The best four times with a cream 96% of people don’t know

Cream is an irreplaceable basic skin care product for many people.

However, many people don’t use the cream very accurately, which also makes them disappointed that the cream they bought is not easy to use.

In fact, this situation may not be that the cream is not easy to use at all, or you are not sure of the correct point in time to use the cream. Let ‘s take a look at the four times when the cream works best.

  When is the best cream to use in the last step of skin care? We use the cream, it is best to put the cream in the last step of basic care, that is: cleansing the face-toner / toner-facial hydration-toner / softToner—Use a cream.

If the time is urgent, it is also possible to omit the step of making the mask, after all, the skin does not need to make the mask hydration every day.

  The cream is best to be applied in the afternoon. If a day cream is used, in the afternoon, we will find that the skin tone becomes dull. This is because the oxidation of lipids and external dust have attached to the surface and are seriously jealous.

At this time, you need to spray the face with a spray, and then gently dry the spray with a cotton pad. If you feel that it is dry after drying, bring the cream to the top and apply the following.

  It is best to use a moisturizing cream in autumn and winter. The dry climate in autumn and winter deteriorates the skin’s rapid loss of moisture, and it is dry and neutral in autumn and winter.

Creamy skin is better for oily skin.

It is obvious that the cream products of the same brand will be divided into moisturizing and refreshing types.

  The moisture content of the moisturizing cream. This cream has a thick thickness and is suitable for dry skin in autumn and winter.

For oily skin, you can use a refreshing moisturizing cream.

  Daytime creams are best used during the daytime.

Just apply day cream after cleansing your face every morning.

The general day cream has a certain effect on protecting the skin. Although the protective ability is not as good as a special sunscreen product, it can still isolate some harmful substances in haze weather.

Therefore, a day cream is best for daytime.

  The best ingredients for using night cream at night are mostly high fat content, which is a skin care product with high nutritional value.

Compared to day cream, although there is no special ability to protect against pollution, it can supplement protein and nutrition for the skin.

And because we rest at night is the best time for the skin to absorb, using night cream at night can adjust the repair effect to a certain extent, so night cream is best at night.

  Use the cream step 1.

Apply appropriate amount of day cream or night cream to the forehead, cheeks, nose tip, and chin at five o’clock. Generally, the amount of soy bean-sized cream is enough; 2.

Push from the area of the forehead from the middle to both sides, and use circular massage techniques to properly insert the movement to promote absorption. If the T zone of the mixed skin or oily skin is oily, you can use less on the forehead.


After absorbing the cream on the forehead, move your hand to the chin, slowly draw a circle to push and lift evenly to both sides, pay attention to gently shave the contour of the face, it has the effect of thinning the face.


When the cream on the cheeks is absorbed into the ears, it can be moved under the ears and then slowly slide towards the collarbone, causing detoxification.