Test your rejection index?

Test your rejection index?

Translation: How to reject others is actually a difficult art. Assuming your friend borrows from you, you least like what he borrows from you.


Borrow money 2.

Borrow a car 3.

Borrow jewelry 4.

Borrow pet 5.

Borrow your home test results: 1.

Choose “borrow money” 80% of the segments you reject others.

  You are OK on the surface, you will agree on the surface, support him spiritually, everyone has face, ca n’t buy and sell, and is righteous.


Choosing “borrow a car” has 20% of the segments you reject others.

  You have a cold face and a bad face. When you decide to reject others, you will show people a bad face. This type of person is more selfish and more likely to offend people.


Choose “borrow jewelry” for 40% of the stages you reject others.

  You are a poor receiver. You will pretend not to understand or temporarily disappear to resolve the embarrassing situation. This type of person is very afraid of offending people. Because they do not know how to go back to the absolute side, they simply disappear.


Choose “borrow pet” 99% of the stages you reject others.

  You are facing a problem type, you will discuss with the other party, and then tell the other party that there is a more suitable method. This type of person is more caring, patient, and will help friends find solutions.


Choosing “borrow your home” has 55% of the segments you reject.

  You are trying your best to help, and you will try to help as hard as you can. This type of person is a big one, and he thinks he can try it.

Using grapes to save skin oxidation

Using grapes to save skin oxidation

Scientists at the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom recently conducted a scientific analysis of the antioxidant constituents of 13 major domestic fruit juices. The result is that purple grape juice replaces the top of the list of healthy fruit juices, followed by apple juice and cranberry juice.Some people’s favorite orange juice is not high ranking.

  Orange juice is probably the healthiest drink in too many people’s hearts, improves immunity, whitens skin, and protects blood vessels.

This is mainly due to the possible vitamin C in oranges. Although vitamin C also has a certain effect in anti-aging and anti-aging, it is not a strong antioxidant.

  More intake of antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, polyphenols, etc.) vegetables and fruits, not only slow down the pace of aging, but also make the body healthier.

Polyphenols are currently recognized as one of the strongest antioxidants with anti-aging effects. Purple grape juice contains not only higher polyphenols than other fruit juices, but also many types of polyphenols. Orange juice contains polyphenols.Relatively.

  In addition, there is another distinctive beneficial substance in grapes: resveratrol, which is also a strong antioxidant, and is mostly stored in grape juice and wine.

Resveratrol can prevent the canceration of healthy cells, and can inhibit the spread. It also has outstanding effects in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

What to do if I fall back

What to do if I fall back

Fallen pillow, or “lost pillow”, is a common disease that occurs in young adults and is more common in winter and spring.

A common onset of falling pillow is that there are no symptoms before falling asleep, but after the morning waking up, it feels obvious soreness behind the item, causing changes in activity.

This shows that the disease starts after sleep and is closely related to the pillow and sleeping posture.

  The symptoms of young people with pillow fall prevention are different from those of middle-aged and elderly people. The main symptoms are stiff neck, sore shoulder muscles, inattention, and upper limb numbness.

You should pay attention to exercise to relieve fatigue. Every 1 hour of work, you should move your cervical spine, try to use fewer cars and walk more; climb more stairs and take less elevators.

  Take a certain amount of time every day to exercise, especially pay attention to strengthening the exercise of neck and shoulder muscles, climbing, swimming, the effect of preventing cervical spondylosis is better.

Reasonably adjust the height of sleeping pillows to avoid the bad habits of sleeping on high pillows.

Please keep warm to prevent cold.

Avoid turning the head down to reduce the load and temperature, and do not use the electric fan and air conditioner to blow directly at the alignment.

  Can often eat walnuts, mangosteen meat, cooked land, black sesame, papaya, angelica and other strong bones, medicated diet to fill the kidney, delay the formation of bone spurs.

If the symptoms are severe, non-surgical treatments such as traction, physiotherapy, massage, local closure, collar and cervical collar can be used.

  The weather is cold in winter and the temperature is relatively low at night. People often expose their necks and shoulders outside after falling asleep, resulting in contraction of the shoulders, blood vessels, poor blood circulation, muscle tension, and causing pillow fall.

  When sleeping in winter, in addition to covering the quilt, you can also wrap a towel around your neck, which can effectively prevent the neck and shoulders from falling out due to wind.

Instead, you still need to move your neck and shoulders frequently. The best way is to insert your hands into the back of your head and force your head and hands in opposite directions. This will exercise your neck and shoulder muscles and reduce the chance of muscle contraction.

The height of the pillow should be appropriate, which is about the same as the height of your fist standing behind the neck. Try to keep the head, neck and shoulders at the same level.

  Choosing the right pillow The qualified pillow height is the curve width of the neck when the person is lying down.

If the pillow is too high, the head is lowered, and if the pillow is too low, the head is lowered. Of course, it is easy to cause discomfort in the neck muscles.

  The problem of falling pillow no longer occurs to people with poor sleeping postures. In fact, people who use a computer for a long time in a posture or watch TV on the sofa will also experience a similar phenomenon of falling pillow, which is caused by excessive muscle tension.

Everyone should stand up and walk around while using the computer. They cannot maintain a fixed posture and do not move. Doing head exercises to relax muscles can avoid this acute pain.

  How to rescue after falling asleep?

  Most pillow pain usually lasts 2-3 days and heals without treatment, but if you want to relieve the pain as soon as possible, the following “three parties” can help you recover early.

  One of them is a cold compress, which is usually an acute injury. It is more common for local pain and stiffness.

In this way, you can only use cold compresses within 48 hours, and you can use towels to cover the affected area with small ice particles, 15-20 minutes each time, twice a day, and once every hour in severe cases.

  When the two parties wait for the heat to reduce the pain, consider the heat.

You can use a hot towel to compress, or use an infrared heater to irradiate. You can also use a saline bottle to apply heat and dry.

  The three parties are massaged. If the neck and shoulders still feel pain after the above-mentioned methods, you can massage the muscles and let others do the work for you.

It is advisable to take a seated position, exposing the neck and shoulders. The doctor stands behind the patient, applies safflower oil or soothing oil on the affected shoulder, holds the left hand above the patient’s head, and rubs with the right thumb on the affected shoulder and massages gently.Push gently outside the shoulder to isolate the venous pain point.

Push 3-6 times a day, generally after neck muscle massage, neck and shoulder pain can be alleviated.

  Traditional Chinese medicine massage Ashi acupoint treatment pillow The use of massage Ashi acupoint (pain point) to treat the pillow has a satisfactory effect. Now it is introduced as follows: the patient takes a seated position, and the operator stands on the back side of the patient.

The surgeon gently nudges the affected side with his thumb or big fish muscles?
After 10 times, I found Ashi acupoint (the most painful point). At this time, my hands can feel the induration of the muscles under the skin here. Use my thumb to rub Ashi acupoint 1?
5 minutes.

Next, the surgeon gently pulled the patient’s head to the healthy side, fully pulled the affected side muscles, and pressed Ashi acupoint 10 with the thumb of the other hand.
After 20 seconds, the surgeon pulled his head and released his hand.
After 15 times, release your thumb.

Then use your thumb or big fish muscle to nudge the affected side 6?
After 10 times, tap 5?
10 times.
At this time, the patient will obviously feel that the rehabilitation activities are flexible, and the operator will feel that the muscle induration under the skin of the affected side disappears or becomes smaller.

  The name Ashixue started from “Preparing for Emergency”.

“There is the law of Ah, and if a person has a disease, he will pinch it. If the place is right, he will become a pain without asking the hole, that is, Yun Ah.

The moxibustion spurs borrowed the test, so Yun A is a point too.

“Ashi acupoints have no fixed name and location, and the pain points or relief points related to the pain are used as acupoints.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the pillows are mostly attacked by wind and cold, twisted sprains, and cervical muscle strain, which leads to the coldness of the meridians. The massage of Ashi points can clear the muscles, run the blood, and achieve the purpose of treatment.
  Four measures to ease the pain of falling pillow. The following four measures can cure the “falling pillow”.


Sit on a chair with your arms hanging down naturally, your chest straight up, and then swing your jaw left and right. Repeat 20 times.


Sitting on a chair with the tibia straight, first gradually extend it upwards, and then try to contract it downwards, so you can stretch it 20 times.


Sitting on a chair, rub the palms of your hands and massage them vigorously until they become red and hot.


On the back of the left and right palms, the second and third metacarpal space is 1/3, about 0 behind the metacarpophalangeal joints.

At 5 inches, find the occipital acupoint, use your thumb to stand and cut pressure, move up and down along the metacarpal space, and take turns with your left and right hands. After about 2 to 3 minutes, the pain will be relieved.

Teach you to divide symptoms to eliminate dark circles


Teach you to divide symptoms to eliminate dark circles

Overtime, staying up all night, overnight, and lack of sleep can cause dark circles. Dark circles are most annoying. How can you tolerate the existence of dark circles?

To eliminate dark circles, we must first look for what belongs, and then take the right medicine to completely eliminate it.

Generally dark circles have cyan, black and brown dark circles.

  Three types of dark circles: Cyan dark circles: The skin around the eyes is bluish due to poor blood circulation. This is the most common type of dark circles.

  Black dark circles: due to puffy eyes and loose bags under the eyes forming shadows, it is a loose dark circles.

  Dark brown circles: pigmented dark circles caused by pigmentation around the eyes or dull skin.

  [Eliminate cyan dark circles]Diet: In order to maintain a regular body control diet, only eat vegetable salad, like cold drinks.

Sleep: I only fall asleep at 2 am, but I can ensure that I sleep an average of 8 hours a day.

  Exercise: Take a regular bath 3 times a week. Because I am busy, I have little exercise time.

  Grasp the culprit: 1. The first reason for poor blood circulation is fear of cold. People who drink cold drinks or like ice products should pay more attention to it.

2. Fatigue, insufficient sleep, and insufficient exercise are all causes of poor blood circulation.

  [Eliminate black circles]Diet: Two meals a day, mainly meat, insufficient vegetable intake.

Sleep: at least 8 hours, average 10 hours of sleep.

  Exercise: Usually there is almost no habit of doing exercise, only doing twist exercises in the bath.

  Seize the culprit: 1. As you age, the skin around your eyes becomes slack, which is significantly different from the skin on your cheeks.

2, too much water and salt intake cause eyelid edema.

  [Eliminate dark circles under coffee]Diet: Eat lightly and drink coffee every day.

Sleep: It is often necessary to work overtime at the computer at night, and the average sleep time is only 5 hours.

  Exercise: After waking up in the morning and bathing, I will do step exercises, and hardly exercise.

  Seize the culprit: 1. UV rays cause melanin production and remain on the epidermis.

2. Excessive rubbing of the eyes will hurt the skin and make the skin appear dull.

Using rice bran to whiten skin is easy_1

Whitening skin with rice bran is easy

The expert’s verification has further affirmed the beauty benefits of rice water.

More importantly, research confirms that the beauty of rice water is originally due to rice bran.

  Rice bran is the cortex of rice fruit, also known as “rice husk” or “clear bran”.

Rice bran contains three antioxidants: tocopherol, tocotrienol and Oyzanol, which have the effect of reducing “bad cholesterol” and anti-cancer.

  In addition, the vitamins A, B, and E and essential fatty acids (EFA) in rice bran help skin become smooth and youthful.

Other cosmetic benefits include: resist UV damage and environmental pollution to the skin, remove impurities and toxins, promote blood circulation and strengthen the skin’s self-protection layer.

With regular use, the skin is smoother, softer and clearer.

  Beautiful recommendation: Rice bran Note: Organic rice bran should be supplemented.

If rice bran is not available, it can be replaced with organic alkali rice.

  Rice bran skin toner (applicable to all skin types) Materials: One organic rice bran, one coffee filter paper Preparation method: 1) Cover the rice bran with coffee filter paper, tie it on the line, fasten it, and make “rice bran tea bag”.

  2) Put “rice bran tea bag” in an appropriate amount of hot water and soak it for 20 to 30 minutes.

  3) Take out the “rice bran tea bag” and squeeze it several times.

  How to use: 1) Remove makeup and cleanse thoroughly.

  2) Rinse the face with “rice bran water”, while gently massage, pat, and dry gently.

Rice bran water helps skin become supple and bright.

  Extra tip: Rice bran water can also be used to rinse hair and body.

  Don’t throw away the “rice bran tea bag”. It is used for rubbing the skin when showering. It has a scrub and moisturizing effect.

  Skin softening rice bran scrub (not suitable for sensitive skin) Materials: Two tablespoons of organic rice bran powder, one tablespoon of water Preparation method: Stir water and rice bran powder until a paste.

  How to use: 1) Apply the rice bran paste evenly on the washed, slightly wet elbows.

Make sure your skin is slightly moist before use to help avoid allergic reactions.

  2) Use your hand to draw a circle on the wooden board and gently massage for five minutes.

Rubbing your nose and forehead will help remove blackheads.

  3) Wash with warm water.

In addition to promoting blood circulation, rice bran scrub can also accelerate cell rebirth and leave skin radiant.

  Rice bran whitening mask (applicable to all skin types) Materials: Two tablespoons of organic rice bran powder, one tablespoon of flour, appropriate amount of hot fresh milk Preparation method: 1) Mix rice bran powder and flour.

  2) Add an appropriate amount of hot fresh milk until the consistency can be used as a mask.

  How to use: 1) After cleansing, apply a hot towel to the face to let the pores open.

  2) Apply rice bran mask evenly, wipe off after 15-20 minutes, and wash with warm water.

Concern about homosexuality in ivory towers

Concern about homosexuality in ivory towers

“I’m about to graduate from college. I can’t predict how bumpy the road will be in the future.

The heart of sincere pursuit of love has always been there, but I don’t know how long I can sustain it under the pressure of all parties.

“Hugo said that what is wider than the sky is the human mind.

I am grateful to the people who gave me care and love.

Therefore, I want to use my knowledge to serve people like me.

“In today’s colleges and universities, there are such a special group of students who have a strong reputation. Their sexual orientation is different from that of the mainstream group. Most of them are trying to hide themselves, and a few are willing to be exposed.

They are little-known college homosexuals.

  Recently, reporters walked into university campuses, listened to the distress and confusion of these special college students, and shared their joy and happiness.

At the same time, I hope that people can give them more understanding and attention to help them smoothly through their youth.

  The so-called “sign” is left in the so-called “There are many ways to find a companion,” Liu Liu, a college student, told reporters. In some college classroom nestings, hidden places often contain “hidden words” with homosexual meaning.QQ number for contact.

Youyou, library, and one floor of the teaching building may all be “Datong” invariably frequent.

More “Datong” choose to communicate on the Internet. On some gay websites, there are many “Datong” chat rooms with more concentration.

  Xiao Zhang, an art student who is quite active in the school, said that it is no secret that college students have “comrades” at present, but the “circles” are relatively secretive and not easy to be noticed by outsiders.

  How many homosexuals are college students?

According to Pan Suiming, director of the Institute of Sexual Sociology at Renmin University of China, he conducted a random sample survey of undergraduates’ sexual attitudes and behaviors in 2001 in China.

The survey showed that about 6% of college students had first-time same-sex sexual contact during college.

In the survey, there were as many boys and girls as having homosexuality and same-sex contact.

  Regarding this issue, several “Datong” interviewed told reporters: “It must be more than people expected.

“In addition to our school or other schools” Datong “who have met, each of them has online from all over the country, as few as one or two hundred, as many as four or five hundred gay chat objects, of which about 80% are at schoolCollege Students.

  Xiao Liu said that there are more than 20 “Datongs” in the same city where he often meets, and even more keep in touch online.

  ”Datong” is generally faced with psychological trauma. When talking about his experience, a fourth-year college boy said: “When I was in junior high school, I found that I didn’t like girls and I was interested in boys.Then, I slowly realized that I was gay.

For many years, I do n’t know if it ‘s the only one in the world, and I ‘m very distressed, and I ‘m afraid to talk to my parents. The teacher said that the whole person is particularly depressed.

In the interview, “Datong” said that because they could not change their sexual orientation, but it was difficult to be accepted by society, parents and teachers, so most “Datong” had been suffering from the extreme pain of lacking self-identity.

  Zhang Beichuan, a member of the policy group of the Ministry of Health’s AIDS Advisory Expert Committee who has long been committed to homosexual research, introduced that the so-called identity refers to homosexuals’ recognition of their sexual orientation and the degree of substitution.

Heterosexuals rarely support self-identity problems because they are supported by mainstream culture.

“Homosexuals are not. The contradiction between the culture and sexual orientation they accept often triggers difficulties in identity and sometimes affects life and learning.

“If I say to others that I love a boy, God knows how others will react!”

“A sophomore boy said,” There are many ‘comrades’ among college students, but everyone is very reserved, for fear of accidentally becoming infamous.

So in school, I can’t let outsiders grind my inner world.

Therefore, I also pretend to like girls.

“According to this, due to the internal distress and nowhere to vent, some homosexuals have suffered from mental illness, and some have affected their studies.

Xiao B said that one of his “Datong” friends dyed his hair five times a week in order to apply distress.

  Expert advice: Provide a channel to moderately guide a “Datong” studying computer science, saying, “If someone can listen and tell us what homosexuality is like when we are just getting sexually conscious, we won’t be in pain and self-confidence.Responsible for living a precious youth, but also learn to face yourself and face life correctly.

In fact, from the elementary school to the university, Datong ‘s parents are ashamed to talk about sex. Sex education in the school is more secretive. Blackboards are also mostly tree planting festivals. Teachers ‘day-like propaganda rarely involvesSex, AIDS, homosexuality are typically sensitive words.

  In the counseling room set up by the school, a “Datong” viewpoint is very attractive: “Do you know what teachers think of homosexuality?

In case they feel sick like many people and can’t understand us, the situation will only get worse.

According to Professor Zhang Beichuan, he will participate in “Datong” calls or letters from all over the country every day.

The distress they face may mainly include: fear of being discriminated against after revealing sexual orientation; hope to find a love partner (same-sex) as ordinary male and female students, but either dare not find it, or have no channels to find it; for the futureWorried about whether to get married, especially this generation is mainly only children. They are worried that they will step on the heavy pressure from their parents if they do not get married in the future; they worry about wanting to change themselves but cannot change it; they worry about infection after they have the same sexAIDS and STDs.   Zhang Beichuan said that these anxieties and concerns may have a great impact on the life of Datong, especially learning, and some individuals may suffer depression or even suicidal behavior.

In addition, due to the lack of timely and timely sex education on campus, many young homosexuals can only learn related knowledge through unfavorable channels such as pornographic websites, which is also an important incentive for homosexuals to commit illegal acts.

  According to incomplete understanding, currently only the School of Public Health of Fudan University offers courses on AIDS and homosexuality.

Zhang Beichuan believes that it is very necessary for colleges and universities to provide relevant courses. The key issue is to promote science. One party infiltrates relevant knowledge in love, sexual psychology courses and various lectures, and co-exists with courses on discrimination against sexual orientation.Positive living environment; the other party should strengthen the promotion of STD and AIDS prevention knowledge.

Eat newspapers and eat your body carefully

Eat newspapers and eat your body carefully

Newspapers are the most important source of information in our lives. Newspapers convey information as soon as possible and tell people what is happening in this society now, and what they are most concerned about.

But newspapers are also time-sensitive. What about outdated newspapers?

Many people are accustomed to spreading newspapers on the countertop during meals. This will make the table dirty and easy to clean, but it will let those toxins run into you unconsciously.

  Newspaper inks are poisonous. The main impurities in newspaper inks are heavy metals, including lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury, etc., which can be harmful to the human body.

For example, lead can completely destroy the formation of human blood cells, and can also enter brain tissue through the blood, causing brain damage.

When the body’s lead accumulates to a certain level, chronic poisoning symptoms such as mental disorders, terrible dreams, insomnia, and headaches appear.

  In addition, the inks used in newspaper printing usually contain toxic organic solvents such as ethanol, alternative alcohols, tertiary amines, and xylene.

Although most of these hazards will be eliminated when these organic solvents are dried, the residual parts still pose a potential danger to the human body.

If inhaled for a long time, it may affect the central nervous system of the brain and cause great harm to health.

  There are tens of thousands of bacteria and viruses in human hands, and the dyes used in newspapers are highly adsorbent, and viruses can easily remain in newspapers.

The more people who read the newspaper, the more viruses stick to it.

If you touch the newspaper with your hands or utensils while eating, you may eat bacteria into your stomach.



Snake (“Bei Lu”)[synonymous]虺 (“Book of Songs”), Reverse Nose (“Classic Interpretation”), Earth Viper (“Puji Fang”), Reverse Nose (“Outline”), Bi Fei (“Huzhou Prefecture Records”, Fang Shengban, Tu Jin, Gray Earth Plaque (“Outline of the Outline”), Flying on the Grass (Xue Dezhang’s “Systematic Zoology”), Seven-inch Son, Native Male Snake, Dog Cormorant, Rotten Belly(Biology Bulletin 3: 4, 1958), Tuqiuzi (“Northeast Animal Medicine”), Di flat snake (“Chinese Pharmaceutical Dictionary”).

  [Source]The whole viscera of the Viperidae viper.

  [Animal Form]The viper is 54-80 cm away.

  The head is triangular; the kiss ends are round, and the kiss scales are slightly wider than tall.

  The nasal scales are wide, with the trailing edge slanting outward.

  The forehead scales are large, and the length and width are slightly similar; the length of the frontal scales and the length of the replacement line between the two cranial scales are selected: the length of the cranial scales is similar to the sum of the frontal scales plus the forehead scale 1/2.

  The eye scales are longer than the frontal scales and smaller than the cranial scales.

  The nostrils are located between the two nasal scales, the anterior nasal scale is twice as large as the posterior nasal scale.

  There are 2 scales in front of the eyes, 2-3 scales behind the eyes, 1 scale under the eyes, and the front end is connected to the third upper lip scale.

  There are 7 upper lip scales, and the third one enters the eyes; 10 lower lip scales, and the first 4 are connected to the forehead scales.

  The front scales are large and juxtaposed side by side; the rear scales are small, separated from left and right, with 1 pair of small scales at an interval; there are about 5 pairs of small scales between the rear scales and the first ventral scale.

  Body scales are ridged, usually 23-21-17 lines.

  138-168 abdominal scales; single anal scales; 28-56 pairs of subscales.

  The back is dark brown, with one row of dark brown round spots on the body side, about 30 or so.

  The markings on both sides are often connected in the center of the back.

  The top of the head is gray-brown, from behind the eyes to the corners of the mouth and dark brown with broad stripes; the upper, lower lip and ventral surface of the head are pale yellow.

  The ventral surface is grayish white with black spots, sometimes all grayish black.

  The tail is short and charred.

  Living in the plains or suburban mountains, the disk is often disc-shaped or twisted into waves.

  Predatory rats, frogs, lizards, birds, insects, etc.

  Very toxic.

  Northern and central China were previously distributed.

  The animal’s skin (Viper skin), bone (Viper bone), gallbladder (Viper gallbladder), aunt (Viper snake fat), molting (Viper molting) are also used for medicinal purposes.

  [Collection]Captured in spring and summer.

  After catching, remove the internal organs by laparotomy and dry.

  [Pharmacological action]The crude snake venom has complex ingredients and complex effects.

  It is generally believed that viper venom is mainly blood circulation and nerve mixed poison.

  In addition to the local swelling and pain of the bite patients, due to neurotoxicity, chills often occur, eye paste, drooping eyelids, and neck traction. Of course, it is more important to cause breathing difficulties such as double inhalation, holding your breath, and nodding.Or fish mouth breathing.

  Respiratory paralysis is the primary cause of early death.

  Animal tests have also shown that viper venom has a significant neurotoxic effect.

  At the same time, viper venom has significant blood circulation poisoning, and artificial respiration alone cannot extend the survival time of animals.

  Clinical patients also often have severe toxic shock symptoms such as pale, sweating, accelerated heart rate, cold limbs, and decreased blood pressure.

  Although some people think that Agkistrodon halys venom is also mainly neurotoxic (respiratory palsy is the main symptom and the cause of death according to their observation), blood circulation poisoning is still considered to be the main one.

  It can release a large amount of vasoactive substances such as histamine, serotonin and bradykinin, destroy red blood cells, increase capillary permeability, cause a large loss of plasma and body fluids, and insufficient blood volume.

  More serious is the direct damage to the heart. The electrocardiogram of the bite patient has sinus arrhythmia, ectopic rhythm, and P wave becomes sharp.

  R波低电压、传导阻滞、S-T段下降、T波扁平或倒置等变化,联系到实验动物中毒死亡后的尸解情况-心肌出血、心肌纤维浊肿断裂,可以认为蝮蛇毒对心脏的毒性It is the initial cause of death caused by circulatory failure.

  Due to shock, hemolysis, and direct damage to various organs (such as kidneys), acidosis, acute renal failure, etc. can occur.

  Patients with severe bites often show soy-colored urine and urine protein, casts, and occult blood are positive.  Onset of infection is also a very important issue.

  Bamboo leaves are green, turtle snake venom is a mixed poison mainly blood circulation poison.

  Generally, local symptoms are heavier, and systemic symptoms are lighter. If rescue is timely and correct, the mortality rate will be reduced.

  [Processing]Viper Cream: Take the calcined viper of Viper and grind it into powder.

  [Sexual taste]sweet, warm and toxic.

  ① “Compendium of Materia Medica”: There is a small poison.

  ② “Outline”: Gan, Wen, poisonous.

  ③ “Ben Jing Feng Yuan”: Hot, toxic.

  [Function Indication-Viper’s Effect]Qufeng, attack poison.

  Treatment of leprosy, dysentery, skin irritation, dysentery, hemorrhoids.

  ① “Don’t record”: brewing wine to treat dysentery, sacks, abdominal pain, and nodule.

  ② “Medicinal theory”: treatment of five hemorrhoids, intestinal wind and diarrhea.

  ③ “Compendium of Outlines”: Zhifengbi.

  [Usage and Dosage]Oral: alcohol-soaked or storable ground powder.

  Topical application: dipping in oil, wine stains, or burn-in powder.

  [Selection]① Treatment of strong winds and evil winds, sores, stubborn skin, half-deadness, severe diseases of the skin, hands, feet, and internal organs: one viper.

  In the living device, throw it in a bucket of mellow wine and bury it in the horse drowning place. After the anniversary, the wine is still there, and the snake has digested it.

  However, one liter of serving has arrived, and it is no longer possible to take a physical exercise, take a puppet, or take medicine.

  There are also small poisons that cannot be taken.

  (“Compendium of Materia Medica”) ② Governance of white crickets: a large viper snake.

  Don’t make injuries, use wine stains, the big one fight, the small one five liters, bran fire temperature, order, find an inch of snake, with lunar pig cream and apply sores.

  (“Behind the elbow”) ③ The treatment of tetanus teeth is urgent, the mouth is not open, the mouth and face are skewed, and the limbs are loose and slow: a snake (removing head, tail, intestine, skin, bone, and vinegar) and five dragonsVinegar ), a star of the Southern Star (heavy thirds, artillery).

  On the end, vinegar and noodles, such as mung beans, are large.

  Three to five pills per serving, ginger wine, thin onion porridge, sweating.

  (“Pujifang” Tiannan Xing Wan) ④ Treatment of general swelling and poison, wound ulceration long-term embolism: Viper, go to its head and tail, remove the intestines by laparotomy, sand, immersed in oil, after 50 days, use micro-steam and apply.

  (“Surgery Treasure Book” Viper oil) ⑤ Parker back: a viper, a pound of sesame oil.

  First put the sesame oil flag into a porcelain pot, then put the viper into the soak, seal, bury it underground, remove it after one hundred days, dry it for half a day, mash it into a paste and apply it to the affected area.

  (“Jilin Chinese Herbal Medicine”) ⑥ Treatment of gastric ulcer attack: Viper, wine soaked for more than one year, drink one cup before each meal, three times a day, effective for 20 consecutive days.

  (“Animal and Plant Folk Medicine”) Treating Drowning: Viper is a penny and chicken tongue is fragrant.

  Put on the second flavor and send it down.

  Five points for each serving between seven and fifteen years of age; one for each service above fifteen.

  (“New Compendium of Materia Medica”)[Clinical Application]Treatment of Leprosy and Leprosy Response Trying viper wine to treat various types of leprosy has certain effects, especially for those who have combined drugs.

  According to the observation of 47 cases of treatment for 6 months, the general conditions such as spirit, weight and appetite have improved, skin reactions have subsided or improved, consciousness has recovered or improved, ulcers have reduced, and sexual function has improved; inflammatory cell infiltration on pathological changesReduced, bacteria tests disappeared or reduced.

  Another 10 patients with advanced neoplastic leprosy were treated with viper wine alone, and the results were significant in 3 cases, 5 cases were effective, and 2 cases were ineffective.

  In effective cases, skin nodules and softening of skin nodules began to disappear within 1-2 weeks after administration, and consciousness was restored. Cell infiltration and bacterial detection were also reduced.

  There is no uniform specification for the preparation of Viper Sprinkler, and the following production method has been tried: take a large (about 6-7 years) live Viper, put it in a 1000ml 60 ° sorghum shochu and drunk, and add ginseng 5 yuan,Cover tightly and place in a cool place. After soaking for 3 months, take wine orally, 1-2 times a day, 5-10 ml each time.

  Use a glass dish to draw the venom of viper viper, add it to 100 ml of 60 ° sorghum wine, and take the wine one month later, 2-3 times a day, 2-3 ml each time.

  Take one live viper, 5 ginseng, soak it in 2000ml of 12 ° rice wine, and take it after 3 months. Take it once a day, 5ml each time, and go to bed sweating.

  Take one live viper, put it into a drying box after killing, grind the powder for 12 hours, soak it in 500 ml of 60 ° sorghum shochu, and take the wine service 2-3 months later, each time5-10 ml; or take 5 g of powder and send it down once with 300 ml of rice wine.

  In addition, 5-10 grams of Agkistrodon powder was used in the clinic before taking the appropriate amount of yellow wine before going to bed (supplemented with liquid to detoxify during the medication). For 3-4 days, 15 cases of leprosy nodular reaction were treated, and the symptoms disappeared.12 cases, 2 cases improved, 1 case was invalid.

Yoga practitioners pay attention to diet

Yoga practitioners pay attention to diet

Foods recommended by yogis include fruits, vegetables, whole wheat and nuts.

They don’t talk much about the details of food, because the food processing and soil contamination we have today before the time they lived.

And, because they practice yoga, their bodies are already in a high state of health, their diet is no longer able to exert the power of left-right ratio, and any toxins formed in the body will soon replace the body.

  You can polish it. The nutritional principles of yoga are quite similar to modern scientific content that has been developed a long time ago.

  Meat: Yoga practitioners warn against one food: meat.

Not all yogis are vegetarians, but they all recommend extreme caution in eating meat.

Yoga practitioners say that meat comes from animals and has a low vibration rate, which will reduce the vitality of carnivores, which will reduce vitality and affect the progress of yoga.

Meat also contains toxins, especially lactic acid from muscle metabolism.

  Remember, these were proposed thousands of years ago.

Meat is even worse today, because we injected a lot of toxic chemicals on the dead animals to remove the odor of carrion and improve its tray texture and taste.

Of course, the human body can tolerate some level of abuse-the human body does have a mechanical effect of removing toxins.

But if you want to eat meat, please control the quantity.

  Fruit: The most appreciated food for yogis is fruit.

They believe that fruit has the highest vitality.

Fruits can also provide nutrition, can be eaten raw, are recognized for processing, easy to digest, and can provide fast and long-lasting energy free of toxins. No wonder yoga practitioners love fruits.

  Vegetables: Yoga practitioners believe that green plants such as lettuce, broccoli, and broccoli contain the highest vitality in vegetables.

  Fresh food: Yoga helps food to be fresh.

This means that we should eat more fresh fruits and less frozen and canned food.

Frozen food is not bad because the enzymes are still preserved, but the canned food has been heated, destroying many vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

  Raw food: Yoga practitioners also point out that we should eat more raw foods such as fruits, salads, raw nuts and sprouts.

They believe that cooking causes food to lose most of its vitality and its original flavor.

As the original flavor is lost, we add salt, spices and condiments, and these additives often create more problems.

Modern science fully agrees with this view.

  Food temperature: Yoga also pays attention to food temperature.

Yoga practitioners say that food should not be too hot or too cold.

They believe that foods and drinks that are too hot or too cold can hurt throat tissue.

Modern science also agrees with the point, and believes that eating too hot or too cold may irritate the throat to the extent of cancer.

  Alcohol: Yoga practitioners do not drink alcohol because they believe that alcohol will reduce the vibration of their delicate body (the spirit that still exists after death).

This defeats the purpose of yoga, because yoga aims to increase the vibration level, and the brakes slowly activate the advanced self.

  Yoga also believes that alcohol has a potential effect on the brain’s main central nervous system.

Yoga practitioners believe that the central nervous system’s unity is very important, because one of the goals of yoga is to improve the health of this system, and most of the progress of yoga depends on this important interlocking system.

  Modern science agrees with yoga, as it is now known that the effect of alcohol on the central nervous system is first stimulated and then suppressed.

This short stimulation period is why many people think alcohol has a stimulating effect.

It is also this effect that makes it possible for many people to feel more “interested” and to have more words.

However, this time was short and was quickly replaced by a more continuous attenuation sensation caused by alcohol.

For this reason, the formal category of alcohol is sedatives.

Alcohol also makes poor sleep.

Some people claim that alcohol makes them “relax” and therefore sleep better.  Science and experience say that this is the wrong interpretation.

What these people describe is that alcohol makes them fall asleep very quickly, but this sleep is unnatural compulsive sleep, because some of them wake up earlier, they will not feel fresh.

They will not be good all day.

  Alcohol is not as effective as yoga.

Yoga can produce natural stimuli without a sense of aftermath.

Yoga can also create a feeling of self-confidence.

The increase in vitality due to the practice of yoga cannot be duplicated by drugs.

  This is not to say that you have to give up to have a high level of vitality or to make significant progress in yoga.

But if you do have a habit of drinking alcohol, control your alcohol consumption so that you can avoid the distortion and permanent brain damage caused by most alcohols.

Yuexiu|After the night into the autumn, how should the autumn yin physique people maintain health?

Yuexiu|After the night into the autumn, how should the autumn yin physique people maintain health?

Yesterday morning, the cold air quietly entered Guangzhou.

Yesterday morning, the sky was filled with light rain.

According to the weather forecast, it is expected that the temperature will rise by about 20 °C at 8 o’clock tonight, and the maximum temperature will be about 27 °C throughout the day. The maximum temperature will replace 24 °C until tomorrow.

In the next few days, temperatures will drop significantly.

Qiu Liang comes to come, how to maintain health in the autumn and winter season for the yin and dysfunction people?

Symptoms of yin deficiency constitution 1, dry lips or skin; 2, often feel dry mouth and throat dry always want to drink water, easy to prolonged mouth ulcers; 3, easy constipation or dry stool; 4, dry eyes; 5, hands and feet fever;, dizziness, irritability and irritability; 7, poor sleep quality or long-term staying up late; 8, less menstrual flow, menstrual color dark red, delayed menstrual cycle; 9, red tongue, little tongue coating or no moss, or peeling off the tongue.

It is also excellent to be able to come to a bowl of lily white fungus lotus seeds.

Here, the Meihuacun Street Community Health Service Center has designated the health guidance for the Yin Yin physique population in autumn.

Environment, daily life, sports, mental health, nourishment, diet, nourishment, autumn health, and different health. Many people may be complex, so the specific prescription of the drug should be used under the professional guidance of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

At the Meihuacun Street Community Health Service Center near you, the doctors will provide you with TCM physique identification service at a charge of 32 yuan/time. Older people aged 65 and over can enjoy a TCM physique recognition service for free.

Time: Normal opening time from Monday to Friday Venue: Chinese Medicine Department of Meihuacun Street Social Security Center Tel: 38304185, Dr. Tang[Reporter Zhang Yuqin][Editor Deng Feifei]Part of the source of information Meihuacun Street Community Health Service Center Picture Sample Network Source: micro-community e-home to Guangzhou Meihuacun Street (micro signal: xxsbejtmh)