Who is not suitable for ginseng

Although Korean ginseng is the king of hundred tonics: “Gongshen heaven and earth”, it is not without taboos, and it can not produce ginseng syndrome because of its strong vitality.
  Seven types of people are not recommended to take part in a.
People with strong allergies should not take rash if they develop a rash after taking it.
Do not take if you have purulent inflammation.
Hypertensive patients are those with hyperactivity of liver yang, which may cause cerebrovascular accidents after taking, but ginseng can be used for hypertensive patients with cold, but the dosage should be small. When the systolic blood pressure is> 180mmHg, it is not suitable for any typeGinseng.

It is generally not advisable to take a cold and fever.
Due to severe palpitations during fever, taking ginseng will increase blood circulation and palpitations, and even worsen the condition.
Asthma due to sudden discouragement, or throat dryness due to dryness, impulse-induced vomiting, epistaxis, etc. are not allowed to use ginseng.
Swelling caused by dampness and heat stagnation, especially after taking ginseng (due to the anti-diuretic effect of ginseng), renal insufficiency with less urine should also be used with caution.
Insomnia, irritability and irritability should not be used, otherwise sleep will be worse.
  g.Ginseng is forbidden for those who are full of vitality, hot, and slippery pulses, and who have difficulty in passing urine and are not hot.