, pregnant women are more likely to feel anxiety and depression than they often are, and these conditions can be improved after childbirth.

  2. Other factors.

If the pregnant woman’s family or the pregnant woman has a history of depression, then when the pregnant woman is pregnant, she is more likely to develop depression during pregnancy.

In addition, problems with interpersonal relationships with family members, especially with husbands, are also one of the symptoms of pregnancy depression during pregnancy and postpartum.

Yuexiu|After the night into the autumn, how should the autumn yin physique people maintain health?

Yuexiu|After the night into the autumn, how should the autumn yin physique people maintain health?

Yesterday morning, the cold air quietly entered Guangzhou.

Yesterday morning, the sky was filled with light rain.

According to the weather forecast, it is expected that the temperature will rise by about 20 °C at 8 o’clock tonight, and the maximum temperature will be about 27 °C throughout the day. The maximum temperature will replace 24 °C until tomorrow.

In the next few days, temperatures will drop significantly.

Qiu Liang comes to come, how to maintain health in the autumn and winter season for the yin and dysfunction people?

Symptoms of yin deficiency constitution 1, dry lips or skin; 2, often feel dry mouth and throat dry always want to drink water, easy to prolonged mouth ulcers; 3, easy constipation or dry stool; 4, dry eyes; 5, hands and feet fever;, dizziness, irritability and irritability; 7, poor sleep quality or long-term staying up late; 8, less menstrual flow, menstrual color dark red, delayed menstrual cycle; 9, red tongue, little tongue coating or no moss, or peeling off the tongue.

It is also excellent to be able to come to a bowl of lily white fungus lotus seeds.

Here, the Meihuacun Street Community Health Service Center has designated the health guidance for the Yin Yin physique population in autumn.

Environment, daily life, sports, mental health, nourishment, diet, nourishment, autumn health, and different health. Many people may be complex, so the specific prescription of the drug should be used under the professional guidance of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

At the Meihuacun Street Community Health Service Center near you, the doctors will provide you with TCM physique identification service at a charge of 32 yuan/time. Older people aged 65 and over can enjoy a TCM physique recognition service for free.

Time: Normal opening time from Monday to Friday Venue: Chinese Medicine Department of Meihuacun Street Social Security Center Tel: 38304185, Dr. Tang[Reporter Zhang Yuqin][Editor Deng Feifei]Part of the source of information Meihuacun Street Community Health Service Center Picture Sample Network Source: micro-community e-home to Guangzhou Meihuacun Street (micro signal: xxsbejtmh)

Three Ways of Neck Pillow to Help You Rescue the Neck of the Pillow_1

Neck Pillow Three Ways to Help You Rescue Neck Pillow

Lead: Is it very uncomfortable to fall down on the neck?

Don’t think that falling a pillow is just a trivial matter, it may be a sign of cervical spondylosis.

When you fall asleep at night and sleep on the pillow the next day, don’t be too careless.

Pay more attention to the methods of life and health, and take more care of your body, so as not to cause various diseases due to pillow fall.

  A person spends one-fourth to one-third of his life in bed.

If you don’t pay attention to the use of pillow health care, as you grow older, the ligaments between the cervical spine, the joint capsule, and the fascia will become loose and gradually reach a certain degree of chronic strain.

  ”Falling pillow” is a signal of cervical spondylosis, indicating that the ligaments around the cervical spine have been diffused and the function of maintaining the stability of the cervical spine joints has been lost. It is called “cervical instability” and the possibility of “dislocation” of the disc herniation has occurred.

Following instability and dislocation of the vertebral joints, intervertebral discs can be involved, bone hyperplasia accelerates, and slenderness develops into cervical spondylosis.

  There are two simple ways to prevent “falling pillows”. One is to replace pillows that meet physiological requirements.

What does it mean to meet physiological requirements?

When lying on the back, the pillow can maintain the curvature of the neck, the edge of the pillow should be curved, and it cannot be inclined; the height of the pillow should match the width of the shoulders of the person.Two fingers.

First of all, pay attention to the correct sleeping position.

The correct sleeping position is mainly supine, supplemented by left and right side.

It is necessary to ensure that the pillow maintains a proper physiological flexion when supine, so that both sides can keep breathing smoothly in the supine position, and the whole body muscles can relax better, which is also conducive to deepening the depth of sleep.

  What if one day you get up in the morning and occasionally find yourself falling asleep?

Experts tell you that as long as you lift your feet, open your big toe claws, and slowly massage and rotate in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, your pillow will get the maximum repair.

If you notice that your ankle and toenail muscles are tight, it means your neck is sprained and you need to see a doctor at the hospital.

Remember, the left foot tube is on the left and the right foot tube is on the right. Frequent massage will directly or indirectly loosen the muscles of the neck and prevent neck injury.

In addition, using a hair dryer to blow the neck with warm air can also promote the knotted tendon to unfold.

  Pillow falling is usually caused by improper head position during sleep, or pillows that are too high, or shoulders being exposed to wind. Pillow falling symptoms are as follows: People who fall out of bed feel pain after waking up early in the morning, and cannot turn, and have pain with finger pressure.
  (1) Method of treating pillow fall: (1) Apply local hot compress to the affected area with a hot towel, and apply it more than once a day. (2) Massage, massage local pain points, and cooperate with slow movements. (3) Apply wound wet pain relief cream.Acupuncture is effective when necessary. (2) Acupoint massage talks about the method of pillow treatment, which varies from book to book. It is summarized as massage genitals, wind pool, dumb door, Tianzhu, shoulder in shoulder, side by side.Wind, or papillae, hair, hands, three miles, etc., after my practice, the best point is swelling, use finger pressure method to press the hand to the disease, if it is combined with the above points, the effect is more ideal, encounteredSome people fall back and use this method multiple times with good results.

  (3) Simple exercises for neck and neck pain ①Put your left and right hands together with your ring finger, and look for tender points at the point of pain relief (mostly in the sternocleidomastoid muscle, trapezius, etc.), from light to heavy pressKnead for about 5 minutes, you can alternate between your left and right hands. ② Step on the shoulder from top to bottom with a small fish, and bash it quickly for about two minutes. ③ Use your thumb and forefinger to pinch to the left and right Fengchi points, shoulder well points 1-2 minutes ④ Use the thumb or forefinger to press the pillow pillow point (between the second and third metacarpals of the back of the hand, 5 minutes behind the metacarpophalangeal joint), and then continue for 2-3 minutes when you feel soreness. ⑤ Finally, headache and forward flexion,Activities such as supine, lateral deviation and rotation should be performed slowly. Do not use excessive force to prevent pillow falling. Pay attention to the sleeping posture and the pillow should not be too high.