These daily factors can hurt the ears

These daily factors can hurt the ears

The ear is an important hearing organ of the human body. It allows us to listen to the wonderful sounds of nature and allows us to listen to concerts.

So what factors can harm our ears in daily life?

Let’s take a closer look.

  1, often in a noisy environment, without earplugs or ear muffs, prone to noise hearing.

Listening to Walkman (such as MP3, etc.) too loud and lasting too long can also cause hearing loss.

  2. Irrational diet, smoking and drinking, excessive worry about fatigue, bad mood, not participating in physical exercise, not actively cardiovascular disease, will accelerate the occurrence of senile deafness.

  3. Pick your ears.

As the saying goes, “Do not dig or listen” does have some truth.

Because of the damage it may cause to the ear canal wall, the middle ear and inner ear can be seriously injured, causing deafness.

  4. Foreign objects are plugged into the ear canal.

Parents should educate children not to put such beans, beads and kernels in the ear canal.

When encountering small insects such as mosquitoes flying or crawling into the ears, do not remove them directly with instruments. Instead, use wine or oil to drip into the ears to drown the insects or kill them before removing them.

  5, squeeze your nose tightly and forcefully.

Incorrectly blowing your nose may blow your nose into your middle ear.

The correct method is to insert your fingers into your nostril, and try your luck in stages. The pressure should not be too high. After the hi-hat is finished, press the other side.

  6. Drug abuse.

Pay attention to ototoxicity before medication.

  7. Rinse or use ear drops after traumatic perforation of the tympanic membrane.

The correct method is to insert the outer ear canal with a sterile cotton ball to prevent foreign bacteria from invading.

  8. The diving posture is incorrect, leading to changes in air pressure and perforation of the eardrum.

  9. When infants drink milk, their heads are too low, or they feed when they cry, and secretions and milk can easily enter the middle ear through the eustachian tube and cause infection.

  10. In the treatment of flying, diving or hyperbaric oxygen cabin, do not pay attention to swallowing action, which will cause the occurrence of barotraumatic otitis media.

What to do if I fall back

What to do if I fall back

Fallen pillow, or “lost pillow”, is a common disease that occurs in young adults and is more common in winter and spring.

A common onset of falling pillow is that there are no symptoms before falling asleep, but after the morning waking up, it feels obvious soreness behind the item, causing changes in activity.

This shows that the disease starts after sleep and is closely related to the pillow and sleeping posture.

  The symptoms of young people with pillow fall prevention are different from those of middle-aged and elderly people. The main symptoms are stiff neck, sore shoulder muscles, inattention, and upper limb numbness.

You should pay attention to exercise to relieve fatigue. Every 1 hour of work, you should move your cervical spine, try to use fewer cars and walk more; climb more stairs and take less elevators.

  Take a certain amount of time every day to exercise, especially pay attention to strengthening the exercise of neck and shoulder muscles, climbing, swimming, the effect of preventing cervical spondylosis is better.

Reasonably adjust the height of sleeping pillows to avoid the bad habits of sleeping on high pillows.

Please keep warm to prevent cold.

Avoid turning the head down to reduce the load and temperature, and do not use the electric fan and air conditioner to blow directly at the alignment.

  Can often eat walnuts, mangosteen meat, cooked land, black sesame, papaya, angelica and other strong bones, medicated diet to fill the kidney, delay the formation of bone spurs.

If the symptoms are severe, non-surgical treatments such as traction, physiotherapy, massage, local closure, collar and cervical collar can be used.

  The weather is cold in winter and the temperature is relatively low at night. People often expose their necks and shoulders outside after falling asleep, resulting in contraction of the shoulders, blood vessels, poor blood circulation, muscle tension, and causing pillow fall.

  When sleeping in winter, in addition to covering the quilt, you can also wrap a towel around your neck, which can effectively prevent the neck and shoulders from falling out due to wind.

Instead, you still need to move your neck and shoulders frequently. The best way is to insert your hands into the back of your head and force your head and hands in opposite directions. This will exercise your neck and shoulder muscles and reduce the chance of muscle contraction.

The height of the pillow should be appropriate, which is about the same as the height of your fist standing behind the neck. Try to keep the head, neck and shoulders at the same level.

  Choosing the right pillow The qualified pillow height is the curve width of the neck when the person is lying down.

If the pillow is too high, the head is lowered, and if the pillow is too low, the head is lowered. Of course, it is easy to cause discomfort in the neck muscles.

  The problem of falling pillow no longer occurs to people with poor sleeping postures. In fact, people who use a computer for a long time in a posture or watch TV on the sofa will also experience a similar phenomenon of falling pillow, which is caused by excessive muscle tension.

Everyone should stand up and walk around while using the computer. They cannot maintain a fixed posture and do not move. Doing head exercises to relax muscles can avoid this acute pain.

  How to rescue after falling asleep?

  Most pillow pain usually lasts 2-3 days and heals without treatment, but if you want to relieve the pain as soon as possible, the following “three parties” can help you recover early.

  One of them is a cold compress, which is usually an acute injury. It is more common for local pain and stiffness.

In this way, you can only use cold compresses within 48 hours, and you can use towels to cover the affected area with small ice particles, 15-20 minutes each time, twice a day, and once every hour in severe cases.

  When the two parties wait for the heat to reduce the pain, consider the heat.

You can use a hot towel to compress, or use an infrared heater to irradiate. You can also use a saline bottle to apply heat and dry.

  The three parties are massaged. If the neck and shoulders still feel pain after the above-mentioned methods, you can massage the muscles and let others do the work for you.

It is advisable to take a seated position, exposing the neck and shoulders. The doctor stands behind the patient, applies safflower oil or soothing oil on the affected shoulder, holds the left hand above the patient’s head, and rubs with the right thumb on the affected shoulder and massages gently.Push gently outside the shoulder to isolate the venous pain point.

Push 3-6 times a day, generally after neck muscle massage, neck and shoulder pain can be alleviated.

  Traditional Chinese medicine massage Ashi acupoint treatment pillow The use of massage Ashi acupoint (pain point) to treat the pillow has a satisfactory effect. Now it is introduced as follows: the patient takes a seated position, and the operator stands on the back side of the patient.

The surgeon gently nudges the affected side with his thumb or big fish muscles?
After 10 times, I found Ashi acupoint (the most painful point). At this time, my hands can feel the induration of the muscles under the skin here. Use my thumb to rub Ashi acupoint 1?
5 minutes.

Next, the surgeon gently pulled the patient’s head to the healthy side, fully pulled the affected side muscles, and pressed Ashi acupoint 10 with the thumb of the other hand.
After 20 seconds, the surgeon pulled his head and released his hand.
After 15 times, release your thumb.

Then use your thumb or big fish muscle to nudge the affected side 6?
After 10 times, tap 5?
10 times.
At this time, the patient will obviously feel that the rehabilitation activities are flexible, and the operator will feel that the muscle induration under the skin of the affected side disappears or becomes smaller.

  The name Ashixue started from “Preparing for Emergency”.

“There is the law of Ah, and if a person has a disease, he will pinch it. If the place is right, he will become a pain without asking the hole, that is, Yun Ah.

The moxibustion spurs borrowed the test, so Yun A is a point too.

“Ashi acupoints have no fixed name and location, and the pain points or relief points related to the pain are used as acupoints.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the pillows are mostly attacked by wind and cold, twisted sprains, and cervical muscle strain, which leads to the coldness of the meridians. The massage of Ashi points can clear the muscles, run the blood, and achieve the purpose of treatment.
  Four measures to ease the pain of falling pillow. The following four measures can cure the “falling pillow”.


Sit on a chair with your arms hanging down naturally, your chest straight up, and then swing your jaw left and right. Repeat 20 times.


Sitting on a chair with the tibia straight, first gradually extend it upwards, and then try to contract it downwards, so you can stretch it 20 times.


Sitting on a chair, rub the palms of your hands and massage them vigorously until they become red and hot.


On the back of the left and right palms, the second and third metacarpal space is 1/3, about 0 behind the metacarpophalangeal joints.

At 5 inches, find the occipital acupoint, use your thumb to stand and cut pressure, move up and down along the metacarpal space, and take turns with your left and right hands. After about 2 to 3 minutes, the pain will be relieved.

Recommendation: Acupuncture points commonly used in facial massage

Recommendation: Acupuncture points commonly used in facial massage

The bearing is in the center of the jaw-labial sulcus, and the current lip is sunken.

Indications: Crooked eyes, swollen face, swollen gums, toothache, salivation, madness.

  The warehouse was opened 4 minutes beside the corner.

The attending mouth and eyes are skewed and drooling.

  In the middle of the human ditch, 1/3.

Indications: mouth and eyes are crooked, drooling, and stuffy nose.

  Yingxiang opened 5 minutes beside the midpoint of the outer edge of the nasal wing, in the nasolabial sulcus.

Indications: nasal congestion, nasal abyss, skewed eyes and mouth, itchy and swollen face.

  Four white eyes face up, pupils straight down, when the sacrum is in the depression.

Indications: Itchy and painful eyes, narrow eyes, crooked mouth and eyes, headache and dizziness.

  Cheng Wei eyes squarely, pupils straight down, when the lower edge of the satellite and the eyeball.

Attending eyes are red and swollen and painful, night blindness, tears in the wind, and eyes and eyes skewed.

  Gaze at 1 minute above the inner condyle.

Indications: Redness, swelling and pain, tears in the wind, itching and pain in the eyes, dizziness, myopia, and color blindness.

  The inner end of the bamboo eyebrow, when the notch on the satellite.

The attending vision is unknown, with tears, and her eyes are skewed.

  Fish waist is at the midpoint of eyebrows.

Indications: redness and pain in the eyes, drooping eyelids, and pain in the brow ribs.

  Silk bamboo hollow in the depression of the brows.

Indications: headache, dizziness, red eyes, toothache, epilepsy.

  Yintang is at the midpoint of the line between the two eyebrows.

Indications: headache, dizziness, epistaxis, epistaxis, convulsions in children, postpartum blood deficiency.

  The grandson folded the auricles back and forth in front and back, and reached the fractured jaw at the tip of the ear.

Indications: ear swelling and pain, eyesight, toothache, dry lips, and stiff neck.

  The eardrum is cut in front of the tragus, when the posterior edge of the mandibular condyle is depressed.

Indications tinnitus, deafness, toothache.

  At the posterior edge of the condyles of the mandibular joint in front of the tragus, the auditory palace is indented.

Indications tinnitus, deafness.

  You will hear in front of the tragus notch, the posterior edge of the mandibular condyle, and a hole in the mouth.

Indications Deafness, tinnitus, toothache, distorted mouth and eyes, dislocation of the jaw joint.

  The squall mastoid is anterior and inferior, and the depression of the lower inferior edge of the flat ear lobe is flat.

Indications tinnitus, deafness, skewed eyes and mouth, closed teeth, swollen hips.

  The Xiaguan is in the depression between the zygomatic arch and the mandibular incision.

Indications Toothache, tinnitus, deafness, skewed eyes and mouth, unfavorable opening and closing of teeth.

  The jawbone is in a transverse finger depression in front of and above the mandible angle. When the teeth are clenched, when the masseter muscle is at the highest elevation.

Indications are crooked mouth and eyes, chest lumps, toothache, and silent speech.

  Daying is 1 inch and 3 minutes before the mandibular angle, when the front edge of the masseter attachment.

Indications dysentery, leukemia, toothache.  Yang Bai eyes face up, pupils straight down, 1 inch above the eyebrow.

Indications: headache, eye pain, dizziness, pain in the nephew, night blindness.

  The sun is in a depression about 1 inch backward between the eyebrow tip and the outer ridge.

Indications: headache, toothache, red eyes, swelling and pain, facial paralysis.

Men need more care to retire

Men need more care to retire

Before retirement, many people were full of enthusiasm for retirement. When they retired, the psychological gap was difficult to adapt.

Especially men, their focus on life has always been at work, so retirement may have more “strikes” on them.

Look at the experts to introduce the three kinds of impurities that men are most likely to encounter when they retire, and propose countermeasures.

Being forced to do too much housework, men work hard when they are young, rarely spend time on their families, and return to their families after retirement, but they are at a loss.

Uncle Zhang is an example. After he retired, he had nothing to do all day, and his mood was not good. His wife was afraid that he would feel uncomfortable. He asked him to help with his housework. He did not expect it to arouse his dissatisfaction: “I used to do housework.This is what women should do.

Now it’s good, wash the dishes, boil water, mop the floor, all I have to do!

“Aunt Zhang is also angry. She was so afraid that he was idle, but was said to be calling people, so a big battle began.”

  Later, in order to avoid conflict with Zhang Aunt, Uncle Zhang often went to the park for a whole day.

He said: “More will go out and reduce the chance of meeting, and the conflict will be less.

Experts believe that avoidance is not the best solution. It is important that the couple respect each other.

Most men think that doing housework can’t reflect their value, so there will be evasion.

“Aunt Zhang is kind, but I can change my tone when communicating.

Next time, I don’t want to ask if I can use my hand to wipe the window for me. It’s better than “hurry to clean the window” and think that the other party is the result of communication.

Too little pocket money Lao Wu’s pension is not high, life is more difficult, but he can’t erase his face and ask his son for money, so he can only save money.

He believes that money involves dignity and is unwilling to become the financial burden of his family. He firmly believes that “men can’t ask their wives and children for money!”

“No pocket money is a portrayal of redundant retired old people. In addition to not making a good budget, some families are holding the “financial power” of their wives. Other men who are unable to make money after retirement are self-blaming.

  This, experts suggest that men must first change their minds, not necessarily earning money to represent representativeness, and helping to do housework is also for the family.

Budget, plan your pension before retirement, it is best to make a budget.

Of course, you can’t be unwilling to buy it, and you can’t save money on it.

Finally, the old couple spent money to discuss, especially the lady should pay attention to, must not hurt his wife’s self-esteem because of money.

After losing some of the old horses, they were very upset after retirement. From work to home, the change of social roles made him feel that there was no part at home. He thought that he would no longer be the head of the family after he retired.

  Experts say that because of the heavy responsibility of earning money to support their families, men generally think that they are the center of the family, but if they still get along with their families in this way after retirement, there will definitely be conflicts.

Therefore, men may wish to lower their bodies and move to each other so that family relationships will be better.

What needs to be reminded is that the family should also listen to the old man’s thoughts and take care of him.