Teach you the 16 most effective breast enhancement exercises

Teach you the 16 most effective breast enhancement exercises

The essentials of the push-up exercise for breast-enhancing “hand-off”: Put on a sports top that can support the strength of the chest without wearing bra.

Kneel on the ground with your knees close together, with your feet raised backwards, lean forward, with your hands on the floor and shoulder width.

Keep straight forward and tighten your hips, slowly bend your arms to the bottom to touch the ground, and then slowly push your body up with the force of your elbows and return to the original position.

  To keep the muscles in a constant state of tension, the elbow joint is not completely straightened when the body moves to the highest point, and the above action is repeated 10 times.

Pay attention to the abdomen tightening, feel the chest is hard, and do not stick the waist to the ground.

  Best Analysis: This push-up exercise can both make the vertical firm and plump, and make the tibia strong.

In fact, doing push-ups does not increase the upper and lower limbs, but it can increase the lower pectoral muscles through exercise. The enlargement and firmness of the pectoral muscles make it overall prominent, and the elasticity has also increased significantly.

  Chest sagging resistance type 1.

Kneeling on the ground, with your chest and thighs pressed against your calves, your hands naturally relaxed and placed on your thighs.


Raise your hand slowly to your body, straighten it straight back, reach the heel as much as possible, and touch the heel with your palm.


Hold your hands crossed and hold each other, so that your body is raised behind you, and at the same time, it is raised to the top of your head, so that your upper body is bent down to the ground and punched, so that the sides are aligned.

  Top fold out.

The two countries moved to their chests, their palms closed.


Inhale and squeeze firmly with both palms to make the two full-length elbows horizontally spread.


Hold the position of 2 and try to straighten your upper body while exhaling, making the buttocks feel a tension, as if the front and back of the upper body and a stretch of feeling, stretched for 10 seconds, and relax the body.

Repeated 5 times, the effect is very obvious.

  Skin shrinkage recovery type 1.

Lie flat on the ground, the United Nations put it in front of its face, supporting its chin.


Bend so that your feet are as close to the back of your body as possible.

Radial upwards and backwards, touching the feet forward.

Keep your two lower legs apart.



Raise your head, using the abdominal muscles as the support point, tilt your head back, pull your chest up, and pull your legs closer to your waist with both hands.

Exhale and relax, return to the original position, and repeat 3 times.

  Book and Chair Exercises Prepare two books of the same thickness. It should not be too thick. Hold one in each hand.

When you bend your upper elbow, you will open upwards and inhale.

Exhaling, the black hair pressed hard to recover the stacked elbows to his chest.

Make the two mine elbows touch the chest, the two forearms are V-shaped, and the farther the mine elbows from the body, the better.

  Chair exercises are also appropriate and can be operated during the office lunch break.

Prepare two chairs of the same height, with the backs of the two chairs facing the sides of the body.

Lift your heels, hold the chair’s back, press down and bend it downwards. At this time, keep your upper elbows up.

Pull your body firmly with your arms and return to the original position. Repeat 5 times.  These two small actions are very effective for tightening tight muscles and shaping beautiful and even brown lines. Persistence is the key.

  Regardless of the size of the two sides, you can refer to the following chest muscle exercise to quickly strengthen the buttocks and prevent chest sagging.

Experts point out that the fracture of the tibia is composed of muscles, and proper exercise can help the chest size improve by one level.

Do a total of gradients for each action, repeating each group six to twelve times, and practicing two to three times a week.

  Main attack action: 1.

At the beginning of the powerful ring lift, lie on your back with your knees flexed and your feet flat on the ground.

Lift three to eight pounds of dumbbells in each hand, and then stretch straight over your chest, palms facing each other.

The elbow is slightly bent and inhaled, and the arm is slowly lowered to the left and right sides until the elbow is close to the ground.

Hold the motion for a second, exhale, and return to the original position, as if you were hugging a person.

Repeat the action six to twelve times.


The chair is lifted with the palms separated from the shoulders, and pressed against a stable chair or table.

Keep it straight, stretch your waist slightly, make your body perpendicular to the ground.

Keep your toes as support points, keep your feet straight, and lower your body until your shin is just above your palms, just like palm presses.

Then return to the initial posture and repeat the above action.

  The 1st move-Book Breast Enhancement: Explain in detail: clip the book under your arms, raise your hands forward to flat, and keep doing it until your arm becomes sour or the book falls.

The thickness of the book varies from person to person, and it is advisable not to feel uncomfortable.

  Strength analysis: This method is highly respected by “Taiwan Wave God” Tang Lin.

  Expert analysis: The book is clamped under the arm, and the person is placed with a waist and chest when the hands are raised forward.

This position helps to strengthen the chest muscles and straighten the buttocks.

  Part 2-Detailed explanation of hypnosis and breast enhancement tricks: Tell yourself, “My black hair is getting fuller and more straight.”

  Fruitful analysis: psychologist experts, breasts directly retain traces of women’s psychological growth.

In many cases, the decision to grow breasts is even more implied by the brain.

This suggestion has a much closer relationship with breast cancer than we imagined, and it exceeds the physiological effects of aunts and glands inside the breast.

  Part 3-Breathing and breast enhancement tricks detailed explanation: sit cross-legged, with the soles of your feet together; your knees forward, your upper body trying to tilt upwards, and your arms straight up; use your nose to inhale, control your shoulders not to lift, and fully expand your chestAt the same time, the upper body leans forward and the abdomen is pressed downwards; the upper body leans to overlap, holding your breath; when you can’t hold your breath, lift your upper body while exhaling with your mouth, don’t use both arms.

Get up and breathe 5 times. After a little adjustment, repeat this action 5?
10 times.

The upper abdomen can be stretched during breathing, but the lower abdomen must be tightened.

Breathing is moderate and should not be too fast or too slow.

  Improving analysis: The correct breathing method can always provide sufficient oxygen, effectively relieve fatigue, and is enough for an unexpected breast enhancement effect.

Some experiments have confirmed that after performing this breathing exercise for 3 months, the average length of the practitioners increased, and the waist became thinner.

  The 4th move-Green papaya breast enhancement tricks explained in detail: Green papaya peeled, seeded, cut into pieces, ribs cut into pieces, hot water to remove fishy.

Bring to a boil in a pot. Put ribs, papaya, spring onion, ginger, and cooking wine in it. Stew over low heat for 3 hours. Sprinkle with salt to taste.

Special reminder, fresh papaya is slightly bitter in winter, which is normal and can be eaten with peace of mind.

  Efficacy analysis: Green papaya has been the first breast enhancement fruit since ancient times. Lin Xilei and Xu Huaiyu have all used it to breast enhancement.

Because the rich papaya enzymes and vitamin A in them can stimulate the secretion of female hormones and help breast enhancement, papaya enzymes can break down proteins and promote the body’s absorption of proteins. It is best served with meat.

  Part 5-Detailed description of avocado pear breast enhancement: half avocado, dig out the flesh, add 250ml of fresh milk, an appropriate amount of walnuts, whipped into juice, and season with honey.

  The best analysis: Taiwan’s first beauty Xiao Qiang often uses this avocado juice, and its breast enhancement effect is targeted *.

Avocado is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can increase the elasticity of vitamin D. Containing vitamin A can promote female hormone secretion, vitamin C can prevent lipid deformation, and vitamin E can help development.

The protein and starch contained in fresh milk and walnuts can increase the swelling of the corpora cavernosa and also have breast enhancement effects.
  The 6th trick-Breast Breast Enrichment Detailed Explanation: add wine to the wine in the right amount, microwave for about 2 minutes, or make into the stuffed eggs, stuffed dumplings.
Take it once a day before and after menstrual cramps for better results.

  Some analysis: Tianxin can have a devil figure, and wine making is indispensable.

Many nutritionists also agree with the breast enhancement effect of wine.

Because the wine contains natural hormones that promote the plumpness of women’s skin cells, its alcohol content also helps improve blood circulation.

  The seventh stroke-medicated breast enhancement tricks explained in detail: 100 grams of peanuts, 100 grams of pitted red dates, 20 grams of astragalus, porridge, 7 days after menstruation.

  The best analysis: This Qing Dynasty imperial medicated diet is legendary that it is a breast enhancement recipe developed by Taiyi for Cixi.

Modern nutritional analysis believes that peanuts are rich in protein and oil; jujube is able to regenerate and regulate endocrine; astragalus qi and blood circulation, the combination of the three can upgrade the size to your satisfaction, while also warming the uterus to increase the conception rate.

  The eighth trick-strengthen the natural Bra tricks in detail: After bathing, apply moisturizing lotion to the whole body.

Open your mouth with a smile and repeat it 20 times to strengthen your muscles. Use your hands to lift your breasts from the bottom to the top, and then extend the massage to the neck.About 5 minutes.

  Beneficial analysis: Promote blood circulation, tighten contraction, chest muscles, strengthen the natural Bra of the human body, make the breasts prominent and firm.

  The 9th trick-choose 3 kinds of essential oil tricks in detail: choose base oil + Elan + geranium + rose, massage from the lower edge of the breast, along the outer edge up to the position of the collarbone under the neck; massage in a circle from the center of the breast, massage up toClavicle position; Spiral massage around the breast in small circles.

Every action repeats 8?
10 times.

  The best analysis: Massage with essential oils stimulates skin cells to absorb essential oil components, which not only helps breast enhancement, but also improves skin sagging, bulging, and slender contour lines.

  The tenth trick-acupuncture massage acupoints in detail: massage the Tanzhong acupoint in the middle of the two breasts, the Tianzong acupoint in the central depression of the scapula, the lower part of the little finger nails outside the Shaoze acupoint, or go to a professional Chinese medicine hospital for acupuncture and breast enhancement.

  Efficacy analysis: Tian Li’s gift to the proud Shuangfeng worshipped Chinese physicians for many years.

According to the principles of Chinese medicine, massage or acupuncture points can stimulate the glands and endocrine, command the pituitary gland to release hormones, act on the ovary, activate breast cells in a feedback manner, and promote healing and development.

At the same time, the blood is also drained to the chest to deliver nutrition to the breast to achieve breast enhancement.

  The eleventh trick-bath spa massage and massage tricks in detail: use a shower during shower, alternately warm or cold water from bottom to top, to stimulate it.

After washing, while the body is warm, rub the moisturizing lotion and massage the chest.

  Best Analysis: One of Zeng Baoyi’s breast enhancement methods is to massage up and down with water during bathing.

Short-term low-temperature stimulation can improve breast tissue nutrition, increase tension, and promote its growth.

The impact of water on the top of the massage can also bring areola color and breast shape more beautiful.

  The 12th move-push-ups and abdomen breast enhancement tricks detailed explanation: knees close to the ground knees, feet raised, lean forward, hands on the ground with shoulders wide, keep straight and hips tighten; slowly bend your arms until the chest touchesOn the ground, slowly push your body back up again.

To keep the muscles in a constant state of tension, the elbow joints are not completely straightened when moved to the highest point, and repeated 10 times.

When doing this exercise, your knees must be upright, not sagging, your abdominal muscles tightened, and your waist should not fall when your body is down.

  Some analysis: Although this exercise is quite tiring, it has been recognized as the most effective breast enhancement exercise.

As long as you get into the habit of doing it every day, you can not only increase your breasts, but also shrink your belly.

In fact, doing push-ups does not make the breasts bigger because the breasts have muscles.

However, the breast muscles under breast cancer can be increased through exercise, and the increase in breast muscles is slightly prominent. It seems to be plump, and it does increase elasticity.

  The 13th move-swimming breasts moves explained in detail: practice butterfly and freestyle.

  Some analysis: Swimming is also a good breast enhancement exercise. Water pressure can massage the chest, and you can also swipe your arms through the water to fully expand the chest.

  The 14th move-UPUP Breast Enhancement Tactics Detailed: Hands are folded on the chest, elbows are raised forward, left and right push each other; abdomen and chest, try to straighten your arms up with the strength of your shoulders, do not tiptoe, below the waistDon’t push hard; put your hands behind your back and try to reach back.

  The best analysis: the first movement can exercise the ligaments of the chest to make it slightly upright; the second movement can exercise the chest muscles to support the chest; the last movement can adjust the length of the spine and tibia to prevent sagging.

  The 15th stroke-detailed menstrual conditioning: menstrual irregularities or irregular menstrual symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, take Chinese medicine to regulate menstruation.

  Strength analysis: TCM believes that irregular menstruation is related to liver stagnation, spleen deficiency, qi stagnation and blood stasis.

Endocrine disturbances caused by liver stagnation, malnutrition caused by spleen deficiency, etc. all lead to irregular menstruation.

Because the nipples, breasts, and areola are attributed to the liver, spleen, and stomach meridians, starting from the liver and spleen, menstruation can also play a role in breast enhancement.

  The 16th trick-seize the breast enhancement season tricks in detail: on the 11th, 12th, and 13th days of menstruation, or the 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th day, do more chest massageEat foods with breast enhancement.
  Some analysis: These 3 days are the best period for breast enhancement, and these 7 days are the next best period.

Because in these 10 days, the ovarian estrus hormones that affect the fullness of the tibia are secreted in equal amounts for 24 hours, it is the best breast enhancement period to stimulate breast thickening.
  Material: 2 pigtails, 5 chicken feet, 4 shiitake mushrooms, 3 jujubes. Method: 1.

Soak the shiitake mushrooms for 1 hour, cut them in half, and cut the chicken feet in half.


Cut the pigtails into pieces and place them in boiling water.


Put the pigtails, chicken feet, shiitake mushrooms and red dates into a crock pot, boil over high heat, and after 5 minutes, reduce to low heat and simmer for about 1 hour.


Add a small amount of salt and serve after cooling.

It is best to eat soup and soup in the morning and evening.

  Hannah Tinker: Both pigtails and chicken feet are rich in collagen, which has a good breast enhancement effect, so after drinking a little, your skin will also become white and tender, full of elasticity, which is suitable for middle-aged women for a long timeedible.

  Drink: Papaya Royal Jelly Ingredients: 1/4 papaya, 1 or 2 almonds, 1 spoon of royal jelly, less honey.

  Method: Mix all materials with a blender and transform.

  Soup: Zihe Che Breast Breast Soup Material: Half of Zihe Che (placenta), 3 ears of fungus, 5 yuan of Huaishan, 3 yuan of wolfberry, 6 jujubes, 6 Lulutongs, 2 gingers, 8 peels1 egg and 3 quail eggs.

  How to cook: Cook all ingredients in 12 bowls of water for 2 hours. Main dish: cashew chicken and fried celery Ingredients: cashew 1 or 2, walnut 1 or 2, red kidney beans 1 or 2 peanuts 1 chicken, parsley4 two.

  Frying method: Fry cashew nuts, walnuts, red kidney beans and peanuts with oil, then stir-fry the chicken, add seasoning, and fry the celery.

What kind of animals can recognize themselves in the mirror?

What kind of animals can recognize themselves in the mirror?

Can animals recognize themselves in the mirror?

To answer this question, American psychologist Gordon?

Grande has experimented.

He puts the chimpanzee’s back retina on 2?
Three red dots, and then let the chimpanzee awake from the anus look in the mirror.

The chimpanzee polished himself through the mirror and changed his appearance. He began to touch the red dot, and then saw and smelled the replaced finger, and began to try to erase the red dot. Through experiments, Grang changed it into a chimpanzee from the mirrorRecognize yourself and know that it is not the other person who is distorted by the color, but yourself.

  Since then, scientists have performed similar tests on a variety of other animals: cats, dogs, elephants, birds, dolphins, and 20 species of apes.

It turned out that only apes can recognize themselves in the mirror: chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans.

In order to understand what is happening, the apes need a few minutes to a few days, fast or slow.

Scientists still have questions about dolphins, even if they barely pass the test.

  Scientists have also experimented in other ways. For example, Grang put a pair of macaques in a cage with a mirror.

The macaques quickly became accustomed to new things, but the macaques did not recognize themselves in the mirror, but could recognize the service staff who fed and cleaned them.

Seeing the waiter in the mirror, he quickly ran over.

  The bird regards his shadow seen in the mirror as a “bird friend” like himself.

Parrot owners know this best, because they like to hang small mirrors in the cages of individual parrots for entertainment.

American ornithologists need to catch a few lyrebirds for research, and successfully use a mirror-mounted trap.

  Finally, is human being at 12?
I recognized myself in the mirror for 18 months.



Snake (“Bei Lu”)[synonymous]虺 (“Book of Songs”), Reverse Nose (“Classic Interpretation”), Earth Viper (“Puji Fang”), Reverse Nose (“Outline”), Bi Fei (“Huzhou Prefecture Records”, Fang Shengban, Tu Jin, Gray Earth Plaque (“Outline of the Outline”), Flying on the Grass (Xue Dezhang’s “Systematic Zoology”), Seven-inch Son, Native Male Snake, Dog Cormorant, Rotten Belly(Biology Bulletin 3: 4, 1958), Tuqiuzi (“Northeast Animal Medicine”), Di flat snake (“Chinese Pharmaceutical Dictionary”).

  [Source]The whole viscera of the Viperidae viper.

  [Animal Form]The viper is 54-80 cm away.

  The head is triangular; the kiss ends are round, and the kiss scales are slightly wider than tall.

  The nasal scales are wide, with the trailing edge slanting outward.

  The forehead scales are large, and the length and width are slightly similar; the length of the frontal scales and the length of the replacement line between the two cranial scales are selected: the length of the cranial scales is similar to the sum of the frontal scales plus the forehead scale 1/2.

  The eye scales are longer than the frontal scales and smaller than the cranial scales.

  The nostrils are located between the two nasal scales, the anterior nasal scale is twice as large as the posterior nasal scale.

  There are 2 scales in front of the eyes, 2-3 scales behind the eyes, 1 scale under the eyes, and the front end is connected to the third upper lip scale.

  There are 7 upper lip scales, and the third one enters the eyes; 10 lower lip scales, and the first 4 are connected to the forehead scales.

  The front scales are large and juxtaposed side by side; the rear scales are small, separated from left and right, with 1 pair of small scales at an interval; there are about 5 pairs of small scales between the rear scales and the first ventral scale.

  Body scales are ridged, usually 23-21-17 lines.

  138-168 abdominal scales; single anal scales; 28-56 pairs of subscales.

  The back is dark brown, with one row of dark brown round spots on the body side, about 30 or so.

  The markings on both sides are often connected in the center of the back.

  The top of the head is gray-brown, from behind the eyes to the corners of the mouth and dark brown with broad stripes; the upper, lower lip and ventral surface of the head are pale yellow.

  The ventral surface is grayish white with black spots, sometimes all grayish black.

  The tail is short and charred.

  Living in the plains or suburban mountains, the disk is often disc-shaped or twisted into waves.

  Predatory rats, frogs, lizards, birds, insects, etc.

  Very toxic.

  Northern and central China were previously distributed.

  The animal’s skin (Viper skin), bone (Viper bone), gallbladder (Viper gallbladder), aunt (Viper snake fat), molting (Viper molting) are also used for medicinal purposes.

  [Collection]Captured in spring and summer.

  After catching, remove the internal organs by laparotomy and dry.

  [Pharmacological action]The crude snake venom has complex ingredients and complex effects.

  It is generally believed that viper venom is mainly blood circulation and nerve mixed poison.

  In addition to the local swelling and pain of the bite patients, due to neurotoxicity, chills often occur, eye paste, drooping eyelids, and neck traction. Of course, it is more important to cause breathing difficulties such as double inhalation, holding your breath, and nodding.Or fish mouth breathing.

  Respiratory paralysis is the primary cause of early death.

  Animal tests have also shown that viper venom has a significant neurotoxic effect.

  At the same time, viper venom has significant blood circulation poisoning, and artificial respiration alone cannot extend the survival time of animals.

  Clinical patients also often have severe toxic shock symptoms such as pale, sweating, accelerated heart rate, cold limbs, and decreased blood pressure.

  Although some people think that Agkistrodon halys venom is also mainly neurotoxic (respiratory palsy is the main symptom and the cause of death according to their observation), blood circulation poisoning is still considered to be the main one.

  It can release a large amount of vasoactive substances such as histamine, serotonin and bradykinin, destroy red blood cells, increase capillary permeability, cause a large loss of plasma and body fluids, and insufficient blood volume.

  More serious is the direct damage to the heart. The electrocardiogram of the bite patient has sinus arrhythmia, ectopic rhythm, and P wave becomes sharp.

  R波低电压、传导阻滞、S-T段下降、T波扁平或倒置等变化,联系到实验动物中毒死亡后的尸解情况-心肌出血、心肌纤维浊肿断裂,可以认为蝮蛇毒对心脏的毒性It is the initial cause of death caused by circulatory failure.

  Due to shock, hemolysis, and direct damage to various organs (such as kidneys), acidosis, acute renal failure, etc. can occur.

  Patients with severe bites often show soy-colored urine and urine protein, casts, and occult blood are positive.  Onset of infection is also a very important issue.

  Bamboo leaves are green, turtle snake venom is a mixed poison mainly blood circulation poison.

  Generally, local symptoms are heavier, and systemic symptoms are lighter. If rescue is timely and correct, the mortality rate will be reduced.

  [Processing]Viper Cream: Take the calcined viper of Viper and grind it into powder.

  [Sexual taste]sweet, warm and toxic.

  ① “Compendium of Materia Medica”: There is a small poison.

  ② “Outline”: Gan, Wen, poisonous.

  ③ “Ben Jing Feng Yuan”: Hot, toxic.

  [Function Indication-Viper’s Effect]Qufeng, attack poison.

  Treatment of leprosy, dysentery, skin irritation, dysentery, hemorrhoids.

  ① “Don’t record”: brewing wine to treat dysentery, sacks, abdominal pain, and nodule.

  ② “Medicinal theory”: treatment of five hemorrhoids, intestinal wind and diarrhea.

  ③ “Compendium of Outlines”: Zhifengbi.

  [Usage and Dosage]Oral: alcohol-soaked or storable ground powder.

  Topical application: dipping in oil, wine stains, or burn-in powder.

  [Selection]① Treatment of strong winds and evil winds, sores, stubborn skin, half-deadness, severe diseases of the skin, hands, feet, and internal organs: one viper.

  In the living device, throw it in a bucket of mellow wine and bury it in the horse drowning place. After the anniversary, the wine is still there, and the snake has digested it.

  However, one liter of serving has arrived, and it is no longer possible to take a physical exercise, take a puppet, or take medicine.

  There are also small poisons that cannot be taken.

  (“Compendium of Materia Medica”) ② Governance of white crickets: a large viper snake.

  Don’t make injuries, use wine stains, the big one fight, the small one five liters, bran fire temperature, order, find an inch of snake, with lunar pig cream and apply sores.

  (“Behind the elbow”) ③ The treatment of tetanus teeth is urgent, the mouth is not open, the mouth and face are skewed, and the limbs are loose and slow: a snake (removing head, tail, intestine, skin, bone, and vinegar) and five dragonsVinegar ), a star of the Southern Star (heavy thirds, artillery).

  On the end, vinegar and noodles, such as mung beans, are large.

  Three to five pills per serving, ginger wine, thin onion porridge, sweating.

  (“Pujifang” Tiannan Xing Wan) ④ Treatment of general swelling and poison, wound ulceration long-term embolism: Viper, go to its head and tail, remove the intestines by laparotomy, sand, immersed in oil, after 50 days, use micro-steam and apply.

  (“Surgery Treasure Book” Viper oil) ⑤ Parker back: a viper, a pound of sesame oil.

  First put the sesame oil flag into a porcelain pot, then put the viper into the soak, seal, bury it underground, remove it after one hundred days, dry it for half a day, mash it into a paste and apply it to the affected area.

  (“Jilin Chinese Herbal Medicine”) ⑥ Treatment of gastric ulcer attack: Viper, wine soaked for more than one year, drink one cup before each meal, three times a day, effective for 20 consecutive days.

  (“Animal and Plant Folk Medicine”) Treating Drowning: Viper is a penny and chicken tongue is fragrant.

  Put on the second flavor and send it down.

  Five points for each serving between seven and fifteen years of age; one for each service above fifteen.

  (“New Compendium of Materia Medica”)[Clinical Application]Treatment of Leprosy and Leprosy Response Trying viper wine to treat various types of leprosy has certain effects, especially for those who have combined drugs.

  According to the observation of 47 cases of treatment for 6 months, the general conditions such as spirit, weight and appetite have improved, skin reactions have subsided or improved, consciousness has recovered or improved, ulcers have reduced, and sexual function has improved; inflammatory cell infiltration on pathological changesReduced, bacteria tests disappeared or reduced.

  Another 10 patients with advanced neoplastic leprosy were treated with viper wine alone, and the results were significant in 3 cases, 5 cases were effective, and 2 cases were ineffective.

  In effective cases, skin nodules and softening of skin nodules began to disappear within 1-2 weeks after administration, and consciousness was restored. Cell infiltration and bacterial detection were also reduced.

  There is no uniform specification for the preparation of Viper Sprinkler, and the following production method has been tried: take a large (about 6-7 years) live Viper, put it in a 1000ml 60 ° sorghum shochu and drunk, and add ginseng 5 yuan,Cover tightly and place in a cool place. After soaking for 3 months, take wine orally, 1-2 times a day, 5-10 ml each time.

  Use a glass dish to draw the venom of viper viper, add it to 100 ml of 60 ° sorghum wine, and take the wine one month later, 2-3 times a day, 2-3 ml each time.

  Take one live viper, 5 ginseng, soak it in 2000ml of 12 ° rice wine, and take it after 3 months. Take it once a day, 5ml each time, and go to bed sweating.

  Take one live viper, put it into a drying box after killing, grind the powder for 12 hours, soak it in 500 ml of 60 ° sorghum shochu, and take the wine service 2-3 months later, each time5-10 ml; or take 5 g of powder and send it down once with 300 ml of rice wine.

  In addition, 5-10 grams of Agkistrodon powder was used in the clinic before taking the appropriate amount of yellow wine before going to bed (supplemented with liquid to detoxify during the medication). For 3-4 days, 15 cases of leprosy nodular reaction were treated, and the symptoms disappeared.12 cases, 2 cases improved, 1 case was invalid.

Refractory esophagitis diet prescription

Refractory esophagitis diet prescription

Reflux esophagitis refers to the reflux of gastric fluid or duodenal fluid to the esophagus, causing inflammation of the esophageal mucosa.

The main symptoms of reflux esophagitis are burning or pain behind the sternum.

Acid reflux and difficulty swallowing.

Burns and nausea often occur after a meal, especially after a full meal.

Both burning and nausea are related to changes in position. Postures such as bending over or lying down can be induced or aggravated, and are also apparent at night.

  Suffering from reflux esophagitis, should usually eat less or avoid high feces diet, quit smoking and alcohol, especially not drinking alcohol.

Eat less lemon juice, coffee, chocolate, citrus fruits, tomatoes, pepper, etc. Also avoid lying down and eating before meals.

In addition, the following diet prescriptions can also be used.


Milk yam flour paste: milk 250g, yam, flour 30g each.

Cut the yam into diced shape, add water, and simmer in the heat, add milk after the soup is thick, add the flour paste, and boil.

More than once.

Day service 1?
Take 2 times on an empty stomach, 1 month as a course of treatment.

  Milk is sweet, flat, tonic, tonifies the lungs and stomachs, and invigorate the intestines.

Yam benefits the lungs, strengthens the spleen, and nourishes the kidney.

Studies have shown that yam can promote stomach function and help digest food.

Flour, especially barley flour, contains allantoin, which can treat stomach inflammation and promote gastric function recovery.


Olive radish in pot: 250g olives, 500g radishes.

Put the olives and radishes (cut into small pieces) together in a pot and add decoction with water.

Substitute tea.

Use for 5-7 days.

  Olives, also known as green fruit, can breathe out, get fluid, quench thirst, clear the lungs, relieve throat, digestion, and appetite.

Radish can strengthen the stomach and eliminate food, relieve cough and reduce phlegm, relieve qi and diuretic, clear heat and detoxify.

Olive pot radish can clear the throat, adjust the esophagus’s contraction function, digestion and appetizing, and dredge the ventilator.

Clinical observations can relieve the symptoms of esophageal reflux after taking it.


Chicken gizzards and peppers: 2 gizzards and 20 peppercorns, similar in salt.

Wash the chicken gizzards inside and out, add peppercorns, add a small amount of salt, wrap in several layers of wet paper, cook on the fire, and remove.

Cut into thin slices and serve while hot.

Take 1 each time, 2 times a day for 1 week.

  The chicken gizzards nourish the stomach, and this product can reduce the insomnia and relieve qi, and clinical observation can reduce the burning sensation and pain in the sternum, reduce hiccups and belching, can functional dyspepsia and cause certain dysfunction.


Fried radish: 300g fresh radish, cooking oil, salt.

Wash and cut the radish, add to a hot oil pan and fry, season with a little salt, and serve.

  This recipe has the effect of regulating qi and digestion.

It can be cured for hiccups, belching, stagnant diet, chest fullness and discomfort, as well as post-sternal burning and soreness and a foreign body sensation in the throat.
  5. Shenqi pork belly soup: one pork belly, astragalus 150g, codonopsis 150g.

Wash the slices of Astragalus and Codonopsis, and wash the pork belly.

Ginseng is wrapped in gauze and added to the pork belly. The twine is tightened, simmered in heat, and the medicine pack can be removed after cooking.

Eat the soup and drink the soup while it is hot, and divide it into 4 ^ 6 times. Eat 2 times a day, even for 1 week.

  Astragalus is sweet and warm. It is the main medicine for invigorating qi. It can reduce gastric acid and gastric secretion and protect gastric mucosa.

Codonopsis has a sweet and flat taste, has the effect of nourishing zhongqi and qi, strengthening spleen and lungs.

Pork belly is nourishing, nourishing and curing stomach, and is compatible with Shenqi, which can be used for stomach and esophageal inflammation, indigestion and burning pain.