March 7 Interactive Entertainment’s net profit doubled last year and tossed 4.5 billion

March 7 Interactive Entertainment’s net profit doubled last year and tossed 4.5 billion
On the evening of April 1, A-share game company Sanqi Huyu announced its 2019 annual results.The annual report shows that March 7 Entertainment achieved revenue of 132 last year.2.7 billion, an annual increase of 73.3%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is about 21.1.5 billion, an annual increase of 109.69%; exclude non-recurring gains and losses, net profit is about 20.8.9 billion yuan, an annual increase of 339.9%.Sanqi Huyu said that the profit distribution plan passed by the board of directors is to distribute a cash dividend of 3 yuan (including tax) for every 10 shares to all shareholders, and does not use the provident fund to increase its share capital.In addition, the company will launch a performance briefing on April 9.Along with the announcement of the annual results, Sanqi Huyu also invested a fixed increase plan of US $ 4.5 billion. The company said that the proceeds will be used for online game development and operation construction projects, 5G cloud game platform construction projects and Guangzhou headquarters buildingFor construction projects, the plan has been approved by the board of directors and is still subject to approval by the general meeting of shareholders and the CSRC.Mobile game revenue surged and the page game plan expected a net profit of 700 million to 7 million in the first quarter.5 trillion 37 Interactive Entertainment is a company that started with page games. In 2015, more than 80% of the company’s revenue came from page games, but this situation has changed rapidly since then. In 2017, mobile game revenue contributed more than 30%In 2018, it further increased to 73%, while page games ‘revenue declined year after year, and page games’ revenue decreased by 25% in 2019.18% to 12.300 million US dollars, contributing less than 10% to revenue.37 Interactive Entertainment said that the proportion of page games revenue slightly shifted from the previous year, mainly due to the transfer of users to mobile terminals and the reduction in the number of web game products.Although the revenue of page games decreased and the auto parts business has been sold and no longer contributes to revenue, the growth of mobile games business of Sanqi Interactive Entertainment last year offset the above unfavorable factors. It is reported that mobile game revenue increased by 114.78% to 119.8.9 billion yuan, accounting for 73% of the company’s total revenue from 2018.13% rose to 90.64%.In the annual report, Sanqi Interactive Entertainment quoted “Annual Comprehensive Analysis of China Mobile Game Market 2020” released by Analysys, saying that the company’s market share in China’s mobile game distribution market further increased to 10.44%, second only to Tencent and NetEase.Sanqi Interactive Entertainment said that the company expects to release more than 30 premium games this year to strengthen the advantages of the mobile game market, covering RPG, card, SLG and other categories.In addition to the domestic market, Sanqi Interactive Entertainment has been promoting self-developed games to go overseas. Although overseas business maintains growth, its contribution to the company’s revenue is not as obvious as the domestic market.In 2019, the overseas revenue of March 7 Interactive Entertainment will increase by 13 years.15% to 10.4.9 billion, but only 7% of total revenue.93%, this figure is lower than in 2018 (12.14%) and 2017 (14.86%).The revenue of the mobile games of March 7 Entertainment has greatly increased, and large-scale purchases are indispensable behind it.From the perspective of cost costs, Sanqi Interactive Entertainment had several surges in sales expenses 131 last year.15% to 77.3.7 billion US dollars, the company said that the main reason is that a number of high-quality new games came online this year, the new games are located in the main promotion channels, due to the transmission of Internet traffic demand.In the annual report, Sanqi Huyu estimates that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies will range from 7 trillion to 7 in the first quarter of this year.500 million US dollars, annual growth of about 54% to 65%.45 billion fixed expenditure 16.In addition to the announcement of last year’s annual report for the $ 500 million Liyun game, Sanqi Huyu also released a large number of $ 4.5 billion fixed increase plans.The funds for this certain increase plan will be used for three aspects, including online game development and operation construction projects, 5G cloud game platform construction projects and Guangzhou headquarters building construction projects, of which the online game project plans to use raised funds of 1.6 billion US dollars, three development 24The overall development cycle of this game is 3 years, and the internal income after tax increases by 79.12%, the static investment recovery period is 2.6 years (after tax, including construction period); the Guangzhou headquarters project plans to use the amount of funds raised12.500 million US dollars, the overall construction period is expected to be 4 years, after completion, it can meet the office needs of more than 5,000 employees.With the commercialization of 5G in China last year, several game companies began to test cloud games and proposed related cloud game projects.Earlier, Tencent and Huawei announced the establishment of a joint innovation laboratory. Both parties will explore in cloud gaming, AR, VR and other fields.In the 5G scenario, cloud games can play large-scale mainframe, 3A-level games on any terminal device without user download and installation. This is regarded as an important variable that subverts the existing game market layout.Sanqi Interactive Entertainment also announced on March 18 that its first cloud game, “Eternal Epoch”, will be launched on March 31. The game will be developed based on the Huawei Cloud Kunpeng Cloud Game Solution, and all data will be stored on servers provided by Huawei Cloud.On the top, it may be free of download, zero update, high quality and low-level biology.In the fixed increase plan, Sanqi Huyu said that its cloud gaming project is expected to cost about 16.9.8 billion yuan, and the amount of funds raised is 16.500 million US dollars, the overall construction period is 3 years, after-tax internal income increased by 40.62%, the static investment recovery period is 4.41 years (after tax, including construction period).Sanqi Interactive Entertainment said that this move is to seize the critical traffic “entrance” before the large-scale commercialization of cloud games and build the company’s core competitiveness in the field of cloud games.If the hypothetical value-added plan can be passed, Sanqi Huyu said that the company’s founder Li Weiwei’s shareholding ratio was reset to 19.11% dropped to 18.2%, co-founder Zeng Kaitian’s shareholding ratio was redistributed13.51% dropped to 12.87%, after the fixed increase, Li Weiwei still has a significant impact on the shareholders’ meeting, and effectively controls the majority of seats on the board of directors, and is still the actual controller of Sanqi Interactive Entertainment.Sauna, night net Lu Yifu editor Wang Jinyu school dealt with Chun Leng

Beikong women’s football is outrageous!11 people did not return to Beijing, only 8 people in the early retraining

Beikong women’s football is outrageous!11 people did not return to Beijing, only 8 people in the early retraining
After more than two months of home training, Beikong Phoenix Women’s Football Team started closed training at Xiannongtan Stadium last month.In the case that the league schedule was unresolved due to the epidemic situation and many main players had not returned to Beijing, the team’s retraining work was difficult to start.Beikong women’s football team is preparing for training.The club’s home-made scrolling paper contest relieved the boringness. On April 7th, 20 women’s football players from Beikong successively reported to the Xiannongtan Guest House.Because of a sudden outbreak, the team assembled again after two and a half months.After the end of the 2019 Women’s Super League, the Beijing Women’s Football Team first conducted a three-week winter training in Kunming from December 11 to 31 last year, and then has been training in Beijing from early January to New Year’s Eve.The team had planned to go to Kunming for spring training after the Spring Festival, but the epidemic caused the assembly time to be repeated again and again.During the epidemic, home training became the only option.In order to better help the team members maintain their physical condition, the coaching staff arranged a rich and detailed training plan, including aerobic running, yoyo reentry running, local strength training and other projects.According to the requirements, the team members report daily home training to the coaching staff.During the epidemic, a large number of domestic and foreign players have challenged the scrolling paper. In order to increase the fun of home training, the coaching team also “catch the trend” to launch the team’s scrolling paper contest, and recorded a video to social media.The top five players Wang Yanwen, Ma Xiaoxu, Lu Yu, Zhao Rong, and Huang Shiyi received a day off award.”Home training methods can only achieve the effect of fitness, and cannot be compared with the normal training of the whole team.”The insiders of the team told the sauna and the nightnet that the team has started normal training, but the team members are still in transition.According to the requirements of the “Spring Training” of the State Sports General Administration, the team’s first task after retraining is to restore physical fitness.At present, the training rhythm of the team is to alternate between one practice a day and two practice a day. The content mainly focuses on physical fitness training, personal technical enhancement, and local confrontation exercises.The team’s overall technical and tactical training will not return to normal until all the staff are in order.The team members undergo yoyo fitness tests.When it was the most difficult time for the club to provide re-training, only 8 people trained the team. After the assembly on April 7, 12 players who returned from Beijing were quarantined at the Xiannongtan Guest House in accordance with Beijing ‘s epidemic prevention regulations, and the remaining 8 players who had been in BeijingStart training on April 8.At that time, the players who returned to Beijing from the field needed to be isolated for 14 days, which was a difficult period for the coaching staff and participants.Only 8 people can train, which is the first time for the coaching staff.During that time, the main training content of the team was basic skills, physical recovery, and reluctant to practice one-on-one and two-on-two exercises.”I haven’t been to work for more than two months. Both the players and the coaches need a psychological and physical transition period.”The team said.On April 22, 12 foreign players who returned to Beijing ended their isolation and joined the team training.However, the team ‘s goals are still incomplete. At present, there are still 11 students who have not returned to Beijing. Many of them are an indispensable main force of the team. Their absence also increases the team ‘s preparation workDifficulties.These 11 people are Zhang Jiayun, Cui Mengqi, Peng Yuxiao, Yu Liu, Chen Minghui, Bai Yingting, Huang Shiyi, Ma Xiaolan, Yao Mengjia, Wang Yanwen, Li Wenxu.In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Sport University Chinese Football Academy said that the school arranged the epidemic prevention and control work according to the requirements of Beijing and the State Sports General Administration.School regulations.When students can return to Beijing, they need to follow the unified arrangements in Beijing.In order to help the players maintain their status, the coaching staff specially arranged a separate training plan for these 11 players.”Although the training is maintained every day, the effect is definitely not as good as the training with the team.Hope to return to the team soon.”Several team members expressed the same idea to the sauna and Yewang.The international team members are expected to join the women’s football team.Picture / Visual China prepares for the two international players to join in the lead. “If you don’t want to rest, you want to play quickly.”A female football player from Beijing Enterprises told the sauna and Yewang that her attitude represented the voice of many teammates.In the 2019 season, the women’s football team of Beijing Enterprises was severely compressed in the women’s Premier League game. They moved to Hubei and Henan in the unfavorable situation and won the fifth place in the league.This result is slightly different from the team’s goal before the season. The whole team hopes to go further in 2020, but the epidemic has made the league’s restart time mysterious. The coaches and players have not received any news.Judging from the schedule of previous years, the Women’s Super League is likely to start after the men’s football league restarts.According to the latest news, the Football Association plans to restart the domestic football competition at the end of June or early July, but whether it can be achieved is still in the direction of the epidemic.Affected by the epidemic, not only the Women’s Super League, Women’s League, originally planned for the Kunming Antique Women’s Football Association Cup group stage after the Spring Festival has also been determined.In addition, it is also doubtful whether the women’s football championship will be held on time in the middle of each year.According to people familiar with the matter, due to the impact of the epidemic, at least one of the three women’s football competitions this year is likely to be cancelled.The schedule of the league is undecided, and the preparation of the women’s football team of Beikong has been affected by the introduction of domestic and foreign aid and player registration.Allegedly Sauna, Nightnet understands that the team’s replacement of foreign aid Sangby last season, Linda has already determined to leave the team.Affected by the epidemic, it is currently difficult for the club to negotiate contracts with foreign aid, and foreign aid is lured into uncertainty.Internally, after the main full-back Liu Shanshan moved to Wuhan Jiangda University, Beijing Enterprises is looking for domestic aid to add strength.No accident, then enter the international team will join the Beijing control.”Now we can only do basic training and take a step by step.”Team insiders compete and hope that the Football Association can set a rough timetable to facilitate the team’s preparation.Sauna, Night Net Editor Xu Xiaofan Wang Chunqiu proofreading Liu Jun

Guardians of the Galaxy actor confirms that courage will not be resurrected and does not mind playing a new role

“Guardians of the Galaxy” actor confirms that courage will not be resurrected and does not mind playing a new role
Sauna Night News (Reporter Zhou Huixiaowan) On April 12, the actor Michael Luke, who played the main character of the Marvel movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”, courageous Michael Luke talked about the possibility of his return to the “Silver Guardian” series of movies in an interview.Bravery in Guardians of the Galaxy.Previously, in “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” he sacrificed to save his son “Star Lord”, this scene became the biggest tear point of the movie.Many fans have always wondered whether Courage will return in the sequel, but director James Gunn has been particularly determined that Courage is really dead and will not come back.He also wrote a long article saying that the sacrifice of courage is of great significance, as long as it is a film directed by him, courage will not be resurrected.And Michael Luke said in today’s interview: “No way, I’m ‘dead’, and the role I played is dead.But I don’t mind playing other roles, why should I always play courage?It’s enough that he has such an amazing farewell ceremony in Marvel movies, why would he want to destroy this by bringing the character back?Why do you always want him to come back to life?”Sauna, Yewang Editor Zhou Huixiaowan Wu Longzhen Proofreader Zhai Yongjun

[Can pregnant women drink onion ginger water]_Pregnancy_Can you drink

銆 愯 懕 揮 Pang Cang presses on each other  鍙  集 濆 抧 銆 抱 盛 湡 _ 鑳 戒 笉 鋳 擬
瀛曞鍦ㄥ钩鏃堕ギ椋熸柟闈竴瀹氳浜嗚В涓€浜涙敞鎰忎簨椤癸紝鑹ソ鐨勯ギ椋熸墠鑳戒績杩涜儙鍎胯壇濂界殑鍙戣偛锛屽浜庡瓡濡囨潵璇撮€傚綋鐨勫枬涓€浜涘啿濮滄按鏄湁濂藉鐨勶紝鍐插姘存湰韬湁棰勯槻鎰熷啋鐨勪綔鐢紝鍏锋湁椹卞瘨淇濇殩鐨勬晥鏋滐紝灏ゅ叾鏄湪鍐ぉ鐨勬椂鍊欙紝濡傛灉瀛曞瀹规槗鍑虹幇鎵嬭剼鍐板噳锛岃繖鏃跺€欐槸鍙互鍜屼竴浜涜懕濮滄按鐨勶紝鎴戜滑鏉ョ湅涓€涓嬭繖鏂归潰鐨勫唴瀹广€傝懕濮滄按瀛曞鍙互鍠濆悧瀛曞鏄彲浠ュ枬濮滄按鐨勩€傛皯闂存湁鈥滃啲鍚冭悵鍗滃鍚冨鈥濈殑璇存硶銆傜敓濮滄槸浜轰滑甯哥敤鐨勪綈椋熻皟鍛充匠鍝併€傚畠闄や簡渚涢鐢ㄤ箣澶栵紝鍚屾椂鐢ㄤ簬鍖荤枟淇濆仴涓庡吇鐢燂紝杩欏湪鎴戝浗宸叉湁鎮犱箙鐨勫巻鍙层€傛槑浠eぇ鍖昏嵂瀹舵潕鏃剁弽鍦ㄣ€婃湰鑽夌翰鐩€嬩腑鏇捐禐棰傜敓濮溾€滆緵鑰屼笉鑽わ紝鍘婚偑閬挎伓锛岀敓娣$啛椋燂紝閱嬨€侀叡銆佺碂銆佺洂銆佽湝鐓庯紝璋冨拰锛屾棤涓嶅疁涔嬶紝鍙敩鍙拰銆佸彲鏋滃彲鑽紝鍏跺埄鎼忕煟銆備腑鍖诲璁や负锛屽瀛d汉浣撳唴鐨勯槼姘斿璧帮紝鑵逛腑鐩稿鍋忓瘨锛屾墍浠ュ澶╅€傚綋鍚冧簺鐢熷瀵逛汉浣撳仴搴锋湁鐩娿€傚湪姝わ紝灏忕紪瑕佷负瀛曞浠帹鑽愮敓濮滅孩绯栨按鐨勫仛娉曘€Do not kill the child, but I can’t believe it, but I am proud of the arrogance of others, and I am proud of the fact that it is effective in the pot.笣,涓庣孩绯栧拰姘翠竴璧风叜锛屾按寮€鍚庡啀鐓?0鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸銆備綔鐢ㄦ槸娌绘劅鍐掑拰鏆栬儍锛屽悓鏃惰繕鍙互閫€鐑э紝骞朵笖鍦ㄥコ瀛╁瓙鐥涚粡鐨勬椂鍊欒捣鍒扮紦鍜屼綔鐢ㄣ€傛渶濂藉啀鐢熷悆鍑犵墖濮溿€傚瓡濡囦笉鑳藉悆鍝簺椋熺墿鍦ㄦ棩甯哥敓娲讳腑锛屾瘡涓鏉愰兘鏈夊叾鑷韩鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊硷紝浣嗕竴鏃︿笉鏂伴矞銆佸彂鑺姐€佹湭鐓啛锛屾垨鏄噰The best way to do it is to do it or not. It ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s very effective. It ‘s very effective.If you want to know how to do it, you will be able to see how it works. If you want to learn more about it, you will be able to learn more about it.鍙兘浼氬▉鑳佹瘝濠村畨鍏ㄣ€?銆佸瓡濡囧湪鎬€瀛曟湡闂村簲涓嶅悆鎴栧皯鍚冭瀮锜广€傝瀮锜瑰懗閬撻矞缇庯紝浣嗗叾鎬у瘨鍑夛紝鏅€氫汉涓€娆″悆澶瀵硅韩浣撲篃浼氶€犳垚涓嶅埄褰卞搷锛屽瓡濡囧悆铻冭煿鏇村簲璇ラ€傞噺銆傚缓璁瓡鏃╂湡It’s a bit of a joke; it’s awkward; it’s awkward, or it’s awkward, it’s awkward, and it’s awkward兘鍚冭煿鑴氥€?銆佸瓡濡囧悆搴旇涔庤韩浣撴儏鍐佃繘椋熻枏绫炽€傚湪涓€浜涘尰瀛︽枃鐚腑锛岃杞戒簡钖忕背鍙兘浼氬Sorry, you will be rewarded with awards, awards, awards, awards, awards, awards, and remarks.忋€嬪皢鍏跺垪涓衡€滃濡囩鐢ㄢ€?銆婃椂鐥呰銆嬩腑璁拌浇鈥滄竻姹や箣妲愯姳锛屽幓瀵掍箣濮溿€佹锛屽埄婀夸箣绫充粊鈥︹€︾殕涓虹姱鑳庝箣鍝侊紝鏈€鏄撹鎶曪紝鍖昏€呬笉鍙笉鏁勘涔庘€濈瓑銆傝櫧鐒剁洰鍓嶅瓡濡囪繘椋熻枏绫冲鑷存祦浜х殑鐥呬緥灏氭湭鏈夋姤瀵硷紝浣嗕负浜嗕繚闄╄捣瑙侊紝瀛曞鏈€濂借繕鏄挩璇㈠尰鐢熸剰瑙佸悗锛岄€傞噺杩涢钖忕背銆?銆佸瓡濡囧悆椹娇鑻嬮渶璀︽儠銆備竴鑸潵璇达紝椹娇鑻嬫槸涓€绉嶇敤浜庡叆鑽殑妞嶇墿锛岄┈榻胯媼鏃㈡槸鑽夎嵂鍙堝彲浣滆彍椋熺敤锛屽叾鑽€у瘨鍑夎€屾粦鍒┿€傚疄楠岃瘉鏄庯紝椹娇鑻嬫眮瀵逛簬瀛愬鏈夋槑鏄剧殑鍏村浣滅敤锛岃兘浣垮瓙瀹敹缂╂鏁板澶氥€佸己搴﹀澶с€傚洜姝わ紝涓轰簡閬垮厤鍑虹幇鎰忓锛屽瓡濡囨渶濂借繕鏄皯鍚冩垨涓嶅悆椹娇鑻嬨€?

[Can lemon be cooked]_How to cook_How to cook

[Can lemon be cooked]_How to cook_How to cook

Lemon is a fruit that can be used to boil water. It is the most common lemonade in people. When drinking this water, it will feel a bit sour. If it is not sour, people can also drink itAdd some honey in it, so that the taste will become better, with a touch of sweetness. If you often drink lemonade, you can have an appetizing effect and make your appetite better.

It is mainly used for juicing, and sometimes also used as cooking seasoning, but basically does not use fresh food.

Because of lemon vitamin C, it is considered the nemesis of “scurvy”.

In Western cooking, lemon can be used as a decoration or as a raw material.

Lemon can replace salt and prevent discoloration of fruits and vegetables.

Lemons can be used to flavor soups, vegetables, cakes, ice cream, and even make jams.

Lemon can be used instead of vinegar to season beef, pork and fish.

It is usually added to tea as a condiment.

Lemons can also be eaten dried or sugared, and can also be used to flavor sauces and desserts.

Soak in water: Wash the lemon fruit or lemon peel, cut it into 2mm thick slices, remove the seeds, put them directly into the cup, and then refill with cold water. Add an appropriate amount of rock sugar to replenish.

Efficacy: can exercise qi, expectorant, strengthen stomach, cure stomachache, cough and asthma.

Sugar-stained lemons: Wash the lemon, slice it, and remove the seeds. Fill a porcelain jar or bottle with a layer of lemon and sugar according to the ratio of 2-3 inches of granulated sugar to a lemon slice.Acceptable (diabetic patients can use salting, the method is the same as sugaring, the amount of salt is 25-30% of the amount of lemon), honey can be added to warm the water to infuse.

Fresh lemon juice with salt: Fresh lemon juice with salt content.

Warm water to serve.

Efficacy: Shengjinjieshu.

Lemon effervescent: first add Crastan effervescent granules in concentrated water, and then add lemon juice to get a delicious lemon juice drink. Add ice to cool your thirst.

Efficacy: It has the effect of relieving heat and digestion, suitable for meal replacement.

Meize Lemon: Lemons are washed with salt and the skin can be soaked in salt water for half an hour.

Then cut the lemon ends and cut into thin slices.

Marinate all lemons in the order of a slice of lemon and a spoonful of honey into a glass, water-free, oil-free sealed jar (honey must be salted with lemon slices).

Cover it and store it in the refrigerator.

You can sip it overnight.

After three or four days, squeeze the lemon to make it taste better.

When flushing, clip one or two pieces directly, and then dig two spoonfuls of honey and lemon juice, and brew together with warm water.

(Do not use hot water, it will destroy the nutritional content of honey)

[Food Good for Vision]_ Vision _ How to Eat _ How to Eat

[Food Good for Vision]_ Vision _ How to Eat _ How to Eat

Absolutely, through the popularization of computer TV smart phones, many people’s vision has been reduced, which seriously affects people’s normal life and work.

So what foods are good for vision in life?

In fact, there are the following ten types. Friends with poor eyesight do not prevent eating more.

1. Eggs Eggs are a kind of protein protein, which contains 14 protein per 100 grams of eggs.

7 grams, mainly ovalbumin and ovoglobulin, which contains 8 amino acids necessary for the human body, and is very similar to the composition of human protein. The human body’s absorption rate of egg protein can be as high as 98%.

Fat per 100 grams of eggs?
15 grams, mainly concentrated in the egg yolk, is also easily digested and absorbed by the body. The egg yolk is rich in lecithin, sterols, yolks and calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin D and B vitamins.

These ingredients can greatly enhance the function of the nervous system. If you like to eat eggs, congratulations.

Eggs are very good for vision.

Eggs contain cysteine, sulfur, lecithin, amino acids and lutein, which can prevent the formation of cataracts.

2. Tomatoes Tomatoes are very rich in nutrition, containing 2 to 8 grams of protein per pound, slightly 1.4 grams, 9 grams of glucose, 300 milligrams of calcium, 174 milligrams of phosphorus, 2 milligrams of iron, and vitamin A.B1, B2, C, P, PP, etc.

In addition, it also contains fruit acid, citric acid, and tomatin.

The content of vitamin PP is the first in vegetables and fruits. The content of vitamin A is fifteen times that of ravioli. The content of vitamin C is equivalent to two and a half pounds of apples, three pounds of bananas and four pounds of pears.

The medical effect of tomatoes lies in the ingredients it contains.

For example, vitamin P can protect blood vessels and can increase blood pressure; vitamin PP can protect skin health, treat rickets, maintain normal secretion of gastric juice, and promote the formation of red blood cells.

Because of the high content of vitamin C, doctors often allow people with root inflammation, dental disease, nosebleeds and bleeding disorders to eat more tomatoes in the summer.

Vitamin A can maintain skin elasticity, promote bone calcification, and play an important role in the formation of tooth tissue. It can be used to prevent pediatric rickets, night blindness, and dry eyes.

3. Carrots Carrots are a crispy, delicious, nutritious, home-grown vegetable.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it can be used to replenish Chinese qi, strengthen stomach and digestion, strengthen Zhuangyuanyang, Anwu internal organs, cure indigestion, chronic diarrhea, cough, and night blindness.

It can be converted into vitamin A in the human body after being fried with oil and eaten, which can improve the body’s immunity and indirectly eliminate cellulose.

The latest research from American scientists has confirmed that eating two carrots a day reduces blood cholesterol by 10%?
20%; eating three carrots a day helps prevent heart disease and tumors.

Carrots contain a large amount of β-carotene, which is like a natural eye drop, which helps to maintain the lubrication and replacement of the cornea, promotes the health of the eye, and it can also prevent cataracts and help protect the fiber parts of the eye crystals.

Because the molecular structure of carotene is equivalent to two molecules of vitamin A, after entering the body, it undergoes the action of enzymes in the liver and small intestinal mucosa, 50% of which becomes vitamin A, which has the effect of nourishing the liver and can treat night blindness.

4. Spinach Spinach is called “nutrition model student”, it is called carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin K, minerals (calcium, iron, etc.), coenzyme Q10 and other nutrients.

The benefits of spinach don’t stop there.

It helps potassium, calcium and magnesium, can help the eye muscles to increase elasticity, and is less prone to myopia.

It is well known that people with calcium deficiency have poor eyeball elasticity, and the eye axis is prone to elongation.

Every day, rice, stir-fried meat, braised fish with sweet drinks, desserts, and serious loss of calcium in some human bodies.

If you can eat less meat and eat more leafy greens, you can overcome this deficiency and greatly improve the elasticity of eyeball muscles.

And a carotenoid found in spinach called lutein can prevent cataracts and macular degeneration.

5, blueberry blueberry fruit is rich in rich nutritional components, has the function of preventing brain aging, protecting eyesight, strengthening heart, anti-cancer, softening blood vessels, enhancing human body immunity and other characteristics.

Anthocyanins in blueberries can promote the regeneration of rhodopsin in retinal cells, prevent severe myopia and retinal replication, thereby increasing vision. ”

At the same time, it has the ability to accelerate the regeneration of purple peonies, which is indispensable for good vision.

And anthocyanins are the most effective antioxidants.

USDA research shows that blueberry has the strongest antioxidant capacity among the 40 types of fruits and vegetables that people often eat.

This means that eating blueberries can have more antioxidant power against aging, cancer and heart disease.

6, virgin fruit, often called small tomatoes, the Chinese official name is cherry tomatoes, is an annual herb, belongs to the family Solanaceae, the plant can grow up to 2 meters.
With Shengjinzhike, Jianweixiaoshi, Qingrejiedu, Liangxue Pinggan, nourishing blood and promoting appetite.

Can cure thirst and loss of appetite.
The fruit contains special substances such as glutathione and lycopene.

These substances can promote the growth and development of the human body, especially the growth and development of children, and can increase human resistance and delay human aging.

In addition, lycopene can protect the human body from carcinogenic toxins in cigarettes and automobile exhaust, thereby improving the body’s sun protection function.

In recent years, German scientists in the United States have discovered that lycopene in tomato products can not only prevent cancer, prevent cancer, especially prostate cancer, but also treat prostate cancer.

7, red dates red dates, also known as jujube.

It is characterized by very high vitamin content and has the reputation of “natural vitamin pills”.

Jujube is a temperate crop with strong adaptability.

Jujube can maintain C.

Because vitamin C is the component that makes up the eye lens.

If you lack vitamin C, you will be susceptible to cataract with cloudy lens.

Vitamin C-rich foods include a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, including green peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, pakchoi, red dates, raw pears, and oranges.

8. Apple Apple is known as “wisdom fruit” and “memory fruit”.

People have long found that eating more apples has the effect of improving memory and improving intelligence.

Apples are not only rich in sugar, vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for the brain, but also more importantly replace zinc.

According to research, zinc is a component of many important enzymes in the human body and a key element to promote growth and development.

Apple also has the reputation of “eyesight fruit” because it contains vitamin A and trace element selenium, which are critical for vision.

According to research by Indian scientists, the normal retina contains 7 micrograms of selenium, while the hawk eye contains 100 times as much selenium as humans, which indicates that acute vision is related to selenium content; some people who have unclear vision at dusk also have vitamin deficiencyA caused by reduced rhodopsin synthesis.

So eat some apples often to protect your eyesight.

9, broccoli has the highest nutritional value among various vegetables?

You may find it difficult to compare.

However, a recent study in Japan showed that the average nutritional value and disease prevention of broccoli far exceed other vegetables, ranking first.

The nutrients in broccoli are not only high in content, but also very comprehensive, mainly including protein, impurities, trace amounts, minerals, vitamin C and carotene.

According to analysis, each 100 grams of fresh broccoli flower ball contains protein 3.

5 grams-4.

5 grams is 3 times that of cauliflower and 4 times that of tomato.

In addition, broccoli is more comprehensive in minerals than other vegetables. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc, and manganese, which is much higher than the cabbage flowers of the same family of cruciferae.

Experiments show that broccoli can even improve vision and prevent cataracts.

Broccoli contains lutein and zeaxanthin (a phytonutrient antioxidant in the carotenoid genus).

This substance is very good for the lens.

These carotenoids can cause stress caused by local free radicals in eye cells.

10. Although dark chocolate contains a lot of saturated fat, the saturated fat in chocolate does not increase your cholesterol level.

Over the past few years, researchers have found that chocolate contains steroids, which are healthy ingredients in green tea and red wine.

Many studies now show that dark chocolate is particularly beneficial to human health.

The flavonoids in dark chocolate protect the blood vessels of the eye, which can strengthen the cornea and the lens.

One thing that requires experts is that only dark chocolate can achieve this desired effect.

I miss you (002582): Baicao accelerates attention to oversold opportunities as scheduled

I miss you (002582): Baicao accelerates attention to oversold opportunities as scheduled

The company’s 19Q3 revenue increased 26.

4%, net profit increased by 150%, attributed to the mother profit growth rate of 13.

At 7%, the company reported 39% / 60% of Baicao’s revenue performance, accelerating from the previous quarter.

Looking forward to the future, the short-term peak season is coming, and the cost of Baicaowei will be more flexible. In the long term, “Haobai Integration” will be promoted to play a synergistic role.

We give this department 1x PB (net assets excluding long-term equity investment), market value of 1.6 billion, and 1x PS of paraquat (according to 4.6 billion in 19%, an increase of 20%), and a target market value of 6.2 billion, maintaining a “prudent recommendation-A” rating.
The revenue growth rate of Q3 increased month-on-month, and the performance increased.

The company achieved revenue of 40 in the first three quarters.

41 trillion US dollars, an annual increase of 13.

4%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

310,000 yuan, an annual increase of 21.

2%, deducting non-net profit of 0.

7.3 billion, a decline of 12 every 北京夜网 year.


Among them, single Q3 realized income 11.

8.4 billion, an annual increase of 26.

4%, a month-on-month increase in speed and return to net profit of 382.

90,000 yuan, down by 13 every year.

7%, deducting non-net profit -999.

0 million yuan, a decline of 245 every year.


Q3 cash back 12.

2.2 billion, a year-on-year growth rate of 21.

8%, slightly lower than the growth rate of income.

The growth of Baicaowei’s revenue performance has accelerated. I miss your rate of decline, and look forward to reducing costs and improving profits.

According to the company’s feedback, Baicaowei’s Q3 revenue performance increased by 39% / 60%, a significant increase from the previous quarter.

The snack e-commerce season is expanding, superimposed with Baicao flavor results and the end of the gambling 杭州夜网论坛 period, the cost distribution is more flexible, Q4 sales are worth looking forward to.

I miss your headquarters Q3 to achieve income 2.

100 million US dollars, a 10% annual decline, the rate of reduction in the first half has improved, the performance is expected to change, and it is expected to gradually adjust in place.

The gross profit margin decreased slightly, and the increase in net profit margin was mainly due to the improvement in expense ratio and the increase in non-recurring profit and loss.

Q3’s gross profit margin was 25.

9%, falling by 2 every year.

0pct, mainly affected by the increase in the length of your headquarters’ gross profit margin.

Net margin increased by 0.

15 to 0.

31%, saving benefit expense improvement: sales expense ratio 22.

0%, ten years +0.

8 points, management expense ratio (including R & D expense ratio) 4.
5%, year -1.
0pct, financial expense ratio is 0.

15%, -1.

1pct, mainly due to the decrease in interest rate expenditure.

At the same time, the company’s other income, investment income and other increases are positively driving performance.

Although the overall net profit has improved, the minority shareholders’ expenses have decreased (there were too many direct holding companies last year), and the company’s net profit attributable to the parent decreased by zero.

15pct to 0.


Subsidiaries increased their capital, expanded their stocks and dated partners to revitalize land resources to facilitate the promotion of “Haibai Integration”.

On October 16, the company signed a cooperation agreement with ProLogis Investment. The wholly-owned subsidiary would like to release your warehouse logistics as a new shareholder. After the capital increase is completed, the company’s equity ratio will be changed from 100% to 49%.

In the follow-up, I think you and ProLogis will cooperate to develop and operate Prolog Xinzheng Logistics Park project. Xinzheng Base is also responsible for Procurement, Production, Warehousing, and Logistics of Your Headquarters and Baicao, so we look forward to this cooperation accelerating the “Hundred Integration”Make progress while avoiding cost pressure pressures from heavy asset investment.

Investment suggestion: Expect Baicao to accelerate in the peak season, improve profitability by reducing costs and reducing costs. The “Haobai Fusion” will play a synergistic effect and maintain the “Prudent Recommendation-A” rating.

In 19Q3, Baicaowei’s revenue performance accelerated, performance gambling ended, expenses were more flexible, and we look forward to the next peak season performance.

This department is at least possible, and hopes to adjust in place and gradually turn losses.

With the squirrel listing, the value of the sector has been revalued. Considering the brand strength of Baicao and the growth rate of performance, it is currently estimated that there is room for repair.

We give this department 1x PB (net assets excluding long-term equity investment), market value of 1.6 billion, and 1x PS of paraquat (according to 4.6 billion in 19%, an increase of 20%), and a target market value of 6.2 billion, maintaining a “prudent recommendation-A” rating.
Risk Warning: Shareholders reduce risk, demand is less than expected, and industry competition is intensifying

Jidong Cement (000401): Large sales impairment in Q3 affects net profit growth

Jidong Cement (000401): Large sales impairment in Q3 affects net profit growth

Investment Highlights: Event: The company announced the third quarter report of 2019, and the company achieved operating income of approximately 262 in the first three quarters of 2019.

50,000 yuan, an annual increase of about 16.

0%, net profit attributable to mother is about 24.

70,000 yuan, an increase of about 36 in ten years.

0%; Q3 achieved revenue of about 101 in a single quarter.

80,000 yuan, an increase of about 3 in ten years.

9%, the net profit attributable to the mother in a single quarter is about 9.

90,000 yuan, an increase of about 10 in ten years.


Opinion: The minimum output value affects the increase in Q3 sales, the price and the cost per ton double, the cost per ton remains stable, and a large amount of impairment affects net profit.

1) The company’s home base, Hebei Province, required some production lines to be shut down in September, so the company’s Q3 2019 cement clinker sales were replaced by about 2886 and changed to about 6.

2%, the company’s cement clinker sales in the first three quarters of about 7414 per year, and increased by 4 in the future.


2) We estimate that the full-caliber ton cost of the first three quarters of 2019 and Q3 companies will be about 354 and 353 yuan / ton, respectively, and each increase will be about 35 and 34 yuan / t.About 221,218 yuan / ton, each year increased by about 16,11 yuan / ton; due to the increase in cost over the cost of ton and ton, in the first three quarters of 2019, Q3 company’s gross profit per ton increased by about 19,23 yuan / ton, respectively.To 133,135 yuan / ton; 3) In the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s ton expense decreased by approximately 4 yuan / ton. Due to the decrease in sales in Q3, the ton expense was temporarily flat; due to the company’s Q3 asset impairment loss1.

3四川耍耍网4 ppm, zero credit impairment loss.

The US $ 4.8 billion impacted the company’s net profit in Q3. The company’s net profit per ton in the first three quarters and Q3 was approximately RMB 58 and 62 per ton, each of which increased by approximately RMB 18 and 13 per ton.

After the reconstruction is completed, the synergy effect of Jinhua Group and Jidong Cement is expected to further appear.

The company and the indirect shareholder Jinye Group jointly set up a joint venture company. After the establishment of the company, the company has a controlling stake in the joint venture company, becoming the Jinye and Jidong cement asset listing platform. We expect the synergies in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in the future, and pricing power will graduallyExpect further improvement.

Give a “first-tier market” 杭州夜生活网 rating.

The company’s Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei market share is close to 60%. We expect that the ton expense may decrease after the completion of the integration of the cement assets with Jinyu Group. Due to the replacement of the net profit per ton, the net profit elasticity attributed to the mother is large.

We expect the company’s EPS to be about 2 in 2019-2021.

15, 2.

27, 2.

42 yuan / share, give the company PE 9 in 2019?
11 times, reasonable value range 19.

twenty three.

65 yuan.

risk warning.

The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regional boom picked up more than expected; coal prices rose more than expected.

Dali Technology (002214): Continuously high-growth company focused on main industry

Dali Technology (002214): Continuously high-growth company focused on main industry

Core points: 1.
The company achieved revenue in the first three quarters3.

9.5 billion, an annual increase of 32.

96%, net profit attributable to mother is 9,156.

160,000 yuan, an increase of 180 in ten years.

62%, deducting non-net profit 8374.

230,000, an annual increase of 256.

49%, EPS is about 0.

20 yuan.

  2.Our Analysis and Judgment (1) The performance continued to grow at a high rate, and the performance was beautiful. The company’s revenue in the first three quarters and net profit attributable to its mother increased respectively.

96% and 180.

62%, slightly higher than our previous expectations, mainly due to the company’s military model finalization and began to implement batch scheduling last year, military orders have increased, and revenue contribution is very considerable.

As a result, the company’s overall gross profit margin increased significantly12.

33pct, significantly improved profitability.

  As the company’s high revenue growth started in 2018Q3, the high base caused the company’s revenue growth in the single quarter of 2019Q3 was only 3.

32%, but net profit attributable to mothers still increased by 178.

77%, indicating that the company’s product structure has undergone huge changes, and the proportion of military products may have increased significantly.

  The company’s net cash flow from operating activities in the first three quarters was 2,799.

760,000 yuan, an increase of 106 in ten years.

78%, accounts receivable turnover rate increased by 18 every year.

8%, the operating quality has improved significantly.

  The company estimates that the initial net profit attributable to the mother is approximately 12,622.

30,000 yuan to 15365.

950,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 130% to 180%, long-term performance is beautiful and worry-free.

  (2) New product breakthrough, high-end application market further opened. On August 23, the company announced the successful development of a 12μm pixel, 3072 × 2048 6-megapixel uncooled infrared focal plane detector, a domestic initiative.

This detector adopts the amorphous silicon technology line, with a pixel center distance of 12 μm, and integrates a 6-megapixel area array. The product maintains the characteristics of the large area array, high uniformity and high stability of the amorphous silicon technology line.

  At present, the level of high-pressure uncooled infrared detectors on the market is mostly 1280 × 1024, with a 1-megapixel area array.

The company’s infrared detector can provide higher-speed, more delicate infrared images to meet the needs of high dynamic and large field of view applications. In the future, it predicts high-end application scenarios such as aerospace, space reflection, and situation awareness, and the market space is further opened.

  (3) “Small and Beautiful” has both “low risk” and long-term investment value highlights the company’s pure business. Since its listing, it has focused on infrared products and its application business, with high technical barriers.

At present, the military market has entered a period of vigorous development, and the penetration rate has gradually increased, while the civilian market demand for power and security will also usher in the dawn and the market space will decrease.

The company has been in the infrared field for many years and has accumulated a lot of money. It is expected to benefit from the great development of the industry in the future.

  There has been no mergers and acquisitions in the history of the company, and there is no high amount of goodwill.

In addition, although the actual controller has a slightly higher proportion of pledges, about 69%, the average value of the pledge date gradually surpasses the current, and the risk of pledged short positions is reduced.

Both “small and beautiful” and “low risk” have long-term investment value.

  (IV) Employee shareholding is relatively high, and the company with investment safety margin plans the employee shareholding in 2015, and completed the purchase in early 2016 with an average transaction price of 11.

09 yuan.

In the later period, due to the continued downturn in the secondary market, the overlapping companies have not yet entered the period of large-scale performance release. As a result, the company has continued to exceed employee shareholding for a long time, and the company has therefore postponed 3 times.
At present, the company’s sustainability is still lower than the employee’s persistent competition10.

4%, the margin of investment security is high.
  3.The 夜来香体验网 investment proposal estimates that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent from 2019 to 2021 will be 1.

40 billion, 1.

9.5 billion and 2.

6.2 billion, EPS is 0.

31 yuan, 0.

42 yuan and 0.

57 yuan, corresponding to PE is 33x, 23x and 17x.

  With reference to comparable companies’ average evaluation of 86x in 2019, the company’s estimated advantages are significantly obvious.

In addition, the company, as one of the three swordsmen listed companies in the infrared industry, is expected to benefit significantly from the development of the domestic infrared industry in the future and maintain a “recommended” rating.

  Risk reminder: The risk that military orders are less than expected and that the civilian product market will expand unfavorably.

How to express yourself during the trial period

How to express yourself during the trial period

At present, employers often use trial systems for college graduates.

The probationary period is as short as monthly and as long as one year. Generally, a special person is responsible for management and assessment.

The performance of the probation period will directly affect whether graduates can be hired, which is especially important for job seekers.

So how do college graduates show themselves in the early stages of a trial?

  Modest and cautious, small and medium-sized students see that the university students who just left the school are relatively big in the south, and they ca n’t wait for a major event to win the appreciation of their leaders.

However, due to lack of experience, or the disconnection between theory and practice, maintenance may not be satisfactory.

In actual work, the leader corrects your work for guidance, and sometimes also makes good-faith criticism. This requires college students to understand correctly, accept the opinions of others with an open mind, and do not assume that their diploma is higher than others.

Put down the shelf and take the initiative to do small things that you can do, such as turning on the water, sweeping the floor, loading newspapers, etc., and mingling with the cadres and the masses, and not “height and widow”.

Only in this way can we get the praise from the leader to the colleagues.

  The humorous and charming working environment was created by all the staff. Before the arrival of university graduates, there is often an established replacement, or active, or dull, or both.

Generally speaking, working in a harmonious and active environment, people’s moods are diverse and happy, and work efficiency will be higher.

For a unit, entering a new person will bring a new breath and add a new fun.

In work and life, everyone encourages each other to make progress together, and in the face of troubles and contradictions, do not hesitate to think about it, and effectively turn the sorrow into a jade.

University graduates have certain advantages in this regard. Broadcom, ancient and modern, can talk well, and be good at taking advantage of this. Use methodical and undistorted reasoning, humorous language, proper wording, and puns.Come to activate the height of the work and leave a deep and beautiful impression on leaders and colleagues.

  Good steel is used on the blade. At the critical moment, it shows its skills. During the probation period, the leaders often assign some tasks to the graduates, and some are even difficult tasks, so as to test your ability. This is the opportunity to show your ability.

College students should be good at grasping these opportunities, make use of their learned professional knowledge, give play to their subjective initiative, be down-to-earth, diligent in their brains, and strive to successfully complete these tasks.

At the same time, on critical occasions such as criticism, accusations, difficulties, and interests, in negotiations, inspections, on duty, and other important occasions, we must stand the test and do a better job than usual, so that we can look at you.

  Giving full play to the specialty and sincerely cooperating with contemporary college students should be a compound talent who can do everything I can. Not only must we learn professional knowledge, we must also be widely involved in other areas, and we must have our own expertise.

“A new trick, eat all over the sky.

“Strength is a unique advantage of the ratio of myself to colleagues and other college students, and to a certain extent determines whether graduates are qualified for this position.

Undergraduates can exert whatever expertise they have in trials, and exert as much expertise as they can.

If you are good at calligraphy, you can write the Spring Festival couplet for your colleagues, write the book title, and cover the technical work such as internal newspapers and blackboards; if you are good at literature and art, you can show your heroes at festivals, speech contests and other occasions;If you can repair appliances, you can help your colleagues.

These will leave a good impression.

  Dedicated to work, adapting to the society Employers’ most important aspect of investigating college graduates is whether they can love the job.

Dedicated work is the first step for college students to step out of the school and to adapt to society. It is also an extremely important aspect of evaluating the comprehensive quality of college students.

There are a few college students who like this mountain looking at that mountain high. The corresponding units are not satisfied with that, nor are they satisfied, and cannot concentrate on their work.

There are good and bad positions, but the key is how to treat them correctly.

Generally speaking, the harder and harder the environment, the more able to hone one’s will, and the more one’s value can be reflected.

  Kong Fansheng works in remote and poor Tibet. Li Suli works as an ordinary ticket seller. These seemingly unworthy flat positions, others are still doing a good job.How about it?
For a college student, even if he is not satisfied with the actual work, he cannot use it with one heart and one’s heart.

University graduates must understand: As a young person who has just entered the society, he must learn to actively adjust himself, because in the final analysis, it is to adapt to the environment by himself, not the environment to accommodate you.