Water Yoga Weight Loss Detox

Water Yoga Weight Loss Detox

What does water yoga mean?

In fact, it is a new type of exercise that combines some asanas of swimming with some simple yoga poses.

In some European and American countries, there are currently tens of thousands of people in European and American countries who are keen on water yoga, and many yoga studios have also started classes, but in China they are still in their infancy.

  When practicing water yoga, the water depth should be controlled at 1-1.

2 meters is more suitable. The most important thing when practicing yoga is to have the correct posture and true rhythm, especially the aspects of yoga breathing skills are similar to swimming breathing.

The biggest difference in posture between underwater yoga and terrestrial yoga is that in addition to mastering the body, practicing yoga in water also needs to understand how the body and water get along.

The characteristic of water yoga is that it can exercise the strength and endurance of people through water constraints, reshape the perfect body shape, and is suitable for many people.

Below I will introduce the advantages of practicing yoga in water in detail.


Strengthening the sense of balance and improving concentration can help us learn to relax and focus. It is also very useful for strengthening the training of balance. The human body must be completely relaxed when it comes to the surface. Therefore, for beginners, the most difficult thing at first isThe dot is the word “relax”.


Shujinhuoluo combined with abdominal breathing can use water pressure to massage, squeeze, and rub the internal organs, glands, skin, muscles, and bones to achieve the effect of soothing the muscles and the fatigue of the body.


Enhancing cardiopulmonary vitality can strengthen muscle strength, muscle endurance and cardiopulmonary function training; activities in water need to be doubled than on land, not only can consume extra small amounts, shrink muscle bodybuilding, but also strengthen cardiopulmonary function, increase oxygen and carbon dioxide, Transportation of blood.

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Aerobic energy consumption is used for fat-reducing and water-reducing exercises, and the main source of energy is glycogen.

Therefore, when carrying out this exercise, in conjunction with a scientific nutrition diet plan, it has a very significant effect on regulating abnormal metabolism in the body and reducing body fat.


Reduce skin irritation. Due to the relative sweating in water sports, it reduces the skin irritation caused by the salt in sweat after land training.


After rebuilding the body shape, it can adjust the body fat distribution reflexively due to the heat dissipation stimulus and buoyancy pressure stimulation in the water.Be flexible and harmonious.

  These specific introductions allow mm, who is keen on hot yoga, to better understand the hardening of hot yoga and to learn boldly.

Using grapes to save skin oxidation

Using grapes to save skin oxidation

Scientists at the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom recently conducted a scientific analysis of the antioxidant constituents of 13 major domestic fruit juices. The result is that purple grape juice replaces the top of the list of healthy fruit juices, followed by apple juice and cranberry juice.Some people’s favorite orange juice is not high ranking.

  Orange juice is probably the healthiest drink in too many people’s hearts, improves immunity, whitens skin, and protects blood vessels.

This is mainly due to the possible vitamin C in oranges. Although vitamin C also has a certain effect in anti-aging and anti-aging, it is not a strong antioxidant.

  More intake of antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, polyphenols, etc.) vegetables and fruits, not only slow down the pace of aging, but also make the body healthier.

Polyphenols are currently recognized as one of the strongest antioxidants with anti-aging effects. Purple grape juice contains not only higher polyphenols than other fruit juices, but also many types of polyphenols. Orange juice contains polyphenols.Relatively.

  In addition, there is another distinctive beneficial substance in grapes: resveratrol, which is also a strong antioxidant, and is mostly stored in grape juice and wine.

Resveratrol can prevent the canceration of healthy cells, and can inhibit the spread. It also has outstanding effects in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Yoga practitioners pay attention to diet

Yoga practitioners pay attention to diet

Foods recommended by yogis include fruits, vegetables, whole wheat and nuts.

They don’t talk much about the details of food, because the food processing and soil contamination we have today before the time they lived.

And, because they practice yoga, their bodies are already in a high state of health, their diet is no longer able to exert the power of left-right ratio, and any toxins formed in the body will soon replace the body.

  You can polish it. The nutritional principles of yoga are quite similar to modern scientific content that has been developed a long time ago.

  Meat: Yoga practitioners warn against one food: meat.

Not all yogis are vegetarians, but they all recommend extreme caution in eating meat.

Yoga practitioners say that meat comes from animals and has a low vibration rate, which will reduce the vitality of carnivores, which will reduce vitality and affect the progress of yoga.

Meat also contains toxins, especially lactic acid from muscle metabolism.

  Remember, these were proposed thousands of years ago.

Meat is even worse today, because we injected a lot of toxic chemicals on the dead animals to remove the odor of carrion and improve its tray texture and taste.

Of course, the human body can tolerate some level of abuse-the human body does have a mechanical effect of removing toxins.

But if you want to eat meat, please control the quantity.

  Fruit: The most appreciated food for yogis is fruit.

They believe that fruit has the highest vitality.

Fruits can also provide nutrition, can be eaten raw, are recognized for processing, easy to digest, and can provide fast and long-lasting energy free of toxins. No wonder yoga practitioners love fruits.

  Vegetables: Yoga practitioners believe that green plants such as lettuce, broccoli, and broccoli contain the highest vitality in vegetables.

  Fresh food: Yoga helps food to be fresh.

This means that we should eat more fresh fruits and less frozen and canned food.

Frozen food is not bad because the enzymes are still preserved, but the canned food has been heated, destroying many vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

  Raw food: Yoga practitioners also point out that we should eat more raw foods such as fruits, salads, raw nuts and sprouts.

They believe that cooking causes food to lose most of its vitality and its original flavor.

As the original flavor is lost, we add salt, spices and condiments, and these additives often create more problems.

Modern science fully agrees with this view.

  Food temperature: Yoga also pays attention to food temperature.

Yoga practitioners say that food should not be too hot or too cold.

They believe that foods and drinks that are too hot or too cold can hurt throat tissue.

Modern science also agrees with the point, and believes that eating too hot or too cold may irritate the throat to the extent of cancer.

  Alcohol: Yoga practitioners do not drink alcohol because they believe that alcohol will reduce the vibration of their delicate body (the spirit that still exists after death).

This defeats the purpose of yoga, because yoga aims to increase the vibration level, and the brakes slowly activate the advanced self.

  Yoga also believes that alcohol has a potential effect on the brain’s main central nervous system.

Yoga practitioners believe that the central nervous system’s unity is very important, because one of the goals of yoga is to improve the health of this system, and most of the progress of yoga depends on this important interlocking system.

  Modern science agrees with yoga, as it is now known that the effect of alcohol on the central nervous system is first stimulated and then suppressed.

This short stimulation period is why many people think alcohol has a stimulating effect.

It is also this effect that makes it possible for many people to feel more “interested” and to have more words.

However, this time was short and was quickly replaced by a more continuous attenuation sensation caused by alcohol.

For this reason, the formal category of alcohol is sedatives.

Alcohol also makes poor sleep.

Some people claim that alcohol makes them “relax” and therefore sleep better.  Science and experience say that this is the wrong interpretation.

What these people describe is that alcohol makes them fall asleep very quickly, but this sleep is unnatural compulsive sleep, because some of them wake up earlier, they will not feel fresh.

They will not be good all day.

  Alcohol is not as effective as yoga.

Yoga can produce natural stimuli without a sense of aftermath.

Yoga can also create a feeling of self-confidence.

The increase in vitality due to the practice of yoga cannot be duplicated by drugs.

  This is not to say that you have to give up to have a high level of vitality or to make significant progress in yoga.

But if you do have a habit of drinking alcohol, control your alcohol consumption so that you can avoid the distortion and permanent brain damage caused by most alcohols.

The physical signal tells you how to supplement nutrition

The physical signal tells you how to supplement nutrition

Guide: How do the various nutrients needed by the human body need to be supplemented to be healthy?

Not a lot of good, but should be supplemented according to the “health signal” reflected by the body, adjust the diet, armor to get a more reasonable nutritional mix.

The following are physical signals that tell how to supplement nutrition, health signals from mouth, lips, tongue, nose, nails, hair reactions, and adjust nutrients.

Oral signal: If you find redness in the mouth, long-term chapped, and pain in your lips and tongue, you are likely to suffer from angular keratitis due to lack of nutrition. If you don’t pay attention, it will cause mouth sores and lymphadenitis.

The cause of keratitis is mostly caused by the lack of iron and vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin B6.

From the inside of the human body, the lack of these two vitamins can cause anemia, affecting the growth and development of the human body.

Supplement: Eat green leafy vegetables such as spinach, eat pigs, beef, liver, beans, etc.

Take vitamin B family nutrition pills.

Lip signal: lip cracking, replacement, lip line blur, is a sign of lip disease, indicating that you owe vitamin B2 and vitamin C.

Supplement: Eat more vegetables, citrus, tomatoes, melons, potatoes, etc.

Take vitamin B and vitamin C tablets.

Tongue signal: If the tongue is found to be too rough, the taste buds will turn red, and the tip of the tongue will turn yellow and white, indicating that you are deficient in folic acid and iron.

The lack of such substances will cause the production of internal red blood cells to be disturbed, causing glossitis, anemia, dysfunction in the body, and poor growth and development.

Supplement: Eat more liver, spinach, brown bread and ingest B vitamin nutrition pills containing folic acid.

Nose signal: If the nose is red on both sides, greasy, bright, red and often peeling, indicating that you are deficient in zinc.

Zinc deficiency can cause loss of appetite and metabolic disorders.

However, the phenomenon of zinc deficiency is relatively speaking.

Supplement: Most foods contain zinc. As long as there is no partial eclipse, zinc deficiency can be corrected.

You can also take a multi-vitamin nutrient pill containing zinc.

Nail signal: There are white spots on the nails, indicating zinc deficiency.

The nail is easy to break, indicating that you are short of iron.

Zinc deficiency, iron deficiency may sometimes occur at the same time.

Supplement: Eat more spinach, liver and pig, beef and mutton, take zinc-containing multivitamin nutrition pills.

Hair signal: hair loss, no pain when the hair is pulled out, hair is easy to wrap, indicating that you lack vitamin C and iron.

The color of the hair becomes lighter and lighter, which is a signal that the vitamin B12 is low.

The production of red blood cells and the nervous system in the absence of B12 are affected.

Adjustment method: Eat more dairy foods, liver, fish and beans.

Supplement B vitamin nutrition pills.