Refractory esophagitis diet prescription

Refractory esophagitis diet prescription

Reflux esophagitis refers to the reflux of gastric fluid or duodenal fluid to the esophagus, causing inflammation of the esophageal mucosa.

The main symptoms of reflux esophagitis are burning or pain behind the sternum.

Acid reflux and difficulty swallowing.

Burns and nausea often occur after a meal, especially after a full meal.

Both burning and nausea are related to changes in position. Postures such as bending over or lying down can be induced or aggravated, and are also apparent at night.

  Suffering from reflux esophagitis, should usually eat less or avoid high feces diet, quit smoking and alcohol, especially not drinking alcohol.

Eat less lemon juice, coffee, chocolate, citrus fruits, tomatoes, pepper, etc. Also avoid lying down and eating before meals.

In addition, the following diet prescriptions can also be used.


Milk yam flour paste: milk 250g, yam, flour 30g each.

Cut the yam into diced shape, add water, and simmer in the heat, add milk after the soup is thick, add the flour paste, and boil.

More than once.

Day service 1?
Take 2 times on an empty stomach, 1 month as a course of treatment.

  Milk is sweet, flat, tonic, tonifies the lungs and stomachs, and invigorate the intestines.

Yam benefits the lungs, strengthens the spleen, and nourishes the kidney.

Studies have shown that yam can promote stomach function and help digest food.

Flour, especially barley flour, contains allantoin, which can treat stomach inflammation and promote gastric function recovery.


Olive radish in pot: 250g olives, 500g radishes.

Put the olives and radishes (cut into small pieces) together in a pot and add decoction with water.

Substitute tea.

Use for 5-7 days.

  Olives, also known as green fruit, can breathe out, get fluid, quench thirst, clear the lungs, relieve throat, digestion, and appetite.

Radish can strengthen the stomach and eliminate food, relieve cough and reduce phlegm, relieve qi and diuretic, clear heat and detoxify.

Olive pot radish can clear the throat, adjust the esophagus’s contraction function, digestion and appetizing, and dredge the ventilator.

Clinical observations can relieve the symptoms of esophageal reflux after taking it.


Chicken gizzards and peppers: 2 gizzards and 20 peppercorns, similar in salt.

Wash the chicken gizzards inside and out, add peppercorns, add a small amount of salt, wrap in several layers of wet paper, cook on the fire, and remove.

Cut into thin slices and serve while hot.

Take 1 each time, 2 times a day for 1 week.

  The chicken gizzards nourish the stomach, and this product can reduce the insomnia and relieve qi, and clinical observation can reduce the burning sensation and pain in the sternum, reduce hiccups and belching, can functional dyspepsia and cause certain dysfunction.


Fried radish: 300g fresh radish, cooking oil, salt.

Wash and cut the radish, add to a hot oil pan and fry, season with a little salt, and serve.

  This recipe has the effect of regulating qi and digestion.

It can be cured for hiccups, belching, stagnant diet, chest fullness and discomfort, as well as post-sternal burning and soreness and a foreign body sensation in the throat.
  5. Shenqi pork belly soup: one pork belly, astragalus 150g, codonopsis 150g.

Wash the slices of Astragalus and Codonopsis, and wash the pork belly.

Ginseng is wrapped in gauze and added to the pork belly. The twine is tightened, simmered in heat, and the medicine pack can be removed after cooking.

Eat the soup and drink the soup while it is hot, and divide it into 4 ^ 6 times. Eat 2 times a day, even for 1 week.

  Astragalus is sweet and warm. It is the main medicine for invigorating qi. It can reduce gastric acid and gastric secretion and protect gastric mucosa.

Codonopsis has a sweet and flat taste, has the effect of nourishing zhongqi and qi, strengthening spleen and lungs.

Pork belly is nourishing, nourishing and curing stomach, and is compatible with Shenqi, which can be used for stomach and esophageal inflammation, indigestion and burning pain.

Men need more care to retire

Men need more care to retire

Before retirement, many people were full of enthusiasm for retirement. When they retired, the psychological gap was difficult to adapt.

Especially men, their focus on life has always been at work, so retirement may have more “strikes” on them.

Look at the experts to introduce the three kinds of impurities that men are most likely to encounter when they retire, and propose countermeasures.

Being forced to do too much housework, men work hard when they are young, rarely spend time on their families, and return to their families after retirement, but they are at a loss.

Uncle Zhang is an example. After he retired, he had nothing to do all day, and his mood was not good. His wife was afraid that he would feel uncomfortable. He asked him to help with his housework. He did not expect it to arouse his dissatisfaction: “I used to do housework.This is what women should do.

Now it’s good, wash the dishes, boil water, mop the floor, all I have to do!

“Aunt Zhang is also angry. She was so afraid that he was idle, but was said to be calling people, so a big battle began.”

  Later, in order to avoid conflict with Zhang Aunt, Uncle Zhang often went to the park for a whole day.

He said: “More will go out and reduce the chance of meeting, and the conflict will be less.

Experts believe that avoidance is not the best solution. It is important that the couple respect each other.

Most men think that doing housework can’t reflect their value, so there will be evasion.

“Aunt Zhang is kind, but I can change my tone when communicating.

Next time, I don’t want to ask if I can use my hand to wipe the window for me. It’s better than “hurry to clean the window” and think that the other party is the result of communication.

Too little pocket money Lao Wu’s pension is not high, life is more difficult, but he can’t erase his face and ask his son for money, so he can only save money.

He believes that money involves dignity and is unwilling to become the financial burden of his family. He firmly believes that “men can’t ask their wives and children for money!”

“No pocket money is a portrayal of redundant retired old people. In addition to not making a good budget, some families are holding the “financial power” of their wives. Other men who are unable to make money after retirement are self-blaming.

  This, experts suggest that men must first change their minds, not necessarily earning money to represent representativeness, and helping to do housework is also for the family.

Budget, plan your pension before retirement, it is best to make a budget.

Of course, you can’t be unwilling to buy it, and you can’t save money on it.

Finally, the old couple spent money to discuss, especially the lady should pay attention to, must not hurt his wife’s self-esteem because of money.

After losing some of the old horses, they were very upset after retirement. From work to home, the change of social roles made him feel that there was no part at home. He thought that he would no longer be the head of the family after he retired.

  Experts say that because of the heavy responsibility of earning money to support their families, men generally think that they are the center of the family, but if they still get along with their families in this way after retirement, there will definitely be conflicts.

Therefore, men may wish to lower their bodies and move to each other so that family relationships will be better.

What needs to be reminded is that the family should also listen to the old man’s thoughts and take care of him.

How long does it take to fall in love?


How long does it take to fall in love?

Lightning-married lovers usually attract others’ eyes, thinking that “lightning” is the result of a hasty decision and another concealed consequence; the other person is unwilling to easily believe that love has already vowed flowers between the newcomers to Lightning, and it has endedEternal Fruit.

  If a relationship is easy to maintain, there is no need to accommodate each other, there is no reluctance, and no pressure, then the chance that this relationship can last for a long time is great; this feeling is often bland, as natural as drinking plain water.

A pair of lovers whose personality, interests, hobbies, and habits are all extended and integrated, just like meeting another one’s own joy; Lightning marriage into the auditorium is also a natural result.

The success rate of lightning marriage and maintaining a long-term marriage is also there, because they may just meet the right person.

  In contrast, even a pair of lovers who have been married for many years may still end in divorce; because the length of a couple’s interaction time is not necessarily proportional to the maturity of the relationship.

Falling in love is not a boiled egg; the more the egg becomes more fragrant, the more likely it is to fall in love.

But how long does it take for a love relationship to mature?

Is it based on “quality” or “quantity”?

I’m afraid no outsider can understand except some.

  A relationship that requires long-term business to be fruitful may be a “wrong” relationship.

Because lovers have so many disparities in personality and other aspects, it takes a long time to adjust to each other; it may be that people are wrong, time is wrong, space is wrong, age is wrong, psychological maturity is wrong; the more wrong the love, the moreIt takes a long time to run.

When two wrong people stay together for a long time, it will evolve into a “habit” feeling; the habit is to accompany him, the habit of arguing with him, the habit of his voice, the habit of his temper; the “habit”, which wears off each other’s personalityThe spikes also cover up the fact that each other is not suitable.

This model, after a long delay, inexplicably turned into “feelings” and became a kind of “false feeling” that deceived people.

If a love talks for too long, and they lose the attractiveness, trust and ability to get along with each other, then love may break down at any time.

  What is the “right” person?

In ancient times, “doors should be mutually opposed”, today there is no certain standard at all.

From the perspective of worldly reality, a woman wants a handsome, gold, house, car, and beautiful “money”, preferably a man without parents to support; and a man wants a gentle, beautiful, elegant and elegantWoman, she better still have a well-paid job.

From the perspective of vulgar sensibility, a pair of “partners” who can be in harmony with each other, share common hobbies, and have a common goal is the other half of a “pair”.

  However, world affairs are always difficult, and a pair of partners pursuing artistic ideals may not be able to take care of the seven things that open the door to real life; and a pair of wealthy fans may not have a spiritual fit.

To be realistic or ideal?

Individuals must have a bicycle scale hammer to objectively and accurately determine: measure their own conditions and capabilities with a secular perspective; weigh their own talents and mentality with an emotional perspective.

If you are both top-notch in the secular and emotional, you are also qualified to “choose” others; on the contrary, you must be modest and sincere to “pursue” others.

The choice is based on the analysis of the superior, and pursues the attitude of the next one; there is no law to protect the relationship before marriage, so men and women in the world must be cautious.

  People often say “your honey may be his poison.”

When you meet the wrong person, you must “cut the knife quickly”; when you meet the right person, you must take good care and cherish it, “choose what you love, love what you choose”; don’t compare with others, don’t care about other people’s vision, loveHow long do you want to talk and be happy!

Why are biracial smart and beautiful?

Why are biracial smart and beautiful?

I often hear the ladies around me saying, “I want to have a mixed-race baby.

“The implication is that biracial babies are beautiful and clever-because he has inherited good race genes.

In fact, in real life, most mixed-race babies are very beautiful and cute. It is said that this is because the mixed-race children have absorbed the best genes of their parents, so they are “first-class”, right?

  Genetic eugenics favors “hybrids” as being clever, which seems to be something that is accepted and recognized by most people.

From the perspective of genetics, the mixed race is rich in more excellent genes. The reason is that he combines the blood of the substitute (or more) ethnic group, has a long blood relationship, and gets complementary advantages in the genetic matching of individuals.That is to say, the more genetically dispersed people are, the smarter and more beautiful the children born (combined).

The genes inherited by mestizos are generally dominant, so they are relatively clever. Of course, recombinant mestizos may get more disease-resistant genes inside the monomer, but they may also get more disease-causing genes, but in the process of elimination of superiors and disadvantagesChina will be enriched by mixed humans with more human good genes left, so from the perspective of genetic eugenics, mixed blood is beneficial to humans.

  Beauty is the evolution of human aesthetics. In a sense, what we mean by mixed race mostly refers to the Eurasian race. Scientists believe that the Eurasian race has a certain genetic advantage.

A study shows that Eurasian faces are the most charming and healthiest. This has nothing to do with our aesthetics. Why are mixed races so beautiful?

In fact, many of the mixed-race children we have seen have inherited most of the genes in line with our aesthetic views, and their appearance can just eliminate the asymmetric and personalized facial features of the race.

Dr. George Fieldman, a famous British psychologist, once said, “Mixed race faces eliminate asymmetry and differences in human faces, thereby making people more attractive.

High IQ or low?

  Too many people say that mixed babies are excellent and have a high IQ.

Parents of mixed children are generally very good. From a genetic point of view, the chromosomes of the parents’ genes are far apart, which makes it easy to inherit the dominant genes of the parents. They are generally very smart.

However, some scholars believe that the reason why biracial children are clever is related to the cultivation of the day after tomorrow. Because of the influence of the education of two different regional cultures, parents combine the advantages of all parties to educate their children. The cleverness of the half-racial baby is because of the acquired relationship.

  Some authoritative experts questioned the high IQ of the mixed race.

Canadian authority on ethnographic intelligence.

Professor RUSHTON has studied the IQ of mixed races of different races for many years and found that the intelligence of mixed races is usually much lower than that of pure races with superior IQ. The average IQ of East Asian races is as high as 105, and the mixed races (white mixed black, yellow mixed white,Yellow mixed black, yellow mixed white) The average IQ is also around 90, so according to Professor Ruston, are n’t East Asian “Mixed Blood” more and more “stupid”?

  Can crossbreeding change the advantages of human race? It is undeniable that, genetically, genes are closely related to people’s reproduction, such as genes and human appearance, personality, sexual differentiation, intelligence, and so on.

Mixed races have neutralized various race genes, and some black races have been combined with substitutions. Most of the children born are brown-regardless of color, IQ, or even appearance, mixed races are still comfortable and “just right”, soIt’s not hard to understand that the half-breeder feels “pretty”.

  Then the other way around, if we are not half-breeds, will the type advantage decrease as a result?

of course not!

It is not absolute that biracial children are smart and beautiful, and there are also examples of bizarre children with strange symptoms and ugly appearances in the society. It is just that beautiful and smart biracial children are more concerned about people. It can be seen that the child ‘s IQ is as good as the parents ‘genetic genes.Related, don’t forget that mixed-race parents are generally excellent, of course, everything is not absolute.

To quote a classic joke, that year, a preliminary court master, Bernard Shaw, said that if I matched your ingenuity with our looks, our offspring would be perfect.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Weng replied: What if my appearance matches your wisdom?

How long should I make a normal tea and drink it to be healthier?

How long should I make a normal tea and drink it to be healthier?

Spring is the season for producing good tea, and it is also a good time for tea tasting.

In order to drink a cup of fine tea, in addition to the conditions of good tea and good water, you must also master the essentials of making tea to drink healthier.

  Green tea, drink now.

The reason why green tea has anti-oxidant, scavenging free radicals, anti-aging, anti-virus and other health functions is mainly because of the polyphenols in tea.

If the brewing temperature is too high or the time is too long, the polyphenols will be destroyed, not only the tea soup will turn yellow, but the aromatic substances in it will also be lost.

First of all, the temperature of green tea brewing is preferably 80 ° C.

The brewing time is preferably 2-3 minutes.

The ratio of green tea to water should be appropriate. It is advisable to use 1:50. 3 grams of tea are usually flushed with 150 ml of water. The brewed green tea soup is moderately strong.

The brewing methods of yellow tea and white tea can be approached.

  Oolong tea, you should put more tea.

When brewing oolong tea, the water temperature should be boiling water.

The consumption of oolong tea is reduced, generally 10 grams is appropriate, and about half of the volume of the purple tea pot is filled.

Oolong tea can be brewed 5-6 times, from short to long, preferably 2-5 minutes.

  Black tea is healthier for longer.

Different from green tea, high water temperature soaking can promote the effective dissolution of flavonoid health-care substances in black tea, which not only makes the taste and aroma stronger, but also better exerts its health-care functions.

Therefore, it is best to brew black tea with boiling water, it is better to brew it longer.

Especially, 5 minutes is best.

Black tea brews as much water as green tea.

Kung Fu red bar tea can be brewed 3 to 4 times, and red broken tea can be brewed 1 to 2 times.

  Black tea, the focus is on washing tea.

Black tea, represented by Pu’er tea, belongs to post-fermented tea, with a lot of raw materials.

Black tea is characterized by “the older and more fragrant,” it must undergo several vertical boiling water brewing processes in order to fully dissolve the contained ingredients.

Loose tea is easy to smell, and pressed brick tea has to be cooked.

For the first brewing of black tea, you need to wash the tea 10 times quickly, that is, first put the tea in the cup, pour boiling water, and after a while, pour the water, then pour boiling water, and cover the cup.

This not only removes impurities from the tea leaves, but also more mellow.

The subsequent brewing time is usually 5 minutes.

Stride out of perfect body

Stride out of perfect body

Walking to lose weight is seen as a “return to nature” way to lose weight.

It does not require the help of drugs, fitness equipment, etc., nor does it require people to spend too much time and money to achieve it. It can also bid farewell to the negative consequences of diet and weight loss and harm the body.Way, people just need to insist on the way to and from class, walking on the way to and from work, can bring unexpected body-building effects.

  This is also recognized by experts.

Sports medical scientists have found that striding is the best aerobic exercise.

Long-term striding can increase energy consumption in the body and promote the use of excess aunts in the body.

Adults who are obese because they eat more and eat less, if they can keep striding every day and properly control their diet, they will get the effect of losing weight.

Clinicians tell us that insisting on walking every day can significantly improve the nutrition of the heart, maintain a certain elasticity of the arterial wall, and produce a series of anti-atherosclerotic substances in the blood of the body, thereby reducing the possibility of people suffering from cardiovascular disease.

  The scientific “coach” of walking to lose weight may ask: “Why are we walking every day, or are we all superfluous?”

In this regard, experts point out that of the 37 million walking weight-lossers in the world, at least half of them have not achieved scientific walking, or even achieved the desired fat-reducing effect.

So what kind of walking can achieve the ideal fat loss effect?

The experts summarized three requirements: First, master the correct walking posture.

Incorrect posture is expected to greatly reduce the effect of weight loss.

“Stride, shake, straighten your back”, this is the advice given by exercise experts to those who lose weight.

It takes a lot of effort to walk, and to hold empty fists in the process.

  The second is to grasp the effective walking intensity.

Walking is a typical aerobic exercise.

It is mainly powered by oxygen metabolism, which requires that each time you walk must reach a certain speed and meet a certain amount of exercise time in order to fully break down the sugar in the body and consume trace amounts in the body.

Therefore, the “effective steps” must be reached, that is, the number of effective walking steps to reach the standard of aerobic exercise.

The conditions for effective steps are: you must walk more than 60 steps per minute, and you must walk continuously for more than 10 minutes.

In the past, walking time was either insufficient for continuous walking, or too few steps per minute, making a bunch of useless work.

To make the effective number of steps more accurate, a “coach” type tool like an Omron pedometer should be appropriate to help.

It is understood that Omron’s pedometer can record daily “effective steps” and effectively help people manage their health.

  The third is to “persist without giving up” to start walking to lose weight.

It is unrealistic to use up the excess lightness of the body in a Wednesday or a month.

It’s best to keep exercising every day, 40 each time?
60 minutes.

Like returning to class from class to class, on the way to and from work is the best time to walk and shape your body.

Bringing a coaching tool like a pedometer with you can further build your confidence in weight loss.

Persist, walking to lose weight will gradually become a part of daily life, and become a more effective way to build a perfect body and have a healthy body.

Three Ways of Neck Pillow to Help You Rescue the Neck of the Pillow_1

Neck Pillow Three Ways to Help You Rescue Neck Pillow

Lead: Is it very uncomfortable to fall down on the neck?

Don’t think that falling a pillow is just a trivial matter, it may be a sign of cervical spondylosis.

When you fall asleep at night and sleep on the pillow the next day, don’t be too careless.

Pay more attention to the methods of life and health, and take more care of your body, so as not to cause various diseases due to pillow fall.

  A person spends one-fourth to one-third of his life in bed.

If you don’t pay attention to the use of pillow health care, as you grow older, the ligaments between the cervical spine, the joint capsule, and the fascia will become loose and gradually reach a certain degree of chronic strain.

  ”Falling pillow” is a signal of cervical spondylosis, indicating that the ligaments around the cervical spine have been diffused and the function of maintaining the stability of the cervical spine joints has been lost. It is called “cervical instability” and the possibility of “dislocation” of the disc herniation has occurred.

Following instability and dislocation of the vertebral joints, intervertebral discs can be involved, bone hyperplasia accelerates, and slenderness develops into cervical spondylosis.

  There are two simple ways to prevent “falling pillows”. One is to replace pillows that meet physiological requirements.

What does it mean to meet physiological requirements?

When lying on the back, the pillow can maintain the curvature of the neck, the edge of the pillow should be curved, and it cannot be inclined; the height of the pillow should match the width of the shoulders of the person.Two fingers.

First of all, pay attention to the correct sleeping position.

The correct sleeping position is mainly supine, supplemented by left and right side.

It is necessary to ensure that the pillow maintains a proper physiological flexion when supine, so that both sides can keep breathing smoothly in the supine position, and the whole body muscles can relax better, which is also conducive to deepening the depth of sleep.

  What if one day you get up in the morning and occasionally find yourself falling asleep?

Experts tell you that as long as you lift your feet, open your big toe claws, and slowly massage and rotate in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, your pillow will get the maximum repair.

If you notice that your ankle and toenail muscles are tight, it means your neck is sprained and you need to see a doctor at the hospital.

Remember, the left foot tube is on the left and the right foot tube is on the right. Frequent massage will directly or indirectly loosen the muscles of the neck and prevent neck injury.

In addition, using a hair dryer to blow the neck with warm air can also promote the knotted tendon to unfold.

  Pillow falling is usually caused by improper head position during sleep, or pillows that are too high, or shoulders being exposed to wind. Pillow falling symptoms are as follows: People who fall out of bed feel pain after waking up early in the morning, and cannot turn, and have pain with finger pressure.
  (1) Method of treating pillow fall: (1) Apply local hot compress to the affected area with a hot towel, and apply it more than once a day. (2) Massage, massage local pain points, and cooperate with slow movements. (3) Apply wound wet pain relief cream.Acupuncture is effective when necessary. (2) Acupoint massage talks about the method of pillow treatment, which varies from book to book. It is summarized as massage genitals, wind pool, dumb door, Tianzhu, shoulder in shoulder, side by side.Wind, or papillae, hair, hands, three miles, etc., after my practice, the best point is swelling, use finger pressure method to press the hand to the disease, if it is combined with the above points, the effect is more ideal, encounteredSome people fall back and use this method multiple times with good results.

  (3) Simple exercises for neck and neck pain ①Put your left and right hands together with your ring finger, and look for tender points at the point of pain relief (mostly in the sternocleidomastoid muscle, trapezius, etc.), from light to heavy pressKnead for about 5 minutes, you can alternate between your left and right hands. ② Step on the shoulder from top to bottom with a small fish, and bash it quickly for about two minutes. ③ Use your thumb and forefinger to pinch to the left and right Fengchi points, shoulder well points 1-2 minutes ④ Use the thumb or forefinger to press the pillow pillow point (between the second and third metacarpals of the back of the hand, 5 minutes behind the metacarpophalangeal joint), and then continue for 2-3 minutes when you feel soreness. ⑤ Finally, headache and forward flexion,Activities such as supine, lateral deviation and rotation should be performed slowly. Do not use excessive force to prevent pillow falling. Pay attention to the sleeping posture and the pillow should not be too high.

How to see your mood through the cup

How to see your mood through the cup

Introduction: No matter if the two get together or have a banquet, it is indispensable to drink something.

Silence is better than sound at this time. The posture of a person holding the cup can correct a lot of mood secrets.

  People who like to hold the cup above are mostly optimistic and open-minded, and are assured of things around them.

The person holding the center of the cup is usually approachable and gentle in handling people. He is a typical “Mr. Good”, most of whom always have a polite smile.

The person under the cup at hand is mostly cautious and has a rich emotional response. He is very sensitive to the meaning between lines in his personality, and is even annoying because of excessive nervousness.

  The small gestures that accompany the cup may also reveal your emotional feelings.

  Holding the cup tightly with both hands, holding the cup tightly with both hands, mainly means loneliness, and I strongly hope to be with others.

  Holding the cup in one hand, holding the cup in one hand, holding the cup in one hand, and holding the cigarette in one hand, it reminds the other party that they are quite confident. They are freely interpersonal, but do not want to be disturbed.

  Shake the cup constantly. Shake the cup in your hand, indicating that the other party is doing nothing, and can only enjoy themselves by listening to the sound of the ice cubes colliding, or watching the rippling water waves.

  Tap the cup with your hand and tap the cup with your finger, often reminding the other party to worry, this kind of movement must be used to relieve the inner anxiety.

  In addition, it can be a red flag if you see someone keep scratching the cup with your nails, even pulling off the label, or making a harsh noise, because people usually have bad behavior when they are very angry.

Thin waist and stomach movement 4 strokes bid farewell bucket waist

Thin waist and stomach movement 4 strokes bid farewell bucket waist

Click on the picture to buy a thin waist to reduce the stomach’s movement to burn the waist and excess meat, exercise the waist muscles, let you have a tempting little waist!

  Action 1: The parallel board of the board 1.

Kneeling on the ground, the upper body is lifted, the upper arm is on the ground, the heel is hooked up on the ground, and the preparatory action is done.


The stomach is strong, the whole body is raised upwards, the heel continues to extend in the opposite direction of the floor, and the line from the back to the waist is parallel to the ground.

  Action 2: V word victory type 1.

Sitting in the front 1/3 of the edge of the chair, the thigh is parallel to the ground, and the calf is about 90 degrees from the ground.


Use the power of the stomach to lift the knees of the knees up, and gently hold the hand under the alignment. The body is tight and you can feel the muscles around the navel contracting.

  Action 3: Spider-Man style 1.

Based on the posture of push-ups, straighten straight down and keep the arms and shoulders in the same line;

Pull the right leg to the top of the leg, try to reduce the distance from the elbow, be sure to go to your own replacement, then change the leg and carry out the same method to lift.

  Action 4: Side push-ups 1.

Lying on the pad, facing the left side; the left arm supports the upper body, the left foot touches the ground, the left finger is pointed forward, the legs are close together, the right leg is placed flat on the left leg, and the right foot is naturally placed on the left foot.


Lift up and the legs will leave the ground (the legs remain together) until the body is in a sloping straight line. At this time, only the left arm and the left foot support the body; after balancing, open the right arm.It is in a straight line with the left arm, and the whole body is in the shape of a diagonal “ten”.

Fitness Q and A

Fitness Q and A

A. In the process of exercise, sweating is not a sensitive indicator of fitness level, nor is it a reflection of good or bad fitness results.

The amount of sweating during exercise varies depending on the physical characteristics of the person.

That said, some people may be healthy.
Even forced exercise that is easy can cause a lot of sweat, or someone may not be very healthy, but sweating very little during high-intensity exercise in the army.

The study found that the amount of sweat is mainly due to the following factors, the development of sweat glands, genetic factors, the amount of skin blood circulation during exercise, temperature and humidity.

  QWhy do I often have pain in front of my irritable feet when walking fast on a treadmill? Is there a problem with the exercise method?

How to correct it? If it feels sore, it may be caused by exercise.

The reason may be that you are exercising too fast on the treadmill, and you may gradually increase the intensity of the exercise.

  If you increase your slope while maintaining fast motion, you may increase the pressure on your front dorsiflexors.

If this is the case, it is appropriate to slow down the walking speed and reduce the slope.

With the continuous improvement of exercise level, gradually increase the speed and slope, so that the body has a slow adaptation process.

In addition, doing more gastrocnemius tendon exercises is very likely to prevent pain, because the broken gastrocnemius muscle can just relax the flexor of the back of the foot.

  In addition, the pain may also be caused by repeated use of a fixed exercise pattern. Therefore, the treadmill treadmill has not changed, so the muscles of the foot are tired due to long-term rigid exercise.

  Q If there is no time to exercise on a certain day.

Is it possible to eat less food as compensation? The basic principle of weight loss is: the conversion of consumption is greater than the conversion of conversion, so the response is positive.

According to the principle of consumption, eating less food can be used to compensate for inability to exercise, but do not relax your vigilance because of this. Although eating less food is also conducive to weight loss, you must shorten and extend the time to exercise.Shape, and good for your health.

  Regular exercise can increase your body’s metabolism and stimulate muscle growth, which in turn consumes more energy, whether it’s at rest or during exercise.

This means that even if you eat more food, you can still lose weight and lose weight, which is the benefit of fitness.