Yuexiu|After the night into the autumn, how should the autumn yin physique people maintain health?

Yesterday morning, the cold air quietly entered Guangzhou.

Yesterday morning, the sky was filled with light rain.

According to the weather forecast, it is expected that the temperature will rise by about 20 °C at 8 o’clock tonight, and the maximum temperature will be about 27 °C throughout the day. The maximum temperature will replace 24 °C until tomorrow.

In the next few days, temperatures will drop significantly.

Qiu Liang comes to come, how to maintain health in the autumn and winter season for the yin and dysfunction people?

Symptoms of yin deficiency constitution 1, dry lips or skin; 2, often feel dry mouth and throat dry always want to drink water, easy to prolonged mouth ulcers; 3, easy constipation or dry stool; 4, dry eyes; 5, hands and feet fever;, dizziness, irritability and irritability; 7, poor sleep quality or long-term staying up late; 8, less menstrual flow, menstrual color dark red, delayed menstrual cycle; 9, red tongue, little tongue coating or no moss, or peeling off the tongue.

It is also excellent to be able to come to a bowl of lily white fungus lotus seeds.

Here, the Meihuacun Street Community Health Service Center has designated the health guidance for the Yin Yin physique population in autumn.

Environment, daily life, sports, mental health, nourishment, diet, nourishment, autumn health, and different health. Many people may be complex, so the specific prescription of the drug should be used under the professional guidance of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

At the Meihuacun Street Community Health Service Center near you, the doctors will provide you with TCM physique identification service at a charge of 32 yuan/time. Older people aged 65 and over can enjoy a TCM physique recognition service for free.

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