Teach you to divide symptoms to eliminate dark circles


Teach you to divide symptoms to eliminate dark circles

Overtime, staying up all night, overnight, and lack of sleep can cause dark circles. Dark circles are most annoying. How can you tolerate the existence of dark circles?

To eliminate dark circles, we must first look for what belongs, and then take the right medicine to completely eliminate it.

Generally dark circles have cyan, black and brown dark circles.

  Three types of dark circles: Cyan dark circles: The skin around the eyes is bluish due to poor blood circulation. This is the most common type of dark circles.

  Black dark circles: due to puffy eyes and loose bags under the eyes forming shadows, it is a loose dark circles.

  Dark brown circles: pigmented dark circles caused by pigmentation around the eyes or dull skin.

  [Eliminate cyan dark circles]Diet: In order to maintain a regular body control diet, only eat vegetable salad, like cold drinks.

Sleep: I only fall asleep at 2 am, but I can ensure that I sleep an average of 8 hours a day.

  Exercise: Take a regular bath 3 times a week. Because I am busy, I have little exercise time.

  Grasp the culprit: 1. The first reason for poor blood circulation is fear of cold. People who drink cold drinks or like ice products should pay more attention to it.

2. Fatigue, insufficient sleep, and insufficient exercise are all causes of poor blood circulation.

  [Eliminate black circles]Diet: Two meals a day, mainly meat, insufficient vegetable intake.

Sleep: at least 8 hours, average 10 hours of sleep.

  Exercise: Usually there is almost no habit of doing exercise, only doing twist exercises in the bath.

  Seize the culprit: 1. As you age, the skin around your eyes becomes slack, which is significantly different from the skin on your cheeks.

2, too much water and salt intake cause eyelid edema.

  [Eliminate dark circles under coffee]Diet: Eat lightly and drink coffee every day.

Sleep: It is often necessary to work overtime at the computer at night, and the average sleep time is only 5 hours.

  Exercise: After waking up in the morning and bathing, I will do step exercises, and hardly exercise.

  Seize the culprit: 1. UV rays cause melanin production and remain on the epidermis.

2. Excessive rubbing of the eyes will hurt the skin and make the skin appear dull.

Wonderful toe aerobics healthy longevity is so simple

Wonderful toe aerobics healthy longevity is so simple

It is reported that Mr. Yao Lao, a retired cadre in Suqian, Jiangsu, is 98 years old.

He has no ears, no eyes, and normal blood pressure.

His health regimen is to turn his feet every day instead of doing it once in the morning and evening. He has been doing it for more than 50 years.

Why does moving toes mean so much to human health?

  It turned out that whether the blood circulation in the lower body of the human body is unblocked or not has a great influence on the circulation of qi and blood throughout the body.

Toes are an important part of blood flow to the left and right feet. If the foot is soft and elastic, the venous blood of the heart can be smoothly replaced by the foot. If the foot is stiff and aging, the blood of the heart will be deposited near the foot, So that normal blood circulation is affected.

Therefore, keeping your feet soft and flexible through gymnastics or massage can greatly replace human health.

Here are some specific methods of moving the pedals: ● Sitting on a chair or bed with your feet up and down, with one foot on the ground and the other with your feet slightly straightened.

Follow your breathing with your feet and soles. Try to lift your feet when you inhale, and try to lower your feet when you exhale. Do not breathe too fast. Do it 100 times on each foot.

  ● Rotating the foot will bend the left leg, and reinsert the left foot on the right thigh.

Hold the pointer toes with your left hand, hold the sole of your left foot with your right hand, rotate the active pedals, clockwise and counterclockwise 10 times each.

Then proceed on the opposite side.

  ● Step on your knees, step on your calf, and slowly lean your back to try to straighten your feet forward. Keep this position for about 1 minute.

  ● Strengthen your toes with the front 1/3 of your feet touching the ground and the back 2/3 of your feet. Hang your toes and lower them. Repeat 10 times. You can also use your heels to the ground, raise your feet and lower them, and repeat 10 times.

  As long as the above actions are persisted every day, they can be distributed.

Stride out of perfect body

Stride out of perfect body

Walking to lose weight is seen as a “return to nature” way to lose weight.

It does not require the help of drugs, fitness equipment, etc., nor does it require people to spend too much time and money to achieve it. It can also bid farewell to the negative consequences of diet and weight loss and harm the body.Way, people just need to insist on the way to and from class, walking on the way to and from work, can bring unexpected body-building effects.

  This is also recognized by experts.

Sports medical scientists have found that striding is the best aerobic exercise.

Long-term striding can increase energy consumption in the body and promote the use of excess aunts in the body.

Adults who are obese because they eat more and eat less, if they can keep striding every day and properly control their diet, they will get the effect of losing weight.

Clinicians tell us that insisting on walking every day can significantly improve the nutrition of the heart, maintain a certain elasticity of the arterial wall, and produce a series of anti-atherosclerotic substances in the blood of the body, thereby reducing the possibility of people suffering from cardiovascular disease.

  The scientific “coach” of walking to lose weight may ask: “Why are we walking every day, or are we all superfluous?”

In this regard, experts point out that of the 37 million walking weight-lossers in the world, at least half of them have not achieved scientific walking, or even achieved the desired fat-reducing effect.

So what kind of walking can achieve the ideal fat loss effect?

The experts summarized three requirements: First, master the correct walking posture.

Incorrect posture is expected to greatly reduce the effect of weight loss.

“Stride, shake, straighten your back”, this is the advice given by exercise experts to those who lose weight.

It takes a lot of effort to walk, and to hold empty fists in the process.

  The second is to grasp the effective walking intensity.

Walking is a typical aerobic exercise.

It is mainly powered by oxygen metabolism, which requires that each time you walk must reach a certain speed and meet a certain amount of exercise time in order to fully break down the sugar in the body and consume trace amounts in the body.

Therefore, the “effective steps” must be reached, that is, the number of effective walking steps to reach the standard of aerobic exercise.

The conditions for effective steps are: you must walk more than 60 steps per minute, and you must walk continuously for more than 10 minutes.

In the past, walking time was either insufficient for continuous walking, or too few steps per minute, making a bunch of useless work.

To make the effective number of steps more accurate, a “coach” type tool like an Omron pedometer should be appropriate to help.

It is understood that Omron’s pedometer can record daily “effective steps” and effectively help people manage their health.

  The third is to “persist without giving up” to start walking to lose weight.

It is unrealistic to use up the excess lightness of the body in a Wednesday or a month.

It’s best to keep exercising every day, 40 each time?
60 minutes.

Like returning to class from class to class, on the way to and from work is the best time to walk and shape your body.

Bringing a coaching tool like a pedometer with you can further build your confidence in weight loss.

Persist, walking to lose weight will gradually become a part of daily life, and become a more effective way to build a perfect body and have a healthy body.

Thin waist and stomach movement 4 strokes bid farewell bucket waist

Thin waist and stomach movement 4 strokes bid farewell bucket waist

Click on the picture to buy a thin waist to reduce the stomach’s movement to burn the waist and excess meat, exercise the waist muscles, let you have a tempting little waist!

  Action 1: The parallel board of the board 1.

Kneeling on the ground, the upper body is lifted, the upper arm is on the ground, the heel is hooked up on the ground, and the preparatory action is done.


The stomach is strong, the whole body is raised upwards, the heel continues to extend in the opposite direction of the floor, and the line from the back to the waist is parallel to the ground.

  Action 2: V word victory type 1.

Sitting in the front 1/3 of the edge of the chair, the thigh is parallel to the ground, and the calf is about 90 degrees from the ground.


Use the power of the stomach to lift the knees of the knees up, and gently hold the hand under the alignment. The body is tight and you can feel the muscles around the navel contracting.

  Action 3: Spider-Man style 1.

Based on the posture of push-ups, straighten straight down and keep the arms and shoulders in the same line;

Pull the right leg to the top of the leg, try to reduce the distance from the elbow, be sure to go to your own replacement, then change the leg and carry out the same method to lift.

  Action 4: Side push-ups 1.

Lying on the pad, facing the left side; the left arm supports the upper body, the left foot touches the ground, the left finger is pointed forward, the legs are close together, the right leg is placed flat on the left leg, and the right foot is naturally placed on the left foot.


Lift up and the legs will leave the ground (the legs remain together) until the body is in a sloping straight line. At this time, only the left arm and the left foot support the body; after balancing, open the right arm.It is in a straight line with the left arm, and the whole body is in the shape of a diagonal “ten”.

The reason why more and more meat is on the body

The reason why more and more meat is on the body

Poor eating habits are the leading cause of obesity.

The following points are the most common habits of modern people living in the urban jungle. If you change these habits, your weight loss career will take a big step.

  Do not eat breakfast, omit breakfast, severe stomach damage, people can not afford to work, and it is easy to accelerate aging.

A study conducted by a foreign university found that among the 7,000 people surveyed, the death rate of people who did not eat breakfast was as high as 40%, while another university found in a study of 80 to 90-year-olds that their longevity has in common.One is: eat a hearty breakfast every day.

  Fruit as a staple food Many office workers have insufficient exercise due to long-term meditation. For the purpose of weight loss, they rarely supplement staple foods, often with fruits instead, and experts remind that fruits cannot be staple foods.

Because the fruit contains a variety of vitamins and sugar, it is the body’s protein and some trace elements.

  Eating too fast increases the burden on the stomach and leads to obesity.

Many office family lunches are eaten in a very rush.

The eating speed is too fast, the food is not fully chewed, which is not conducive to the initial digestion of oral food and salivary amylase, which increases the burden on the stomach.

The chewing time is too short, and the vagus nerve is still over-excited. In the long run, it is easy to excite high blood pressure due to appetite.

  Insufficient water intake due to insufficient drinking water can easily lead to brain aging.

In the work of the office, due to the high concentration of work, it is easy to forget to drink water, resulting in insufficient water supply in the body.

The body’s water is reduced, the blood is concentrated and thick and dense, which easily leads to thrombosis, causing cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases, which in turn affects the function of kidney metabolism.

  Box lunch is an invisible killer. Whether it is an office worker or a student, there are quite a lot of opportunities to eat lunch at lunch, but the lunch is too greasy, the taste is heavy, and chemical seasonings may be added, which are usually invisible obesity factors.

In the case where you can’t avoid eating lunch, it is very important to have a correct and correct diet. For example, try to reduce fried or highly converted foods, and choose vegetables or cooked foods as a side dish.

  Dinner is too rich in the evening, the blood insulin content in the blood is the peak of the day, insulin metabolism is converted into a trace of condensed on the blood vessel wall, dinner is too rich, over time, people become obese.

At the same time, a sumptuous dinner with a shortened duration will destroy the normal body clock of the human body and easily cause insomnia.

  The implantation of excess coffee for drinking coffee is prone to suffering from heart disease.

Coffee contains a high concentration of caffeine, which can alter heart function and increase plasma in the blood vessels.

Drinking coffee will reduce work efficiency.

  After the meal, smoking a cigarette after the meal, the amount of poisoning is greater than the sum of the ten cigarettes.

Because after eating, the gastrointestinal motility is strengthened and the blood circulation is accelerated. At this time, the body’s ability to absorb smoke is at its best. The toxic substances in the smoke are more likely to enter the human body than usual, thus further increasing the damage to human health.

Old people should pay attention to slow health

Old people should pay attention to “slow” health

In the daily life of the elderly health care, we must adhere to the following four “slow”.
  It’s slow to walk. People have to walk every day, but the elderly should not walk faster.
Slow walking can prevent the femoral and tibial fractures or other problems caused by falling.
Take a slow walk, usually about 60-70 steps per minute, about 30 minutes.
Older people with poor health should use suitable canes to increase the support of the legs, which helps the balance of the human body and the stability of walking.
  It is slow to change the body position. Many elderly people have reduced blood vessel elasticity, decreased blood volume and blood oxygen content due to the decline of heart function and cerebral artery degeneration, and dizziness and vertigo often occur when the body position changes.
Therefore, when the old man changes his position, he must pay attention to the action not too fast, the amplitude should not be too large, the time should not be too long, to avoid dizziness, fainting or other problems.
  Slow bowel movements The elderly are prone to constipation. If the bowel movement is too fast, the rectal mucosa and the anus edge are easily broken.
In particular, elderly people with arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and coronary heart disease suddenly exert a strong breath during defecation, which easily leads to a sudden increase in blood pressure and induces cerebral hemorrhage. It is best to use a toilet to allow it to be naturally resolved.
  Slow food intake Old people are particularly important to pay attention to dietary safety in the context of general decline in vision, smell and taste.
It is necessary to chew slowly when eating, which not only helps digestion, but also avoids the small pieces of foreign bodies such as broken bones and fishbone stuck in the esophagus or into the trachea, which has serious consequences.

Can the cupping can have a certain health effect

Can the cupping can have a certain health effect

The cupping can be popular, in the end, what kind of health care can be used in recent years to transform the health of the health, everyone began to slowly contact cupping, the health care role of cupping has gradually been replaced by everyone, what is the benefit of cupping?

What are the health benefits of cupping?

The following small series will introduce to you: First, promote the systemic blood circulation through the exhaust caused by negative pressure inside the tank, the can edge is tightly attached to the skin surface, pulling the nerves, muscles, blood vessels and subcutaneous glands, can cause aThe series of nerves and endocrine systems react to regulate vasomotor function and permeability of the blood vessel wall, thereby improving systemic blood circulation.

Second, to eliminate the strong suction force of the toxin cupping negative pressure in the body can make the pores of the sweat fully open, the function of the sweat glands and sebaceous glands is stimulated and enhanced, and the surface aging cells are replaced, so that the toxins and waste can be accelerated.

Third, the warming effect When the human body is exposed to wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, fire (six evil spirits) and other external invasion or bruises, it can disturb the normal physiological functions of the organs, resulting in blood stasis, qi stagnation, sputum, food, water turbid, evil fire, these pathogenic factors through the body meridians walking through the body, and filled with acupuncture points on the meridians, disrupted the operation of blood, resulting in blood stasis.

Cupping can eliminate the six evils of the human body, ventilate blood, and relax the nerves. Its warming action transfers blood vessels to dilate, increases blood flow, and enhances the permeability of the blood vessel wall.

Fourth, the effect of weight loss on the internal pressure of the cupping can dredge the meridians, balance the blood, adjust the endocrine, accelerate the blood and lymph circulation, promote peristalsis, thereby improving the digestive function, the body’s metabolism is accelerated, heat production and adultsWhen the consumption is increased, it can become an adult of the limbs, and it can become a deep adult in the body, thereby achieving the purpose of safety, health care, and rapid weight loss.

Talk about the benefits and disadvantages of cupping cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine external treatment method, people cupping either to protect the body or to cure the disease.

Indeed, cupping has many benefits, but it also has disadvantages.

Therefore, the following small series talk about the benefits and disadvantages of cupping.

One of the five major benefits of cupping on the body is that it can pull the muscles, raise the pain threshold, and relieve the soreness of the pain. That is, when the muscles are in a state of tension, the local blood perfusion will drop, which will promote the size of the tissue, but the cans in the cupping.The technique can lengthen the muscles, increase the blood perfusion, increase the local pain tolerance threshold, and the boots relax the muscles and re-storage the required energy.

Second, drug abuse and drainage, promote wound healing, attracted by the negative pressure of cupping, will lead to local pus, bacterial toxins and other substances that are not suitable for wound healing, can also stimulate the growth of granulation tissue, and shrink wounds,The skin achieves the purpose of promoting wound healing.

Third, adjust the immune function, enhance their own resistance, due to the residual tissue gap caused by the cupping can, can properly activate the body’s immunity, and the ability to remove inflammatory substances, is a benign self-training.

Fourth, promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism. This is because cupping can make blood vessels dilate and make local blood circulation better. Longer waste, toxins accelerate regeneration, and also improve the nutritional status of local tissues and provide more nutrients.And oxygen to the cells.

Fifth, follow the sensation and adjust the visceral function of the human body. This is the theory of using the meridian to connect the viscera. Selecting the meridians related to the viscera to carry out cupping stimulation. It is suitable to use the back and forth cans, cans and other methods. These methods are for the respiratory tract and the high temperature channel.Cardiovascular, gynecological diseases, etc. can be adjusted through internal sensations through sensory stimulation.

Plaster paste too long to be careful to cause contact dermatitis

Plaster paste too long to be careful to cause contact dermatitis

If the plaster is applied for 3 days, or if the two stickers are not cleaned, leaving no gaps, the ingredients in the plaster may penetrate deep into the skin through the sweat hole, causing allergies and causing contact dermatitis. The common name is “paste wind”.

  Northerners are more fond of dog skin plasters. They always like to come to a post when they are suffering from backache.

Unlike ointments and creams, the plaster adheres tightly and has a long-lasting effect, so it is especially suitable for stubborn, hypertrophic, and deeper parts.

But sticking plasters must also pay attention to methods and methods, or will add to your illness.

  Usually, plasters have to be changed once a day, and some even have to be changed once in a half day, depending on the duration of the efficacy of the instructions.

The ruptured wound should shorten the dressing interval, preferably 5-6 hours.

There is no proper cleaning of the affected area between the two applications, removing the dirt adhering to the surface of the skin, and then allowing the skin to rest properly for 1-2 hours.

Because the skin needs breathing, sweat glands, sebaceous glands need to be excreted, continuous application of plaster, resulting in high local temperature, high humidity, metabolic waste can not be discharged, it will stimulate local skin, causing itching and other discomfort.

  If the plaster is applied for 3 days, or if the two stickers are not cleaned, leaving no gaps, the ingredients in the plaster may penetrate deep into the skin through the sweat hole, causing allergies and causing contact dermatitis. The common name is “paste wind”.

The erythema with the same shape and the clear boundary of the plaster applied, accompanied by the itching, may also cause blisters and even bullae, which is very painful.

In the event of such a situation, the plaster must be removed immediately, the area should be removed, and then the light part (erythema) can be applied externally with a detoxifying or ointment, or with fresh cabbage to help smash the external application; heavy parts (blister)), bullae) must ask a doctor for help.

Obesity symptoms

Obesity symptoms

Obesity symptoms refer to a metabolic disease in which the human body takes too much volume from food to make the body weight exceed 20% of the standard body weight.

The standard weight of a person is calculated as: a person with a height of ≤ 165 cm should have a kilogram of body weight equal to 100 in height; a person with a height of ≤ 175 cm should have a weight of more than 105 in height; height > 175For a person with a centimeter, the kilogram of his weight should be equal to the height number of 110.

When a person’s body weight exceeds 20%-30% of the standard body weight, it is mildly obese; when the obesity symptoms exceed 30%-50% of the standard body weight, it is moderately obese; when it exceeds the standard body weight of 50% or more, it is severely obese.

Obesity is divided into simple obesity and secondary obesity.

For the treatment of patients with secondary obesity, the key is to eradicate its cause.

The general hypertension patients are mostly simple obesity.

Treatment of simple obesity has diet therapy, and exercise therapy to prevent obesity is more effective than treatment.

Especially for those with a family history of obesity, women with postpartum and menopause, men with middle-aged or post-dose recovery, obesity should be prevented. The method is to properly control the intake of food, avoid high sugar, high feces and high-calorie diet;Labor and exercise (the recovery period should be carried out under the guidance of a physician).

  There are obesity symptoms in the treatment of obesity to control diet and increase physical activity, can not rely solely on drugs, long-term medication can not help but with exceptions, and may not last long-term results.

For people with mild obesity, only need to limit the amount of traces, confectionery, beer, etc., so that the total daily dose will gradually reduce the consumption, and more physical labor and physical exercise, such as reducing the weight by 500 per month?
1000g and gradually reach the normal standard weight, do not need to use medication, moderately more than the stricter control of the total dose, female patients require a limit of 5 in food intake?

3mj (1200?
1500kcal) / d, such as more than 6.

3mj / d, it is invalid.

Men should be controlled at 6.


6mj (1500?
1800kcal) / d, the standard is expected to lose weight 1 per week?
2 pounds.

The food should ensure an appropriate amount of animal protein containing essential amino acids (more suitable for the total amount of protein), and the protein intake is more than 1g per kilogram of body weight per day.

Adult intake should be strictly limited, and sodium intake should be limited to avoid water and sodium retention during weight loss, which can also reduce blood pressure and reduce appetite.

Should I do a stomach weight loss surgery?

Should I do a stomach weight loss surgery?

Netizen asks: I am a 16-year-old student. Because of the overnutrition, I started to lose weight a year ago. I didn’t eat much and added diet pills for one month. The result was 154 to 126 a month.

However, the pressure of going to school is very high. If you eat something, you will get fat. If you have a lot of pressure, you will go out and eat it every day.

I stopped until I went to bed, and my weight reached 171 pounds in just 3 months.

  This summer, I really had to start a new round of wheel stations, weight-loss drugs, needles, acupuncture points are all right, now around 150.

  I know that this is not good. It will only make weight loss more difficult and make the body worse. I used to play basketball very well, but now I am panting on the last floor, and I often get dizzy.

I am very tall and 175 cents. It should not be very fat, but I really want to be a model, so I have been treating myself harshly.

Now I am very afraid of eating, I will regret it when I eat it, and I will eat more numbness. I am still very emotional and can’t learn anything.

I don’t want to go on like this, but I want to feel full.

Don’t eat too much.

  I don’t know if I am suitable for slimming, so I would like to ask a doctor.

  Experts answer: Obesity can be cured.

Whether a person is obese or not is measured by the BMI index.

BMI is the abbreviation of Body Mass Index, which is also the obesity index.

BMI = the square of weight (kg) / height (meter), which is closely related to health.

The higher the BMI, the more likely it is to develop gallstones, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia.

The best BMI for Chinese should be 20?
22, greater than 22.

6 is overweight and more than 30 is obese.

SMI over 35 will undergo surgical bariatric surgery.

  Related links: Stomach slimming and weight loss technology in medical initial laparoscopic gastric volume reduction surgery, through a laparoscope, an in vitro adjustable gastric band is placed into the abdominal cavity, so that the volume of the stomach is reduced to 1/10.The patient’s food intake is significantly reduced, the bandability of the band is changed, and the patient establishes a new metabolic balance on a new basis.

The specific indications for surgical weight loss can be summarized as follows: exclude obesity caused by other causes, and give systemic medical treatment (exercise, diet, drugs, etc.) ineffective; simple obesity; age below 60 years; there are obvious familiesYoung obese patients under the age of 20; non-obese patients with special requirements for physical form.