Jiang out of the double-year-old couple, the unique secret of health care is open!

Jiang out of the double-year-old couple, the unique secret of health care is open!

Huo Jishu and Xiang Haitao sit side by side.

Against the backdrop of the summer sun, the crimson Tang costumes on the two people are particularly good-looking.

Between words, Hodge’s natural hand was placed on the legs of Haitao, and then he gently put his hand on it.

After more than eighty years of wind and rain, they have not been able to use language interactions, but the tacit understanding of youth has not diminished.

Couples and 100-year-olds On March 4, 2018, a grand celebration of the twin-year-olds celebrated a sensation throughout the city.

The couple are Hodge (103 years old) and Xiang Haitao (100 years old).

On the same day, about 50 descendants and more than 1,000 guests (116 tables) were present to congratulate. The leaders of the Qiangjiang District Senior Citizens Association also made a special trip to the scene to send the 100-year-old medals, Baishoutu, and centenarian honors to the two elderly people.certificate.

Democracy, Huo Jishu and Xiang Haitao have always lived in Lushan Village, Yongcheng Town, Minjiang River. There is no special difference between the geographical conditions and the natural environment. Apart from the husband and wife, there are no other centenarians in the village.

“The family does not seem to have a longevity gene. No one has lived until 100 years old.

My old father has 5 brothers and sisters, and my mother has 3 brothers and sisters. Now I am still alive, and only two of them are left.

“The son said to Xingquan.

Why do both husband and wife live so long?

The answer has to start from the emotional management of the two old people, eating and living.

From Qingsi to Baifa in 1935, he introduced the marriage to Haitao and Huoji.

Before liberation, he asked Haitao to teach him in private school.

After liberation, the private school disbanded, in order to make a living, turned to Haitao to start a Taoist (the same funeral mage).

I often go to the south and sometimes don’t go home for several days.

Planting crops, feeding pigs, chopping wood, cooking. To Haitao is not at home, but the family’s life has not fallen.

When he was young, Hodge’s book was smart and capable, and he was a good hand at home and outside, and he kept the whole family in order.

Hand in hand through the 83-year marriage, the couple pay each other, share the same pains, and jointly support a home.

“If the two are not united, the family has long been a mess.

“The elderly two-year-old daughter-in-law Zhao Xirong said.

“The two elderly people have barely quarreled in their lives.

My mom’s personality is good, whether it is for the family or the outside world, never care about it, when there is very little anger.

My dad feels that he has a owe to the family construction and has always been very understanding of my mother. The relationship between the two has been very good.

“To Xingquan said.

Special hobbies are not only in the marital relationship, but also in the daily diet, to Haitao and Huo Jishu.

Both old people prefer fat.

Back to the meat, white burning is a common dish in the home of Xingquan.

“Maybe it came from the hard times of the past. My parents are not picky about eating. What do we eat when we eat.”

Of course, every meal is fat.

“Talk to Xingquan.

In addition to fat, the two old people still love to drink rice soup.

According to Zhao Xirong, the old man likes to drink rice soup as tea. “Our family has rice soup for three meals a day. When they are thirsty, they drink rice soup as water.

In addition, the husband and wife also have their own small hobbies – good wine and tobacco to Haitao, Hoji book prefers sweets.

“Father likes to smoke leaf tobacco, and loves to drink one or two liquors every day.

Now, the smoke is still letting him smoke, and the wine is for him to control.

Mothers like to eat sweets, and the favorite is rice candy and cake.She couldn’t bite the rice candy, we took the blisters and gave it to her.

“To Xingquan said.
At present, in addition to a slight prostatitis to Haitao, Hoji’s eye disease caused the eye to be invisible, the old man’s body is very tough, there is nothing wrong with it, there are only a handful of times to go to the hospital.

“Every time I catch a cold, my mother is not in a hurry to take medicine, but drink plenty of water and rest.

It is also strange to say that every time she catches a cold, she automatically recovers in about two days.

Zhao Xirong said.

The filial piety and the filial sons and the two elderly people in the vast majority of their lives have insisted on self-sufficiency in Hai Tao and Huo Jishu, and are unwilling to trouble their children.

After the eighty years of the year, I moved into my children’s home.

“In the past, two old people lived in my house, and one lived in my brother’s house and was taken care of separately.

Later, my brother died, and several of our sisters decided to take care of the two old people.

The young couple are always with them. They have deep feelings and it is better for them to live together.

“To Xingquan said.
This care is nearly 20 years, this, the couple did not complain.

Xiang Xingquan said: “In fact, our brothers and sisters are very good to their parents.

Everyone has the money to make money, and they are powerful, they are all family members, why bother to count so much.

Besides, taking care of parents does not cost us much energy and money.

They are in good health and can take care of themselves. In addition to helping them cook and bathe, we rarely worry about other things.

“But there is one exception – “I bought too much clothes for my mom, but she was reluctant to wear it.

Some clothes have been kept in the closet since they were bought, and they have never been taken out.

I know that she is distressed and told her that it is not expensive, but she does not wear it.

Later, I thought about it, forget it, filial piety is filial piety, but it is not to follow her, as long as the elderly are happy.

“Children Zhao Xirong explained.

After the interview, it was recorded in a prominent position in the home of Xingquan. There was a pair of couplets: Shanglian “Cuibai Cangsong Xian Xian He Wufu”, and the next one was “Zhu Rong Yu Mao Tong Zhu Bai Ling”.

This was given to the family of the two centuries during the celebration ceremony of the two centenarians.

Xiang Xingquan said that the two old people have been appointed to be the light of the family.


“Xing Xingquan said with a smile.

Finally, I wish the two elderly people, Haitao and Huoji, good health and longevity!

I also wish that the life of Xingquan’s family is booming and happy!

Test your rejection index?

Test your rejection index?

Translation: How to reject others is actually a difficult art. Assuming your friend borrows from you, you least like what he borrows from you.


Borrow money 2.

Borrow a car 3.

Borrow jewelry 4.

Borrow pet 5.

Borrow your home test results: 1.

Choose “borrow money” 80% of the segments you reject others.

  You are OK on the surface, you will agree on the surface, support him spiritually, everyone has face, ca n’t buy and sell, and is righteous.


Choosing “borrow a car” has 20% of the segments you reject others.

  You have a cold face and a bad face. When you decide to reject others, you will show people a bad face. This type of person is more selfish and more likely to offend people.


Choose “borrow jewelry” for 40% of the stages you reject others.

  You are a poor receiver. You will pretend not to understand or temporarily disappear to resolve the embarrassing situation. This type of person is very afraid of offending people. Because they do not know how to go back to the absolute side, they simply disappear.


Choose “borrow pet” 99% of the stages you reject others.

  You are facing a problem type, you will discuss with the other party, and then tell the other party that there is a more suitable method. This type of person is more caring, patient, and will help friends find solutions.


Choosing “borrow your home” has 55% of the segments you reject.

  You are trying your best to help, and you will try to help as hard as you can. This type of person is a big one, and he thinks he can try it.

Who is not suitable for ginseng

Who is not suitable for ginseng

Although Korean ginseng is the king of hundred tonics: “Gongshen heaven and earth”, it is not without taboos, and it can not produce ginseng syndrome because of its strong vitality.
  Seven types of people are not recommended to take part in a.
People with strong allergies should not take rash if they develop a rash after taking it.
Do not take if you have purulent inflammation.
Hypertensive patients are those with hyperactivity of liver yang, which may cause cerebrovascular accidents after taking, but ginseng can be used for hypertensive patients with cold, but the dosage should be small. When the systolic blood pressure is> 180mmHg, it is not suitable for any typeGinseng.

It is generally not advisable to take a cold and fever.
Due to severe palpitations during fever, taking ginseng will increase blood circulation and palpitations, and even worsen the condition.
Asthma due to sudden discouragement, or throat dryness due to dryness, impulse-induced vomiting, epistaxis, etc. are not allowed to use ginseng.
Swelling caused by dampness and heat stagnation, especially after taking ginseng (due to the anti-diuretic effect of ginseng), renal insufficiency with less urine should also be used with caution.
Insomnia, irritability and irritability should not be used, otherwise sleep will be worse.
  g.Ginseng is forbidden for those who are full of vitality, hot, and slippery pulses, and who have difficulty in passing urine and are not hot.

How to see your mood through the cup

How to see your mood through the cup

Introduction: No matter if the two get together or have a banquet, it is indispensable to drink something.

Silence is better than sound at this time. The posture of a person holding the cup can correct a lot of mood secrets.

  People who like to hold the cup above are mostly optimistic and open-minded, and are assured of things around them.

The person holding the center of the cup is usually approachable and gentle in handling people. He is a typical “Mr. Good”, most of whom always have a polite smile.

The person under the cup at hand is mostly cautious and has a rich emotional response. He is very sensitive to the meaning between lines in his personality, and is even annoying because of excessive nervousness.

  The small gestures that accompany the cup may also reveal your emotional feelings.

  Holding the cup tightly with both hands, holding the cup tightly with both hands, mainly means loneliness, and I strongly hope to be with others.

  Holding the cup in one hand, holding the cup in one hand, holding the cup in one hand, and holding the cigarette in one hand, it reminds the other party that they are quite confident. They are freely interpersonal, but do not want to be disturbed.

  Shake the cup constantly. Shake the cup in your hand, indicating that the other party is doing nothing, and can only enjoy themselves by listening to the sound of the ice cubes colliding, or watching the rippling water waves.

  Tap the cup with your hand and tap the cup with your finger, often reminding the other party to worry, this kind of movement must be used to relieve the inner anxiety.

  In addition, it can be a red flag if you see someone keep scratching the cup with your nails, even pulling off the label, or making a harsh noise, because people usually have bad behavior when they are very angry.