Concern about homosexuality in ivory towers

“I’m about to graduate from college. I can’t predict how bumpy the road will be in the future.

The heart of sincere pursuit of love has always been there, but I don’t know how long I can sustain it under the pressure of all parties.

“Hugo said that what is wider than the sky is the human mind.

I am grateful to the people who gave me care and love.

Therefore, I want to use my knowledge to serve people like me.

“In today’s colleges and universities, there are such a special group of students who have a strong reputation. Their sexual orientation is different from that of the mainstream group. Most of them are trying to hide themselves, and a few are willing to be exposed.

They are little-known college homosexuals.

  Recently, reporters walked into university campuses, listened to the distress and confusion of these special college students, and shared their joy and happiness.

At the same time, I hope that people can give them more understanding and attention to help them smoothly through their youth.

  The so-called “sign” is left in the so-called “There are many ways to find a companion,” Liu Liu, a college student, told reporters. In some college classroom nestings, hidden places often contain “hidden words” with homosexual meaning.QQ number for contact.

Youyou, library, and one floor of the teaching building may all be “Datong” invariably frequent.

More “Datong” choose to communicate on the Internet. On some gay websites, there are many “Datong” chat rooms with more concentration.

  Xiao Zhang, an art student who is quite active in the school, said that it is no secret that college students have “comrades” at present, but the “circles” are relatively secretive and not easy to be noticed by outsiders.

  How many homosexuals are college students?

According to Pan Suiming, director of the Institute of Sexual Sociology at Renmin University of China, he conducted a random sample survey of undergraduates’ sexual attitudes and behaviors in 2001 in China.

The survey showed that about 6% of college students had first-time same-sex sexual contact during college.

In the survey, there were as many boys and girls as having homosexuality and same-sex contact.

  Regarding this issue, several “Datong” interviewed told reporters: “It must be more than people expected.

“In addition to our school or other schools” Datong “who have met, each of them has online from all over the country, as few as one or two hundred, as many as four or five hundred gay chat objects, of which about 80% are at schoolCollege Students.

  Xiao Liu said that there are more than 20 “Datongs” in the same city where he often meets, and even more keep in touch online.

  ”Datong” is generally faced with psychological trauma. When talking about his experience, a fourth-year college boy said: “When I was in junior high school, I found that I didn’t like girls and I was interested in boys.Then, I slowly realized that I was gay.

For many years, I do n’t know if it ‘s the only one in the world, and I ‘m very distressed, and I ‘m afraid to talk to my parents. The teacher said that the whole person is particularly depressed.

In the interview, “Datong” said that because they could not change their sexual orientation, but it was difficult to be accepted by society, parents and teachers, so most “Datong” had been suffering from the extreme pain of lacking self-identity.

  Zhang Beichuan, a member of the policy group of the Ministry of Health’s AIDS Advisory Expert Committee who has long been committed to homosexual research, introduced that the so-called identity refers to homosexuals’ recognition of their sexual orientation and the degree of substitution.

Heterosexuals rarely support self-identity problems because they are supported by mainstream culture.

“Homosexuals are not. The contradiction between the culture and sexual orientation they accept often triggers difficulties in identity and sometimes affects life and learning.

“If I say to others that I love a boy, God knows how others will react!”

“A sophomore boy said,” There are many ‘comrades’ among college students, but everyone is very reserved, for fear of accidentally becoming infamous.

So in school, I can’t let outsiders grind my inner world.

Therefore, I also pretend to like girls.

“According to this, due to the internal distress and nowhere to vent, some homosexuals have suffered from mental illness, and some have affected their studies.

Xiao B said that one of his “Datong” friends dyed his hair five times a week in order to apply distress.

  Expert advice: Provide a channel to moderately guide a “Datong” studying computer science, saying, “If someone can listen and tell us what homosexuality is like when we are just getting sexually conscious, we won’t be in pain and self-confidence.Responsible for living a precious youth, but also learn to face yourself and face life correctly.

In fact, from the elementary school to the university, Datong ‘s parents are ashamed to talk about sex. Sex education in the school is more secretive. Blackboards are also mostly tree planting festivals. Teachers ‘day-like propaganda rarely involvesSex, AIDS, homosexuality are typically sensitive words.

  In the counseling room set up by the school, a “Datong” viewpoint is very attractive: “Do you know what teachers think of homosexuality?

In case they feel sick like many people and can’t understand us, the situation will only get worse.

According to Professor Zhang Beichuan, he will participate in “Datong” calls or letters from all over the country every day.

The distress they face may mainly include: fear of being discriminated against after revealing sexual orientation; hope to find a love partner (same-sex) as ordinary male and female students, but either dare not find it, or have no channels to find it; for the futureWorried about whether to get married, especially this generation is mainly only children. They are worried that they will step on the heavy pressure from their parents if they do not get married in the future; they worry about wanting to change themselves but cannot change it; they worry about infection after they have the same sexAIDS and STDs.   Zhang Beichuan said that these anxieties and concerns may have a great impact on the life of Datong, especially learning, and some individuals may suffer depression or even suicidal behavior.

In addition, due to the lack of timely and timely sex education on campus, many young homosexuals can only learn related knowledge through unfavorable channels such as pornographic websites, which is also an important incentive for homosexuals to commit illegal acts.

  According to incomplete understanding, currently only the School of Public Health of Fudan University offers courses on AIDS and homosexuality.

Zhang Beichuan believes that it is very necessary for colleges and universities to provide relevant courses. The key issue is to promote science. One party infiltrates relevant knowledge in love, sexual psychology courses and various lectures, and co-exists with courses on discrimination against sexual orientation.Positive living environment; the other party should strengthen the promotion of STD and AIDS prevention knowledge.