Pregnancy does not get fat diet

Pregnancy does not get fat diet

In general, healthy women who are pregnant at ideal weight have an average weight gain of about 8 during pregnancy.
12 kg.

Absolute pre-pregnancy weight, in the second and third stages of pregnancy, monthly weight gain of more than 1 kg or monthly weight gain of more than 3 kg is not appropriate.

Although you can’t lose weight, you have to control your weight. Otherwise, it will easily lead to production difficulties in addition to deformation.

  Eating tips and diets can be less effective than eating less; such as eating skills, food cooking, food choices, etc., are the key to weight control.

The same nutritional value, if you choose the transitional replacement food, there is no difference to the baby in the body, but for the mother itself, but the impact is great!

And these concepts and techniques are also very helpful for restoring the body after childbirth.

  Changes in eating behavior: change the order of eating: drink water → drink soup → eat green vegetables → finally eat and meat.

  Develop a habit of eating three meals.

  Lettuce/fruit salad should be scraped off after the salad dressing, or not required.

  Meat should be peeled and not fat, only lean meat.

  Deep-fried foods are first fried and then eaten.

  Thick soups only eat solid content, but do not drink soup.

  With the concentration of the soup, the soup is slightly drained before eating.

  Replace the dessert with fruit.

  Replace sugary drinks and juices with tea, boiled or unsweetened drinks and juices.

  Pay attention to the type of food and the amount of food you eat.

  Brush your teeth immediately after eating, and brush your teeth and stop eating.

  Do not eat for three hours before going to bed (except for boiled water).

  Change in cooking style: try to cook, steam, stew, cold, braised, roasted, hot, braised, and braised.

  Do not add more oil to the above cooking methods. Add soy sauce (not soy cream).

  Use onions, garlic, ginger, nine-story pagoda, allspice, peppercorns, star anise and some Chinese herbal medicines to add flavor.

  Add less sugar when cooking.

  Use less hooks when cooking.

  Add less wine when cooking.

  Before cooking, buy the number of meals and the amount of food before eating, avoid eating too much leftovers.

  Green vegetables can be eaten more, but it is best to use hot, or drip the soup to reduce the intake of oil (or use clear soup, boiled water).

  Do not eat dry meat, broth.

Peanut + jujube helps you to increase your black hair

Peanut + jujube helps you to increase your black hair

How can we make black people more upright?

  Women want to have an S-shaped body, and they are always dissatisfied with their own little. In the local shaping, perfect body has always been a topic for women. How to have a perfect body?

Peanut + jujube helps you to increase your brunette!

Come check it out.

  Buy raw peanuts (must be born, it is best to be fresh in the past, fried or salt should not eat, will be fat), eat 10-20 times every 2 hours, eat seriously, chew very broken veryBroken in the throat, can add oil and vitamin B2.

I feel that my stomach is uncomfortable because I can peel off the red clothes and eat it in response to the red dress, so that the stomach will not be uncomfortable.

  Prepare some jujube, American ginseng, safflower (a small amount) to soak a cup of water a day, drink only water, can not add sugar.

It can regulate blood, pass through the meridian, menstruation will be smooth, and it can lift the air, it will not feel tired and old, can not afford the spirit.

  Drink ginger red jujube water during menstrual period (cooked in a frying pan, put a cup of hot water every morning), soak your feet with hot ginger water before going to bed at night, and ensure that your blood is excreted smoothly during menstruation.

I am now ruddy, even my nails are powdered.

  A slight body loss will result in loss of nutrients in the body, leading to hair loss; while women are prone to anemia and cause paleness. The above recommended method is a good way to supplement blood and qi.

Raw peanuts, red dates, American ginseng, safflower, and ginger are very helpful for women’s health. They feel that they are weak and weak, menstrual is not adjusted, and the pale MM can be tried, but the safflower is more hot and physique.Hot MM should be less.

  This breast enhancement method is not very good, now you can try it!

Nutrition Doctor Health Tips

Nutrition Doctor Health Tips

Mentioned the most famous health communication doctor now, Dr. Mohamed Oz of the United States (DR.

OZ) Don’t let it happen.

His nutrition website, nutrition columns and TV shows are sought after by many people and stars.

Recently, Mexico’s “Cosmos” article shared his 10 most important recommendations for healthy living.


Be strong, don’t be thin.

Being too thin is the biggest factor affecting humans’ response to illness or injury.

A weak person cannot effectively repair himself.

Therefore, physical exercise should be planned, including cardio and exercise.


Do not eat white food.

The best way to lose weight is to not eat white food.

Most white foods (bread, rice, noodles, sugar, flour, etc.) are mainly composed of refined carbohydrates.

However, white foods such as egg whites, cauliflower and fish should still be ingested frequently.


Broccoli is steamed and eaten.

The important nutrients of broccoli, with the effect of clearing the liver and fighting cancer, is the king of all vegetables.

In order to give full play to the effects of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, it should be washed and cut 5-10 minutes before cooking.

Compared to boiled, choosing a steaming or microwave cooking method is more helpful in retaining the anti-cancer ingredients.


Vitamin D is added daily.

New research shows that vitamin D can control appetite and help to augment abnormal metabolism, playing an important role in weight loss.

In fact, vitamin D also helps increase the body’s absorption of calcium, enhance immunity, reduce complications and prevent multiple cancers.

Nearly 75% of Americans suffer from vitamin D deficiency.

Ham, tuna, and cannabis are all excellent sources of vitamin D.

If you often get the sun, you can get a small amount of vitamin D by eating cod liver oil, cheese and egg yolk.


Calculate the amount of water consumed by weight.

Drinking plenty of water is vital to your health.

Half of a person’s weight (in pounds) is the amount of water he should consume each day (1 inch equals 28 grams per second).


Green tea is added.

Drinking natural green tea is a great way to lose weight.

Drinking tea not only enhances body metabolism, but also supplements with antioxidants such as catechins to help prevent cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.


Prove nutrition instead of calories.

Lose weight and reduce calories.

The brain needs nutrients, not calories.
The human brain will constantly issue instructions to “eat”
until enough nutrients are obtained.
The foods that can help slim down are: yogurt, nuts, cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Although some of these foods have high calories, they also provide essential nutrients for the body.


Eat dessert 2 hours after a meal.

This does not mean that the dessert is completely cancelled, or whether you should eat dessert immediately after a meal.

Dr. Oz found that sugar can damage the absorption of nutrients, so you should avoid eating sweets immediately after a meal.

The best time to eat dessert is two hours after the meal.

At the same time, Dr. Oz recommended replacing dark chocolate as a dessert, because “flavonoids and cocoa together can accelerate blood circulation and flow in the brain, and can be used for the purpose.”


Breakfast should be adhered to.

People who do not eat breakfast are four times more likely to be obese.

If you do not eat breakfast, the human body will make up for the compensation by reducing the metabolism, which leads to the body’s metabolic disorders, and the result is catastrophic.


Sleep 7 hours a day.

Lack of sleep accelerates aging and affects weight loss.

The brain needs plasma when it is tired, which will affect people’s judgment.

To protect some of the important functions of the body’s organs, we need at least 7 hours of sleep a day.

Gulangyu when the phoenix blooms

Gulangyu when the phoenix blooms

Previously walking on the campus of Xiamen University, there was a saying in the radio: “Phoenix flowers only open two seasons a year.

One season old, one season, new students come.

“The broadcast is a boy, the voice does not have any features, and even a little coastal accent.

The sound was suddenly pure and pure because of the ordinary, leisurely, slowly through the afternoon sun, this simple sentence covered the entire campus, but also covered the mood of tourists.

  I have seen flaming phoenix flowers.

The flame-like flowers bloom in pieces, and they stretch in the street, stretching into the phoenix when Nirvana.

A friend said that he likes Xiamen because all the colors in the city are powerful.

The sea, the sky, the vegetation, the flowers, can all be implicated in the mood of the people watching the scenery, turning into pure colors together, bright and bright.

  So I took my backpack and came to Xiamen without any warning.

The sorrow that was difficult to lay out on paper caused Wuhan to become my injured city overnight.

The Yangtze River is a dark yellow chaos, the sky is always polluted, and the air always has an impure sense of oppression.

  I think I need a strong contrast impact.

The phoenix flower blossoms and falls, and people come and go.

  Did not go to the mall to buy those luxury goods, did not go to the seafood, did not go to the nightclubs recommended by friends to experience the drunken dream.

What I need is not the thriving material paralysis of the “SAR”.

So I chose to live in Gulangyu.

There are no cars, no noise, no pollution, no false excitement brought about by economic prosperity, but it has the most beautiful “strong radiation color” in one city.

The left hand dreams of the right hand substance, Gulangyu slides in the zone between the most prosperous and the most Taoyuan.

  ”In Gulangyu, you can only use your own feet.

“Forgot to be among the best friends.”

Inexplicably, I think Gulangyu is such a fit.

  I decided to hide on this island for a few days.

There are many backpackers on the island, but the pace is very slow.

They are all people with stories.

Those who have no stories will not walk alone in Gulangyu.

  A person walks in the undulating streets.

I saw a very large banyan tree – this city has many such trees – old but lush.

I am pulling the beard hard, this is ironic – I think I am young but withered.

A very young lady came over and said to me that the banyan tree is a god tree, and pulling the banyan tree may bring bad luck.

In the southern cities, residents always have a kind of devout worship of the gods and the like.

Then I smiled and told her that my luck was not good enough.

  In the chat room, I know that this lady is the owner of a hotel called “bay view” on the edge of the banyan tree.

Gulangyu has a lot of hotels, all kinds of different, this hotel is not big, the style is very suitable for the arrangement of Gulangyu.

I always believe that such a bleak island, along with the complement of each other, should not be something that has been specially carved and uniform.

Gulangyu is very natural and beautiful.

And very sunny.

Therefore, naturally, you should not choose those places that deliberately decorate and deliberately disguise the dimly lit windows.

The “Bay View” is naturally hidden in the side of the “offensive” eucalyptus tree. It is simple and natural, with a little bit of a casual home, and the details are so delicate.”Bay View”, I intend to keep myself here, this “very Gulangyu” place.

  Once again, meeting the boss is on the rooftop.

Maybe I don’t need to think about it.

At that time, I held a small Qingdao, trying to make myself lose consciousness.

The boss brought a cup of ginger tea and left a sentence—-this way I can’t see the scenery.

  At noon the next day, I came to the rooftop of the bay view.

I suddenly remembered why I came to Gulangyu.

Strong contrast color.

The blue is pure sea, the sunrays under the green and the golden sunshine.

“This way you can’t see the scenery.” What kind of way should the landscape be seen?

  The hotel has a garden cafe, I am sitting on a wicker chair thinking about this problem.

It is surrounded by flowers and plants that the owner himself tries to make, and there are some small water features, simple and exquisite.

Where is the scenery, what do I want to see?

During the thought, I looked up unintentionally, and a specimen of a puffer fish was tied to the parasol.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

  The scenery, it turns out that it needs to be seen this way.

  The scenery is actually here, but it needs to be seen.

Every morning after that, I sat in the hotel garden and finished the hotel’s cheesecake – the best cheesecake I have ever eaten – and then took the golden hair “Nono” of the hotel and strolled around Gulangyu.
Look at the luxurious courtyards, look at the rust on the iron gates or the moss; sit on the side of the road and eat paralysis or fish balls, observe leisurely tourists or backpackers; race on the beach with NonoTake him to play with water, chase water drops to reflect the rainbow. I don’t know that there is only Bay View in the whole Gulangyu Island, and each room is equipped with a single-family garden. Fortunately, I am fortunate enough to choose the right place.

Call a cup of coffee in the coffee shop on the first floor, sit in the garden of the room, watch Kundera or Shu Ting, move the free network of the hotel on the laptop – naturally not MSN, look at the sea or the sun rock, occasionally and next doorThe guests in the garden chatted a few words, or secretly envied the couple who made wedding photos in the distance but made a sweet expression. How can such a landscape be seen in an office building or in a nightclub?

  Live at 307.

I often drool over the bed, thinking about when I can pack the beautiful 403 upstairs and live for a month every year.

In the chat with the guests, I know a lot of rooms with translucent bathrooms, and I began to imagine that I should change the room and take a bath and watch the sea.

“facing the sea, spring blossoms”, perhaps the dream that was born in such a mood.

  I like to see the guest message board next to the coffee shop downstairs – this message board has two walls.

Filled with boarding passes, photos, love letters, and even a tourist posted a crab shell – this must be the most special message I have ever seen!

I almost read all the papers, and sometimes I looked down and saw the tears flowing down.

There are many stories in it.

Some people write to their families, some write to friends, some write to their loved ones, and more people write to themselves.

How long have you not spoken to yourself?

These are the people who love Gulangyu love attachment, and those who can love Gulangyu to attachment are either pianists or people with stories.

  Every time I can put a garden code on my notebook, someone asks me, is it a writer?

“No, I am just a storyteller.

“I can’t avoid falling in love with Gulangyu.”

There is no repression in the office building, only the sea breeze and the sun; without the tights of high-heeled shoes, I almost wear the Xiamen-style flip-flops all over the world to run – the winter in Xiamen is also so warm; the most important thing is that there are scenery to see here.mood.

  How can I forget the reason why I came to Gulangyu, the reason why I traveled more than 800 kilometers from Wuhan to Gulangyu.

Until today, I can’t forget it, but I can laugh at my own obstacles.

But it is him.

It was just him.

Once he covered the sky, the whole Wuhan was completely stunned, forcing me to overcome the forced escape to Xiamen to avoid my own feelings.I remembered the words of the phoenix flower.

Phoenix flowers bloom two seasons a year, how many people come and go, and the phoenix flowers are still open to the public.

Any number of people come and go, go back, and the eye-catching, it will not be allowed to stop.

  I don’t think there is anything that can stop me from seeing the scenery.

My side is not without scenery, or we are always in the sesame mung bean-like trivia, lost the mood to see the scenery.

Reputation, money, or love.

“This way you can’t see the scenery.

Before I left Gulangyu, I had a tea with the boss at Bayview.

The Kung Fu tea in southern Fujian is also a “very Gulangyu” thing.

The boss said that she was reluctant to lose the sight of the scenery in the office building, and she had the Bayview Hotel.

“Be a happy man from tomorrow on.

Feed the horse, chop the firewood, and travel around the world.

From tomorrow on, care about food and vegetables.

I have a house, facing the sea, spring blossoms,” I think, nothing more than this mood to see the scenery.

“Thank you, boss, I haven’t been like this for a long time, so I have to talk to myself.

Also, the scenery in your garden has a strong concentration of colors.

“There is nothing in the mood to see the scenery, there is nothing to stop his freedom.”

Before I left, I looked back at the hotel’s sign.

Bay view, bay view.

I suddenly remembered that I should ask the boss the original intention of taking the name.

Is this hotel on the dockside?

Is it because you can watch the sea while drinking tea?

Is it because I can see the coastline of Xiamen Island on the rooftop?

Is this because it is the harbor of the boss’s soul?

The most unsuitable drinking and alcohol addiction is more harmful during menstruation

The most unsuitable drinking and alcohol addiction is more harmful during menstruation

In terms of diet, wine is actually a long-term drink for us. For menstruating women, what if you are in the menstrual period, your alcohol addiction, what should you do?

Next we will tell you whether women should drink alcohol during menstruation.

  Before the menstruation, the time of drunkenness will be prolonged, which is also the ban of the liver!

Similarly, drinking, women are more likely to cause liver damage and alcoholism than men, which means that women are more susceptible to alcohol.

  Basically, women are involved in enzyme replacement for alcohol metabolism, so the ability to break down acetaldehyde is weak.

Coupled with the effects of female hormone secretion before menstruation, the amount of alcohol-degrading enzymes is reduced, so the rate of decomposition of alcohol is reduced, and as a result, alcohol cannot be excreted and become acidic.

To neutralize these substances, the liver will continue to produce enzymes, and finally, the possibility of causing liver dysfunction is exacerbated.

  Before the onset of menstruation, the activity of decomposing enzymes is low, and the ability to metabolize alcohol is reduced.

If the metabolism is slowed down, the time in the drunken state will be lengthened, and the feeling of drunkenness will be more serious.

Therefore, drinking alcohol before menstruation is addictive, and it is often a cause of alcoholism.

Therefore, caring for oneself must face the most fundamental point, and women should also consider the menstrual cycle.

So can you drink alcohol during menstruation?

Will it affect the secretion of menstrual blood?

  The doctor told us that the secretion of menstrual blood is at most 50-120g, and alcohol does not have any effect.

In addition, there are many women who want to drink wine or warm wine during the menstrual period, which is also because the body temperature drops by 0 during the menstrual period.


4 degrees, subconsciously want to make the body warm some reason.

Therefore, during this period, drinking 1-2 cups of wine is a suitable amount, no more.

As a woman, during the menstrual period, no matter how you like to drink, you should actually protect yourself.

It is recommended to do during menstruation: 1, menstrual period must ensure adequate sleep, do not do very tired exercise.

  2, menstrual period is relatively impetuous, sleep is not very good, so drink a cup of milk before sleep, have a calming effect.

  3, pay special attention to the rest of the eyes during menstruation, Chinese medicine said: long-term injury.

Therefore, the time for reading should be reduced. Do not continue reading in dim light. The skin of the eyes is very thin, and the capillaries are dilated, causing congestion.

  4, dysmenorrhea can use hot water bag, hand treasure to give it some speed, the general dysmenorrhea is because of the impassable pain, give it temperature to relieve pain.

  5, you can drink some soup, mainly beauty soup, sometimes winter melon soup, spinach soup, chicken soup a little add a little Angelica, etc. are good.

  6, during the menstrual period, you can make a little light makeup during the day, with a liquid foundation, apply a dark color to the skin.

  7, perm during menstruation does not matter, is to change the shape of the hair, there are no blood vessels inside the hair.

But don’t perm during pregnancy, don’t use the instrument for beauty, you can do simple skin care, do some facial cleansing.

  8, if the dark circles are obvious, you can use the tea bag that has been drunk and apply it to the eyes, so the effect of going to the dark circles is very good.

  9, menstrual period must pay attention to clean the skin, to clean the skin with warm water, then wash with cold water to promote blood circulation, appropriate skin cream to apply some nutrients.

  10, the skin’s oil secretion is too strong, oily skin is acidic, soothing with potatoes, can calm, balance the endocrine of the skin.

Oily skin can also be applied to potato chips.

What is the purpose of clearing the lungs in the autumn?

What is the purpose of clearing the lungs in the autumn?

In the autumn, you can eat the lungs and clear the lungs.

However, the nature of cockroaches is relatively cold. For people with spleen and stomach deficiency, it is not advisable to eat more.

Because it grows in the water, bacteria will stick to its outer skin during its development. Everyone must clean the outer skin before eating, so as not to cause harm to the body.

How to use the brush to clean the surface of the crucible, then put it into the pot and add the appropriate amount of water to boil until the water in the pot is almost boiled, then remove the crucible and put it in cold water to wash the fructose on the surface.Then dry it and eat it with a knife when you eat it.

Second, the trace elements contained in soy milk in soy milk, such as iron, calcium, niacin and other substances in addition to the maintenance of the body, the milk contained in the soy milk can ease the burden of the lungs, relieve bronchitis.

There is also that when you drink soy milk, if you feel that there is no taste, you can add honey to the soy milk to taste, so that drinking is both nutritious, but also good to nourish the body, so everyone in the daily life just pay attention to thisIt’s ok.

How to eat the night before the first soaked soy beans in the water, so the next morning, everyone can take out the soaked soybeans, and then put them into the soymilk machine, add the right amount of water, choose the soy milk mode.
Third, pear pear tastes sweet and sour, the nature is cold, there is heat and lungs, the effect of Shengjin Huayu.

Eating it in the fall is especially beneficial for maintaining lung health.

And the way to eat pears is also very much, some say that you can eat directly, or it is boiled into soup, for the body’s nourishment and lung protection, the effect is more significant.

How to eat After you clean the pears, cut the pears with a knife.

Then pour the water into the pot, put the pears into the cooked, add the right amount of rock sugar, cook for a while and cook for a while.

Fourth, the oranges in general, the yellow fruit has better efficacy in clearing the lungs and nourishing the lungs. Therefore, everyone does not hinder the eating of oranges. The effect is better for removing lung heat and maintaining the lungs.

How to eat After cleaning the appearance of the orange, cut it into pieces with a knife, then put it into the juice machine, add warm water, press the juice button, and you can drink delicious orange juice in a while.