Hisense: 8K image quality chip has been commercialized, mass production next year

Hisense: 8K image quality chip has been commercialized, mass production next year
On the afternoon of March 18, Hisense officially released the first 85-inch 8K Pro dual-screen TV 85U9E.In addition, Wang Wei, vice president of Hisense Video Technology, revealed that this world-class 8K TV is equipped with an 8K image quality chip independently developed by Hisense, and the total measurement output in 2021.In March 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Radio and Television, and the Central Radio and Television Station jointly issued the “Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)”, mentioning that in 2022, the current ultra high definition videoThe overall scale of the industry exceeds 4 trillion, the 4K industry ecosystem is basically perfect, and 8K key technology product R & D and industrialization have made breakthroughs, forming an internationally competitive enterprise.In May 2019, Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei said that ultra-high-definition video is a new round of major technological changes after digitalization and high-definition.Innovative development in the emerging technology field highly recognized by the state, ultra-high-definition video faces the broadest consumer market and industry application market, and has a wide range of integration and innovation. It is expected to become an important scenario and driving force for 5G commercial deployment.On March 18th, Hisense’s newly launched 85-inch 8K Pro dual-screen TV is equipped with 113 independent backlight control chips that can accurately control 1694 backlight partitions. Its unique dual-core AI system and dual-core image quality engine have6.5T super computing power, real-time AI perception, recognition, restoration and beautification of the picture.Wang Wei said that in the 5G era, the ultra-large screen as a home cloud center will account for more than half of home Internet traffic.In the second half of this year, Hisense will launch a new generation of social TV that supports new application scenarios such as 5G Lianmai K song, cloud games, and home private cloud services.Hisense launched China’s first digital video processing chip with independent intellectual property rights and industrialization in 2005. Currently, it has launched more than 20 image quality and AI chips.In June last year, Hisense Video and its partners jointly invested US $ 500 million to establish Qingdao Xinxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. The integrated chip R & D team is committed to the development and promotion of smart TV SoC chips and AI chips.Wang Wei revealed that in the next two years, Hisense will add 6 image quality and AI chips, and the application rate of independent image quality chips will exceed 90%.This year, Hisense will officially mass-produce 4K 120Hz stacked screen custom chips; in 2021, Hisense will mass-produce 8K 120Hz image quality processing chips, AI SOC intelligent voice chips, AI visual SOC chips, etc.Sauna, Ye Wang Chen Weicheng Editor Li Weijia Proofreading Liu Baoqing

It was only two years ago that I had a relationship with my teacher.

It was only two years ago that I had a relationship with my teacher.
Beijing News (Reporter Xu Bangyin) On May 22, local time in the United States, after the death of legendary coach Jerry Sloan, the Jazz official and the team owner Miller family have issued announcements to commemorate.The Chicago Bulls have paid tribute to it. Deron Williams, Millsap and other NBA players who have played for Sloan for many years have also sent documents to remember the mentor.Deron Williams posted an article in memory of his mentor Sloan.Image / social media Millsap played for the Jazz from 2006 to 2013. It was under Sloan’s training that he gradually became the team’s main player and All-Star player.Knowing that the teacher had passed away, he posted on social media, “Thank you for giving me the opportunity, thank you for your teaching, and thank you for helping me grow into a great basketball player.Rest in peace, Coach Sloan.”Dron Williams is one of Sloan’s most talented players. The secret of his independence from his mentor Sloan is also considered to be the trigger for Sloan’s coaching career.”In the 2010-2011 season, the news of Jazz’s disagreement was revealed.In February 2011, the mentors and apprentices had a fierce quarrel in a game. The next day, Sloan, who coached the Jazz for 23 years, suddenly announced his resignation and burst into tears at the conference.Soon afterwards, the Jazz sent away star Deron Williams.In the summer of 2018, under the coordination of the jazz performance, Deron Williams went to Sloan’s residence to visit the sick teacher. The two students had a long personality.During this period, Delong repeatedly apologized to the teacher for the conflict that year, and finally the two resolved their knot and shook hands.”I am very sad to know the news of coach Sloan’s death.Although our ending in the Utah Jazz period was not good, I am very fortunate that the fighting had the opportunity to sit down and communicate with Coach Sloan and relieve the previous suspicions.”Deron Williams said on social media that he is very honored to play under Sloan for 5 and a half years.” I learned too much from Sloan coach.”Pippen paid tribute to coach Sloan.”Figure / social media quantification, former bull name Pippen also paid tribute to the old coach, “I love everything about Sloan, from the way I play to the coaching style, I am deeply fascinated by it.In the 1997 and 1998 NBA Finals, the jazz he led did his utmost to cause us great trouble.It is my honor to be able to play against the team he coaches on the court.”Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin

Chelsea wins London Derby, Abraham ushers in high yield

Chelsea wins London Derby, Abraham ushers in high yield
Abraham scored a winning goal.This morning, the 20th round of the Premier League ushered in the London Derby, and Alta coached his first show at the Emirates Stadium to meet the challenge of Chelsea led by Lampard.In the end, Chelsea took a 3-1 away away three points.After the game, Chelsea’s official social media replaced: “London Sky?It’s still blue.”At the beginning of the game, Arsenal took the lead from Aubameyang; after losing the ball, Chelsea besieged the door guarded by Leno, but the thunder and rain were small.In 83 minutes Chelsea finally equalized by Jorginho, then in the 87 minutes Abraham made a low shot, instantly making the Emirates Stadium surrounded by silence.Chelsea’s biggest hero in this game was Abraham, especially the four goals he scored at the last minute of the game.While helping the team to return to the Champions League area, he also gave the Gunners 60 their first home four-game losing streak for the first time.”Abraham is very good, he has gradually become an indispensable player of the team.Chelsea coach Lampard said after the game.At the beginning of the season, Abraham ended his loan with Aston Villa and returned to the Blues. He unexpectedly chose the number 9, which was not favored by the 22-year-old.His stats of scoring only one goal in the first eight home games of the season made the Blues fans think he was one of the team’s No. 9 parallels, and his soft style was criticized by fans.But after a brief silence, Abraham finally ushered in his high-yield period.According to statistics, Abraham has scored 12 goals in the Premier League this season and scored 12 goals, all of which were sports goals.0 goals per game.63, only 124 minutes per ball.In addition, Abraham had three assists.After responding with its strong performance, the Nigerian media also compared the efficiency of goals scored by Abraham and the former No. 9 Morata.In the Premier League season Morata scored 11 goals in 31 games, while Abraham scored 11 goals in only 14 games.It is worth mentioning that in the long history of Chelsea, only Diego Costa and Anelka (12 goals) can match Abraham’s first 14 goals.

[Can grapefruit peel eat?]_ Grapefruit peel_How to eat_How to eat

[Can grapefruit peel eat?]_ Grapefruit peel_How to eat_How to eat

Grapefruit is a kind of fruit that many people like to eat. When you eat grapefruit, you usually throw the grapefruit skin, but in fact, the grapefruit skin can be eaten, and it can also effectively treat children with pneumonia or frostbite.

1. Pomelo peel boil water to treat children with pneumonia. After eating the grapefruit, leave the skin dry, put a few pieces in the pot and add water to cook them, cut them into pieces, and don’t drink too much water (like fried Chinese medicine).After that, pour the boiled soup into the bowl and drink it for the children, even if they drink it several times.

2, boiled grapefruit skin to treat frostbite This method requires patience and long-term adherence (even if it is good, it is best to persist until the end of this winter), the food product does not change: 15 grams each of pomelo peel and radish seeds, decoction 4 times, 1 dose daily.

3, the elderly cough does not heal for a long time: remove the yellow peel of the pomelo peel, chop the remaining loquat, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and steam until cooked. Take 50-100 grams each time, once in the morning and evening.

4, rubella: fresh pomelo peel plus ginger, smashed, topical application, 2 times a day, can relieve itching and swelling.

5. Bronchitis: Wash one piece of honey pomelo peel, shred the yellow belt together, and chop them together, put them in a large bowl, add 50-100 grams of rock sugar, and steam with an appropriate amount until they are cooked. Eat half a bowl each time.Take the soup with the skin 2 times a day.

6. It can be seen that grapefruit peel is also a good medicine that can cure diseases.

Therefore, after eating the flesh of grapefruit, do not throw away the skin of grapefruit.

[Can cinnamon replace cinnamon]_ 玉桂 _Can you replace

[Can cinnamon replace cinnamon]_ 玉桂 _Can you replace

Cinnamon powder is a more common spice in our life. It is the dried rind of cinnamon tree. This rind smells special and fragrant. When adding some cinnamon powder when stewing, Wyeth meat tastes better, in factCinnamon is called differently in various places, and there are some places that call it cinnamon, which makes many people think that the two of them are not a substance. Can cinnamon be expensive instead of meat?

1. Cinnamon is the dried bark of cinnamon, and the cinnamon bark is the bark of pelargonium, savory, scented cinnamon, Sichuan laurel, and so on.

2. Cinnamon has a thick skin, a thick reddish cross section, a large oiliness, a strong aroma, a sweet and slightly spicy taste, and those who chew without residue are better.

Cinnamon is fragrant and cool, like camphor, with a slightly sweet taste. It is better to have thin skin and strong aroma.

3, cinnamon: Xin, Gan, hot.

Return to kidney, spleen, heart, liver meridian.

Reinforcing the fire and helping the yang, igniting the fire and returning to the source, dispersing the cold and relieving pain, promoting blood circulation.

It is used for impotence, cold in the palace, cold pain in the waist and knees, asthma due to kidney deficiency, dizziness in yang deficiency, dizziness in the eyes, cold pain in the heart and abdomen, cold and vomiting, cold hernia, running dolphin, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea.

Yin Huo-wang who avoid taking, pregnant women with caution.

Cassia: Xin, Wen.

Guixin, liver, spleen, kidney meridian.

Warm the spleen and stomach, disperse wind and cold, and pass the blood.

For abdominal cold chest full, vomiting belching, rheumatism and pain, loss of stasis, blood stasis and intestinal wind.

Yin who has fire should avoid taking it.

4, cinnamon and cinnamon are the same.

Generally, cinnamon is mainly used for medicine, and cinnamon is mainly used for adding spices.

Extended information: Cinnamon, also known as cinnamon, is a warming medicine that can treat spleen and stomach deficiency. It is suitable for people with debilitating constitutions, especially for those who have a cold stomach when they are blown by cold winds.For digestion, those with spleen and stomach deficiency may have insufficient gastric motility and slow peristalsis, and hawthorn may help digestion; brown sugar is also warm, which can warm the stomach and relieve acute pain.

In summary, this recipe is suitable for people with cold and weak constitution, and occasional acute cold stomach, usually drink 3?
It starts to take effect 5 days. It is taken twice a day before meals. People with chronic spleen and stomach deficiency may drink it for more than one month before taking effect. If they have not improved, they should seek medical treatment according to syndrome differentiation.

In addition, brown sugar is not commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine recipes. In ancient recipes, sorghum tincture, maltose, and stomach warming were also used to reconcile licorice.

This recipe is blended with brown sugar and has a good taste, which is equivalent to some kind of tea, but it is not suitable for people with diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, obesity, and large stomach fire.

This side, otherwise symptoms of burning stomach, mouth ulcers, bad breath, constipation and other symptoms may occur.

Those with spleen and stomach deficiency should usually pay attention to diet, eat more warm food, not greedy, cold or cold drinks, drink cold beer, pay attention to protect the abdomen in cold weather.

[Effects and effects of dry yam]_Benefits_Inevitable

[Effects and effects of dry yam]_Benefits_Inevitable

The nutritional value of yam is visible, and people will also find that yam can be made into many other foods.

It’s just that yam can supplement some substances that people lack in the body. It should be paid attention to avoid excessive effects.

Because many people will find that yam can become a kind of dry yam, dry yam is a type of Chinese medicine.

So what are the effects and effects of dry yam?

Efficacy and role of dry yam 1. Supplemental nutrition Dry yam is the dehydrated yam. It retains most of the nutrition in yam. People usually use this dry yam to absorb rich plant protein and trace elements can also absorb some saponinsAnd choline, as well as amylase, and other beneficial nutrients to the human body, it can not only promote human metabolism, but also enhance human quality.

2. In the prevention of cancer patients, insist on eating more dry yam and prevent cancer. It can enhance the body’s autoimmune function and prevent cell canceration. In addition, it can improve the phagocytic capacity of human macrophages.
Ability, those patients who have received chemotherapy treatment for cancer, take more dry yam during the treatment period, and can also reduce the harm to the patient’s body caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

3. Promote calcium absorption Dry yam contains a variety of trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. Among them, nutrients such as trace elements phosphorus and vitamin d can promote the absorption of calcium by the body and prevent calcium deficiency in the human body. In addition, some people suffer from Jinhu damage and boneWhen you have bad symptoms such as looseness and tooth loss, taking more dried yam can also relieve the symptoms.

In addition to these effects, other dry yam can prevent many common diseases such as diabetes, diarrhea and thrombosis.

Method of edible dried yam 1. There are many different ways to use dried yam. The simplest and most common method is to grind dry yam into a powder with a cooking machine at home. Take an appropriate amount each time and directly use boiling water to prepare it.It can also be made into powdered dried yam and put directly in porridge or soybean milk to mix thoroughly. After that, it is enough for the human body to absorb and use the nutrients in dried yam as soon as possible.

2. Dried yam can also be used for people to take. It can be used with a variety of Chinese medicines to decoction and drink, especially when some people have indigestion and dry stools, as well as physical weakness, and many other adverse symptoms such as diabetes.Under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine, dried yam and other Chinese medicinal materials are used for decoction.

TCL Group (000100): The advent of the UHD era, China Star is expected to enter the Huawei TV supply chain

TCL Group (000100): The advent of the UHD era, China Star is expected to enter the Huawei TV supply chain

Event: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other issues issued the “Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)” 1.

The plan was introduced, ushering in the era of the ultra-high-definition video. The content of this plan clearly proposed the “4k first, taking into account 8k” general technical route and the full expansion of 4k TV in 2022. The number of ultra-high-definition users reached 200 million, and the scale of the 西安耍耍网 ultra-high-definition industry reached 4 trillionThe goal of the plan is to break through the localization of core devices, including chips, devices, panels, and cameras. At the same time, it also proposes to explore the application of 5G in ultra-high-definition video transmission, focusing on the development of TV, culture, education, security, and medical applications.

We believe that the proposed plan will have a profound impact on the domestic ultra-high-definition video ecosystem, and the domestic video service ecosystem has entered the ultra-high-definition era.


Huawei is expected to release TV products in April. Huaxing Optoelectronics is expected to enter the supply chain’s “Securities Daily”. According to the judgment of corresponding experts, Huawei TV products are expected to be released in April. We believe 西安夜网 Huawei’s technological advantages in 5G, chips, and cloud computingIt will bring major breakthroughs and changes in the product form of Huawei TV and usher in an industry inflection point.

With the launch of the Huaxing Optoelectronics G11 belt line, we expect Huaxing to rapidly increase its competitiveness in the field of ultra-large LCD screens and is expected to enter the Huawei TV supply chain.


32 / 43-inch LCD is expected to show a bottom reversal trend. Qunzhi Consulting predicts that the price of 32 / 43-inch LCD will increase by 1 US dollar in March, which is in line with our previous judgment on the bottom reversal of LCD prices. We believe that global LCD panel prices will appear in 2019.32 / 43-inch structural upward price trend: (1) large-screen social trends will drive a new cycle of TV replacement, (2) the absolute value of the current price of 32 / 43-inch panels is very close to the cash cost price of Korean factories, (3)Korean plants ‘LCD production capacity is gradually withdrawing. (4) Subsequent supplementary LCD production lines are dominated by high-generation lines, which have a relative impact on 32 / 43-inch supply. (5) The trade environment has eased, and inventory demand has accelerated and bottomed out.



US $ 600 billion in equipment, mobile phones, televisions and other terminal businesses, focusing on the semiconductor display industry. TCL Group’s existing business covers three areas: semiconductor display, smart terminal products and emerging businesses. According to the company’s announcement on December 22, 2018, the company intends to47.

The 6 million cash consideration puts out related assets such as home appliances, mobile phones and TV terminals, and concentrates resources to develop the semiconductor display industry.


Investment recommendations We maintain the company’s profit forecast and target estimates: (1) Before the reorganization, the net profit attributable to the mother in 19-20 is estimated to be 41.


3 trillion; (2) After the reorganization, it is estimated that the net profit to be returned to the mother in 19-20 will be 42/52 trillion respectively. Maintain the BUY rating.

Risk warning: terminal demand is less than expected; risk of underlying asset guarantee; restructuring suspension or termination risk; Huaxing’s entry into Huawei TV supply chain is less than expected risk;

Shengyi Technology (600183): Net revenue is improving quarter by quarter and the growth logic is clear under the 5G cycle

Shengyi Technology (600183): Net revenue is improving quarter by quarter and the growth logic is clear under the 5G cycle

Event On February 20, 2020, Shengyi Technology released the 2019 annual performance report, which is expected to achieve a total operating income of 132 in 2019.

4.1 billion, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

5.8 billion, respectively, an increase over the same period last year.

52%, 45.

73%; non-net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 51 over the same period last year.


The 2019 annual performance specific data will be disclosed in the annual financial report on March 25, 2020.

A brief comment on Q4’s single-quarter net profit reached a new high, and gradually achieved dazzling market expectations. The company will achieve revenue in 2019.

4.1 billion, an increase of 10 in ten years.

52%, net profit attributable to mother 14.

5.8 billion, an increase of 45 over the same period last year.

73%, long-term performance is dazzling, exceeding market expectations.

Among them, 19Q4 revenue and net profit reached a record high, with single quarter revenue of 37.

71 ppm, an increase of 25 in ten years.

4%, an increase of 7 from the previous month.

8%; single quarter net profit 4.

1.6 billion, an annual increase of 118.

95%, a slight increase of 0 from the previous month.

7%, single quarter net profit reached 11%, a significant improvement over the same period last year.

The year-on-year increase in performance in 2019 continues to confirm our judgment that the company has entered a new round of growth window, and continues to be optimistic about the company’s endogenous optimization of the product structure to expand external demand in the 5G industry cycle, so as to achieve steady growth in future performance.Sufficient kinetic energy.

The first main line of 5G: The demand for high-frequency and high-speed boards driven by base station construction is fulfilling the 5G industry cycle, and two logical main lines will be formed, leading to a definite increase in the field of high-frequency and high-speed boards.

The first is the increasing demand brought by base station construction. 5G belongs to the millimeter class. Its larger requirements have increased the use of AAU mid- and high-frequency high-speed boards. At the same time, the characteristics of millimeter wave attenuation and the higher network capacity of 5GIt is required to make massive MIMO become the mainstream solution of RF front-end, and its frontal area is nearly doubled, which has led to the demand for more high-frequency boards.

As the effective propagation distance of millimeter waves is earlier and 4G is shorter, we expect that 5G base stations will be deployed more densely and the number is expected to reach 4G base stations1.

2 times more.

The dual resonance of high-frequency and high-speed boards demanded by base stations with a large number of base stations, we are optimistic about the possibility of determining the high-frequency and high-speed boards brought by the communication field.

The second main line of 5G: the demand driven by the application scenario upgrade is coming. We are optimistic that after the completion 杭州夜网论坛 of 5G network construction, the supporting upgrade of downstream application scenarios will continue to drive the demand for copper clad laminates.

The breakthrough is that the demand for 5G replacement drives the smartphone market to recover, and the demand for upstream materials such as copper-clad laminates is synchronized. At the same time, the high-quality features of 5G high-speed and high-capacity promote the promotion of cloud computing into a rapid development channel. IDC is the main cost component of cloud computing.In the process of following the industry upgrade of 5G, IDC’s demand for copper-clad boards, especially high-speed boards, is expected to grow significantly. Automotive electronics is another breakthrough point in 5G application scenarios. The high speed and low latency of 5G have created the development of the Internet of Vehicles.At a good time, we 天津夜网 judge that the penetration rate of automotive electronics will usher in a significant increase in the 5G era. Automotive electronics need to rely on more millimeter-wave radars to sense external information, and high-frequency copper clad laminates are important basic materials for millimeter-wave radars. Related requirements are expectedGradually realize the progressive release of automotive electronics.

Profit forecast We give Shengyi Technology a net profit of 14A in 2019A / 2020E / 2021.



7.8 billion, with a price-earnings ratio of 50/31/25.

The company has a high-quality company with large space and sustainable growth.

Fourth, risks indicate that 5G infrastructure construction and supporting application service upgrades are less than expected.

Weir Shares (603501) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Third Quarterly Report of Howell’s Consolidated Results Basically Meets Expectations

Weir Shares (603501) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Third Quarterly Report of Howell’s Consolidated Results Basically Meets Expectations
The company’s acquisition of image sensor (CMOS) manufacturer Howell Technology has completed asset delivery and is expected to become a domestic CMOS leader in the future.We are optimistic about localization opportunities in this segment. Multi-camera penetration on mobile phones and the arrival of high-contrast products will drive the company’s continued growth.We predict that EPS for 2019-2021 will be zero.98/2.47/3.35 yuan to maintain the “overweight” level. In the third quarter, Howell consolidated the report. In the first three quarters, it realized overall revenue of 9.4 billion and net profit3.800 million, in line with market expectations. In the third quarterly report, the company consolidated the acquisition targets of Beijing Haowei and other acquisition targets. In the first three quarters, it realized revenue of 9.4 billion and net profit3.800 million, net profit attributed to mother1.350,000 yuan, net of non-attributed net profit 0.6.2 billion.Mainly due to the completion of unsettled targets such as Beijing Howe in January-August, Weir’s actual controller actually controlled about 32% of equity in Howe, so 68% of net profit in January-August was attributed to minority shareholders’ profit and loss, and 32% entered WeirNet profit attributable to mother, and Beijing Haowei’s net profit for the nine-month period was all incorporated.Therefore Vail 3.800 million net profit includes 1.3.5 billion attributable to parent company and 2.4.4 billion attributable to minority shareholders’ profits and losses, compared to Howell’s 2019 non-attribution net profit achievement commitment5.At $ 4.5 billion, we believe it is basically in line with expectations.In terms of gross profit margin, it reached 26 in the first three quarters.6%, considering that the Weir traditional business gross profit margin before and after the consolidation in 2017/2018 was 20% / 23%, we believe that Howell’s image sensor business benefited from the normalization of operations and the accelerated iteration of new products.27% -30%. Expenditure-side R & D investment has picked up, and increase in asset-side sales has led to receivables and inventory growth.In terms of expenses, period sales expenses2.7.8 billion, overhead 4.6.4 billion, financial 杭州夜网 expenses1.6.6 billion, mainly because interest expenses reached 1.900 million, the company management + sales + financial expense ratio reached 9.65%.R & D expenses in the first three quarters9.33 trillion, of which we estimate that about 1 trillion is the traditional Weir business, and about 8 trillion is the Howell image sensor business, compared to Howell 9 in 2018.900 million R & D expenditure has been on the rise.On the asset side, accounts receivable and inventory were 2.4 billion and 4.1 billion, respectively. Weir’s traditional business is estimated to be 800 million and 10 billion, respectively. After replacement, Howell’s business receivables will be from the end of 20186.The increase from 600 million to 1.6 billion was mainly due to the increase in sales revenue; the inventory increased from 2.9 billion to 3.1 杭州夜网 billion.On the debt side, the company has 1.9 billion short-term debt, 1.6 billion payables, 2.5 billion non-negotiable debt due within one year, 900 million long debt, and is expected to compensate 8.400 million, the overall asset-liability ratio is 55%, and the current ratio is 1.44, quick action ratio 0.88. The solvency is basically qualified. The three major tracks promote the growth of image sensor business, and technological breakthroughs drive the acceleration of product landing.Howway Technology’s image sensor business focuses on three tracks of mobile phones (58%), security (14%), and automobiles (6%). The market share is the highest in the world, and the mobile phone business has the third market share. Customers include Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, etc .; security business market share of the top two (about 40% share), customers cover Hikvision, Dahua; automotive business market share of the second (about 20%), customers include BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, etc.Looking forward to the future, the continuous penetration of multi-cameras on the mobile phone + the expected increase will drive the volume and price of image sensors. At the same time, the company released high-end products such as 32 million and 48 million forecasts in the middle of the year. The current progress is smooth.For Android customers, it is estimated that 48 million expected product reservations will reach 20 million / 1 in 2019/2020.200 million pieces, a significant revenue contribution. Risk factors: intensified competition in the CIS market; less-than-expected acquisition integration; lower-than-expected demand in the downstream market.

Enjoy playing mobile phone before bed to teach you four ways to prevent harm

Enjoy playing mobile phone before bed to teach you four ways to prevent harm

Friends who like to play mobile phones before going to bed should pay attention. This will not only harm the eyes, but also affect the entire body.

It is easier to get tenosynovitis when playing mobile phone in one posture for a long time.

Long-term exposure to mobile phone radiation is harmful to our brain and skin.

However, I can’t sleep without playing mobile phone before going to bed. What should I do?

4 ways to alleviate the harm of playing mobile phones before bedtime.

  Pay attention to the light. The screen of the mobile phone is too bright, and the night environment is too high, causing eye fatigue.

Try not to turn off all the lights in the room, and remember to dim the mobile phone screen at night. Turning on night mode is the most convenient way.

  Do not play on your stomach. Playing with your phone in a prone position will affect the blood circulation in your elbows and brain. It may also cause the cervical spine to exceed its natural volume, and prolonged fatigue may result.

  Don’t play sideways. Although it feels more convenient, this will cause a lot of pressure on the eyes, especially the long-term pressure on one side will cause the vision deviation of the left and right eyes, and the oppressed eyes will easily cause insufficient blood supply.A sense of swelling appears, and short-term image overlap occurs.

  Do not lie on your side or on your side, supine is the only recommended position, but be careful to prevent your arm from falling and hitting your face.

  Keep the screen away from your eyes. Do not place your eyes too close to the screen, and do not point directly at the screen.

The best angle of the mobile phone screen is about 45 ° downward tilt.

  Pay attention to the light before playing your mobile phone before going to bed. Don’t hide in the duvet to play. This may cause your vision to drop rapidly.

Also don’t play with your phone on your stomach, this can avoid cervical spondylosis, and don’t play with your phone on your side.

The distance between the mobile phone and our eyes must be well controlled, not too close.