Huge loss of nearly 4 billion resistance rate 98% Zhangzidao Annual Report Day: Directors and supervisors are not fidelity

Huge loss of nearly 4 billion resistance rate 98% Zhangzidao Annual Report Day: Directors and supervisors are not fidelity
On April 30, the disclosure day of Zhangzidao’s annual report was not calm.Luo Weixin, the second shareholder of Zhangzidao and director of the distribution of the No.1 fund, “as usual” cast a vote on the board of directors for multiple citations.Unlike in the past, it was not only Luo Weixin, Zhang Zidao Supervisor, Director of the Sea Area Security Center and Manager of the Sea Area Security Department who had expressed different opinions. Zou Dezhi cast a waiver of several parts in the board of supervisors.Neither Luo Weixin nor Zou Dezhi can guarantee the authenticity of the content and data described in Zhangzidao ‘s 2019 Annual Report and 2020 Quarterly Report.On the other side, Zhang Hougang’s chairman Wu Hougang wrote to shareholders for the first time, stating that “the company has temporarily passed the crisis.”On July 1 last year, Wu Hougang once said at the Summer Davos Forum 2019: “I am sorry to lose money to investors. I am here today to replace the majority of investors and say sorry.4 months later, a large proportion of scallop deaths occurred in Zhangzi Island. Corresponding to the write-off of the stock of shrimps and scallops and the provision for falling prices, the company replaced 3 in 2019.9.2 billion yuan.In 2014 and 2017, similar incidents occurred, Zhangzidao recorded large losses11.8.9 billion yuan and 7.2.3 billion.The accounting firm issued a reservation on the annual report, and the asset-liability ratio increased to 98%. The data shows that the predecessor of Zhangzidao can be traced back to 1958.At that time, it was still in the form of a people’s commune. The residents of Zhangzi Island and its affiliated islands gradually completed the original accumulation of the collective economy by marine fishing and other fishery-related industries, and formed Dalian Zhangzidao Fishery Group in September 1992;, Dalian Zhangzidao Fishery Group Co., Ltd. was further transformed into Dalian Zhangzidao Fishery Group Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 1.3.8 billion US dollars, each island of Zhangzidao Town is funded by each island and held by the village committees.In September 2006, Zhangzi Island officially landed on the small and medium-sized board, and the straight flush market showed that it had reached its highest price since listing on November 10, 201034.59 yuan / share (formerly reinstated), at that time the total market value reached 24.6 billion yuan.However, as of the close of trading on April 30 this year, Zhangzidao reported 2.66 yuan / share, the total market value is only 18.9.2 billion yuan.On April 30, Zhangzidao disclosed that its 2019 annual report showed that the company achieved operating income of 27 last year.2.9 billion, down 2 every year.47%, supplemented by the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.920,000 yuan, a profit of 32.11 million yuan in the same period of 2018; net cash flow from operating activities was 3.8.4 billion, an annual increase of 31.74%.In addition, Zhangzi Island received government subsidies of 16.74 million last year, compared with 7.26 million and 30.44 million in 2017 and 2018, respectively.At the end of 2019, Zhangzidao ‘s monetary capital was 4.9 billion yuan, compared with 3 at the end of 2018.US $ 8.2 billion has increased, but current assets are lower than current debt.The annual report shows that at the end of 2019, Zhangzidao’s current assets totaled.6.7 billion yuan, compared with 20 at the end of 2018.8.7 billion has declined; the total flow viscosity is 25.2.8 billion, of which short-term loans total 20.9.9 billion yuan.The annual report shows that Zhangzidao’s total assets at the end of 2019 and the net assets attributable to shareholders of listed companies were 30, respectively.0.9 billion and 1.67 million yuan, down by 15 every year.33% and 99.57%, Asia Pacific Accounting believes that there is a major uncertainty in Zhangzidao ‘s ability to continue operations.As of December 31, 2019, the cumulative undistributed profit balance of Zhangzi Island was -19.3.3 billion, with an asset-liability ratio of 98.01%.According to past data, Zhangzidao’s asset-liability ratio was between 87% and 88% at the end of 2018, at the end of half a year and at the end of the third quarter of 2019.Zhangzidao auditing agency Asia-Pacific (Group) Accounting Firm (Special General Partnership) (hereinafter referred to as “Asia-Pacific Accounting Office”) made a reservation on Zhangzidao’s 2019 annual report, which can replace the internal control assurance report with a negative opinion.Among them, there are two main points for forming a reservation.The Asia-Pacific Accounting Institute pointed out that on July 9, last year, Zhangzidao received the “Administrative Litigation and Market Prohibition Prior Notice” issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.False records.Asia-Pacific Accounting believes that Zhangzidao Company still uses the original consistent method for cost accounting this year. The accounting firm cannot obtain sufficient and appropriate audit evidence to judge whether the cost accounting is reasonable, and it is impossible to determine whether it is necessary to adjust the cost carry-over.In addition, Zhangzidao Fishery Group Korea Co., Ltd. has a fixed asset book value of 46.50 billion won, equivalent to 2804 yuan.810,000 yuan, the book value of construction in progress is 800 million won, equivalent to 482 yuan.540,000 yuan, 62 intangible assets book value.4.6 billion won, equivalent to 3767 yuan.590,000 yuan.Asia Pacific Accounting pointed out that the net cash flow or operating profit realized by the above-mentioned long-term assets is not good, there is an asset impairment valuation, and Zhangzidao has not made any impairment provision for the above-mentioned long-term assets.Regarding the negative opinion of the internal control assurance report, Asia-Pacific Accounting believes that Zhangzidao has established a detection and early warning system, but in the course of its operation, it is timely and timely determined that there may be a major abnormality in the stock of scalloped scallops.There are major deficiencies in its control.While Wu Hougang’s shareholder letter and directors and supervisors’ objections were disclosed in the 2019 annual report, Zhangzidao disclosed the first quarter of 2020.It achieved operating income3 from January to March this year.9.8 billion, down 28 a year.68%; the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 3.71 million yuan, a decrease of 43.14 million yuan in the same period last year, and 71.36 million yuan after deductions, compared with 45.23 million yuan in the same period last year.Among them, non-current asset disposal gains and losses accounted for the largest proportion of non-recurring gains and losses projects, at 73.32 million yuan, mainly for the completion of the transfer of Guangludao ‘s 4 sea areas for the use of lease rights and subsea inventory transactions, resulting in increased revenue.2019 Sub Island Director Luo Weixin and Supervisor Zou Dezhi both said that they cannot “fidelity” the 2019 annual report and the 2020 first quarter report.Director Luo Weixin believes that the board of directors announced that the time is 9:30 am on April 28, they received the annual report and the first quarterly report at 21:07 on April 27 and 9:45 am on April 29, but onlyA glance at the content of the quarterly report can not be used to make an objective discriminating opinion on the authenticity, accuracy and fairness of the content and financial and other relevant data of the quarterly report.Supervisor Zou Dezhi believes that the audit institution has made a reservation on the annual report and issued a negative opinion on the internal control assurance report. At the same time, the annual report is provided late and the amount of information is too large to confirm the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the relevant operating information in a short time.For similar reasons, Zou Dezhi at the ninth meeting of the 7th Supervisory Committee in ancient times on April 28, the “2019 Annual Supervisory Committee Work Report”, “2019 Annual Report”, “2019 Annual Financial Final Report and 2020 Financial Budget Plan”, etc.It is said that an abstention was cast.The data shows that Zou Dezhi was born in 1984 and has been working in Zhangzidao since 2013. He is currently the director of Zhangzidao Sea Area Security Center.Luo Weixin, the director appointed by Hedao No.1 Fund, voted for democracy and abstention at the same time at the 14th meeting of the seventh board of directors on April 28.其中,罗伟新对《董事会关于公司2019年保留意见审计报告涉及事项的专项说明》投下弃权票,其表示,“本董事对现有管理层提出‘消除相关事项及其影响的具体措施、预期消除影响的可能性及时间’存在喊口号、大搞形式主义的嫌疑,没有具体量化的目标和可控可靠的操作手段,从管理层的历史表现和当下的表述来判断,难以相信管理层有消除相关The ability and intention of the matter.”On the other side, Wu Houguo, chairman of Zhangzidao, wrote to shareholders for the first time in his annual report, stating that” the company has temporarily survived the crisis “,” respecting nature, abiding by the law, and protecting the ecology are always required courses for mankind. “As of March 31 this year, Zhangzidao had a total of 47,726 shareholders, Changhai County Zhangzidao Investment Development Center (hereinafter referred to as “Changhai County Investment”), Beijing Jirong Yuantong Asset Management Co., Ltd.-Hedao No. 1 Securities Investment Fund (belowKnown as the “Hedao No. 1 Fund”, Zhangzi Island Fuzhen Economic Development Center in Changhai County, Zhangzi Island Dayi Economic Development Center in Changhai County and Wu Hougang held 30 shares respectively.76%, 8.04%, 7.21%, 6.85% and 4.12%, ranking the top five shareholders of the company.Among the top five shareholders, with the exception of the second largest shareholder and the No. 1 Fund, there is no pledge, and the proportion of pledges of the remaining four largest shareholders exceeds 99%.The first and fourth largest shareholders have pledged to “thunder”. Among them, the actual controlling party behind the largest shareholder Changhai County Investment is Zhangzidao Town People’s Government of Changdao County.Related report: Pledge Thunder!The actual controlling party behind the frozen shares of Zhangzidao ‘s major shareholders is the second shareholder of the local government Zhangzidao, who choked again: threw a sauna twice for two years of untrustworthy shareholders, night net Xiao

On the 4th of this month, Tangren Shen invested another 2 billion US dollars to build a pig breeding project

On the 4th of this month, Tangren Shen invested another 2 billion US dollars to build a pig breeding project
On the evening of May 20, Tangrenshen Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tangrenshen”) announced that it had signed the “Framework Agreement on the Pig Ecological Industry Chain Project” with the Liling Municipal Government and plans to invest USD 2 billion to build a million pig ecologyIndustry chain projects.This is also the fourth hog breeding project announced by the Tang Dynasty since May this year.On the evening of May 20, Tangrenshen and Liling City People ‘s Government signed the “Framework Agreement on Pig Ecological Industry Chain Project”, which plans to invest USD 2 billion to build an ecological industry chain project of 1 million pigs annually.The construction content includes piggery, administrative office building, harmless and resource-based treatment and processing facilities for manure and dirt matching the breeding scale, and feed workshop matching the breeding scale.Including this investment, since May, Tangrenshen has announced four investment agreements or framework agreements for hog breeding projects.Among them, on May 5, the Tang Dynasty God announced that it would be 19.US $ 700 million to build a green breeding project with 1 million pigs slaughtered annually in a famous mountainous area in Ya’an City.On May 15th, Tangrenshen announced that it will build an ecological industrial chain project of 1 million pigs annually with USD 2 billion and You County People’s Government.On May 19, the Tang Dynasty God announced that it would invest in 10.2 trillion US dollars to build a green breeding project of 500,000 pigs in Gangu.Sauna, Yewang noted that the recent expansion and expansion of Tangrenshen may be related to the “full-scale promotion of the 10 million pig industry chain project” mentioned in the 2019 annual report.In the annual report, Tang Renshen said that it will continue to do a good job in Hunan, Hebei, Henan, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Guangdong, Yunnan, Sichuan, Shandong, and other regions in accordance with the principle of “leading technology, optimal cost, and convenient operation”.Site selection, construction work, and supporting construction of 10 supporting feed factories, slaughtering and processing, etc., to create 10 demonstration counties with annual sales of 1 million heads.In addition, Tang God also plans to achieve 160,000 sows at the end of 2020 and 1.3-1.5 million live pigs.And plans to achieve a production capacity of 5 million pigs in 2022.Sauna, Yewang Wang Siyang editor Zhu Fenglan proofreading Liu Baoqing

Sports Morning News: Tottenham missed the quarter-finals of the Champions League, a team owner infected with the new crown virus

Sports Morning News: Tottenham missed the quarter-finals of the Champions League, a team owner infected with the new crown virus
The epidemic theme cannot be avoided inside or outside the recent arena.In the second round of the UEFA Champions League final round, Tottenham away with Leipzig RB, the runner-up lost 0-3 last season; UEFA is considering, after this round of the Champions League, it may suspend the Champions League and the UEFA Cup; EnglandThe Nottingham Forest team ‘s Greek boss Marinakis issued a statement last night confirming that he was infected with the new coronavirus.In the opening 10 minutes, Zabitzer shot low.[Game conditions]Tottenham suffered a double play missed the quarter-finals of the Champions League this morning, the Champions League quarter-finals second round, last season’s runner-up Tottenham away 0-3 against Leipzig RB, with a total score of 0 to 4 out of the quarterfinals.In this game, Zabitzer scored twice in the first half, and Fosberg came off the bench for the first time before touching the ball and added another point.Affected by the injury, many of Tottenham’s main players were suspended, and their fighting power was greatly reduced.[Outbreak]A British crown team owner was infected with the new coronavirus. The Greek boss Marienakis of the Nottingham Forest team in England issued a statement last night confirming that he was infected with the new coronavirus.The 52-year-old Marinakis watched the Nottingham Forest and Millwall English Championships 4 days ago, and took a group photo with the club fans.He weighed on social media: “The recent virus ‘visited’ me, and I feel obliged to let the public know.”Marinakis confirmed that he was infected with the new coronavirus.Network screenshot[Decision]UEFA considers suspending the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup According to foreign media reports, UEFA is considering suspending the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup after the current round of the UEFA Champions League.In the two days, the final of the eighth round of the Champions League was merged, but affected by the new crown virus epidemic, many European leagues and European wars have played or replaced in many empty games, of which Serie A has been closed until April 3.The report said that UEFA is seriously considering whether to suspend the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup after the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals.Beijing News Editor Han Shuangming proofreads Liu Jun

[Baby often eats probiotics _Baby should eat probiotics]

[Baby often eats probiotics _Baby should eat probiotics]

The so-called probiotics refer to a group of bacteria that are good for human health. There are several types of these bacteria. The most common include lactobacilli, yeast and clostridium tyrosine. These bacteria are not harmful to peopleOn the contrary, it is beneficial to the health of the body. Those who are implanted with gastrointestinal diseases can eat some probiotics to help treat it. So is it good for a baby to eat probiotics often?

Should babies eat probiotics?

The different experiences in growing up reflect the same care.

In the story of ordinary people, father love mother love is just as great.

The heartwarming family stories selected in this book are the affectionate memories of everyone’s love for their father and mother.

Can feel the strong affection, deep gratitude to the parents, guilt to the parents, or too much time to say . What is paid for growth is that the parents quietly turn white and become older and older.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to hear their words of comfort and encouragement in a timely manner, and not everyone is always with them.

Don’t let regrets never materialize.

Pediatric experts said that internal disorders in infants and young children are prone to colds, diarrhea, food allergies, decreased resistance, repeated illnesses and other problems, and probiotics can effectively regulate the baby’s interaction function.

How to add probiotics to your baby?

When is the best time to replenish?

Probiotics are a type of active microorganisms that are beneficial to the host. They are the total weight of active beneficial microorganisms that are colonized in humans and reproductive systems and can produce health benefits to improve the host’s microecological balance.

Beneficial bacteria or fungi in humans and animals include: Clostridium caseinate, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Actinomycetes, yeasts, etc.

At present, the most powerful products researched in the world are mainly composite active probiotics composed of the above types of microorganisms, and their extensive fields of biological engineering, industry and agriculture, food safety and life health.

Probiotics come in many forms. Some of today’s infant formulas are supplemented with probiotics, yogurt, fermented dairy products, etc. They can also be found in natto, tempeh, and milk drinks.

There are also many probiotic supplements.

The baby supplements the toxicity of probiotics1 and inhibits harmful bacteria. Probiotics can compete for the exclusion of harmful bacteria by occupying a place in the body. Organic acids, hydrogen peroxide and bacteria can prevent the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria and play a role in the screen.

2. Promote immunity in vivo Probiotics can regulate the body’s immune system, can enhance the inherent innate immunity, promote the secretion of cytokines and antibodies related to the mucosa in the body, and have a certain effect on maintaining the baby’s own immune balance airway.

3. Promote the absorption of nutrients. Probiotics can produce lactase to help your baby digest lactose and slow down the bloating, back gas and abdominal pain caused by lactose intolerance.

The lactic acid produced by the decomposition of lactose can promote the absorption of calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin D in the baby’s body, and also produce vitamin B, vitamin K and other nutrients.

4, reduce allergic reactions Probiotics as bacteria can regulate the development of interacting mucosal lymphoid tissues, thereby reducing the incidence of allergic diseases.

For example, probiotics can alleviate the symptoms of milk allergies in some babies and correct diarrhea.

[Do you suffer from eating rhubarb for a long time?]

[Do you suffer from eating rhubarb for a long time?]

Rhubarb is a Chinese medicinal material that can be used to treat many diseases. The most common is that it can improve some of the diseases that occur in the internal tract of the body. It can enhance the peristalsis of the internal tract of the body to a certain extent, butBut try not to eat rhubarb for a long time, after all, there will definitely be some side effects between the drugs, so that it will lead to some serious symptoms of anemia.

Rhubarb can increase intestinal motility, inhibit intestinal water absorption, and promote defecation. Rhubarb has anti-infective effects and inhibits a variety of gram-positive and negative bacteria. The most sensitive are staphylococcus and streptococcus, followed by diphtheria and typhoid.And paratyphoid, pneumococcus, dysentery bacillus, etc .; it also has an inhibitory effect on the influenza virus; due to the infection, it has constipation after diarrhea; it has a beneficial effect on bile and stomach;Antihypertensive, lowering serum cholesterol and other effects.

In addition to rhubarb causing a nitric acid tract reaction, there have been reports of 2 elderly patients taking rhubarb soda tablets (15-21 tablets) for a long time (2 years), which caused severe iron deficiency anemia, and hemoglobin decreased to 5-5.

6g, when the dosage is reduced and vitamin C such as iron is added, it returns to normal.

Studies on the transfer time and excretion time of charcoal in intermediates and internal moisture measurement have proved that rhubarb’s action site is in the large intestine and is a type of intestinal laxative, and iron is mainly absorbed in the large intestine. It is believed that the cause of iron deficiency may be caused by the deficiencyIs: Rhubarb’s cathartic effect interferes with iron absorption; rhein leaking acid may combine with Fe to form an insoluble complex that hinders absorption; soda neutralizes gastric acid; interferes with chelation of iron with vitamin C and prevents iron absorption.

It was also reported that after taking 4 tablets of rhubarb soda in a hypertensive patient, skin prurigo, erythema and exacerbation of hypertension appeared, and the rhubarb sensitization was proved by patch test.

Any evidence is not given, blood deficiency and qi weakness, spleen and stomach deficiency, no real heat, stasis, stasis, and prenatal and postpartum care should be taken with caution.

If you use this product to diarrhea and laxative, you should use it after boiling, or use boiling water to soak the juice, otherwise the effect will be weakened.

After taking rhubarb, its pigments are excreted from the urine or sweat glands, so urine and sweat can appear yellow.

In addition, after breastfeeding, breastfeeding may cause diarrhea, so breastfeeding women should not take it.

Because this product can promote blood circulation and stasis, women must also be used with caution before and after delivery and during menstruation.

[Can pregnant women eat chicken chop?

】 _Pregnant_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat chicken chop?
】 _Pregnant_Can you eat

Minced chicken, minced sheep, etc. are all foods that people are more familiar with. Minced chicken refers to the minced meat of poultry and chicken, which is the general term for chicken internal organs such as the heart, liver, and so on., Zinc and other trace elements that are beneficial to the human body, and it can improve the body’s immunity, it is very helpful for people who are recovering from serious diseases and adolescents who are growing and developing, but can pregnant women eat chicken miscellaneous?

Regarding the question of whether pregnant women can eat chicken meat, the answer is that pregnant women can eat chicken meat.

Chicken miscellaneous protein, a variety of minerals and vitamins, beneficial to the stomach, spleen, digestion, emollient beauty.

However, chicken miscellaneous is almost all the viscera of the chicken, and the plasma content is high.

The benefits of eating chicken meat for pregnant women: 1. Chicken meat consumes vitamins and minerals, such as VA, calcium, iron, etc. The proper consumption of expectant mothers can alleviate the stress during pregnancy and improve the body’s ability to resist disease.

2, chicken miscellaneous protein and calcium, iron and other minerals, the appropriate amount of supplementary mothers can enhance mother and child immunity, help the fetal baby’s brain nerve development, can prevent anemia.

3. Organ foods are a better source of VA supplements and can effectively protect the visual development of oxidants.

However, it should be noted that chicken miscellaneous cholesterol and feces content are high, it is not appropriate to eat more.

And must be washed repeatedly before eating to ensure that there is no odor.

Ingredients: 200 grams of chicken miscellaneous (heart, liver, lungs, intestines, etc.), 1 tablespoon of watercress sauce, 3 pickles, 1 tablespoon of cooking wine, 1 parsley, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 2 teaspoons of salt, 1 soy sauce1 tablespoon of MSG, 1 small piece of ginger, shredded, 3 cloves of garlic.

Practice: 1.

Rinse the chicken’s heart, liver, and lungs 3-4 times with water; the intestines need to be cut with a knife, smeared with salt without rubbing with water, rinsed, and repeated 3 times or more.

Chicken chop should be finely chopped and kept to a length of 1 cm for easier taste.


Pickle pepper, ginger, cut into thin filaments, slice garlic; pick parsley leaves and wash, cut into 0.

5 cm short sections are available.


Mix the chicken in a bowl with cooking wine, watercress sauce, soy sauce, 1 teaspoon salt, pickled pepper, garlic, and ginger; marinate for 20 minutes.


Put the wok on the high heat, pour the vegetable oil and heat it to 90% of the chicken, stir-fry for 3-5 minutes, season with parsley and MSG, and fry for 1 minute.

Practical two materials: chicken miscellaneous, onion, green and red pepper, fuel consumption, sugar, salt, chicken essence.

Practice: 1.

Rinse chicken with running water until the water is clear.


Cut the onion into pieces, dice the green and red peppers, and scrape off the fat from the chicken with a knife and cut into thin slices.


Heat the pan into the oil and ingest the chicken giblets and stir-fry until both sides of the chicken gizzle are discolored.


Wash the pan, pour the oil and heat, then stir-fry the onions.


Slightly soften the onion, add the green and red peppers and stir-fry.


When the green and red peppers soften, pour in the chicken and stir-fry.


Add the highest sugar to improve the freshness and stir well.

Pour in oil and stir-fry according to your taste. Add salt and add chicken essence to the pan.
General three ingredients: chicken mixed (about 400 grams), 200 grams of celery, 2 green onions, 10 grams of garlic, 5 grams of ginger, 5 grams of dried red peppers, 10 grams of garlic chopped peppers, 1 teaspoon of salt, seasoned chicken, 10 grams of cooking wine, 5 grams of soy sauce, 50 grams of oil, 300 grams of water.

Practice: 1.

Wash and chop the chicken chops for use. Wash the celery and green onions and cut into 1cm pieces. Garlic, ginger, and dried red peppers are chopped.


Take a cooking pot and put in 150 g of water and burn on high heat. Add celery and blanch for 30 seconds to remove the drained water for later use. Pour off the water in the pot and add 150 g of water to boil. Open the chicken and blanch for 1 minute. Remove and rinse with water.Drain the water and set aside.


Add oil to a wok and simmer to 50% heat. Add minced garlic, ginger, dried red peppers and stir-fry. Turn the heat into the chicken and stir-fry. Then add cooking wine. Stir-fry for about 2 minutes. Add celery and stir-fry.Add the garlic and chopped peppers and stir-fry evenly. Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Put the chicken essence in the green onion and stir-fry.

Depth-Company-Funeng Co., Ltd. (600483): Coal Power Gains Largely, Gas Power Reduces Losses Significantly

Depth * Company * Funeng Co., Ltd. (600483): Coal Power Gains Largely, Gas Power Reduces Losses Significantly

The company released its 2019 Interim Report, which saw a 22% increase in earnings in ten years in line with expectations.

The company’s conventional power generation business is operating well, and its coal power business is performing well; it maintains an overweight rating.

Key points supporting the rating The 2019H1 performance increase of 22% is in line with expectations: The company released its 2019 Interim Report, with revenue of 44 in the first half of the year.

$ 4.5 billion, an increase of 15 per year.

87%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies4.

95 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.

61%; profit after deduction 4

73 ppm, an increase of 17 in ten years.


Among them, 2019Q2 was profitable 2.

8.3 billion, an increase of 44 in ten years.


The company’s interim results were in line with expectations.

The amount of power generation increased slightly, and the performance of coal power was dazzling: in the first half of the year, the company completed the amount of power generation 89 based on the consolidated statement.

7.7 billion kilowatt-hours, with 85 percent of electricity on the grid.

06 billion kilowatt-hours, with an annual increase of 2.

53%, 2.

twenty four%.

Among them, Hongshan Thermal Power has an on-grid power of 31.

6.7 billion kWh, an annual increase of 6.

42%; donor vein 218.

02 for the first time, growing by 26 each year.

87%, the two-way production of electric heating is good, coupled with the decline in coal prices, net profit in the first half of the year2.

2.6 billion, an increase of 53 previously.


Longan thermoelectric donors have grown in ten years.

71%, with net profit growing by 75 per year.

54% to 15.54 million yuan.

In addition, the power of Liuzhi Power Plant in the first half of the year was 31.

7.1 billion kWh, an annual increase of 5.

07%, net profit increased 588% to 31.南京龙凤网29 million yuan.

The replacement tax policy was implemented in advance, and the gas and electricity sector substantially reduced losses in the first half of the year: the subsidiary Jinjiang Gas and Electricity Co., Ltd. completed the online electricity generation in the first half of the year.

8 billion kWh, a decrease of 11 per year.


Since the implementation of Fujian’s natural gas alternative power generation policy in 2019 began in April, Jinjiang Gas & Electricity has completed the replacement of electricity in the first half of the year9.

6.1 billion kWh, expected to contribute about 2 gross profit.


Affected by this factor, Jinjiang Gas and Power was interrupted by 39.48 million yuan in the first half of the year, which is equivalent to 2018H1 forecast1.The 27 trillion case has significantly reduced losses.

Wind conditions caused wind power profits to decline: In the first half of the year due to the impact of wind conditions, the company’s wind power generation and grid-connected power decreased.

19%, 2.

35%, the subsidiary Funeng New Energy achieved net profit1.

8.4 billion, down 13 each year.


It is estimated that under the current equity, the combined company’s interim report situation, we will adjust the company’s forecasted earnings for 2019-2021 to zero.



20 yuan (the original forecast was 0.



27 yuan), corresponding to a decade of market surplus.



1x; maintaining overweight rating.

The main risks faced by the rating are that the progress of the new project commissioning is not up to expectations; the profit of the power generation business is not up to expectations;

Zoomlion (000157) Commentary Report: Interim Report Exceeds Expectations and Maintains High Product Growth

Zoomlion (000157) Commentary Report: Interim Report Exceeds Expectations and Maintains High Product Growth

The report’s reading company predicts that the net profit attributable to mothers in the year of H1 2019 will be in the range of 2.4 to 2 billion 700 million, with a long-term growth of 171.

71% -212.

42%, more than the 2.3 billion we expect from democracy.

  Investment points Cranes and concrete machinery 武汉夜生活网 still maintain rapid growth.

  In the first half of the year, the funding requirements for tower cranes increased sales by more than 100%; the sales of truck cranes increased by more than 90% from January to April, higher than the industry growth rate, and the market share increased rapidly to 27.

98%, an increase of about 4 in 2018.

82pct, if the company’s 12t products open up market space, the growth of the city’s share will gradually increase; concrete machinery pump trucks and high-speed trucks will grow rapidly. Since the second mobile phone of the OEM has been processed in 18 years, we expect the industry toThe growth rate of machine sales exceeded 70%. In the Guangzhou area, restrictions were imposed on the ultra-high limit, and the industry sales maintained high growth in the first half of the year.

  The company’s management is continuously optimized, and the short-term net profit margin level is gradually increased. According to the notice, the Q2 single-quarter performance fell to 13.


12 ppm, a year-on-year increase of 169% -231%, a significant increase over Q1.

With the expansion of the company’s product sales scale, production capacity expansion and increase, the expense growth rate is less than the revenue growth rate, the company’s profitability will be further strengthened, and gradually the company’s net profit rate is expected to reach 11-12%, and gradually the net profit is more than 4 billion.

  Profit forecast and estimated infrastructure counter-cyclical adjustment signals are obvious and the actual investment is growing steadily. We are optimistic about downstream demand for construction machinery, and demand for cranes and concrete machinery in the second half of the year is still expected to be good.Net profit attributable to mothers was 4 billion, 5.1 billion, and 60 billion, respectively, and the corresponding EPS was 0.

52, 0.

66, 0.

78 yuan / share, PE is 10, 8, 7 times, maintaining the “buy” level.

  Risk warning: The rise of upstream steel prices far exceeds expectations, the deterioration of the macro environment has led to fierce competition in the industry, and the aggressive credit sales of OEMs have brought bad debt risks.

Wang Yi expresses support over the phone with Iranian Foreign Minister

Wang Yi expresses support over the phone with Iranian Foreign Minister
People’s Daily Online. According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on February 28, 2020, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke with Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif.Wang Yi said that the China-Iran replacement is a comprehensive strategic partner, and they always support and help each other when they are in a difficult situation and stand firm together.When the new coronary pneumonia epidemic occurred in China, the first sympathy that China received in the world came from Iran. The Iranian side interpreted the meaning of adversity and reunification with practical action, reflecting the friendship of replacing and replacing the people.Keep in mind.Wang Yi said that the epidemic has no national borders. The recent outbreak in Iraq has caused China to sympathize with it and would like to express its condolences to the deceased, to extend condolences to the patients’ families, and to wish all infected people to recover soon.We believe that, under the leadership of the Iranian government, the people of the entire country of Iran will be able to overcome the epidemic.At this moment, the Chinese people are willing to work side by side with the Iranian people to overcome the difficulties. China has urgently donated large-scale nucleic acid test kits and medical equipment to Iran and will continue to provide 四川耍耍网 Iran with assistance within its capabilities, including the outbreak of the epidemicCooperation in prevention and control and medical treatment.Wang Yi is outstanding. Both China and Iran are countries with a long civilization. Just as any difficulty cannot defeat the Chinese nation, there will be no difficulty to defeat the Iranian people.Zarif expressed his gratitude to China for calling and expressing condolences and support.In the joint fight against the epidemic, the friendship between Iran and China in replacing and replacing the people will surely be further deepened, so that the people will always stand firm together.Iran appreciates China’s positive results in fighting the epidemic, thanks China for its medical supplies and technical support, and is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China to become China’s 上海夜网论坛 experience in fighting the epidemic.Iran has experienced various difficulties and obstacles, and this time it will certainly overcome the challenges brought by the epidemic.

What kind of tea is suitable for spring?

Recommend several spring health tea


What kind of tea is suitable for spring?
Recommend several spring health tea

Tea is a traditional Chinese drink. Our modern people are full of love for tea culture. The blood is also full of tea favors. The weather changes with the seasons. Tea also has seasonal changes.What kind of tea is it suitable for?
The following small series recommend to you several spring health tea for your reference!

  1, jasmine tea jasmine tea, also known as fragrant tablets, is a reprocessed tea made from green tea sap and jasmine flowers.

In the tea classification, jasmine tea still belongs to green tea.

Jasmine tea, you can use the “tender tea, floral fragrance, fragrant people boast” to describe the aroma of jasmine tea, in fact, jasmine tea is full of scent and attractive, it also has the function of repelling the cold, in the early spring can solve our cold, andYou can also cheer up and eliminate the habit of spring sleep.

In addition to drinking jasmine tea, you can calm your mood and refresh your spirits. You can also clear the heat and relieve heat, spleen and soothe the nerves, moisturize, replace stomach upset and menstrual pain, and stomach pain. It also helps women’s physiology, reproductive function, and moisturizes the skin.Skincare.

  Recipe: Use 2 teaspoons of dried jasmine and 3 teaspoons of green tea or a black tea bag to brew in boiling water.

Smell the scent before drinking, and fragrant.

  2, mint tea spring is coming, spring sleepy, drinking mint tea is the most respectable way of refreshing.

Mint taste cool, mainly contains volatile oil, the main components of oil, menthol, menthol, menthone, mint, benzyl, limonene, etc., certain irritating, not suitable for lactation, pregnant women, children.
  Formula: Wash the mint leaves that have just been bought with cold water and put them in a teacup. Add 200 ml of hot water and cover for 15-20 minutes until the scent is released. When it is cool, add rock sugar according to personal preference.Honey or juice can enhance the taste of the tea.

  3, rose tea rose tea is lukewarm and rich in vitamins. It has the functions of promoting blood circulation, diluting the liver and regulating qi, balancing endocrine, etc. It has a conditioning effect on the liver and stomach, and can eliminate fatigue, improve physical fitness, and early spring.

In addition, it can effectively alleviate cardiovascular diseases, and can be used for beauty and beauty, helping to improve dry skin and remove dark spots on the skin.

  Recipe: A teaspoon of dried petals, brewed in a cup of boiling water, simmered for about 10 minutes; brown sugar or honey jam can be added.

  4, chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum tea not only has the role of Qingganming, but also under fire, detoxification, heat, swelling and other functions, can effectively eliminate toxins in the body, enhance resistance, spring is the beginning of all things, the human body is also possibleThere is a surplus of yang, so it is good to drink some chrysanthemum tea to reduce the fire.

Chrysanthemum has the effect of nourishing the liver and calming the liver, clearing the liver and clearing the eye. It is especially suitable for spring, especially for girls who work closely with computers.

At the same time, it can detoxify fitness, exorcise evil and reduce fire, evacuate wind and clear heat, dilute and swollen, resist the harmful chemical or metabolites accumulated in the body, eliminate the effect, can inhibit a variety of pathogens, enhance microvascular elasticity, slow heart rate,Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and is beneficial to qi and blood, moisturizing and curing hair.

  Formula: If the eyes are swollen, use cotton tea with chrysanthemum tea and apply it around your eyes. It will soon be eliminated.

Drinking a cup of chrysanthemum tea every day can make the symptoms of eye fatigue fade, and it is also a good choice for restoring vision.

  5, honeysuckle tea honeysuckle sweet and cold, with heat and detoxification, evacuation of wind and heat, swelling and pain relief, can correct the upper respiratory tract infection in spring, influenza, tonsillitis, periodontitis and other complications, on the pain,Enteritis also has the effect of relieving, helping to cool the blood to stop diarrhea, diuretic and liver.

It is particularly important to remind that the cold constitution and menstruation cannot be combined twice. Otherwise, adverse reactions may occur.

  Formula: When you drink, choose 10 grams of honeysuckle, brew with boiling water.

  6, dandelion tea According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica” records, dandelion can clear heat, poisoning, eliminate swelling.

Dandelion is a natural diuretic and digestive sacred product; it is rich in minerals, which can help prevent anemia caused by iron deficiency, and its large amount of potassium residue can also regulate the water and salt balance in the body together with sodium, instead of normal heart rate.Rich in egg yolk, it can prevent liver cirrhosis and enhance liver and gallbladder function.

Spring is easy to get angry, dandelion is expected to have a mitigating effect.

  Formula: When you drink, choose the right amount of dandelion, brew with boiling water.

  7, chamomile tea chamomile has the effect of helping sleep, moisturizing the skin, can also improve women’s premenstrual discomfort.

It can eliminate the soreness caused by various defects, repel the liver fire and eliminate eye fatigue.

It treats eczema, acne, herpes and common skin allergies.

At the same time, it can also improve the body’s edema, which is the natural sacred product to purify the skin.

Drinking chamomile often improves the dull complexion and makes the skin bright and lustrous. At the same time, the uncomfortable body is close to the night of insomnia or nightmares, and it has the effect of calming the nerves.

Basically, it can relieve eye fatigue, apply cold tea that has been brewed to the eyes, and help remove dark circles.

It can also be used as a calming mask, especially for sensitive skin!

  Recipe: Put about 2 teaspoons of dried chamomile, brew with boiling water, simmer for about 30 minutes, add honey, very sweet and delicious.

  8, lily flower tea lily is sweet, bitter, flat, return to the lungs, heart.

Busy urban people want to eat more lily, we usually eat sweet lily, pharmacy sells bitter lily, the effect is much the same.The main function of lily is to clear the heart and calm the nerves, and to relieve lung and cough.

The lily is slightly bitter, and Chinese medicine seems that bitterness has a good effect on emotional irritability, restlessness, and improved sleep.

Because the lily belongs to the lung, the lung is the main gas, the main fur, so the lily can cause the lungs and cough, and can also supplement the Qi, also good for the spleen and stomach.

  Formula: 10 grams of water per day.

  Four types of people should not drink tea to maintain health, insomnia, insomnia people are not suitable for placing tea, otherwise it will cause more serious sleep disorders.

  2, people who are tachycardia.

  3, people with poor kidney function, patients with renal failure.

  4, pregnant women, pregnant women drink strong tea will cause fetal uneasiness, and even cause premature birth.

  In addition, patients with chronic diseases should pay attention to the selection of light tea when drinking tea.