Yoga is orthotics anyway I believe it

“The length of the leg can be corrected, the pelvic deflection can be corrected, the spinal deflection can be corrected .”.

In other words, there are many correction methods hidden in the shape yoga posture, including facial correction methods.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there is an internal mechanism of interaction between the eyebrows and shoulders, the eyes and breasts, the kidneys, the nose and the back bones, the mouth and the intestines, the sacrum and the rat’s crotch, and the entire body is a magnified view of the face.
According to this physiological interaction thinking, the method of correcting the front through physical yoga practice is yoga facial correction method.

  It may sound like a joke at first, but in fact, the stimulation and correction of the spine through yoga postures can increase the height of the body.

In addition, correcting sagging shoulders can raise the eyebrows on the same side, making the eyebrows even.

The lines that stimulate the back bone to heal the nose become clearer and more beautiful.

  As you skillfully soften your yoga orthodontics in your practice yoga, you can confirm the subtle changes in the face in the mirror (of course you can also find it in your friend’s re-evaluation of your form), you will alsoI felt the original idea inherent in my mind—Xia Zi was broken.

In other words, the idea of yoga correction is a powerful shock to the conventional concepts in our minds.

The experience of Yoga Hongchen is that when a customary yogi deeply realizes this, he will consciously and deeply understand how the “skew” of the body occurs and how to correct himself.

  Through this yoga correction, we start to re-understand the root causes of various obstacles that have been considered in parallel with themselves and with all aspects of environmental factors, and the correct way to solve problems.

That is, the correct realization of yoga orthodontics can produce an accurate and in-depth understanding and reflection of the object’s original purpose.

In short, it is the ability to gain insight into the essence.