Liu Shijin: China’s economy has not broken its bones, has the potential to catch up according to the estimated

Liu Shijin: China’s economy has not broken its bones, has the potential to catch up according to the estimated
On May 22, the 2020 “Government Work Report” was freshly released.Sauna Night Network held a series of national “two sessions economic strategy” salons to challenge the Chinese economy, invited members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, former chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission Xiao Gang, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, former vice chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission Zhou Yanli, deputy director of the National Committee of the CPPCC Economic Committee Liu ShijinLiu Shangxi, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and dean of the Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences, interpreted the economic growth and fiscal and monetary policies.In the connection, Liu Shijin said that there are many bright spots in the government work report, and China’s economic fundamentals are not hurt; it is also possible to actively explore without setting specific targets for economic growth, but the provincial level can propose growth ratesAs a goal, provinces can proceed from reality and compete appropriately; direct economic growth directly to the strength of macro-policy is easy to fall into misunderstandings, and focus and focus on remaining growth potential.China ‘s economic fundamentals are not hurt. Liu Shijin said that there are many bright spots in the government work report. Everyone is more concerned about China ‘s economic growth potential, speed and prospects.This epidemic has a relatively large impact on the economy. The GDP growth rate in the first quarter was negative 6.Looking back at 8%, the domestic economy will gradually recover, but the overseas epidemic situation is still in a state of great uncertainty. The inflection point in Europe has been cut, and the inflection point in the United States is not very clear.The impact on China’s economy is foreign trade. Although the growth rate of foreign trade in the past four months is not bad, it is still worried that it will continue in the future. Many European and American countries that have trade relations with China have stopped trading and there are obstacles.  ”If the economic shutdown is the first wave of shocks, foreign trade may be the second wave of shocks. It is possible that the length of time and the intensity will be greater than that of the first wave. You need to observe.”Liu Shijin said that in this case, we need to start from the long-term and the overall situation, and talk about economic fundamentals, structural production capacity, and development laws.”  Today’s government work report stated that China’s economic growth potential is ample, well-recognized and strong, with ample room for maneuver and many policy tools.Liu Shijin said that the support for these characteristics is a fundamental factor in China, although many things have changed due to the impact, and nothing has changed.The fundamentals of China ‘s economy have not been hurt, and six have remained unchanged: China is still in a period of important strategic opportunities; the industrial structure and consumption structure have been upgraded; the development of urban agglomerations has not changed; the expansion of middle-income groups has formed the worldThe largest domestic demand market has not changed; based on scientific and technological progress, promoting innovation and green development has not changed; building a high-standard market economy system, optimizing reforms to stimulate vitality and competition has not changed; insisting on opening up to the outside world, promoting economic growth has not changed in twists and turns,This is our fundamental factor.In the future, it may be considered that it is not necessary to re-set specific economic growth targets. When the government work report this year did not set specific economic growth targets, Liu Shijin said that the report made an explanation because this year is special and the uncertainty in the second half of the year is very large.So it is difficult to determine.But setting the employment target and implementing the spirit of giving priority to employment is not only beneficial this year, but also beneficial to macro policies.Steady growth is to stabilize employment and push the employment index directly to the first place. If the employment problem is solved better, the growth rate is actually a more appropriate level, which can be explained from the perspective of macroeconomics.  He believes that without setting specific targets for economic growth, it can also be an active exploration. In the future, can we determine employment indicators at the national level, and then outline some of the economic scale, sustainable development requirements, and control prices and risks as much as possible,If the residents’ income and other indicators are required, it is not necessary to raise the specific growth rate of the economy.  In addition, the provincial budget can propose growth rate targets. Provinces can proceed from reality and compete appropriately. On this basis, the state can evaluate the development of the provinces. If someone ‘s indicators are done well, the country has corresponding policy incentives. On the contraryThere is no.For the specific policies linked to the development status of the provinces, such adjustments can be considered in the next step.Directly relying on economic growth to rely on the speed of macro policies is easy to fall into the misunderstanding. In the connection, Liu Shijin is currently affected by the epidemic and the economy is encountering difficulties.The spirit of several documents, including the marketization of elements, has brought about substantial progress in reform.  He also mentioned that the market is very concerned about macroeconomic policies, including monetary and fiscal policies. He thinks about the economic growth and how much he directly depends on the macroeconomic policies. However, it is easy to fall into misunderstandings when considering such issues.  According to Liu Shijin’s analysis, China’s economy is in a highly overlapping state in the short term. Macroeconomic policies mainly have three functions: restoring the industrial chain, bailing out companies without income, and hedging.”There are some structural problems in the middle of the economy, and short-term shocks. If the financial system is also interrupted, it may cause big problems, such as liquidity risk.In this process, to increase liquidity, flow alone cannot support the operation of the entire economic system. Monetary policy should be looser than before, which is normal, but mainly to deal with short-term situations.”The subsequent continued growth will require the discovery of new growth momentum.Liu Shijin is outstanding, and his focus and focus should be on the potential for growth.He said that China has the potential to catch up with the forecasted ratio. For example, there is still a gap of 30,000 US dollars per capita GDP; while the new potential formed by technological progress and green development is basically synchronized with these, these are structural potentials.  Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Weimiao Gu Zhijuan Editor Sun Yong

The West End of London extended its suspension until the end of June, the Gyllenhaal musical was affected and postponed

The West End of London extended its suspension until the end of June, the Gyllenhaal musical was affected and postponed
Sauna Night News May 5th, local time, after the announcement of the closure of the West End in London, England until April 26, the London Theatre Association announced that the West End will continue to close until June 28.But this does not mean that the West End of London can be opened on June 29. The Drama Association said in a statement: “The restart time will depend on the epidemic situation. If the extension is continued, it will be announced in time, but different theaters will have different reopening times.”A few days ago, producer Cameron Mackintosh (Cameron Mackintosh) said in an interview with the BBC that he pointed out that” in the West End of London, Broadway may have to wait until 2021 to resume its normal state. “”It is reported that the Broadway Air Force announced its closure until June 7.The picture comes from the official website. Affected by the extended suspension of business, the musical “Sunday and George’s Park with You” (which is in the park with George on Sunday) was originally announced in June at the Savoy Theatre in the West End of London. The extension was announced.Until 2021, the exact time is to be determined.The musical was starred by Jack Gyllenhaal and Tony Award winner Annaleigh Ashford. The two had co-starred in the work in 2017 and received critical acclaim in New York. The original plan was in the West End of LondonThe version of the show is a reprint.The picture comes from Jack Gyllenhaal social platform sauna night net editor Tian Yani proofreading Wei Zhuo

Pick up gold against the main event!Wu Dajing does not forget to pay tribute to medical staff

Pick up gold against the main event!Wu Dajing does not forget to pay tribute to medical staff
China’s short track speed skating team simulated World Championships match ended today’s first final day competition, Wu Dajing, Fan Kexin and other old players performed well, and the main event did not let the gold medal fall.Wu Dajing won the gold at 500 meters in his main event.Video screenshot Although the Seoul World Championships were cancelled due to the epidemic, the short track team still started the team competition according to the schedule of the World Championships.According to the grouping, the men’s team is divided into 6 representative teams, each team can be named.Wu Dajing named his group “Flying Tigers”, “There have been several alternatives, but I finally settled on the Flying Tigers, hoping to learn from them and apply the spirit of the Flying Tigers to the arena.”In the 1500 meters of the man who took the lead in the afternoon, Wu Dajing won a bronze medal.Being able to get medals on non-primary items shows that Wu Dajing has been doing well recently.Returning to his main event of 500 meters, Wu Dajing was unstoppable and won the championship with a score of 505 in 41 seconds. Xu Hongzhi, who was in a state of recovery, won a silver medal.”Although it was a test match, we were very focused on preparing for it before the match.Wu Dajing said that despite the cancellation of the World Championships, everyone’s training has not been relaxed during this time.Wu Dajing also said after the game that he hopes to pay tribute to the medical staff who are fighting the epidemic in this way. “We have always regarded the white angel as our example. During this time, they also worked very hard and hoped to pay tribute to them in this way.”Like Wu Dajing, Fan Kexin is in a state of bravery today. He first won a women’s 1500m gold medal after 4 years, and then easily won the 500m final. Qu Chunyu and Zhang Chutong won silver and bronze medals.According to the schedule, the match will enter the 2nd final day tomorrow, and the men’s and women’s 1000 meters and relay championships will be decided.Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Li Xiangling

[Can you eat winter jujube during normal vacation]_Menstruation_Can you eat

[Can you eat winter jujube during normal vacation]_Menstruation_Can you eat

The winter jujube has a mild flavor, does not get angry and does not lower the fire. The winter jujube can nourish the body and promote digestion, but the amount of winter jujube can not be too much, because it will not digest after eating too much, and will not be metabolized in the stomachIf you fall, you can eat Dongzao even during menstruation, strengthen the resistance, and can also achieve the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing Qi. Dongzao itself has a cosmetic effect, so you can eat it properly in the season when it is on the market.

Winter jujube is hot or cool. Winter jujube is flat, does not catch fire and does not reduce fire. It is neither cold nor hot. It is a neutral or flat fruit. It is suitable for anyone to eat. Jujube will not cause spleen and stomach deficiency.Cold, it will not cause fire, you can rest assured, but jujubes are not very good digestion food, eat winter jujube to limit, eat too much can cause indigestion or bloating.

Can you eat winter dates?

Winter jujube is flat, does not get angry and does not reduce fire. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it is a flat fruit, which can be eaten with ease during menstruation.

Coupled with the rich nutrition of winter jujube, it also contains a lot of nutrients necessary for the human body. Eating a proper amount of winter jujube during menstruation can also bring certain benefits.

What are the benefits of eating jujube during menstruation? 1. Strengthening the resistance Menstrual women are relatively weak and their body resistance has decreased. Dongzao contains 19 kinds of amino acids, including threonine and isoleucine.Independently synthesized essential amino acids, edible winter jujube can provide the body with raw materials for protein synthesis, thereby promoting the synthesis of various types of proteins and enzymes in the body, which is helpful to enhance the body’s immunity and resist various diseases.

2. Blood-supplementing women will lose a lot of blood and iron elements during menstruation, and winter dates are rich in vitamin C. If you eat a few winter dates while eating iron-supplemented food, you can effectively reduce the trivalent iron ionDivalent iron ion promotes the body’s absorption, indirectly promotes the body’s hematopoietic function, and has a certain effect of nourishing blood.

3, beauty and skin care women during menstruation, usually many will appear rough skin, acne and other conditions, and winter jujube contains rich antioxidant ingredients, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, these antioxidant ingredients are clearedThe role of free radicals in the body can help nourish the skin, prolong the effect of delaying skin aging, and help alleviate skin problems of menstrual women.

[Can stomach drink milk]_Recommended diet

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[How do I make salt without iodine?

】 _How to do_How to do

[How do I make salt without iodine?
】 _How to do_How to do

Many years ago, there were a lot of patients with thyroid disease in our country. Later, I found out that this rough neck disease is because the body lacks the element iodine, so iodine has been added to the daily salt.

However, as people learn more about medical common sense, iodine-free salts now seem to be more popular.

So, how do you make home-made salt without iodine?

Homemade method 1. When cooking vegetables, put salt in the pot first, and then put the vegetables in the pot. When the iodized salt is heated, the iodine contained in it will evaporate quickly;When storing in the upper part, open the container for filling, and after replacement, the iodine in it will volatilize automatically.

The above method is only applicable to the iodized salt of potassium iodide.

China has switched to potassium iodate with stable properties since 1989. It is difficult to lose iodine under family conditions.

The potassium iodide in the iodized salt is very easy to remove: add salt to the pot, and reset and process more at a time. Add about 10% salt (one pound of salt one or two water), cook over low heat, stir fry, letPotassium iodate in salt reduces and dissolves in water, scoops out the salt particles, dries (sun, roast, roast), and stores.

(The above method is only effective for common salt with potassium iodide).

Too much iodine can cause hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism).

However, the probability of iodine overdose is very small.

However, it is not excluded that some people who can have mild hyperthyroidism have taken iodized salt again, causing the symptoms of hyperthyroidism to worsen.

Of the iodized salt that people often eat, 1 gram of salt contains more than 20 micrograms of iodine. A reasonable daily intake of iodine for adults is 150 micrograms. If a person consumes more than 200 micrograms of iodine per day, it is an excess of iodine.

In other words, an adult can only eat a maximum of 7 grams of iodized salt a day.

Because potassium iodide is volatile, if you fry the pan with salt immediately after cooking, it can reduce the content of iodine and transform it. The potassium iodide can also be volatilized when it is exposed to the sun.

But today, these methods are useless, because the chemical added to the iodized salt is potassium iodate, which is particularly stable in nature and is not easily volatile even at high temperatures.

Hyperthyroidism and autoimmune thyroiditis are hereditary, so for people with a direct blood relationship who have a family history of a certain disease, pay attention to the amount of iodine in their lives.

This group of people can eat a mixture of iodized salt and non-iodized salt, usually eat less seafood, can also prevent the occurrence of the above diseases.

In addition to iodized refined salt on the market, there are also varieties such as zinc fortified nutrition, selenium fortified nutrition, compound nutrition, calcium fortified nutrition, and low sodium, but in the remarks of these salts, they are indicatedContains iodine.

According to past regulations, iodized salt was sold supplementally in supermarkets.

Shell Bear Child-ST 3D will only cause waste of resources

Shell “Bear Child” * ST 3D will only cause waste of resources

The company observes that for a company with poor profitability and repeated environmental violations, the market should judge whether it can remain in China’s A-shares.

  Recently, CCTV Finance’s “Economic Half Hour” column exposed a malicious illegal discharge of chemicals by a company. The reporter’s unannounced visit to the “seizure” incident caused a big sensation.

The company involved is Shanxi Sanwei Group (stock name: * ST Sanwei), a large chemical listed company in Shanxi, mainly engaged in the production and sales of fine chemical products.

  * ST 3D announced on the evening of April 22 that the change in the closing price of the company’s stock for three consecutive trading days has been an abnormal change in stock trading.

According to relevant regulations, the company verified the relevant matters.

The company stated, “On April 18, 2018, the company arranged for each branch plant and each workshop to gradually stop production and ensure environmental protection under the gradual guarantee of safety.

“The company is advancing major asset reorganizations and is assessing the impact of the above environmental protection incidents on this major asset reorganization.

The author noticed that as early as a few years ago, some media had reported the pollution problem of Shanxi 3D many times. In 2017, the company also became one of the supervision targets of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

  Taking a closer look at * ST 3D, investors are disappointed not only by environmental issues, but also by the company’s profitability.

The author checked his financial report and found that the company’s asset-liability ratio was as high as 89 in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

77%, 96.


The author used the DuPont analysis method to help analyze the growth capacity and found that the company’s net interest rate in 2017 南京桑拿网 turned out to be -97.

29%, the average return on equity is -91.


In addition, the company’s profitability was worrying in 2015 and 2016 for two consecutive years.

  It stands to reason that such a company with poor profitability and repeated environmental protection violations should be judged by the market as to whether it can remain in Chinese A shares.

However, after two consecutive losses, the “renewal” miracle was staged.

Shanxi’s three-dimensional performance forecast for 2017 shows that the company’s total operating income has fallen by 40.

55%, but there has been a miracle of turning a profit.

  The director of this miracle is the Finance Bureau of Linfen City, Shanxi Province.

In December 2017, * ST 3D received this government subsidy fund from Linfen Finance Bureau4.

6.6 billion.

However, what is shocking is that in 2017, the filing of enterprises in Linfen City was about 11.

800 million, nearly 40% of the subsidies to Shanxi 3D.

Judging from the data, the local government suffered pains in order to keep the listed company.

But was it really possible to keep this “bear boy” in the first place?

  The author has learned that Shanxi Sanwei is a typical traditional chemical company. Against the background of the global slump in chemical products and the country’s vigorous efforts to promote industrial structural reform, the company continues to produce excess capacity, while seriously polluting the environment and threatening people’s livelihood.

The government’s help in financial management should be used to help the company to upgrade its structure, reduce excess capacity, and speed up the company’s transformation, instead of passing 4.

6.6 billion unique shells succeeded.

Initially, there will be more overcapacity and waste of resources.

  □ Pan Helin (Chief Economist, China Non-Performing Assets Industry Alliance)

Hytera (002583) Annual Report Review: Significantly improve efficiency and control expenses to achieve good operating net cash flow and accelerate overseas expansion

Hytera (002583) Annual Report Review: Significantly improve efficiency and control expenses to achieve good operating net cash flow and accelerate overseas expansion

Investment Highlights: Event: On April 2, Hytera released its annual report, and the company’s revenue in 2018 was 69.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 29 in ten years.

58%, net profit attributable to mother 4.

770,000 yuan, an increase of 94 in ten years.


The company expects 70 million in the first quarter of 2019?
120 million yuan, in the first quarter became mainly affected by replacement changes (repeated about 100 million US dollars in the same period in 2018).

  Revenue has grown steadily, and the gross profit margin of its main business has increased significantly.

Reported core company revenue 69.

300 million yuan (+29 per year).

58%), with a gross profit margin of 47.

30% (decade +0.


In terms of product lines, terminal business income was 29.

1.1 billion, +18 per year.

89%, gross margin 58.

02% (previously +3.

82 PCT); system business income 19.

9.6 billion, +1 a year.

43%, gross profit margin 55.

32% (decade +7.

56 PCT); OEM and other business income 20.

2.7 billion, +116 per year.

77%, gross margin 24.

03% (-2 per year.


The company’s private network business (terminal + system) gross margin has improved significantly over the past 17 years.

  The operating net cash flow turned positive, and the effect of improving efficiency and controlling expenses was remarkable.

From 2016 to 2018, the company’s operating net cash flow was -4.

04 billion, -2.

4.3 billion and 0.

9.7 billion yuan, the company’s operating net cash flow turned positive again in 2018.

At the same time, the company vigorously promoted refined management, with significant improvements in efficiency and control fees, reporting a series of company sales expenses10.

3.8 billion yuan (an increase of 13.

55%), and the revenue share dropped to 14.

96%; management expenses 7.

5.3 billion (an increase of 25 per year).

93%), a significant decrease from 2017.
  High R & D investment continued, and overseas business accelerated into the release period.
The company’s R & D funding in 201810.

72 trillion (ten years +17.

16%), continue to pay attention to the innovative research and development in the three key areas of “screen, tube, and end”, to create a world-leading converged terminal, converged system, converged smart scheduling and other products.

The company’s overseas revenue in 2018 was 40.

110,000 yuan (+24 for the whole year.

21%), the subsidiary acquired in 2017, Sepulle revenue11.

240,000 yuan (compared to 杭州桑拿 the 17-year consolidated income growth of 66.


In early 2019, the company successively won the Philippine National Police professional wireless communication equipment procurement project (0.

400,000 yuan), Brazil CEARA state public safety private network communication network project (2.

1.4 billion), TETRA communication system project of a city in North America (0.

$ 5.5 billion), TETRA terminal procurement project (0.

4.7 billion yuan), a project for the procurement of public safety TETRA terminal equipment in a country in Western Europe (1.

1.3 billion).

We believe that the company’s overseas business integration situation is good and is accelerating into the period of performance release.

  profit prediction.

We expect company 19?
The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in the 21 years was 7, respectively.

9 billion, 10.

2.7 billion, 13.

33 trillion, EPS is 0.

43 yuan, 0.

56 yuan, 0.

73 yuan.

As a leading company in the domestic professional wireless communications industry, the company is continuously increasing its business development and efficiency improvement. We think the company’s profit margin is expected to continue to increase.

According to the company’s continuous layout of emerging businesses and reference benchmark companies’ assessments, it will be given a dynamic PE of 25-32 times in 2019 (the company’s net profit compound growth rate for the year 17-19 is expected to be 82%, corresponding to a 19-year PEG of 0.

32, lower than comparable companies 1.

18), corresponding to a reasonable value range of 10.

$ 75-13.

76 yuan, given a “preliminary market” rating.

  risk warning.

Industry competition is intensifying, and overseas project acceptance is lower than expected.

Guiyan Platinum (600459) Annual Report Commentary Report: Industrial layout accelerates the coordinated development of the three major sectors

Guiyan Platinum (600459) Annual Report Commentary Report: Industrial layout accelerates the coordinated development of the three major sectors
Event: The company released its 2018 annual report.Reporting intelligence, the company achieved revenue of 170.74 ppm, 佛山桑拿 a 10-year increase of 10.57%; net profit attributable to mothers1.570,000 yuan, an increase of 31 in ten years.69%, EPS after dilution of rights issue is 0.36 yuan / share.The company’s performance is in line with market expectations.  The rapid development of the new material manufacturing sector has driven growth in performance.In 2018, the company’s precious metal new materials manufacturing segment achieved revenue of 59.43 ppm, an increase of 31 in ten years.64%, realized gross profit 3.860,000 yuan, an increase of 52 in ten years.96%, the industry market share has further increased.In terms of segmentation, as the company completed the acquisition of Guiyan Zhongxi and its consolidated statement in 18 years, the production and sales of special functional materials increased by 187.18% and 179.58%, reaching 493.00 tons and 480.36 tons, and Guiyan Sino-Greece rivets, composite strip, wire and other products increased gross profit margin, increasing gross profit margin by 2.43pct, reaching 5.00%, the company aims to achieve gross profit1.220,000 yuan, an increase of 157 in ten years.08%.In addition, the company predicts that the catalytic purifier and precursor materials will achieve gross profit1, respectively.3 billion and 1.08 million yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.53% and 29.75%; In addition, the relatively small proportion of industrial catalyst materials business has developed rapidly, achieving a gross profit of zero.196, an annual increase of 196.94%.  The resource recycling sector has grown rapidly and the precious metal trade has slightly increased.In 2018, the scale of the company’s silver recycling business expanded, and the precious metal resource recycling segment achieved revenue26.160,000 yuan, an increase of 37 in ten years.48%, realized gross profit 1.5.8 billion, an increase of 52 in ten years.95%; the precious metals trading sector fluctuated slightly, achieving revenue of 84.6 billion, 0 gross profit.28 ppm, less impact on profit.  Speed up the industrial layout and optimize the capital structure.The company has completed the construction of a 1-ton / year production line of tungsten-zinc catalysts and achieved mass production.The company’s merger and acquisition of Guiyan Zhongxi has formed conflicting value synergy and complementary advantages in products and markets, effectively promoting the extension of the precious metal industry chain and the further optimization of the industrial layout.At the same time, the company promotes the construction of major projects. It is expected to complete the civil engineering and equipment procurement of the “precious metal catalyst precursor material industrialization project” by the end of 2019, and strive to complete the project construction in 2020, forming an annual output of 299 tons of precursor materials and an annual transformation of 26.82 million industry platform.The company continues to make efforts in the new material manufacturing sector, and its future performance is expected to continue to improve.In addition, the company has allocated nearly 1 billion net funds through share placement to optimize the capital structure and promote the sustainable development of precious metal-related businesses.  Rigorous progress in environmental protection is expected to benefit the catalytic materials business.According to the timetable, China ‘s national 6a standard will be expanded from July 2020, and the national 6b standard will be expanded from July 2023. It will set higher requirements for automobile exhaust emissions, which will further enhance the platinum group metals in automotive catalysts.Especially the demand for palladium.According to Johnson Matthey’s forecast, the gap in tray gold may be 2 in 18 years.From 9 trillion US dollars to 19 trillion US dollars in 19 years, the company’s business is expected to benefit.  Profit forecast and rating: Considering that the 都市夜网 company’s industrial layout is in an orderly manner and the price of precious metals has risen, the company’s various products’ gross profit margins have increased and are expected to continue, and the net profit attributable to mothers will be from 2019 to 2020.6.9 billion / 2.1.4 billion raised to 2.04 billion / 2.7 billion, the corresponding EPS is 0.47/0.79 yuan / share, dynamic PE is 36/21 times, maintaining the “overweight” level.  Risk reminder: the risk of fluctuations in the price of precious metals, the company’s key project construction is less than expected risk.

Six great ways to motivate employees

Six great ways to motivate employees

The spiritual match friction method: the concept of sublimation management. Nielsen, a famous management consultant, said: “One of the important trends in the future of business management is that business managers will no longer play an authoritative role as in the past, but will take a more effective method, indirectly.Detonate the potential of employees and create the highest efficiency of the enterprise.

  ”We can’t help but ask, what are these methods of transcending efficiency or things called rules?

Are we really punished if we accidentally violate them?

  ◆ Motivation Rule 1: Recognize-Mark out the enthusiasm of employees. There is no doubt that this is a very effective method. If you constantly violate it intentionally or unintentionally, you can’t have energetic people around you.

  There are many different forms of recognition: from promoting someone in the company to replacing it with a thank-you note of just a few lines; from the way you introduce a subordinate to the seemingly inadvertent placement of flowers in the companySatisfaction level; from encouraging your assistant to be interviewed by magazines to employees throughout the company sitting together in conference rooms to watch their appearances on CCTV’s “Absolute Challenge” program.

In order to obtain such a short-term recognition, people often do their best to achieve it.

  Because in everyone’s view, even the humble recognition is a very important moment in life. It is as beautiful as the first match you polish in the dark, letting you see hope in your hands.

Read: Let employees learn to appreciate themselves. ◆ Motivation Rule 2: Participation-the oxygen of corporate survival. Generally, it is divided with the way people are treated at work. The way people are used seems to stimulate their curiosity and motivation.

If people feel like they are becoming an integral part of a plan or project, their enthusiasm will be unprecedented.

This also makes us fully aware that no one is willing to be at the mercy of managers for a long time. If they are not allowed to participate in the decision-making process, no one listens to their opinions, and no one realizes their words, then this will be aWill make all smart managers can not help but have to face the situation.

  Let’s think about one of the most important factors in brightening matches: oxygen!

Yes, it is easy to see how stupid and unrealistic this is if we expect to light a match without oxygen.

But if you also think so, without the seemingly ordinary but ubiquitous oxygen-employees’ participation, the spark of thought and creativity can never be brightened!

  ◆ Motivation Rule 3: Fun-The Source of Continuous Motivation The essence of life is to find a kind of happy satisfaction, and so is the nature of occupation.

If this kind of satisfactory guidance can be guided, for example, the happiness caused by the sense of accomplishment at work, the lasting enthusiasm of employees must be amazing.

We might as well consider the work of a professional manager as part of a big game, but that everyone who participates in it is looking for fun instead.

In this game, both the person who lights the match and the person who is ignited are attracted by the game without exception.

Only in this way will people continue to explore the joy of new work after the joy of one job disappears.

  For a long time, the match has not been the only way we can get a tinder, but the reason it is still kept by us is simple: the fun we can learn from it!

  ◆ Incentive Rule No. 4: Randian – the key to respect for human nature. Randian is the key to motivating employees. It is like knowing the most easily ignited part of each match in your hand. Only when you rub it in the right place can youWipe brightly in time.

If the match is above or broken, no matter how hard you try again and again, it will only fail.

The “burning point” of each employee is different. Some people recognize a harmonious working environment and open communication channels; some people need to know their future in the enterprise and whether there are sufficient training opportunities; andPeople pay great attention to whether they have enough space and peaceful personnel arrangements.

  Professional managers should create a strong “substitution” within the company: respect for others is to respect yourself.

If a promising and talented subordinate suddenly asks to resign one day, it is absolutely regrettable.

But what should be deeply understood is actually not the employee itself, the key lies in the person who does not know how to ignite him.

  ◆ Motivation Rule Five: Goals-Hope for Success Professional managers, general managers, sales directors and managers, please don’t forget one thing: don’t set goals too high and be realistic.

It is shocking that some people always think that high goals can stimulate people’s morale, because in their view, only high goals are a challenge.

However, if most people think this is an impossible task, the result will be a loss of confidence for the entire team.

  Although it can be said that the fire of the stars can sometimes be done, in actual operation, remember not to burn all of your small matches. It is proper to ignite a burning torch.

  ◆ Incentive Rule Six: Forgiveness-Allow ignition failure. When we are drawing a match, there are two inevitable possibilities: success or failure.

Some matches have to be stroked many times before they can burn, while others cannot even be lightened.

Taking “Dare to fail” as the cultural concept of an enterprise is the beginning of tolerance and maturity of professional managers.

Because incentives bring change, and gradual failure must accompany them.

If employees seek to be safe because they care too much about not making mistakes, they may incur the mistakes they cause.

Adopting a “dare to fail” attitude at work, so that employees dare to face their “failure” is actually another type of incentive for professional managers.

“If you make an honest mistake, the company can forgive you and treat it as a tuition fee.

But if it deviates from the company’s spiritual value, it will be severely criticized and even fired.

The meaning of tolerance is to acknowledge failure as a dedication. In fact, failure is the mother of success.Without failure, there is no ultimate success.

In this sense, there are no failing employees and no successful managers.

  As the saying goes: “You can lead a horse to the river, but you cannot ask the horse to drink water.

“If you apply this sentence to management, why is it incorrect?

Unless it is willing, the horse will not drink water, and no one can force it; the same is true for staff morale: unless employees are willing to work hard from the heart, no amount of spurs will be sound.