Teach you to divide symptoms to eliminate dark circles

Overtime, staying up all night, overnight, and lack of sleep can cause dark circles. Dark circles are most annoying. How can you tolerate the existence of dark circles?

To eliminate dark circles, we must first look for what belongs, and then take the right medicine to completely eliminate it.

Generally dark circles have cyan, black and brown dark circles.

  Three types of dark circles: Cyan dark circles: The skin around the eyes is bluish due to poor blood circulation. This is the most common type of dark circles.

  Black dark circles: due to puffy eyes and loose bags under the eyes forming shadows, it is a loose dark circles.

  Dark brown circles: pigmented dark circles caused by pigmentation around the eyes or dull skin.

  [Eliminate cyan dark circles]Diet: In order to maintain a regular body control diet, only eat vegetable salad, like cold drinks.

Sleep: I only fall asleep at 2 am, but I can ensure that I sleep an average of 8 hours a day.

  Exercise: Take a regular bath 3 times a week. Because I am busy, I have little exercise time.

  Grasp the culprit: 1. The first reason for poor blood circulation is fear of cold. People who drink cold drinks or like ice products should pay more attention to it.

2. Fatigue, insufficient sleep, and insufficient exercise are all causes of poor blood circulation.

  [Eliminate black circles]Diet: Two meals a day, mainly meat, insufficient vegetable intake.

Sleep: at least 8 hours, average 10 hours of sleep.

  Exercise: Usually there is almost no habit of doing exercise, only doing twist exercises in the bath.

  Seize the culprit: 1. As you age, the skin around your eyes becomes slack, which is significantly different from the skin on your cheeks.

2, too much water and salt intake cause eyelid edema.

  [Eliminate dark circles under coffee]Diet: Eat lightly and drink coffee every day.

Sleep: It is often necessary to work overtime at the computer at night, and the average sleep time is only 5 hours.

  Exercise: After waking up in the morning and bathing, I will do step exercises, and hardly exercise.

  Seize the culprit: 1. UV rays cause melanin production and remain on the epidermis.

2. Excessive rubbing of the eyes will hurt the skin and make the skin appear dull.